Wednesday, December 20, 2006

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Lew Stoddard's Christmas Message

Christmas is that special time of year. It is for families, it is for friends, and it is a time for reflection and sharing. As we grow older, it is those fond memories that make us realize how very fortunate we are, compared to many others in the world in which we live. No matter where we are, and no matter how far we have wandered, there is no place on earth like home, especially at Christmas.

Vividly, I recall my boyhood days growing up in central Carleton County, in the province of New Brunswick. Coming from a closely knit family of nine, plus Mum and Dad, supported by farming and forestry, the simple things of life were the staples of our very existence. I can still recall those smells of something wonderful as we would enter Mum's kitchen upon returning from school on a cold day. The cakes, the cookies, the squares, and all those other special treats that were always so plentiful at this special season of the year added a dimension beyond words.

After graduating from high school in Juniper, New Brunswick, I can recall that first Christmas away. I had joined the Royal Canadian Air Force Police. I was in training at St. Jean, Quebec. I was homesick and devastated. I recall a big box arriving addressed to me, containing presents, and samples of all Mum's goodies. This was just not fair. Suddenly, I realized there is only one place to be at Christmas.

Mum and Dad, and some of my siblings are no longer with us. They are however, and always will be, part of my reflections of what Christmas is all about. It is true, life must go on, and I thank God for the opportunity to experience that. In closing, I ask that you join me in remembering the oppressed, and the less fortunate in our world, and at the same time, take into consideration that Peace and Tranquility on the earth are the most precious and fragile gifts of all.

Merry Christmas one and all,

Lew Stoddard

We are going to take a short break for the Christmas season on the web site. If you know of someone who reads the site, and if you might like to send them a short Christmas and holiday message, I encourage you to do that. It is as simple as clicking on the comments link under this message and following the few easy steps. This will be an excellent way to determine the volume of folks who read the page as well. I look forward to hearing from a good number of folks from across Canada and around the world. I will leave the page open for a few days, so again, I am looking forward to hearing from you. I will be back with a new posting on December 29, 2006.


Anonymous said...

I would like to take a moment & thank lew and all the others that have been working on this case this year. And now I would like to wish all who have helped & those who have posted replies on this site a Very Merry Christmas & a healthy & Happy New Year

Gary & Cory Coffin
Nova Scotia

Charlotte M said...

What a beautiful Christmas message you write Lew. Makes me cry, reminds me so much of when I was a little girl growing up on Prince Edward Island. You are right, there is no place like home, especially at Christmas.

Charlotte M
Summerside, PEI

Bertha M said...

I have written to your site once in the past, but this is different and so special. It puts such a personal touch on a very serious web site. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Bertha M
Grand Falls, N B

D R said...

I read the site as often as I can. I am working the night shift at CFB Trenton. I was impressed that the gentleman referred to the armed forces personnel on the last posting. Thank you for thinking of us. Keep up the good work on the case Lew. You are doing well with it. Merry Christmas to all.

CFB Trenton

Bob Bremmer said...

Merry Christmas to all the Coffin family and good luck. With this effort, it will happen for you in the new year.

Bob Bremmer
Toronto, Ontario

H mcLean said...

Marie Coffin Stewart, have never met you, but you are a jewel. Don't ever change my Dear. You are so genuine and so dedicated. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

H McLean
Amherst, Nova scotia

Sara J said...

As the old song says, there is no place like home for the holidays. My east coast Christmas memories will stay with me forever. God Bless everyone, and merry Christmas.

Sara J
Victoria, B C

T Theberge said...

Merry Christmas to all the folks of the Gaspe communities. This message is to all those I see commenting on here and encourage all others who haven't commented to jump onboard.

T Theberge

Donna H said...

This is such a nice idea. Merry Christmas to my Dad, C Chalmers, in Halifax. I know he reads this site all the time.

Donna H

Hannelore Vanhoort said...

Merry Christmas to all you folks back in Canada. I am writing to you from Belgium and I commented here once in the spring. My husbands work takes us to Canada sometimes, though we have not been there for awhile. You have a beautiful country and we have camped in the area that you write about. My husband still reads your story.

That is a nice idea to welcome messages from abroad. Good luck to everyone and I hope you are blessed with a prosperous New year.

Hannelore Vanhoort
Schaerbeek, Belgium

S bedard said...

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to all your readers Sir. You are doing a nice job on this case.

S Bedard
St. Rose, Quebec

Former Gaspe Girl said...

I have a very special message that I wish to covey to Debbie Stewart. It is something that happened many years ago. it bothers me to this day a lot.

I made a very mean comment to you when we were school girls. the comment was about your uncle Bill and i said a terrible thing and Debbie I am so very sorry.Kids can be very cruel to each other but that is no excuse.

I learned about this site on the gaspe web site and I have learned so much about your uncle, and all the stuff that happened. i had no idea.

I do not live in gaspe now, haven't for years, but I was there this summer and I saw you. You were with your mom and I wanted to run up to you and give you a big hug and tell you that I was sorry but I guess I was afraid or embarassed or something but in any case it was just not the time but Debbie that will happen in the near future because I am really sorry.

I saw Lew Stoddards beautiful Christmas message and him talking about growing up and Moms and Dads and families, it was just such an encouragement for me to write this and then about the peace and tranquility, well that was just too much. I had to write.

debbie I will be in touch soon and I know this is all going to turn out good in the end for all your family. God Bless you and all the family, and Merry Christmas.

Sad and sorry former Gaspe girl.

Mrs. T bartlett said...

My personal wishes of a very Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this site. You have a very beautiful and stirring Christmas message mr. Stoddard. Sounds like you had the old fashioned Christmas seasons that we all dream about, you know the type we see on the cards.

Mrs. T Bartlett
Orangeville, Ontario

C Thurston said...

I love your reference to peace and tranquility on the earth. I always think that over the years when I would look out in the night after a fresh snow storm, so very quiet, still, and clean looking. So sad the old world has turned ugly. This case that you are working on is a good example. Merry Christmas lew stoddard.

C Thurston
Clinton, Ontario

Bob B said...

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the Coffin family. It has been a long hard battle. Keep fighting for what is right, and everyone out there keep pitching in the new year.

Bob B
Barrie, Ontario

Greta D said...

Good Morning from halifax and Merry Christmas to everyone anywhere in the world who reads this site.

Greta D

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas everyone! And to Lew: Thanks for your nice long email a while back. Thanks for the promise you made to me, despite your own hectic schedule.

A very special Christmas Greeting to two very special people:
Marie Coffin Stewart and Jim Coffin. I had the privelege of meeting you Marie, and shaking hands with you at the AIDWYC meeting in November. Your speech was lovely and so heartfelt. As you spoke, I sat there lokking around through the tears in my eyes and whomever I looked at were crying also. You have that effect on people, Marie. What you say comes from your heart and we know it is with 100% honesty and sincerity. MAy God bless you and keep you. Have a wonderful Christmas, knowing that Canada is embracing you!
I got some great photos of you and Jim. Just let me know if you would like or paper.

Jim, you are a fine, proud representative of your father, who was murdered by our government over 50 years ago.
Keep your head up man.

With sincere respect and admiration,
Bent Romnes

Nephew Rick said...

Wishing all the readers of the site a special Christmas, from across Canada and the world. To our Angel on earth, Aunt Marie, all my relatives especially Jim and Jean and Family. To all Gaspesians where ever you are, the best friend the family has ever had, LEW, our newest friend Elisabeth and everyone from AIDWYC, Peace and goodwill with all our gratitude.

nephew rick said...

Lani and Baker family- All or love

C Craymer said...

Merry Christmas to everyone who has worked so hard for the past year to get this affair sorted out, especially to Lew Stoddard and Lani Mitchell for their outstanding work.

C. Craymer
Prince Geioge, B C

Anonymous said...

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my good friend Lew a very Merry Christmas. You are an amazing person, I have never known someone who is as caring as you are. Have a wonderful Christmas Lew, take care of yourself and look forward to talking to you soon.

AW in NZ

Anonymous said...

Well said, Lew. Home is the place where our hearts are during this time of year. For no matter how old we are, we always have fond memories of Christmas, the snow on the ground in Northern Ontario, the food or playing hockey on a backyard rink with friends. It was all great.Just a thought, it seems like younger people don't celebrate with the fervor we did concerning Christmas. A lot of people consider it to be just another holiday which is just so sad. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and best of luck of your health battle. You are truly a treasure.

Take care
Allan Thrasher
Vancouver B.C.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the GREAT work Lew , Seasons Greetings to all from Winnipeg, Manitoba

Geri said...

CHRISTmas greetings to all who read this sight. Thankyou Lew for the opportunity to wish everyone a joyous and blessed christmas. To all our armed forces,we wish you all peace and safety where ever you are. We want to say that we love you all and are blessed to know you are serving our country proudly. Stay safe. For the families that lost there loved ones,we pass our prayers on that you get through this holiday with others that give you comfort. To the family members of Wilbert Coffin "May you all have a nice Christmas knowing that we care for each one of you. May this injustice be turned around and Wilbert name be cleared soon in the coming year. To You Lew: May your health be renewed to you.Merry Christmas. Blow this case wide open,SIR. Geri, Haileybury,Ont.

Marie Coffin Stewart said...


I can’t let Christmas pass without wishing you a very happy Christmas and the very best for the New Year. Your work on behalf of my family is beyond words. We are truly blessed to have you. How different things would have been if we could have had you back then. God bless you and may He take care of you.

To everyone who is backing us, many many thanks. Merry Christmas to all and may God bless you. Please say a prayer for my husband.

Marie Coffin Stewart
Gaspé, Québec

M Landry said...

I read here all the time. I am from gaspe but now live in yukon. my dad he know a lot about this case because we live in rimouski when i went to know I still miss east at christmas. merry christmas to my family in rimouski because i know they read this too because it was them that told me abot it in the summer.

m. Landry

Judy and Bill said...

Christmas greetings from "The Rock" You have a great web site here Mr. Stoddard. Nice that you invite folks to send holiday messages to others who read your site.

I sent you an e-mail. I know you are busy, but Merry Christmas to you and all the folks who tune in here. Mrs. Marie Coffin Stewart, we will pray for your hubby too.

Judy and Bill
St. Johns, Newfoundland

Sandra Doucette said...

Couldn't resist the opportunity to say merry Christmas on here to Lew and all the followers of his web site.

Have to admit something, I do know Lew through work over the years, but I am quite familiar with what he has to put into this project to get the results that he does.

Being a news reporter, I know that the story does not just present itself without digging. Lew is good at that.

He snarls sometimes, but rest assured, down deep he is a pussy cat. We love you Lew. Merry Christmas to you and all your readers, wherever they are on the planet Earth.

Sandra Doucette
Mission, B C

N Nelson said...

I read your site up here in Yellowknife, and Merry Christmas to all the readers across the country and anywhere else.

N Nelson
Yellowknife area, NWT

Shorty The Long Haul driver said...

Hey Old Buddy.I just parked the rig till after Christmas. Sit back now and enjoy the season with my family.Have a great Christmas lew and all the coffin family there too.

The old long haul driver on the prairies

B and L Nevers said...

we may live 8000 kilometers away from you Marie, but as you asked we are saying a prayer for your husband out here in Nanaimo BC.

Merry Chriatmas to all

B and L Nevers
Nanaimo, B C

Maria said...

Congratulations Lew on the success of your site. You have a lot of great people who respond to your site and that displays respect.

I do not know much about the case, just know how hard you work on it.

Merry Christmas to you Lew and all your readers.

A friend always from Burnaby, B C

Kim said...

Merry Christmas to Lew, May you have a very happy one Lew and my wishes for a wonderful new year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the Coffin family where ever you may be this season. Love you all

Happy Holidays to everyone around the world that has contributed, read and participated in this website

Mrs. B Baird said...

Best wishes and a very Happy and Merry Christmas to all across the world who have an interest in this case. Thank you to Lew Stoddard for working so relentlessly to bring this terrible tale to the front.

Mrs. B Baird
Nanaimp, B C

Greta and Per said...

Merry Christmas to all the Coffin family. It is Christmas eve, but I know it is pehaps hard for you in many ways but lots of people are thinking of you this night.

Greta and Per
Hartland, new Brunswick

G Laurier said...

Happy Holidays to you and all the others who frequent this site Mr. Stoddard. Keep up the pressure in the new year. Mrs. Coffin we are praying for your husband.

G Laurier
Bathurst, New Brunswick

G Porrier said...

Merry Christmas from St. Boniface Lew. Your writing of this story is stirring the nation, see so many references to it everywhere now.

G Porrier
St. Boniface, Manitoba

Bill W said...

I know we are on Christmas break on the web site, but have to say the trial portion of your story is getting very interesting. What a joke as compared to the way it is done today. Keep up the good energy on this and Merry Christmas to all.

Bill W
Victoria, B C

F Grenier said...

Christmas eve is a special night. I was relaxing and just came across your site by accident. I read some of it and bookmarked the web address. I want to go back and read it all. That took place very near my home in the 50's. I lived at Matapedia.

F Grenier
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dave Cabel said...

I will write this quickly. Have to go to bed. Santa will be here shortly. Just want to say Merry Christmas to G Marsden in Bathurst area whom I know reads your site. This is a good idea Sir.

Dave Cabel
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Maurice Richard said...

I have commented once before on this site. This is nice that you allow holiday wishes on your site Sir, and you do not edit them. Merry Christmas to your family Sir, and as well, to the Coffin family.

Maurice Richard
Grand Falls. N B

C Adams said...

It is a beautiful cold night in Whitehores, Yukon. The stars are out, and it us vert quiet and serene. Just what Christmas eve should be. So sad that ugly spots like you are writing about puts an ugly scar on things. Good luck to all in getting that overturned. It needs to be done. Merry Christmas to each and everyone across canada.

C Adams

Jennifer F said...

Merry Christmas Mrs. Coffin. I see your hubby is ill. We are praying for him.

Jennifer F
Calgary, Alberta

Dan A said...

Just waiting for Santa Claus to arrive in about 20 minutes, so took the time to wish everyone a very Merry and Safe Christmas wherever you are in the world, and are a reader of this site. You are doing a great service Lew.

Dan A
Cranbrook, B C

The Beaulieu's said...

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas from my house here in Dawson Creek, B C to yours, wherever you are reading this from.

Have been reading your site since early summer. My wife's relatives are all from the Gaspe' coast. We were there in July of this year. Beautiful part of canada.

The Beaulieu's
Dawson Creek, B C

D hoffmann said...

You might recall that I wrote to you here on December 12, as my wife and I were leaving Toronto, heading home to Bremen, Germany for some of Mum's home cooking and visiting with the family.

Your Christmas message encouraged me to write while here Mr. Stoddard, when you said there is no place like being home for Christmas. I could not agree with you more.

Merry Christmas to all the supporters of your site, and obviously, you have many of them.

D Hoffmann
Toronto (Writing from Bremen Germany

Anonymous said...

We would like too say Merry Christmas to you Mr Stoddard, to the Coffin family and all the supporters of this site. Loved your Christmas message. We know you will crack this case in 2007. It sure is time to write this wrong.

Raymond & Debbie Smith
Campbellton, N.B.

M McEwen said...

It is Christmas Day, the day the kids have been waiting for.

Your Christmas message was touching at the end Lew, when you talk about the oppressed and less fortunate. Your word usage is truly remarkable, a teriffic attribute. Also loved where you say peace and tranquility are precious fragile gifts. Such true words, when we consider what is going on across the world today.

I extend my best wishes to all the folks who have been touched by this story that you have been working on. I cannot begin to imagine the nightmares that some folks would ave endured over this.

Merry Christmas to each and everyone.

M. McEwen
Halifax, Nova Scotia

C Tremblay said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year to all the good folks of the Gaspe region. I know lots of them read this site, from reading comments over the past few months.

Mrs. Coffin Stewart, we are thinking and praying for Leigh as I know he has been having medical concerns.

C Tremblay
Bathurst, New Brunswick

Jess H said...

Merry Christmas to all my relatives on the Gaspe coastline. I know than many opf you read these pages about Wilbert Coffin.

Jess H
Niagara Falls, Ontario

J Daigle said...

Good luck to the Coffin family and a very Merry Christmas to everyone who reads the web site.

J Daigle
Timmins, Ontario

dianepeter said...

Merry Christmas Lew from all the coffin family we are all thinking of you on this morning and thinking how much you show forth the love of God daily. God bless you now and always.
Merry Christmas to the Baker's and Henrietta Doyon and family.
Merry Christmas to all the readers and contributers of this site
God Bless all of you
Diane Peter
Uncle Bill's Niece

C Chenier said...

Thank you for the opportunity to express Christmas and New Year messages on your site. I have relatives in Cabano, Quebec whom I know read your site, as I have seen them post here in the past as well.

This has been a touching chain of events, and I realize now that until someone like yourself comes along and writes the whole story, people never really do learn of what really happened. The government I am sure prefers it that way. Thank you Sir for what you are doing.

C Chenier
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Debbie Ferragamo said...

Hello,and Merry Christmas to Lew,Lani,Henriette,AIDWYC, and all the readers of the site, and those helping to clear my uncle's name. Your efforts,encouragement,comments,and coming forward with facts, surrounding my Uncle Bill's case, are so appreciated! Please continue to sign the petitions and send in any info you might have regarding the case. God Bless you all! If anyone would like a calendar for the upcoming year,2007, my niece has made up a lovely one, interspersed with photos of our beautiful Gaspe, and including one of Uncle Bill. Sales of this calendar will go toward AIDWYC's expenses, regarding Uncle Bill's case.If interested in the calendar, please go to the following website: My family appreciates your prayers for my father, who is battling cancer. It is so wonderful to be together, as a family,today. May all of you reach out to someone you love, or a single or elderly person,who could use a helping hand, kind word, cup of tea, or a plate of your Xmas dinner, delivered to their door,with a word of kindness.I remember my Mom and Dad delivering many boxes of food,and other basic items at Xmas, and during the year, to those less fortunate, in our area. Always, the joy of helping with those deliveries far outdid any blessing the recipients might have received. Always, there was the reminder, when Mom asked us to search through our toys and books, for a few items to pass along to some other children, that we were only to give items we would wish to receive...if it was not good enough for us,Mom reminded us,it was not good enough for anyone else, either. There were always tins of homemade cookies,and squares to deliver, on those memorable rounds,as well, treats made by Mom, in the wee hours of the morning,and given, not just to friends and neighbors, but to anyone she thought needed a bit of encouragement or a heartfelt, caring touch that said someone cares, someone notices, and someone is glad to have you in our community, our world. As we returned home, she reminded us that these gifts were to be kept under our hats. To the former Gaspe girl, "thank-you". There were several times I can remember fellow students/teachers approaching me about Uncle Bill. Though I do not know who you are, at this time, I so appreciate your kind words...they are healing balm. God bless you, this Christmas season. I am happy you are seeking the truth about my precious Uncle Bill. Marie Coffin's daughter, Debbie Stewart

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the confusion,regarding my last name...included both former married name,and maiden name,both of which I am legally entitled to use. Debbie

Geri said...

To Debbie, I went to the address you listed on your comments,and was told there was no sight found. Checked spelling, etc, but still could not get in. Is the address on comment correct? Would like to get calender for a friend who is family member. Thanks. Also want to let you know I will cover your father in prayer each day. God Bless! Geri, Haileybury

Kim said...


sorry the link isn't working for you, I went to the link myself with no problem so I am copying and pasting the pertinent information for ordering calendars for you and anyone else that would like to order a calendar

To Order a Calendar:


with the following information:

1. Number of Calendars Requested

2. Payment method

3. Shipping Method


The calendars are $15 plus $2 shipping per calendar.

Payment Methods:

1. Personal Checks/Money Order made payable to Rhonda Stewart

2. email money transfer to


Agnes M said...

Christmas greetings to all who frequent this site.

Collectively, I am certain that the swell of support across the nation, as well as the awareness to other nations of our "Dirty Laundry" here in Canada, will hopefully encourage the government to reverse this terrible travesty and at least restore the dignity to the family of Wilbe4rt Coffin.

Agnes M
Truro, Nova Scotia

C Matheson said...

It is now our duty as those who came after Wilbert Coffin to fight to clear his name and restore the dignity to the Coffin name and family members.

We cannot allow the government to do these things. This is not fair. It is cruel and devastating.

It is becoming so obvious that he was wrongly convicted and executed.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

C Matheson
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Marla H said...

As the words to the Beattles song goes. . . So this is Chriatmas, and what have you done. . .
I will tell you what you have done, and I am speaking to the government here, you have allowed a very innocent man to be killed here for something that he did not do.

Here is the way the song should now go. . . So this is Christmas, and what should we do. . .The answer is of course, overturn Wilbert's conviction, and clear his name.

Marla H
Fredericton, N B

Dorothy and Frank said...

A special message to Marie Coffin Stewart.

Just want you to know that my husband and I join many others in wishing you and your family Best Wishes for the holiday season and in the new year to come. This is so good to be able to read about this case. Even though we have always been aware of it, we have learned so much more about it here.

I also want to let you know, that we will do as you requested to say a prayer for your husband.

Dorothy and Frank
Saint John, New Brunswick

Brian H said...

Best wishes to you Lew Stoddard for a great web site. You work hard and long hours on this, that is obvious.

If you keep it up, you will get to the bottom of this. I can see already that the crown,s case is breaking up with the way that you are attacking it, which is the way that the defense lawyers should have done.

That was terrible, the shoddy way that the defense lawyer Maher treated that case, He very definitely should have been brought up on charges, but then again so should have Maurice Duplessis and others. So sad, so very sad.

Brian H
Burlington, Ontario

G St. Cyr said...

It is incredible as to how many people have been touched in one way or another by this case. It had such far reaching effects, I never realized that in the past until I started following it here on your web site. True I knew about it, most everyone did in eastern Canada in those days, but no one ever mentioned the scope of it. I do hope and pray that you will be able to straighten it out, especially for the Coffin family.

G St.Cyr

Thomas E said...

Amazing that 50 Christmas Day's have come and past and the same black mark still veils Canada in this affair. It is long enough Mr. Harper. Get this thing turned around now!

Best wishes to all the readers of your site Mr. Stoddard and keep hammering away. Submission will come finally.

Thomas E
St. John's, Nfld

David B said...

Well here it is almost at the end of 2006, the 50 th anniversary year of a very terrible event in Canadian history. Let's make 2007 the first year when this terrible travesty comes to an end with exoneration for Wilbert Coffin. Are you listening Canadian government?

David B
Trenton, Ontario,

C Orser said...

This whole affair is scary. It was almost like modern day secret dealings by a police force against it's citizens sanctioned by a very corrupt regime.

In spite of it all, I wish to extend my wishes for a Happy New Year to all concerned across Canada. It is our duty to see that it never happen again.

C Orser
Fredericton, N B

andre said...

i reemember when all this it happen. i was working murdochville near the place.we all know this wilbert guy he not do this was a put up job by guverment.

happy New year.

andre levesque
Middleton nova Scotia

Anonymous said...

It is good to be able to speak out about injustices. Too bad our politicians were not on tighter reins so that this stuff could never happen in the first place.

Happy New Year Mr. Stoddard and all the Coffin family as well.

Shirley H
Charlottetown, PEI

Kerry J said...

The forces of evil are always overcome by the forces of good in the end. By the way this is starting to shape up, I believe that 2007 will be the year.

Good luck and Best Wishes.

Kerry J
Kentville, Nova Scotia

Bradley M said...

Congratulations on the job you have done on this story. It is involved that is for sure. You have done it well. Happy New Year to you.

Bradley M
St. Thomas

T Cote said...

Happy New Year to the Coffin family, and good luck on all of this stuff. Very tough times I am sure.

T Cote

Evan S said...

I enjoy the fact that you have brought this tale to ther fore front Lew. I learned about this story in university, although the details rhat I learned were distinctly different than what I read here based on your factual information. Keep it going Sir, hjope you are successful with your investigation of this.

Best wishes to everyone for the coming year.

Evan S
Portage La Prairie

niece debbie said...

Thank you for the kind words,and prayers for my father. He is very dear to us. My sister Kim posted information,in response to your request on how to get to my niece Rhonda's site, to purchase one of the fundraiser calendars she is selling, to help clear Uncle Bill's name. Hope her info made it easier for you to access.Your support is greatly appreciated!! Debbie

Niece Judith said...

Season’s greetings to all the readers of this site,

We are almost at the end of this 50th anniversary year and as I look back at everything that has happened since the memorial service on Feb. 10th, I find that I have much to be thankful for – too many to list but here are three:

To Lew - thank you for your caring, for your determination to get to the truth, but most of all, for your friendship. Our phone conversations are always a delight! I hope that one day we will be able to have coffee and gingersnaps together.

To Lani - thank you for being willing to help, for your many, many hours of work on the translations, but most of all, for being an encourager and friend to Lew.

To the people who have left comments – thank you for taking the time to share your opinions. I have been amazed and humbled by the show of support and the cry for justice that has been expressed from all across Canada. For so long, my family has felt all alone but now we know that there are many people that have added their voice to ours in our fight to have Uncle Bill’s name cleared.

From my family to yours, we wish you a happy and blessed 2007.

Judith Reeder
Gaspé, Québec

Anne said...

Niece Anne
hi everyone out there i want to send a special thank-you and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers for my dad, I was down at Christmas along with my 4 sisters and it was a special time. It has been many years that we have been together at Christmas. Gaspe is and always will be home even though i haven't lived there in 19 years. Anyone who has ever been there knows how beautiful it is and how time stands still.I hope Lew and Lani that you both had a Very Merry Christmas and wish you both all the best in the New Year. God Bless everyone and Happy New Year. Like My sister said, please say a prayer for my Dad, he is so special to us.

Anonymous said...

As we start the new year I would like to wish Lew, the Coffin family and all the readers a very Happy New Year filled with Joy,Peace and Health. I have lived most of my life in Gaspe and haved worked with two of Wilberts nieces,Virginia and Wanda,and I have always believed in Wilbert's innocence.I have signed the petition and I have bought a calendar and I encourage everyone to do the same ! Lew ,Mr.Steward , i pray for your health. Marie I pray for justice for your brother.