Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"The New Tomorrow"
A few weeks back I indicated to you that a few changes were forthcoming on the "Stoddard Online" web site. I am pleased to tell you that many of those changes have already been implemented, or are in the midst of change.
You may recall that one of the changes that I alluded to was the fact that I would be returning the page to reflect a more general audience, covering a wider range of topics, and in doing so, reflecting a broader audience base. You will also recall that I informed everyone, that in no way should this decision be construed as an indication that I was abandoning the Wilbert Coffin case.
When I originally set up the "Stoddard Online" web blog exactly two years ago, my plans were to incorporate news stories and editorial opinion, combined with the views of my readers. I was stepping out in faith, simply because I did not know if I could build an audience base, and without an audience, my page would be nothing beyond a name. Thanks to all you good folks, there was a growing audience out there that took care of all those fears and details. For that reason, I want you to know that you are appreciated beyond words, and as always, I welcome and encourage your thoughts and opinions on any topic that is under study.
You will notice that the page has been given a complete face lift, comprising a new style, new fonts, and new coloring. Additionally, something you may not have yet noticed is the fact that some new links have been added on the page. This was done for one reason only, so that continuity would be maintained for coverage on the Wilbert Coffin case.
The page has been partitioned. If you care to click on the link that invites you to "download letters to your member of parliament", you will see a whole new page open up on the Wilbert Coffin case. The new page is titled "A Plea For Justice" with a sub-title of "The Wilbert Coffin Story." On this page you will see links to "AIDWYC" (Association In Defense Of The Wrongly Convicted). This link will provide you with up to date information from the association, cases currently under review and consideration, and links to other interesting sites. I invite you to take a look at their link, and am sure you will find it informative.
There is ample opportunity provided for you to contact your member of parliament and as well, to Prime Minster Harper, and to Justice Minister Rob Nicholson. If you are not certain as to who your member of parliament is in Ottawa, simply click on the "Search Here" link near the bottom of the page, and you will see a complete listing of all three hundred plus members, their regular mailing address, and their e-mail addresses. If you click on a particular name, the member's web site will open up, complete with picture and biography.
You will also see a link provided that will direct you to some sample letters that I have written to the members. Feel free to download and use these letters for your e-mails and letters. As well, should you choose to do so, you may prefer to draft your own letters, which of course is certainly your choice, but either way, the names and addresses are provided for you. If you use the sample letters provided, just add your member of parliaments name at the beginning, and your name at the end.
At the very bottom of the page you will notice a counter. This counter provides a wealth of information so that I can track where our support for the cause lies. In no way, does this identify you personally to me, or to anyone else. It merely points out the province and the area from where folks have viewed the page, and written letters to the members of parliament. It is interesting to note that at the present time as I prepare this for publication to the site, the counter is now reading 70, and I think that is fantastic, considering the fact that it has been up and running only since Friday with no advertizing yet of this new site. Included in these figures are two from the United States, and one from New Zealand. The main thing that this tells us all is the fact that there are many folks out there who are concerned about the Wilbert Coffin case, and that is the reason why I shall keep it going.
I wish that I could take the credit for the setting up of the new site. In truth, I cannot. I have to convey a mountain of thanks to Gus Mitchell of Vancouver, who as usual performed his computer magic. When I need help with a computer issue, Gus is always there to answer the call. In case you do not know, Gus is the husband of Lani Mitchell, who has donated the past year and a half to all the issues surrounding the Wilbert Coffin case.
In closing, I invite you to take a look at all the new features of my web site. I also ask that you take a look in the next few days of some of my new writings, and most of all, I ask for your comments as usual. Some of you have been with me almost since day one. It is here that I want to thank Bent in Ontario. Bent has been a supporter of this site since I was writing on the Steven Truscott story nearly two years ago.
I will be doing a follow-up posting in just a few days to clear up some questions that have been posed regarding the Wilbert Coffin affair. I haven't forgotten you, it is just that I have been incredibly busy stick handling around writing, assisting the setting up of the new site, and taking care of some severe medical issues. Thankfully, everything is now falling into place. Thank you, and God bless all.
Lew Stoddard


James Duggan said...

Than you for the invitation and want to tell you that I am impressed as to how you have set up your site. I shall be doing a letter to my MP as you suggest and thanks for all the work that you have done.

James Duggan

Clément Fortin said...

On the first page of my blog, I have posted a link to your blog. Within a click, I want my visitors to consider your opinion on the Coffin Affair as well as mine.

Bent said...

Hi Lew,
Thanks so much for the honourable mention. It really pleases me when people take the time to do that.

I'll take this opportunity to properly thank you for the mountain of work you have volunteered in the Coffin case.
I went to the AIDWYC annual meeting on Saturday where Wilbert's case was mentioned briefly.
I hope everybody concerned will seriously study the case as you have presented it.

I am still working on the puzzling cold case of Lynne Harper. With the vast majority of Canadians now convinced that Steve Truscott is innocent, my greatest wish is to identify Lynne's killer.

We have now bestowed justice upon Steven.
Lynne, the main victim in this tragedy, has not seen justice yet.

Lew, you did a very convincing job in a case that is six years older than the Lynne Harper case. This gives me great encouragement to envision that the same could and should happen in Lynne Harper's case.

Thanks to everybody for listening.
As usual, send me an email, anyone who has any thoughts on how to bestow justice on Lynne.
I will sub an "at" for the @ in my email address to avoid those pesky worms. bero1"at"rogers.com

Best wishes to all.

Clément Fortin said...

Dear Lew,
I just posted on my blog other excerpts from the Royal Commission of Enquiry on the Coffin Affair with an English translation.
Best regards