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When murder has been discovered and publicly declared, it is incumbent upon all members of the pertaining judiciary to research and vigorously investigate all aspects of the crime. This is a way of portraying integrity on the part of the investigation.
Too often after a major crime has been discovered, we hear the words, "there are no suspects." Only a lazy and particularly stupid police officer would make a statement like that. The reality of the situation is simple. Until such time that someone has been apprehended and charged with a specific crime, then everyone is a suspect.
From a list of suspects there are those that stand out amongst the rest. These suspects become "persons of interest." It is these persons that form the nucleus of the investigation, and the eventual solving of the crime committed. It is important to note that if the case is solid, there must be motive, and above all, the ability to prove that the suspect was in the area of the crime.
The Wilbert Coffin case was no different. There was a particularly brutal set of circumstances that resulted in the deaths of three persons in barbaric fashion. There were suspects, and there were persons of interest. The unfortunate reality was simply that the judicial process was lazy and sleazy. They set their sights in one direction. They were not willing to look outside the box. In doing so, the system made it possible for multiple murderers to walk free, and at the same time, sent an innocent man to swing at the end of a rope.
There are many reasons why I am suggesting the names that I am today as those who are the perpetrators of these crimes. Their selection did not occur as a result of an educated guess, but as a result of many hours of research and investigation.
It should be further understood that these individuals did not just suddenly appear in the story. They were always there, emitting the same evidence that I am encountering fifty-four years after the fact. They were never acted upon, simply because it would have required the police of the day to investigate in another direction. They probably would have been acting in a direction that might fight back. The bottom line, they simply took the path of least resistance. After all, Maurice Duplessis wanted someone to hang to shut up the American administration, so, in his warped mind, hang the Englishman from Gaspe'.
In the next posting, I shall be outlining the involvement of the suspects that I have identified in this episode. Originally, I had not planned to write it exactly in this fashion. As late as earlier this afternoon, I was made aware of certain disturbing information. It would appear that there is someone who wishes to dis-credit my research on this affair. Because of this fact, I have made the decision to do it this way. It saddens me to think that our society has evolved downward in this way.
I am awaiting some pertinent information. I was not quite ready to proceed to complete the story in one piece, thus the decision to fragment the ending. By doing it in this fashion, in no way does it affect the final outcome.
Again, I shall be going into detail on the affairs of these gentlemen in the next posting. It will also give you the chance as the armchair detective to figure out as to why these people are not only suspects, but persons of interest, and persons who should have been charged with murder. You should have no problem in establishing the who, what, when, where, and why.
The following represents the individuals names that I want you to consider. Angus MacDonald, Curly Richardson, and a gentleman named Mr. Soucie.
In the next posting, I shall outline their complete involvement. I will also outline the stalking of the Lindsey party, transportation method into the forest, and as well, the reasons why the Lindseys would be singled out as murder victims. We will also go travelling in the next posting. We will make a trip from Pennsylvania to Gaspe, and we shall also make a trip from Juniper, New Brunswick to Gaspe'.
Thank you so much for being a great audience, and look forward to bringing you the final chapter in a couple of days. God Bless.
Lew Stoddard.
This manuscript, titled "The Conclusion" of The Wilbert Coffin Story is protected by copyright. Reproduction, in whole, or in part, by whatever means, is not permitted without the express written permission of the author, Lew Stoddard.


Bernice Aucoin said...

Interesting developments in the story. I can now see where it makes lots of sense though. Congratulations for the work and the results.

Bernice Aucoin
Burlington, Ontario

Mr. and Mrs. Dave taggert said...

This certainly puts a whole new lean on the Coffin story. These people should most certainly have been investigated back in 1953, and if as you are saying would have saved mr. Coffin from the gallows. this is such a sad affair.

I feel so bad for the family. I know that you worked long and hard with Mrs. Mitchell on this. Thank you for all that sir.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Taggert
Kamloops, B C

Anonymous said...

hello everyone i just stopped by to thank each and everyone who has come forward and to those still wondering if what they know is of help all leads are very very important you can remain anonymous just send your private message to Mr. Stoddard's e-mail it is and he will follow up from there we are also asking all to send e-mail to the prime minister at or to a Mr.Vic Toews who is in the justice department in Ottawa his e-mail is and letters to Mr Harper this is home address The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A2 if we all send off letters and e-mails out even he will have to pay attention to what a lot of canadians are saying and have been saying for nearly 50 years come on lets all pull together on this one and be a part of the team to bring justice to the forefront and clear my father's name

james coffin

Anonymous said...

Correction to jim's posting...Lew's email is

Dale Hebron said...

There was sure more to this story than what we read over the years. I never would have dreamed for a moment that it contained the intrigue that it obviously does. Also obvious that a precious few really dug into it very far. You have done well to bring everything to the front. Thank you for that.

Dale Hebron

Rob Wheeler said...

It is unfortunate that those responsible for these crimes can no longer be brought to justice. Was most unfair to be able to walk away.

Rob Wheeler
North Bay, Ont

Andrew said...

I grew up in Roxboro in the 1960s & 70s, a suburb of Montreal. Our local Sealtest milkman was named Clarence Coffin. I remember him as a pleasant guy.

I can remember being told his brother was hanged for a crime he did not commit. My mother spoke about it as a case of injustice, and a kind of national tragedy. Was Clarence Coffin Wilbert's brother, or his cousin?

It seems rather insignificant in the large scope of events, but if any of the Coffin family reads this, I would like express sympathy to Clarence (if he is still alive) and thanks for the many years of excellent service to our neighbourhood.

Can you please tell me,
Did Wilbert Coffin indeed have a brother named Clarence?

Yours sincerely,
Andrew Preville
Kelowna, BC

Wendall Stanley said...


To answer you question on Clarence. No he was not one of Wilbert Coffin's brothers. But he was a next door neighbor to us, they lived just 3 houses up the road from here. I think it is the last name and the location of his birth that has confused some one.

Your mother was right though when she spoke of this case as a national tragedy; it is the greatest injustice ever to hit this great land of ours.

Clarence is still alive to day and still is the easy going type of man you remember him to be. He has moved back here to Gaspe and I will pass your messages on to him the next time I see him.

Wendall Stanley
Wilbert Coffin's nephew

Shirley Ann Coffin said...

I'm very please that we'e finding out who those men that realy killed the poeple in Gaspe so many years ago,and Wilbert Coffin got hanged for something that he didn't do,my grandfather was his cousin,my name is Shirley Ann Coffin,i was bron in Gaspe but rasied in New Brunswick Canada,my grandfather was Mr.Edward Coffin.

Dave Cramer said...

You have succeeded in taking this story to a level never before reached. Congratulations to you Sir. You have made much sense out of it.

Dave Cramer
Victoria, B C

c. girard said...

i followed your blog for all year now but mr. stodard the three men you talk about don't mean anything to me so i don't understand why you talk about them.i hope you can tell me what they did soon because i don't know who they are and everyone says it makes sense now and to me it is a confusion
c. girard frm toronto

Anonymous said...

I dont have a clue who those two men are. although i have heard the name Angus MacDonald mentioned over the years...I was young when this terrible crime took place in Gaspe..I must say i am ashamed of the people in my home town, for hiding everything about those murders,and to let mr. coffin hang for a crime he never committed... there is only one word i can think of to describe them.. heartless... I keep you in my prayers james coffin. I hope this battle will come to an end for you, and your dad's name will be cleared. Mr. Stoddard, i would like to shake your are one of a kind... good luck...

Lani Baker Mitchell said...

You are placing shame in the wrong place! Shame on the police from Quebec who took over the investigation and on the government of the day! Don't place the blame on Gasp├ęsians, many of whom came forward, gave their statements and were ignored!

B Racette said...

Thank you for taking the time to answer my e-mail Mr. Stoddard. I was concerned with your health. You have done a most wonderful job in your presentation of this for the past year. I know there are going to be some happy people and there will be some sad people, but that is the reality of life.

Congratulations once again.

B Racette
Riviere du Loup

Anonymous said...

dear Lew
just a thank you for all your hard work over the past months .
uncle bills niece
diane peter

Anonymous said...

annonymous Hello Mr. Stoddard, Am anxiously awaiting your next chapter on this case. I understand you have not been feeling all that well, and I wish you good health. We just have to be patient just as the Wilbert Coffin family have not given up hope. My sympathy to the family that lost a loved one.

Anonymous said...

does any body know why we don't here from mr. stoddard. it seems like a long time.does he go away somewheres ?

Nephew Rick said...

Lew is suppose to put a posting on thr site soon. All our best wishes for him.

Marie Coffin Stewart said...

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes for my health. I’m doing great and am just waiting for a call to have my radiation treatment.

When I think of what my brother went through it is like a black, black nightmare. How could something like this happen? The Federal Government is supposedly the head of our country. Why did they let one wicked man and his henchmen do what they did?

All Canadians should keep pounding at the Government to right this terrible injustice. Do this by sending letters, phone calls and contacting the newspapers. As long as we as Canadians keep this ongoing, the Government will have to resolve this terrible crime against my brother Wilbert.

This was not just a crime against my brother but a crime against all of Canada and the sad thing is that these things are still going on to-day. People accused of a crime they did not commit and thrown into jail. How do we stop this? I don’t know. I only know that we should all do what we can to put a stop to this.

I realize that there are many people in prison that should be there for the terrible things they have done. But what about the ones that are innocent? We should all thank God for AIDWYC. They are a dedicated group who are doing their very best to help the innocent ones.

My thanks, to everyone who has supported me in fund raisers, with out your support I could not have raised the funds for AIDWYC that I have. My goal is $10,000.00 and to date I have raised $8143.93. Isn’t this great? You are really wonderful people.

My heartfelt thanks to Lew and Lani for their dedication to my brother’s case.

Thank You and God Bless,

Marie Coffin Stewart

Anonymous said...

It is now Sunday Aug 26
Where is the conclusion that was supposed to be posted Thurs?