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In the last posting I made reference to the fact that an application had been made to the federal cabinet in Ottawa in late 1955 for a review of the Wilbert Coffin case. Such an application is once again being made to the federal cabinet fifty-two years later in 2007. It is important to note that an application to the federal government for relief to remedy a situation is the court of last resort. It simply means that all lower court applications have been exhausted including an application to the Supreme Court of Canada.
Wilbert Coffin's application to the Supreme Court had been rejected. His legal defense team were not satisfied that he had received a proper hearing. It was not a unanimous decision on the part of the Supreme Court, and there were arguments to present displaying the fact that all evidence had not been presented at the original trial. New revelations had come to light, revelations that if presented properly to the federal cabinet should be reason for the federal authority to send the case back and order a new trial.
From the very onset of the investigation into the murders of Eugene Lindsey, Richard Lindsey his son, and family friend Fred Claar there were question marks as to who actually were the last known persons to see the victims alive. Prior to Wilbert Coffin becoming a suspect, he had volunteered the information that when he arrived back at the scene of the victim's broken down truck after having driven Richard Lindsey to Gaspe' to secure a new fuel pump, the elder Lindsey and Fred Claar were in the company of two male individuals, who were driving a Jeep vehicle with plywood sides. The license plate of this vehicle was not from Quebec province. According to Wilbert Coffin, the elder Lindsey introduced these two people as people from down his way in the United States.
Again, prior to becoming a suspect Wilbert Coffin stated that some time later on his way out of the woods on another day, he saw Jeep tracks in the mud on the road. These tracks were further along on the forest road in the direction of the location of the victims remains. This was reported to Sgt. Henri Doyon of the Quebec Provincial Police. Sgt. Doyon would later report that he too had seen the tracks.
It is important to note that it was possible to arrive at the location of the visible tracks and the broken down truck without reporting to the gate keeper at the main point of entry. This would be dependent on the direction the vehicles were coming from. It was not necessary to go through the town of Gaspe'. This is particularly important if someone, for whatever reason was trying to elude detection or minimize attention.
It is interesting to note the police were well aware of the reported sightings of Jeep tracks and of reports of other people in the area. It appears that the police were purposely holding back this information. To prove my point, I am going to share some startling details with you. Firstly, I want you to take a long hard look at an internal police memo from 1953. This should serve as a haunting reminder of police interference in this investigation which resulted in a murder charge against Wilbert Coffin. The following is the memo from Mr. Henri Charland. He was the "go between" when the attorney general of Quebec conversed with the various police divisions. You should also remind yourself, the attorney general to whom I refer was none other than Premier Maurice Duplessis in his dual role. The following constitutes a translated copy of the original of this memo from French to English.

SPQ 121.


Quebec, 21 July 1953.

Re: Eugene H Lindsay, his son Richard Lindsay, and Fred Claar (Hollidaysburg,Pa) Gaspe', City and District of Gaspe', P.Q.
After several phone calls and following information that was furnished me by the APGSC, it would seem that about the 11th June, another group of Americans likely coming from the same place as Lindsay, reportedly would have met the party of three to which we are presently referring, and Sgt. Doyon must double check (verify) this information, and, further more, Wilbert Coffin reportedly spoke of this to Doyon, and they went, as well, in the woods where one of the bodies was found, in order to provide him with details.
It is now important to note that several persons had approached the Quebec Provincial Police and made statements with respect to the sighting of a particular vehicle which paralleled that described by Wilbert Coffin that he saw with the Lindsey party when he returned young Richard to the scene of the break-down of his father's vehicle. This is particularly important because the description provided by Wilbert Coffin was freely given prior to being advised that he was a suspect. As well, the police had not made this information public, thus, it cannot be said that other witnesses were purposely tailoring their statement to coincide with that of Wilbert Coffin.
In the case of two witnesses in particular, Doctor Wilson and his wife Marilyn, they reported seeing a vehicle on the ferry boat crossing the Saint Lawrence River on their way to Riviere du Loup. Not only did the vehicle that they saw match Wilbert Coffin's description of the vehicle that he claims to have seen at the Lindsey site, they were able to state that it also bore Pennsylvania license plates. This should have been treated by the police as of the utmost importance to the investigation. Interestingly though, I am unable to find any reference by the police to this information. It would appear that it was scrubbed entirely from the investigation because I can find absolutely no reference to it in the transcripts of Wilbert Coffin's murder trial. Fortunately, In my investigation of the past few months I have been able to track down Mrs. Wilson who is still very much alive and is still anxious and insistent that her evidence be heard, even though fifty three years have passed.
I consider the evidence of the Wilson's as important to the determination of this case in 2007 as it was in 1954. The down side of course is the fact that if it had been fairly presented in 1954, Wilbert Coffin most probably would not have been executed. This evidence must be examined. It is incumbent upon the Criminal Conviction Review Group to vigoursly pursue this element and admit it to it's rightful place within the context of the guarantee of a fair and honest trial to a citizen charged with a criminal offence.
Wilbert Coffin's lawyer, Francois Gravel, became aware of the eye witness sightings of the above mentioned vehicle, and as well, the statements of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. This information would be paramount in his application for a federal cabinet review of this case toward the latter stages of 1955, prior to Wilbert Coffin's last execution date. I have found supporting documentation which proves that. This documentation is highlighted in the research work of investigative journalist John Beliveau. Mr. Beliveau actively pursued this case from the beginning, and was recognized as the chief journalistic authority on the matter until his death some years ago.

We must consider here, even though a suspect had been charged and convicted, that did not mean that many questions pertaining to guilt and innocence did not prevail. The same questions being asked in Canada were being asked in Pennsylvania. John Beliveau's dispatches to The Altoona Mirror newspaper speak for themselves. I am going to share with you a particular lengthy telegram sent by John Belliveau. I ask you to accept my apologies for the cosmetic appearance, however, rather than re-produce, I have decided to share it as it appears fifty plus years after the fact. If you have problems reading due to size of the font, right click on each telegram page and "save to your pictures," and then use your magnifier to enlarge. Again, my apologies as my technology only permits me to do it this way. The following represents five pages of telegram.


In the town of Gaspe', long time resident Fabien Sinnett, would also like for his statement to be part of the investigation of the Coffin affair. Mr. Sinnett informed me some time back that he had provided a statement to The Quebec Provincial Police with respect to the week in question when the American hunters were killed. He saw a vehicle and occupants in Gaspe' town. Their vehicle fit the description of the vehicle that Wilbert Coffin had described. There were two occupants in the vehicle and they were buying food at a restaurant. The vehicle was constructed with plywood sides as was the vehicle that others had described. As with the statements of others, Fabien Sinnett's statement was never entered into the official record as evidence for the trial. Mr. Sinnett is a life long resident of the area and is respected by all who know him as one to be truthful and honest. His evidence was worthy of being considered and scrutinized in a court of law.
I have always felt that the secrets of this case would unravel one day and expose the dirty deeds contained therein. I am still of that opinion, as little by little a picture emerges. I am further of the opinion that The Quebec Provincial Police harboured those secrets, and some fifty-four years later are still maintaining that path. I have asked many hard questions of a lot of people. There is still a reluctance to talk, a half century later. I do not understand that. I ask you to read on. I am quoting from an e-mail that we received awhile back from Henriette Doyon. Henriette Doyon is the daughter of the late Sgt. Henri Doyon of the Quebec Provincial Police former head of the Gaspe' region detachment.

.Ms. Doyon states, "in the autumn 1977, I was living in Murdochville and two hunters stumbled on a jeep with American license plates in the woods. The jeep was at the bottom of a ravine and hidden by old trees. The news spread quickly that this was the jeep in the Coffin affair. The newspapers and TV told of this news. My mother was living with me then because I had just given birth to my young daughter. She said that was certainly the jeep of the Coffin affair..they're going to make it disappear quickly. Immediately the next day, my husband and a friend went to the woods to see the jeep. There were three Surete de Quebec vehicles in the woods making a barrier. No one was allowed to pass, and the next day the jeep had disappeared. All that remained were the tracks of a large vehicle and broken trees, as though a huge truck had looked for something. Afterwards one heard talk of the jeep. Bizarre, isn't it? I don't know the names of the two hunters, but I'm certain that there are men from Murdochville who remember this."

.Thus far I have not been able to locate someone willing to talk to me about this affair. If the story is accurate, I am certain that someone will come forward. It is not difficult to ascertain the importance of assistance in this matter. If you can help, or if you know of someone who can, I need to hear about it now.

.Here is a quotation from another e-mail that I received recently. I have made mention of it previously, however, it ties in with seeking information and stating of facts with reference to vehicles and people in the woods at the time of the murders. I am quoting directly from the e-mail, and the writer states, "Wilbert Dumaresq was with Raymond and Eddy Dumaresq at the time they saw the jeep in the woods. His father Wilbert told him at the time, that the first vehicle was a pick-up truck with an american license with three men, one middle age, and the other two were young men, and about two hours later there was a jeep who stopped and talked to Dufresne a man working for the Dumeresq's. One of the occupant was wearing a jacket with fringes, and they were looking for the bear hunters."

.I have devoted this entire posting to pertinent information that needs to be explored detailing people in the woods and modes of travel. In order that this application be fully explored it is imperative that this information be included in the process. It is also imperative that the federal cabinet actually read the application this time, which they most definitely did not do the last time around. In the absense of cabinet reading and studying the application and evidence, the case will be treated in the same manner that it was in 1955. It is also imperative that the federal government allow evidence that was suppressed to be introduced. Without it, the decision would be made on the same information that the Supreme Court of Canada dealt with in the fifties.

.Again, I cannot do it alone. I need your support. If you know something about this affair, or know of someone else who does, then you know what you should do.

.Lew Stoddard

Posted to site April 22, 2007


Cecil Wager said...

Let me be the first to comment on this. I am pleased to see you talk about this transportation and people affair in the forest. I too believe and always have that is where the answers lie. I do know that a Jeep will play a role.

Good stuff Sir.

Cecil Wager

Dan said...

Those brutes kept this thing under cover, for what reason I dont know unless to nail wilber Coffin. keep after their asses.


T Cairns said...

Dont give up on this thing sir yo always make the most sense. they need to be exposed. you work hard on this

T Cairns
Saint John

Gary Marten said...

If they listened to coffin and that cop named doyen this thing would have been solved and the guilty ones would have got nailed like they should. this whole thing has made me sic k for years.

Gary Marten
Saskatoon Sask

Wilf Tygart said...

I like that old telegram stuff makes it really look realistic, you have worked hard on this and deserve a lot of praise and you will solve it.

Wilf Tygart
Campbell River

B Chalmers said...

I had heard about bits and pieces of this jeep thing for years but now I see where there is probably something to it all. I just hope that you can dig moire out of it. also hope that the federal government will agree on accepting the old suppressed evidence as new evidence. They darn well should. It was a dept of government who denied it first time around. is up to them to restire it I believe without a question.

B Chalmers
Burnaby, B C

M Bayliss said...

I hope that someones points this review board in the direction of your web site. I grew up with this case but have learned the most from your site Sir. Keep at it

M Bayliss

F Crantz said...

This now reminds me of the crap that is going on in Ontario regarding phoney prosecutions and convictions. It sure speaks well for a group of supposed honest people like the police. Shame on them and the prosecutors and who ever else allows this crap to happen. We need more like you Mr. Stoddard. Put the idiots in their places.

F Crantz

Gerard Roy said...

I grew up mainly on the gaspe coast and was a hard life but a good life. Most people were good people there, these nut cases give the whole area a bad name. My Dad knew some of the Coffin family people.

Gerard Roy

C levesque said...

My Dad lived and worked in Murdochville and he knew about the searches for the lost hunters and so on. he never felt that mr. Coffin was guilty of this. I will ask him tomorrow if he knows about this jeep thing for you Sir.

C Levesque

B Carter said...

Mr. Stoddard most of the miners and woods workers stuck together. my dad was a forest worker. I have heard him talk about this in past and will talk to him more. I am glad to help sir if we can. My dad still lives at matapedia area.

B Carter
Bathurst, N B

Gus Mitchell said...

Rather than download the telegrams as pictures and then try to enlarge them, If you have a mouse with a "wheel" all you have to do with any document is press the Control( Ctrl )and move your wheel. It will enlarge or decrease the size of the font.

Gloria Myers said...

Another example of authority tramping on people who cannot fight back. Get a conviction at any cost seems to be the order of the day. This is not right. It needs to be set straight, and further, anyone who purposely took part in a web of deceit such as appears to have happened here should be put on trial, and given exactly the same sentence that they help set up for the other person. You will see yhe system cleanse itself very quickly then.

Gloria Myers

G Labelle said...

Mr. Stoddard,
Over the years there have been many rumor floating around about different stories relating to vehicles and people in the area of these crime.
This is the first time that i have seen anything that come close to convincing me of some of these story and theorie. the telegram pictures of way back when really causes one to sit back and take the notice. It is even more important as I scroll bqck on your earlier writing on this affair and I re read your posting of months ago regarding the doctor and Mrs. Wilson. That was interesting reading and now this telegram spell that out exactly what you said months ago as to its importance.
I think too that the Wilsons testimony is most important not only because of the vehicle but also because of the identiffication of the Usa lic3nse plate. You are a good detective and I encourage you to keep at it. the government review board should definitely pay attention to your work on this case.

G Labelle
Riviere du Loup

D Leger said...

Glad to see sir that you are still working on this case. This stuff on the vehicles in the area and people connected is very interesting. It adds a whole new twist and meaning to the whole affair.

D Leger

Henri Mercier said...

Dear mr. Stoddard,

Great page that you maintain here. Have followed it for some time. I have been following indepth your writings on the Coffin affair. I like your down to earth, easy to understand approach. Makes it much easier, especially when I can see that you are a bit of a shoot from the hip type person with your writings.

I do especially like the way that you carry this thing in another direction than what I have read over and over for so many years. It has always been the same old story with the words shaken up a bit to make it look fresh. This last dispatch of yours regarding vehicles and people adds that freshness that should have been there for the past many decades. Had that been done, this thing would have solved long ago. I learned about your site months ago from the Montreal Gazette. Your coverage is much better than theirs on this affair.
Good luck to all the Coffin people on this.

Henri Mercier

Georgette said...

We who have lived in Quebec's Gaspe region for many years are aware of this Coffin affair. It is for sure a black mark on our history. I believe that the Coffin affair has the same sympathies from both the English and French communities in the everyday walk of life. I do believe however that when this took place years ago the regime of the day did try to divide the community. That was not right to do that.

I have never believed that Wilber Coffin was guilty of murder, and I thank you for working hard in that direction to prove it.

I have just finished reading your last posting regarding the vehicles and people. Obviously both the late Mr. Beliveau and yourself display the same level of passion to right this case. Thank you for that Sir.

Georgette in Gaspe

Carol said...

I learned about this web site some time back from the GoGaspe Website. This is an interesting place to stop on the internet, especially when it involves ones home area and community.

I grew up on the Gaspe coast. My Dad was involved with the paper industry. You reach to the heart of the coast Sir when you publish old photos and documents of people whom I knew years ago. It puts a personal touch on this story and reminds us to not forget that somewhere out there on the Gaspe coast there lingers a voice crying out that an innocent man was robbed of his life, and the true murderers were able to walk free.

Bless you Sir for everythng that you have done and are doing on this.

Carol C

Dennis Oldham said...

There have been so many stories of Jeeps over the years on this thing but this one seems to make the most sense. I was not awre that there were so many witnesses to support the events that you describe. This is truly an incredible element to the whole thing. It is time for this review group and this AIDWYC association to get the lead out and pay attention.

Dennis Oldham
Hamilton, Ontario

Brian Reynolds said...

I realize that the federal government took a vote that called for a speedy decision on what to do about this case. Don't know what it was all about really as the review was already in progress.

We don't want a review that will be so speedy that it will not allow the evidence that was suppressed to be made public and be included. That would put us right back to square one again.

There were many people who thought that because that "speedy review" was voted upon that it meant the case was over and that they had reversed the original decision. You mentioned that on several occasions and there were those who were annoyed because you stressed your point on that. I am glad you did. You were very right in what you said, as this case is far from over and I agree as well that the government has a responsibility to admit the statements as evidence that witnesses gave in the 1950's that they formerly denied as evidence.

Brian Reynolds
Barrie, Ontario

Lani Baker Mitchell said...

I just went over Lew's posting and made a list of those who saw a jeep matching Wilbert Coffin's description of the jeep he saw.
-Dr. Wilson
-Mimi Wilson
-A man from Rivier Madelaine
-A witness in Nouvelle QC saw jeep on the ferry
-Alvin Tapp, a NB policeman
-Gerald Tapp
-John Hackett gave sworn statement to police
-2 witnesses searching for the victims saw jeep tracks in the woods
-Fabien Sinnett
-Wilbert Dumaresq
-Raymond Dumaresq- gave sworn statement to police on 28 july 1953
-Eddy Dumaresq
-Fernand Dufresne- spoke to the men in the jeep- included in Raymond Dumaresq's sworn statement to police ( 28 July 1953)
14 people who spoke about the jeep sightings at the time of the murders!14 potential witnesses who were never called to testify at the trial!

Diane Lepage said...

Lew this is incredible when one looks at your posting and totals up the potential witnesses that you identify there. Ms. Lani Mitchell expresses it well. This is just such an example of unbelievable deceit and disgust. This was planned to be that way, I am certain of that. This was no mistake to miss that many.

Someone should have to be brought up on charges for this. It is really sad that some of the authorities are not still alive Mr. Stoddard so that you could grill them. It should have been done.

The very least that should be done is for the government to admit their errors and restore Wilbert Coffin's name.

Please carry on the fight Lew. It had to be done.

Diane Lepage
Cobourg, Ontario

Corrine Landry said...

It makes sense that a Jeep vehicle would be a vehicle by choice for woods travel in the early 50's as there would have been hundreds of them still around as war surplus vehicles.

The whole story that you identify with in your last posting really sickens me though. Would the authorities back then really railroad someone like this? Yes I guess they would by the way it looks. So sad and this is Canada.

Corrine Landry
St. Hubert, Quebec

Lani Baker Mitchell said...

Corrine Landry says "The whole story that you identify with in your last posting really sickens me though. Would the authorities back then really railroad someone like this? Yes I guess they would by the way it looks."
Imagine this Corrine..imagine that a jeep is later found by hunters in the woods and these young hunters are threatened and paid off to keep their mouths shut..and imagine that the police then close off the area where the jeep was found and get it out of there as fast as they can...then imagine that the unfortunate men who found the jeep, and being young, poor and frightened, agreed to a deal...then imagine that these same two men, still alive, now have to live with the shame of what they agreed to so long ago...because as mature adults, they would most certainly want not to have participated in this coverup...imagine if they had the guts to come forward with their story. As Lennon sang "You may think I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.." Let's hope that a few older Gaspé gentlemen will step up to the plate! And let's not bully them if they do, because we didn't have to face the tough choices they did back then!

Bob Swain said...

Lew Stoddard you are an optimist, a true one at that. I do not doubt for a moment that what you write about this story is factual and true, but to suggest that the government may come along and say "Hey this was wrong and we are now going to overturn it" will never happen.

As a matter of fact I suggest that your Vancouver Canucks have a better chance at winning this years Stanley Cup than you do for that to ever happen, and they are not even going to win tonights game against Dallas to get out of the first round of the finals.

You work hard on this, and I give you "E" for effort, but don't disappoint yourself.

Bob Swain
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Ronald G said...

In my opinion I believe that from the onset in this affair the police picked out a suspect, built a circumstantial case around him, and with the support of the provincial government of Quebec, convicted him and executed him, for nothing more than to make the province's politicians look good. Evidence supports this theory.

Ronald Gillespie
Saint John

T Meloche said...

I recall from an earlier posting of sometime back that you wrote about this Eugene Lindsey. I recall that he didn't exactly carry "angel status" stamped on him. If he had enemies from home, what better place to inflict punishment on him than away from his own home. They did afterall know where he went to go hunting. That was no secret, he had been coming there to Gaspe for years.

T Meloche
Hull, Quebec

C Bell said...

Great posting to this event Sir. It actually helps to answer many questions. Interesting to note the amount of people who actually made statements to police on this and were never heard in court. Sure points to wrong doing on the part of the authorities.

C Bell
St. Johns Nfld

Brad Sterne said...

Words simply cannot adequately express the revulsion to be found if and when a government in a democratic society such as ours would stoop so low. Do not give up on this Sir.

Good luck to the Coffin family as well.

Brad Sterne

Jack Daigle said...

As an east coast person for many years we tend to feel part of affairs no matter which province that it happened in.

We are from Nova Scotia but my Dad is very familiar with this case as he worked in eastern Quebec in the 50's not far from where all this took place. In his group they were always certain that Wilbert Coffin was handled very unjustly.

Jack Daigle
Truro, Nova Scotia

Beth McEwen said...

Just had a few moments over my morning coffee and toast to look at your last posting on the Coffin affair. My husband and I read it each week with the comments.

This is interesting information and I agree it has been around for a long time but I was not aware that it was as detailed as it appars to be. This is good that you present this for Canadians to read. It puts a real human touch on the story especially with the publishing of the worn telegrams.

Just want to say thanks for writing all this week after week. it drives the message home to the point of it all not being just a story but a very real happening in our country.

Beth McEwen

Allan Patterson said...

hey Lew you are still looking good out there in vancouver. I see that mr. bob Swain up there in fort mcMurray needs to brush up a bit on his hockey predicts. I guess that is what happens when all that gooey oil seeps up through the ground and affects ones thinking process.

All kidding aside lew you are doing a real bang up job on this since you started. i read it all the time. my Dad is aware of the case in a big way as he was from eastern quebec. just so you know i was told about your website by a guy called shorty who is a transport driver.

Allan Patterson

Marvin Gillespie said...

It is amazing that people could let all this go on without someone putting up a huge fight and argument. Were people that afraid of the police? It is hard to imagine that.

If that story about the Jeep being found in a ravine is true, and the police removing it and destroying it, then that is absolutely disgusting. It is nothing short of destroying of evidence from a very serious crime. I do find it incredible though that the Jeep could lie there for almost 20 years without being detected. Then again small aircraft do crash close to civilization and are never found for years until someone accidently stumbles across it.

Whatever the the story is Sir, it is absolutely astounding. I wish I had the means to help you with the investigation on this, but I do say keep up the good work.

Marvin Gillespie

Julia M said...

As usual Lew another good post to an incredible story. Just finished reading it completely and it is amazing that an application to the government after fifty-two years has to contain many of the things that were in the original application. Why? Because the government never reviewed it as they were asked to do, thatbis the reason. I am certain that if they had read it and reviewed it back then, Wilbert Coffin would not have been hanged. That is the real disturbing part to it all.

Julia M

Dana Burgess said...

I wish sir that I could share your optimism but I am unable to do that. You always appear so determined to shove everything against the police of the day. I do not like that. They were only doing their job and you have to accept that. Perhaps Mr. Coffin was innocent, then how come his protectors did not prove that? Do not always blame the authorities when something goes wrong?

Dana Burgess

Chris Staples said...

I tend to go along with ms. Burgess's thinking. It was an ugly scene I do admit, and I admire mr. Stoddard for keeping the case alive, but reality is reality and my oipinion is simpley that we will never know for sure in spite of what he insists.

Chris Staples

G Lesage said...

I know you say Mr. Stoddard to never accept anything at face value and to ask questions. I am doing what you insist and not accepting what you say at face value and I am asking questions, and my first one is a big one. Where is the proof that I should accept what you are preaching on a constant basis about this case?

G Lesage

Frank Wells said...

I still do not understand what the government would have gained by keeping this case under a veil. Why would they do that? It could only bite them later on, could it not?

Frank Wells
Niagara Falls, Ont

Barbara W said...

I think that the copies of the old telegrams from Western Union and the message from Ms. Doyon really causes onr to sit up and take notice to this case. I know that it did that for me. In some ways it makes the story a bit chilling!

Barbara W
St. Johns, Nfld

albert said...

i saw your message today sir on the gaspe site. i always read your writing. i found it first from the gaspe site. my brother and I we used to live at murdocvile and work for timber company and there are people there who wont talk much but they know about some things i am sure.


Darryl Simms said...

Just recently came across your web site. I know a bit about this case from school. You have done a lot of research and work on this. I remember watching you on TV a few years back. I see you are still doing much the same thing, only in a bit different fashion. Good stuff. I shall keep reading the site. Good luck.

Darryl Simms
Prince George

Nephew Rick said...

I really do not understand why some people are afraid of the truth.
Uncle Bill returned to Gaspe from northern Quebec, with investors for his mining claims( that his son now has in his possession), when requested by Sgt. Doyon because at the time he was the last known person to see the Americans. An inquest was held July 27/53 at which Uncle Bill gave his version of events that were sent to Quebec City (Attorney-General)but some how disappeared. He was flown from Gaspe to Quebec City and interrogated for 16 days by A. Matte and associates and not allowed to see a lawyer or family member. On return to Gaspe he was allowed to talk to his father and said they were not man enough to break me which the prosecutors stressed to jury at trial that this was a confession of murder. Aug. 27/53 , figure this one out, the inquest was continued from July 27 and the jury finds that the two youths were killed by person or persons unknown and the father died from unknown causes. Prosecutor Dorion does not allow this and threatens the jury members to change their verdict. The jeep has been set up for the two americans that were in Gaspe in May 53 and in the QPP notes they ask to have any other references to jeeps eliminated. And on and on. Is any of this just a little suspicious to the doubters out there? How about the Brossard Commission investigating the action of prosecutors and police during "The Coffin Affair?" In fact it was a trial against retired Senator Jacques Hebert and his book, " I accuse the assasins of Wilbert Coffin." The chief investigator was none other then Jean-Claude VanHoote who was Alphons Matte's right hand man in Gaspe during the investigation. So he was investigating himself and his bosses. During the commission, most of the witnesses were scared of being charged with contempt of court.
These are a few of the things that make us ask for a complete review, not just a review of a trial and commission that were constructed.
Then there is the involvement of the Governments of Quebec and Canada in their haste to keep our neighbours to the south happy by sacrificing Wilbert Coffin. If you have something to contribute to the site please come forward. You can contact Lew or AIDWYC and they will keep your confidence.
Thank you again Lew and everyone who is helping us get to the bootom and top of this event.
Nephew Rick

margo roberts said...

Dear Lew:

Thank you for your tireless work on Uncle Bill's case. You are much appreciated.

I have known about the deceit, manipulation, and cover-up all my life but that still does not make it any easier reading about it again. Thank you for the clarity and sensitivity that you bring to this difficult time in our lives.

God bless you.

Niece, Margo
Kinosota, Manitoba

Hillary McLaughlan said...

I am impressed at the following for your site. You have done a great job of keeping this story in the front lines for Canadians to learn about. This is a startling tale from start to finish and really it did not happen very far back in our history.

Does that mean that it could happen again, or more importantly, is it still happening when you consider what is being uncovered in Ontario right now involving false prosecutions, lying, deceit, evidence disappearing, which has all lead to a pile of wrongful convictions.

The whole justice system across our land needs to be re-cultivated and some heads must roll right from the top down. Only then can confidence be restored into a system that has turned rotten.

Hillary McLaughlan
Barrie, Ontario

D Benedet said...

Great site, great story Mr. Stoddard. This thing gets more bizzare as one continues to the next chapter from the last one. If it is even close to what you portray, it is mind boggling.

We are in a democratic society, are we not? This stuff isn't supposed to happen. Our Charter Of Rights tells us that we are free from all this stuff.

D Benedet
Kingston, Ontario

F Burnham said...

I don't know how many times over the years that I have attempted to have a letter to the editor of a newspaper published. The two times that I was successful, the eventual published letter was edited to the point where the meaning was all but taken away.

I like this idea, I write a letter, I have my say, I click a couple of buttons and here it is for all the world to see in it's entirety.

Thank you very much Mr. Stoddard for providing this venue for all people to freely express their views. I am not sure if all people understand this or not, but there are still many parts in this old world where freedom of expression like this without fear of reprisal are but a dream. You have done a great job of telling this story and getting the message out to Canadians. Keep up the great work.

F Burnham

Robert T said...

I have commented on your site a few times in the past year or so and this story has continued to amaze me. It seems that anything that could go wrong did go wrong and the deck was always stacked against Mr. Coffin. I am still of the opinion that the government did not have enough to convict him of this crime and that has become much more evident based on everything that I am now reading that you have presented.

Robert T
Riviere du Loup

D Olson said...

The recent element that you present about the Jeeps and the tracks certainly adds new dimensions to this story. Had all this been gone into and presented back then, this case would have been over long ago.

D Olson
Summerside, PEI