Friday, April 21, 2006

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Stoddard Online:
If you are a reader of this site, you are aware that my original plan today was to publish the first in a series of postings on the execution of Wilbert Coffin, which took place in the 1950's in Quebec.

I am certain you understand, the information concerning matters such as this is complex in nature, and thus, necessitates following up on leads from a variety of sources. In this particular case, because of the passage of a half century, many of the people directly connected with the case are no longer with us, so it is important that each and every piece of information be followed through as it becomes available.

As well, the Quebec government is not exactly tearing down my door volunteering information that could prove embarassing to them, and trust me, they have enough of it tucked away on this case to stock a library.

I have recently spoken with Marie Stewart regarding this case. Mrs. Stewart is a sister of Wilbert Coffin, and I shall be talking with her again at length tomorrow. She has kindly made herself available to me to provide whatever information that she can, and hopefully, as well,shed some light with respect to others with whom I wish to speak, who may still be alive.

The bottom line, I beg your forgiveness in the extra time necessary. I think it prudent to dissect information from all sources available in order that my report reflect as accurately as possible the events which led up to, and the eventual execution of Wilbert Coffin. To compromise, and accept less, would be nothing short of endorsing a corrupt system of long ago.

Thank you for understanding. The projected date for the first publication in this series will be Tuesday, April 25, 2006.

Lew Stoddard
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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Stoddard Online

Stoddard Online:

I have always been a determined person in the past, still am, and shall continue to be in the future. My curiosity, and search for the truth, are the elements that permeates my space in my day to day existence. You are probably wondering what I am ranting and raving about this time.

Firstly, as I have echoed many times, I am a federalist at heart. We are governed by a constitution and a Charter of Rights. I respect that, as should any citizen of the country. You have seen me allude many times to our Charter of Rights as our protection shield for our citizens. You have also witnessed me speaking out when the Charter is used in a temerarious fashion, and thus, taking advantage of the weak. In my view, when this happens, it completely undermines all the rules pertaining to fair play and security of our citizens.

On numerous occasions our justice system in Canada has been allowed to become ragged. Specifically, I am talking about criminal justice. There have been far too many graphic examples of justice gone horribly wrong in this country. Wrongful convictions, often resulting in long periods of incarceration have been rampant. On a much uglier scale, people have been sent to the gallows as a result of sloppy and shoddy prosecution, coupled with the fact of incompetent and inept legal defense.

Over the years I have devoted many hours to the Steven Truscott case. Steven Truscott's dilemma in my view, is without doubt, a classic example of the tall and mighty stepping on the weak, and then scraping him from the soles of their boots, and all the while declaring that justice has been done. Fortunately, Steven Truscott, even though sentenced to do so, was not executed, thanks to the prime minister of the day who recognized that an injustice had taken place and commuted the death sentence to life in prison. Nearly fifty years later Steven Truscott is still facing an uphill battle to clear his name. This complete mess is the result of a sloppy, shoddy, and most unethical application of our justice system.

In the next few days, I shall be writing on what I consider another ugly scene from the criminal justice system of our country. This particular incident took place in rural Quebec only four years previous to the Steven Truscott case.

There will no doubt be many of you who have not heard the name of the subject in this particular incident. His name is Wilbert Coffin. Mr. Coffin was charged and convicted of the charge of murder and was also sentenced to death by hanging. Unfortunately for Mr. Coffin, his sentence was not overtuned, and as well, his death sentence was not commuted. He was executed in 1955 in Montreal.

As a result of my research, I shall be outlining to you pertinent facts of the case, including evidence brought forward at trial by the prosecution, and as well, the methods used to put the so called evidence together. You will see results of personal intervention by the then premier of Quebec with reference to the arrest and prosecution. You will also see what effect an inept drunken defense lawyer has on a first degree murder trial. When all is said and done, I leave it up to you, the reader, to determine the answer to the question as to whether mr. Coffin should have been found guilty and executed.

I am in the process of securing interviews with family members of Wilbert Coffin, as well as some public officials who are still alive. I hope to be able to post the first part of a two part series on Thursday, April 20, 2006. As is always the case with this web page, you are cordially invited to offer your comments, suggestions, and e-mails on this dark side of Canadian history.

I do not like these stories, they bring tears to my eyes. Canadians should be aware of these incidents however, as these stories represent Canadian citizens who have been trodden by other Canadian citizens, who twist the system and tailor it to support their own agenda.

Lew Stoddard
Posted to site April 16, 2006

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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Stoddard Online:
There is no doubt about it, Canada is sliding downhill in an accelerated fashion. Why do I say this, you may ask? I say it, because once again, we are allowing special interest groups to feather their own nests.

A prime example is the story which appeared in the April 04, 2006, British Columbia edition of the Globe and Mail newspaper dealing with the distribution of Bibles in public schools.

For more than 60 years, The Gideons have been providing Bibles for students in grade 5 throughout Canada. In more recent years, certain school boards, including Richmond, B.C . send a form home to parents advising them that Bibles are available, and that if they so choose, they may sign the form and return it to the school. The Gideons will then deliver the required amount of Bibles to the school. In my way of thinking, this would appear to be a workable arrangement, between any school board and parent groups. The same offer would apply to other groups who may not want to accept Bibles, but perhaps, offer their own religious teachings or guide books. In this way, the school boards are not promoting any particular belief, but guaranteeing freedom of expression and choice.

There are those who publicly state there is no place in any school system for reference to religious beliefs. Who are these people anyway? Are they being listened to? Are they creating an impact on us by exerting an influence on children at an early age, and thus by doing so, removing any interest that children may have? More importantly, are they supressing freedom of choice?

True, there are many folks out there who have no personal interest in any type of religious beliefs or teachings. It is also true that some folks who were born in Canada make up this number, combined with some new Canadians who have adopted Canada as their new home through immigration.

We should not lose sight of the fact that the Constitution of Canada, and that of the United States as well, were both founded on christian principles. Having said that, and taking it one step further, our Charter Of Rights And Freedoms guarantees all Canadians the right to freedom of expression and choice, and to free speech in general. In other words, we are free to choose and worship whatever our interests dictate, as long as it is of a legal movement.

For those who are advocating the banning of all religious material from our public schools, I suggest it would be worthwhile to obtain a copy of our Charter Of Rights and Freedoms in this country. Over the years, I have personally done exhaustive research on the Charter, and I can find absolutely nothing that would preclude a citizen of this country from actively pursuing their beliefs of choice.

Personally, I applaud those school boards across the country who have attempted to find common ground on this issue by extending the invitation to any religious movement to make their material available to students with parental consent. In my opinion, this decision most definitely falls within the parameters of the right to free speech and expression, as guaranteed by the Charter. Over the years, and having taken part in several forums on this subject, I have heard many new Canadians speak to the fact that they came from a regime where the mere thought of religion was taboo, punishable by the extreme, especially, if they dared speak out against what was dictated to them. Our Charter was a most welcome alternative.

For a few to have the power to dictate the banning of the availability of religious material, it weighs very heavily upon my personal Charter rights. If you choose to not partake of this material, that is your business, but when you advocate the banning of available material, that becomes my business. At that point, you are encroaching upon my Charter Of Rights, and never would I sit idly by and simply watch it happen.

You have heard me speak out on a variety of topics and you have heard me wield criticism, but one thing is certain. True, there are areas where we do not score well, but compared to most other regimes of the planet, on our worst day, we are better off than most others on their best day.

I stress the fact, I am not suggesting that your beliefs should parallel mine. As you are, I am protected by my Charter Of Rights And Freedoms, and thus, it bothers me not, to speak out regarding my beliefs. If I attend a sports facility and make a little noise for a hockey team, I am called a "fan." Is it right that if I choose to attend a place of worship and speak out publicly that I be labelled a "fanatic?"

Lew Stoddard
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Saturday, April 01, 2006

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Stoddard Online: I am certain by now all of North America, and perhaps, the whole world is aware of the location of the Gaspe' Peninsula in southeastern Quebec.

As well, by now I am certain that most folks have heard the news from that region. It is no longer a myth as to the existence of the legendary Sasquatch. Not only is it's existence confirmed, a whole colony of the great beasts have been discovered. Though the exact location of the colony is currently held under wraps, it is known to be in a remote section of the peninsula, away from human habitation.

The creatures are reported to be large, as tall as seven feet when standing erect, and covered with long dark brown and black hair. The face however, is bare and almost human like.

Known to scientists from several countries for the past year, it is reported to be a colony of gentle beasts, content with living a solitary life, free from the pressures of human existence. Within their colony, it is clear that a self-sustaining social framework is the key to their survival.

The visiting scientists report that these creatures have far more knowledge of mankind, than we of them. Though they communicate in their own language, it is clear they understand spoken human dialects. They respond equally well to commands in both English and French, which lends support to the fact of bilingualism within their social structure. Assuming that the Sasquatch thrives as well in other regions of the country, scientists are of the opinion that these creatures pick up on local languages from particular areas.

This is truly the breakthrough of the century, and Canadians should be proud to share our space. There will definitely be more to follow with reference to this momentous report.

Lew Stoddard
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6:oo PM, April 01, 2006
By the way folks, sometimes from the day to day pressures of life, we need a bit of release from the norm. What I am saying is, a bit of a chuckle now and again is good for us all. The above article was written to provide just that, although, I must admit it was taken seriously in several circles, including the national media in both Canada and the United States. I received an e-mail from both asking me to share available information on the Sasquatch discoveries. I advised both by e-mail to check back with my web site, and thus, they are receiving my wish of a "Happy April Fool's Day" Again folks, was meant to be in fun only. The normal posting to the site will appear on schedule tomorrow, April 02, 2006.
Lew Stoddard