Saturday, December 31, 2005

Stoddard Online: Politics In Canada

Stoddard Online: Politics In Canada
Webster defines the word "democracy" as a process that ensures free and equal access, and, at the same time, guarantees all involved, free, easy, and honest expression of the process. These are great words, however, they display little true meaning as we watch the daily affairs of the majority of our politicians. One only has to be cognizant of the recent Gomery inquiry federally, or the cheap shot recently weilded by the government of British Columbia in the handling of literally hundreds of child abuse cases to understand that politicians at all levels, both federally and provincially, and from all political stripes will lie, cheat, and steal, and then emerge from a smouldering process defending their actions. In my view, clearly it is impossible to show a lot of respect for our law makers, when the law makers are guided and driven by a flawed process, outside the parameters of what democracy is all about.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Politics In Canada

It is the opinion of this writer that, "Politicians in Canada should be required by law to serve two terms. . . One term in office, immediately followed by one term in jail, to make up for all the indiscretions caused during the term in office."
Lew Stoddard
Posted To site December 30. 2005