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The Wilbert Coffin Story
The Conclusion
Part Seven
You will recall from the last posting that heavy emphasis would be placed on the autopsy reports from these crimes involving the murder of the three American hunters. That stance has not changed, although due to the broadening of available information, the relevance of this decision has increased ten fold.

I cannot begin to remember the number of times that folks have suggested to me that this case happened over fifty years ago, and that the events as depicted on these pages could never happen in modern day. In other words, accept it and get on with life, and at the same time be happy that times have changed.

There are a couple of things that I wish to make abundantly clear with reference to the following report on the autopsies of the murder victims in this case. Firstly, statements that I shall be making are not based on my personal opinion. For the lack of a better choice of words, I have literally attempted to conduct an autopsy on the autopsy reports themselves. As I have stated previously, in order that a report be fair and factual, it must contain research and investigative material which relates to the specific crime, and not be reflective of unqualified opinion simply because he or she happens to carry the banner of provincial pathologist. The sad reality here of course is the fact that in many cases these so called professionals surface as a result of patronage appointments. I am not for a moment suggesting that was the case here, even though the premier of the day, the late Maurice Duplessis was known to have looked after his friends in many cases.

With reference to ballistics regarding this case, I have sought out and enlisted the support of persons in the field who have gained and earned the respect of many. Over the years it would not be an uncommon occurrence for various police agencies to access the same sources. It simply is not enough to merely state that “yes, this was done with a firearm.” What is important is to be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the firearm was the weapon of choice, and be able to show that it existed, and further if it existed, would it be capable and probable to cause the results exhibited? In the absense of a direct answer of yes or no to these questions, then it is incumbent upon investigators to search in other directions.

In my search for professional information I went to Victoria and chatted a number of times at length with Mr. Dale Hayton. Mr. Hayton has been connected with the firearms industry in excess of 40 years. Over the years Mr. Hayton has routinely answered queries from law enforcement and has done much study on ballistics. He is well versed on all aspects of firearms, both handguns and long guns, and is equally knowledgeable on bullets and manufacture. Mr. Hayton does not dwell on assumptions. Dale was able to answer my questions in a clear and independent manner. In a former conversation with him, he had related to me that it would be next to impossible to get shot five times in the chest area by a 30 calibre type firearm without sustaining bone damage, considering the mushroom effect that results from bullet fragmentation.

I have been a member of the shooting fraternity for a lot of years. During those years one acquires much knowledge of various facts and figures. In the fraternity of shooting sports, I have personally pulled the trigger well in excess of one hundred thousand times at various recreational gun clubs and shooting facilities across Canada and The United States. This is not an estimate, but based on documentation. This is why I get incensed when I read “official” reports such as those as presented by Dr. Roussell and Bernard Peclet. To officially report that Frederick Claar may have been shot a total of five times sums it up well. In my view, I am being kind when I refer to it as absolute crap.

If you simply accept the belief that these things could never happen in modern day, I would suggest that you pay close attention to current news coming out of Ontario. The late news of are indeed confirmation that the government is not the one to be depended upon with reference to innocence and guilt. Here was a glowing example of wrongful conviction. As a consequence, the convicted served twelve years in maximum security for the most ugliest of crimes, the brutal rape and killing of a young child, in this case his young niece. This conviction was made possible because of the decisions of one man, the government pathologist.
It now turns out, this person was not qualified to sit and act as a pathologist. As a result, a path of wrongful convictions looms over the head of every citizen of Ontario and the rest of Canada. These things should never happen. There is no excuse when they do. In the case of Ontario, surely the Steven Truscott case should have ensured that. The case that was dispensed with last week was not isolated. There are close to twenty cases where convictions attritutiable to the same government pathologist are in serious question. Many of these cases smack of wrongful conviction.

Because of the severity of the recent court determination, the rape and killing of a child would very definitely have scored a wrongful death penalty if we still subscribed to capital punishment. In it's aftermath the real guilty party would have been allowed to walk free, while an innocent man would have gone to the gallows.

Enter the Wilbert Coffin case of fifty-four years ago. Other than the death penalty aspect, have things changed for the good? I think not. It can be argued that things have got progressively worse, considering that we have much more modern tools and technology to work with and we still can not get it right. This is serious stuff. Every murder charge should be backed by air tight forensic evidence that leave no questions. This is why I stress the importance of the autopsy report in this case. If you remove the autopsy report in this instance, you have no case. If you read the real information that the autopsy report provided in this instance, you also have no case. It was therefore critical and crucial to the conviction that satisfactory information emerge. That is precisely where I shall start, because it was through the government being able to manipulate people, that Wilbert Coffin did not live to see old age.

There are two main reasons for an autopsy where a suspicious death has occured. It is mandatory that the cause of death be determined, and as well, determine the time of death. In the case of the autopsy for the three American hunters, it was not as cut and dried as the authorities would have you believe.

In spite of what the authorities want us to believe, they are lying to us when they tell us that these three individuals represented a crime scene. In actuality there were three crime scenes simply because the three individuals were not killed together. They may or may not have been killed by the same murderer, however, there were crime signatures left behind in all three instances.

let us look at the murder scene of Eugene Lindsey, whose remains were found in close proximity to camp 24 in the Gaspe' woods. His head and thorax had been separated from his body. Was this the work of the murderer or was it the work of forest animals, presumably bears? We do not, and we will never know for certain the answer to that question. The missing body parts were never located. Was Mr. Lindsey shot or was he clubbed to death? Again, we do not know and we never will. We do know that some skin and hair follicles were found on the telescopic sight on his rifle. Were those traces of body parts representative of his body making contact with the rifle being used as a club? The same answer to this question prevails, we do not know.

The one other sign of trauma to Mr. Lindsey's rifle was a slight indent on the wooden stock of the firearm. The medical examiner, Dr. Roussell pointed out that this was the result of a bullet. Clarenec Claar, the father of Frederick Claar pointed out that the indent looked more like a gouge from carrying it through the brush than a bullet mark. I tend to lean toward acceptance of Mr. Claar's theory. He was after all, well versed in hunting and the elements. It would make sense to assume that Clarenec Claar would offer his opinion only after careful consideration, chiefly because whoever was responsible for this death, may be responsible for his son Frederick's as well.

It is also important to note that at this point positive identification of Eugene Lindsey had not been established. There was no wallet, no license, no identification papers. All the flesh had disappeared from the bones as a result of intervention of animals and birds of prey. The only bits of clothing was that found in animal droppings. His friend Clarence Claar would state that Mr. Lindsey had long finger nails. The remains of the corpse on the forest floor did indeed have long finger nails, and thus, according to Dr. Roussell he had established that it was in fact that of Eugene Lindsey. Dr. Roussell would go on to state that in establishing positive identification he had employed more scientific means as well. I have a tough job accepting that statement as truth, simply because if he would have had more concrete and scientific evidence, he most definitely would have stated what it was. Later on in court at Wilbert Coffin's trial Dr. Roussell would make the same statement, however, he was never challenged by the defense.

It has been reported over the years that Richard Lindsey and Frederick Claar were located in exactly the same location. This is furtherest from the truth. Some two hundred feet separated their remains. Part of that two hundred feet contained the width of the river St. John, a small stream on the Gaspe' peninsula. Already, a whole new set of boundaries suddenly emerge for the victims. It also lends credence to the obvious fact that these murders were carried out by "more than one person."

It is a known fact that more than two miles separated the remains of Eugene Lindsey from that of his son, Richard. It was accepted as evidence at trial that Eugene Lindsey was the first hunter to fall prey to murder. If it was accepted as evidence, then it should be considered the truth. In a perfect world, that is the way that it should be, however, in the case of the three murders in the Gaspe' woods there is absolutely no hard evidence to prove who was killed first, nor was there a declared date when any of them truthfully died. We simply do not know that. It can be argued that since all three were killed, does it really matter? I suppose not, but the answer may shed some light as to the number of persons who were involved with the actual killings.

Let us separate the crime scenes of Richard Lindsey and that of Frederick Claar. To do otherwise and treat them as one does not appear plausible. It would mean that while one was being executed at the hands of the murderer, the other would be standing by waiting for the murderer to turn onto him. When one considers two healthy, young, and heavily armed males, standing idly by waiting for his turn with the executioner and not exhibiting any sign of force, suddenly the theory lacks serious credibility. Very definitely, at least two persons participated in the actual murders of Richard Lindsey and Frederick Claar

I ask that you very carefully read and comprehend the following chain of events leading up to and including the murders, taking into account the motives, and those responsible for carrying out the crimes. True, some elements of the story will not end here, however, I am confident that had a proper investigation been carried out by the authorities in 1953, the events that I shall be describing here would have formed the basis for murder charges to have been brought forward against three indivuduals who managed to elude capture, made possible by the inept government and the judiciary of the province of Quebec. In the past few weeks certain questions were asked of me with reference to this chain of events. Hopefully, these questions will be answered as well.

The medical examiner, Dr. Roussell, lacks credibility in many of his statements with reference to the deaths of Richard Lindsey and that of Frederick Claar. I simply cannot believe that a Judge of the Superior Court of Quebec would allow a jury to focus attention on evidence submitted by Dr. Roussell in this instance, considering that a man's fate was at hand.

Of particular interest is the fact that Dr. Roussell, the provincial pathologist and Bernard Peclet the provincial police chemist would concur that death was brought about as a result of gunshots. This is particularly disturbing considering that no murder weapon was ever located, and both crime scenes were void of bullets or bullet fragments. These gentlemen were allowed to swear testimony that in the case of Frederick Claar, he was possibly shot at least five times and Richard Lindsey, a total of two times.

Firstly, we must realize that when we see a ballistics chart making reference to thirty calibre bullets, the chart is not suggesting that thirty calibre is a solo calibre to itself. Calibre simply denotes bullet diameter. Situated within the thirty calibre range, would be everything from .300 inch diameter to .399 inch diameter. The thirty calibre range of bullets contains the widest range of bullet diameters and weights available on the market. A graphic example can be exhibited very easily. Simply go to your favorite hunting goods store and ask to see a selection of bullet calibres within the 30 calibre range. Both Dr. Roussell and Bernard Peclet were touting the theory that the murder calibre of the mystery firearm was a 30 calibre. This is also where both these gentlemen do a very fine job of displaying a double helping of stupidity.

Dr. Roussell officially stated that he found circular perforations in the clothing of the two victims measuring 7/16 inch diameter to 1/2 inch diameter. Unfortunately this threw the theory of 30 calibre into the garbage. Both 7/16 and 1/2 inch far surpasses the parameters of 30 calibre specifications. This is where the hunting goods store manager or a firearms specialist would quickly advise that these diameters would be far beyond anything that was available.

There is only one reasonable explanation as to the oversized holes in the victims clothing, combined with an absense of spent cartridge cases and fragmented bullets. These cartridge cases and fragmented bullets could never be located because simply they never existed. As I have stated in the past, it is clear that neither Richard Lindsey or Frerderick Claar were murdered by firearms. The holes in the clothing and lack of damage to tissue and bones within the bodies exhibited clear evidence of this fact. It is prudent to deduce that both of these victims died of stab wounds.

The fact that some of the circular perforations measuring 7/16 inch diameter and some 1/2 inch diameter is consistent with the diameter of a wound that would be created as a result of being stabbed by a round tapered object. As I have mentioned previously, a bayonet type of weapon would be a likely prospect. Some bayonets from WWII were a detachable type that could be used on the muzzle end of a rifle, or they could be removed and used in arm to arm combat. Either way, these weapons though perhaps crude, were effective in accomplishing what they were designed for, which was to cause death by bleeding and creating little or no noise.

In total length a military bayonet was approximately 17 inches. The average distance to penetrate the full thickness of the average male soldier was approximately 12 inches. The round spike bayonet was pointed and got larger in diameter as one progressed toward the hilt of the device. The average maximum diameter of the spike bayonet was “7/16 to 1/2 inch” in diameter. The deeper that the bayonet was thrust into it's target, the larger the entry hole followed in it's path. The war surplus stores were full of this sort of souvenir after the Second World War. Souvenirs of this nature sold for little more than a dollar.

Another type of tool that could be used in a similar way was the miners pick. Hardware stores were full of them and they would have been most effective. This would not be a rare item in the Gaspe' region in the early 1950's. Some months back I spoke to Keith Baker about the miners pick. Of course it was not developed to become a weapon or tool of death, however, I did ask Keith if it would be effective. Keith's immediate reply, "I sure would not want to be struck by one."

In the case of Richard Lindsey, he was found some distance away from his rifle which still had the firing mechanism in the cocked position, meaning that it was ready to fire. The searchers and pathologist could not determine why the muzzle of Richard Lindsey's rifle was plugged with mud and debris. This is relatively easy to explain, especially to anyone who has actively hunted over the years. One of the more common stances that most hunters adopt is the carrying of their rifle by resting the barrel in the crook of the arm with the other hand near the magazine and trigger assembly. It is probably one of the quickest methods of shouldering the rifle when game is sighted.

Think now for a moment as to what would happen if someone came up behind you by surprize and thrust a bayonet into either your front or back. At most you would gasp. You would not scream. You would instantly commence dropping to your knees. Your rifle would instantly be pointed downward to protect you from falling. The first part to make contact with the earth would be the muzzle, which in turn would fill the muzle with mud and debris. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may leave the rifle there and stagger away for a short distance until you succumbed to certain death. I mention these things because Dr. Roussell and Bernard Peclet should have considered them years ago, but I do not believe that they did, because, an investigation of this magnitude was far beyond their capabilities.

As I have reported previously, there was no flesh left on the bones of these two young men. Consequently, no bullet entrance or exit points were visible on the bodies. The most startling fact of all was that no bones were found to be fractured. One small bone from Frederick Claar's remains contained a marking that according to Mr. Pecelet, might have been made by a firearm, but he also stated that it could have been made as a result of a forest animal such as a black bear. If a firearm was used in these crimes, it was an impossibility to declare the calibre even though both Dr. Roussell and Mr. Pecelet made vain attempts to cover their butts. They did this by suggesting a very large and vast range of calibres, both in handguns and in long guns. They both appeared to lack comprehension as to the meaning of the word “calibre.” They placed heavy emphasis on thirty calibre, with little or no regard for bullet weights and diameters, and the fact that even though a cartridge could be in the thirty calibre range, the bullet weights and actual hitting power of the bullet from this array of diameters was vast. This is where it is necessary to grasp some elementary laws of ballistics. As an example, let us determine what this is all about, and in doing that, you will quickly realize what I am talking about here.

Upon finding the two skeletons in the forest at Gaspe' the searchers were quick to contact Captain Alphonse Matte, who in turn contacted Dr. Roussell, the provincial medical officer. His response was simple. “Box up the bones and deliver them to Gaspe'” and he would look them over and do his investigation when he could come to town. I can cope with ignorance, but I have a real tough time with sheer stupidity. Here you have two sets of skeletal human remains. Quite probably these remains will be those of two persons who have been declared missing. This was the point where the complete area should have been cordoned off and the area secured with the order that no one is allowed in.

As you can see, properly attacked in a court of law, any defense law team who was worth their salt could have sent the autopsy reports spinning into a wild orbit through outer space. Never should that report have contributed to the guilt finding of Wilbert Coffin at his trial. Simply put, it should have worked in his favour. Unfortunately, because of a dud for a lawyer, the most vital piece of evidence in the defense's favour never got cross examined.

I realize that a lot of space has been alloted to the autopsy reports in the writing and my investigation of this case. I have gone over it many many times, and approached it from many angles. The bottom line is and has always been, it was very badly handled. I do hope that the CCRG (Criminal Conviction Review Group) in Ottawa, who are now conducting an inquiry into this case equally allot as much time as is necessary to understand and learn all the facts regarding ballistics. I can guarantee you that in the present form, they do not understand everything that needs to be examined. They must do it with an open mind and spirit, and be prepared to bring in people who know what they are talking about. To merely review what was done 53 years ago is not enough. That will only show the errors of the 1950's and what was accepted at trial. In other words, if they did not know it was in error back then, to not look beyond the box today, the effort becomes fruitless.

I have received additional information that was supplied by the late Constable Lewis Sinnett. It has not changed those that I have named as suspects, but it does tighten the case against them. I have also acquired additional information from a report by Sgt. John Charles Vanhoutte of the Quebec Provincial Police that ties in very nicely with my roundup of suspects. I can now tell you that I now know for a fact that there were people from the Gaspe' region who knew the Lindsey family by name, and as well, knew that they were in the forest before they were reported as missing. That fact is interesting because it has always been reported that Wilbert Coffin was the last known person from the Gaspe' region who was known to have seen them alive. I have a police report that states otherwise, and I am not speaking of persons who may have been at the Lindsey truck the day that Wilbert returned young Richard to his Dad's hunting party.
I have heard from the FBI in the United States. In response to my querie to them with reference to this case, I have been invited to prepare them an official request to look into the matter. As I pointed out to them some time back, three United States citizens were brutally murdered on Canadian soil. Canada hung one of our citizens for the murder of one of the victims. That case is now falling apart, and the other two cases have never been brought to justice. Hopefully, this will put some pressure on Ottawa to do something about this matter.
I have been informed that the CCRG in Ottawa is not progressing well on this case. I am told that the lawyer who was studying the case is no longer involved with it, and that another has been appointed, however, not a lot of headway has been accomplished over the summer. I think this is atrocious and appalling. This has gone on far too long.

A new posting will be coming in just a few days. Again sorry for all the delays. Trust me, it is very near complete. Thanks so much to one and all.
Lew Stoddard
This manuscript is protected by copyright. Reproduction in part or in whole, by whatever means, is not permitted without the express written permission of the author, Lew Stoddard.


Anonymous said...

hi James Coffin here i'm not sure if everyone knows my aunt Marie has been undergoing treatments for her breast cancer she is in good sprits as always and shound be back home if all goes well nov. 8 it would be a great surprise for her if all her friends on here would take a few minutes to send her a get well card her address is 481 Boul De York Oust Gaspe Qc g4x-2m5 thank you everyone


Dave Madden said...

Fantastic posting Sir on an incredible story. You have very definitely shown what this autopsy very definitely did not. Your version of events makes such very good advice. Where were you when they very definitely could have used you back in 1953? Keep up the fantastic effort. You are definitely on the road to success in cracking this thing wide open.

Dave Madden
Toronto, Canada

Bent said...

Lew, This is going just like a barn on fire. Imagine..The FBI is interested in your investigation results. I wish I had your talents and as I read, I wonder if I could model a blog of my interest, Who Killed Lynne Harper, after yours.
Absolutely outstanding work my friend!

Anna Hoffmann said...

I can now see where a teriffic lacking of understanding existed with regards to the autospy reports of these individuals.there were many things that should have been taken in consideration to determine reasons and how these people were killed. If the reports were such a mess and not true then why should people akcept other parts of the investigation by the government and police as being honest and i do hope that you can sort this all out because I do not think that the government will do it on there own. this should have been done so long ago so please do not give up sir.

Anna Hoffmann
toronto Ontario

Martin Larochelle said...

If all this ballistic stuff is actual fact then how come someone would not have clicked upon it even back in the 50's. are you sure that your imagination isn't just running a wee bit wild here. I have never fired a gun and I have no desire to do so but can't believe that it can be as technical as you say.

Martin Larochelle

T Cameron said...

I think it a bold statement for you to state that these people did not die from firearms. you have no proof of that. Where is yoiur proof? anyway that is the only way that it would make any sense.

T Cameron
Moncton, N B

Gilles Lambert said...

I do believe there is merit in what you are saying, my question though, do you really feel that you have half a chance of getting the establiahment to admit wrong doing? I do not think that yoiu do but I do hope I am wrong. Good luck Sir, will be watching with much interest.

Gilles Lambert

Roland Cote said...

I have been talking with my father about this case. He remembers it very well. He told me that your belief that the hunters met their doom by other than firearms was never suggested that he knows of but he also does say that people were afraid of the government to open their mouths and suggest anything.

Roland Cote
North Bay, Ontario

B Patterson said...

It is good that you make a reference to what is happening in Ontario with pathologists reports and the finding of guilt based on them. One crooked or lazy pathologist is a scary situation, and would be more sonif we still used the death penalty.

B Patterson

Ron Kennett said...

You have obviously gone to great lengths to support your case on this, my compliments to you. I am anxious to see the final chapter coming up. I hope you can nail the bastards who are guilty. Pardon my language but I get very upset when I learn of things that went on in this case. Don't back down for a moment Mr. Stoddard.

Ron Kennett
Kamloops, B C

Diane Prescott said...

I am still amazed as was someone else sometime back as to why the Lindsey truck was not investigated sittle idle in the forest for so long. The truck was there by permit, was it not? It appears very strange that no one would question it or check with the gate office.

Diane Prescott
Kingston, Ontario

Steve Delorme said...

Lew, you make a good accounting of the makeup of the autopsey reports of these people. You make far more sense than the official ones especially as to how these people most probly died.

Steve Delorme
St. Jean

Colleen Annett said...

For you to sit back and say that the medical examiners and the government police analyst are incorrect in this matter creates the picture of why should one believe what you are saying? What credentials do you possess that they did not have? It is easy to sit back and criticize, but it really changes nothing in my opinion.

Colleen Annett

Raymond Houle said...

I guess that my opinion rests with the last commenter. Your site is based on opinion lets face it. You write it like you are saying, my way or the highway. Sorry, you have not won me over. Interesting? I guess that you may be, but I am not convinced yet of a miscarriage of justice.

Raymond Houle
Rimouski `

Bob Feeney said...

Let me say this Sir, I have followed your coverage on this from the beginning and I am convinced that a gross error in judgment occured. Not so sure even that it was an error. An error is a mistake. I think this was done with a purpose in mind so it no longer is an error, juyst a plain downright legalized, government backed set up that cost an innocent man his life.

Bob Feeney
Oshawa, Ontario

Allan Marchand said...

I was always convinced in the past and I am even more convinced today, there was a lot of evil and crooked deeds that went on with this case. Keep up the work and pour the pressure on if you can. Flush every last one of them out. I do agree with you there were lots of so called patronage appointments going on and there still is. Actually just a nice way of saying "butt kissing'"

Allan Marchand
Calgary, Alberta

John T said...

Mr. Stoddard I too agree with you that this has gone on too long with this review group in Ottawa. One has to consider the years that have elapsed since this was first raised as an issue.

It is almost like it is being staged tis way hoping those who oppose the original decision will finally all go away, and in truth many of them have. All the more reason to keep the heat on them I say. Do not let go Sir.

John T
North Bay, Ontario

J Myles said...

It has been a known fact that there were elements that were illegal from the beginning in this whole case, ie.. the jury tampering at the inquest, and the interrogation of the suspect just to name a couple. That being the case, then why should it be necessary to conduct a wrongful conviction hearing when the very conduct of the authorities speaks for itself.

Because of these things and more, I am more than convinced that the whole process was a sham, as would be most Canadians.

Get on with it Mr. Harper. Surely you and your merry band are prepared to clean up the government. You did say that you would do that did you not. just prior to the last federal election?

J Myles
Fredericton, New Brunswick

Anonymous said...

ummmmmm.... with all the stupid comments coming from quebec, it is no wonder this case ended up as it did for mr coffin........i see they are no smarter today then they were 54 years ago...try reading all the posts... ya, put on some glasses....there ya go....

I am from quebec.....

R Doucette said...

I don't think that it was a case of being smarter back then or now. It was more a case of the "boys" at the top wanting to nail someone to make it look good for themselves. Compassion simply was not in the vocabulary either, if you were in the wrong place, then you got nailed.

R Doucette

Dave McLean said...

If certain people were still alive I do feel that you have uncovered enough on this case to gain a conviction for murder. I still want to see you expose them for what they were, and from where I sit, they were murderers who thanks to a dirty regime were able to walk away.

Dave McLean
Toronto, Ontario

Colin Webber said...

Though I was not born yet when this event took place, both my father and uncle often spoke about it over the years. They would often say that everyone that they knew pretty much felt the same way that Mr. Coffin was hanged for something that he did not do.

Having said that, it is difficult to understand why this ever went that far. If it was that obvious, then it was absolutely criminal for it to happen. Also if it was that obvious to the everyday people, then why is it such a big deal now to decide if he was wrongly convicted. You have demonstrated wrongful conviction several times in your writing of the events just by the illegal things that were allowed to happen to convict him in the first place.

I feel that any honourable government should be able to stand up on any issue and state, we messed up here.

I will be very annoyed if one political party starts the age old tradition here by blaming the other one. I say that because in the span of 53 years, both the Liberal governments, and the Conservative governments have had many chances to correct it. They have both been in power on numerous occasions with a variety of leaders.

Nothing short of coming clean is going to clear this affair. This promise of reviews is nothing more than window dressing.

Mr. Stoddard, I admire your work and dedication, and that is what will finally get this thing on track. You have put more work into this a half century after the fact than what the judiciary did at the time of the crimes.

Colin Webber
Political Science Student, Halifax

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin Webber you speak of what our family has known all along my father had nothing to do with the killings but i ask you this have you taken time to go write your member of parliament or have you talked to other class mates about the injustice that was done years ago and are still going on if you need an address to get your member you can go to one of the address here http://www.WilbertCoffin.com or http://ca.geocitiescom/clear_wilbertcoffin the second address even has letters you can down load and send to the prime minster Harper now is the time to come forward and start from your end of Canada to get the injustice corrected it so easy to talk but it takes people like Lew and Lani to start things rolling just for the record starting in June 2008 i will be walking from Gibsons British Columbia to Ottawa to help bring this to everyone in western Canada about what has gone on years ago and still is going on today with the help of the fine lawyers of Aidwyc (they helped clear Steven Truscott name) we can get the government to clear my dad's name too

James Coffin

Nephew Rick said...

Keep up the good work Lew. I hope that anyone who has or knows someone that that has information about this case get the details to Lew. It all counts and though you might think it is trivial, believe me, all the little bits of history form a bigger picture. Before, during and after, all information will help. Thank you so much for everyone that has come forward so far. A personal note to all our armed forces that are in the line of fire and those about to be. During this remembrance day, Canadians take time to remember our fallen but still pray for those in conflict now. Keep safe and know that Canadians are proud of you.

Lew Stoddard said...

\A Message To All From Lew Stoddard

This date, November 11 is a special day in Canada. It is a day that should never be forgotten. Thousands of men and women in two world conflicts and the Korean war which came after, gave their lives to preserve the freedoms that we enjoy in our society today.

To not observe "Remembrance Day" is nothing short of disrespect. True, there are precious few of those folks who served still with us today, but the memories must live on.

This is the day when all Canadians should reflect on the poem "In Flanders Fields" by Doctor. John McRae. It is a day when all Canadians should read that poem and try to form a picture of what it was like in the heat of battle.

IN FLANDERS FIELDS the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

May God Bless You All

Lew Stoddard
Host of "Stoddard Online"

Ada Corey said...

Mr. Stoddard what a stirring message that you presented. You brought tears to my eyes. My Dad and his brother went overseas to war. Sadly Dad never made it home. It is so obvious that you are a very caring man.

I read your accounting all the time on the Coffin affair. Best of luck, you work hard on this.

Ada Corey

R Cole said...

I give you credit and respect Lew Stoddard, I am certain that you are a very caring individual. I am sorry to say though that you are a dreamer.

I say this because you are never going to get the governments of Quebec and the federal government at Ottawa to turn this thing over. Give it up to avoid disappointment. I think I speak for most that people recognise that you have done your best and understand there is a time to leave something alone.

Even with good intentions you set yourself up on this one. now I think you can see why certain media over the years seemed to back off at a certain point. This is my opinion and I am not signing as anonymous.

R Cole
London, Ontario

Anonymous said...

to R Cole as long as there is a breath in my body i will try to get my dad's name cleared and as long as there is a family member alive the fight will go till the truth comes out of how my dad was not given a fair chance if enough Canadians come forward to ask the government to correct what was done wrong we will get his name cleared have you wrote your MP or Mr Harper talk is cheap stand up and send your letters off

James Coffin

Dave Kinney said...

I do not see what good it is going to do writing letters to the politicians on this. The current ones are not the ones who committed wrong doing in this, if any wrong doing was done.

It is always so easy to blame the government for everything. We should respect them and the tough decisions that they are forced to make on behalf of all Canadians. That is democracy in action. Lets loosen up a bit on them, shall we people?

Dave Kinney
Oshawa, Ontario

Anonymous said...

Hi dave you must be a politician the only way to get this matter cleared is to go to the people who can help if we say nothing they don't know what's on the minds of the people or do you think they are mind readers so you think if no one came forward to help Steven Truscott the government would have done anything about it the government like to let a sleeping dog lie if nobody says anything they are not going to fix it if this had of happen to your dad would you be sitting still or would you like the good people of Canada to try to help clear his name once again i say write to Mr Harper and your MB they have already voted 208 to 0 to get the case cleared as soon as possible but we still need to let them know we still want to get this cleared

James Coffin son of Wilbert i would sign in my name but for some reason the site won't let me

Anonymous said...

James, For "signing" your name try clicking on Other instead of Anonymous, under Choose an identity.

Anonymous said...

Nope, sorry Jim, that didn't work either this time. Must be the blog site acting up...

Lew Stoddard said...

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that I have experienced a few difficulties in the past two days with the site. Hopefully, now it should be up to speed and running. Thank you for bearing with me.

Lew Stoddard
Host of "Stoddard Online"

Anonymous said...

to James Coffin, Hello Sir, I tried the second address you gave in your comment( approximately the 23comment)but was unable to access the sight. Is the address correct. We can only see a portion of it. Please put it on again. Thankyou.

Anonymous said...

the addres is http://ca.geocitiescom/clear_wilbert_coffin sorry about that hope it works now

james coffin

Anonymous said...

To James Coffin; Thankyou for the address. I am still having trouble accessing the sight but am able to get into the first one. I've been given the excuse that the sight can't be found. I will take the info from the wilbert coffin sight.Good luck in your endeavour to clear your Father's name and I would hope it be in time that you will not have to trek accross Canada to do so. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

http://ca.geocities.com/clear_wilbert_coffin computers are my downfall for sure i missed . after geocities it will work now i'm very sorry and thank you for the message even if my dad's name is cleared i'm still going to do the walk for Aidwyc so they can help free other's who may still be in prison

James Coffin

Anonymous said...

Hi James, I still cannot access it. I'll just draft my own letter. Thankyou. I have an address for my member of parliament.I also am not a computer buff.lol

Gus Mitchell, Vancouver said...

The address for the Geocities site on Wilbert Coffin is:


Just click the link above and it should take you there - then bookmark it.

Anonymous said...

thank you Gus for the help i seem to have two left hands when it comes to computers and thank you too all the anonymous ones for taking the time too write their MP God Bliss you all

James Coffin

Anonymous said...

To Gus Mitchell; Thankyou for the help. It was successful. I am going to forward a letter on. To James: You are quite welcome.