Thursday, February 14, 2008

The time has arrived to get down to some serious business and set the record straight on a few very important aspects of this case. This case is not based on some fictional story with a setting in some unknown land. It is a case that has its roots right here in the country of Canada, in the province of Quebec, and as history books will prove, it took shape in modern times. This is what makes it scary, because it did happen in relatively modern times, the question that must be answered is simply, "could it happen again?"
Though fifty years have passed with much better tools to work with today, an unattended judiciary in the hands of a select few individuals bent on a personal agenda, as was the case in the Coffin affair, indeed raises serious concerns. I shall attempt to point that out in an understanding way to you in the next few paragraphs.
Prior to digesting what we are talking about, it is important that you consider that which makes an enquiry necessary in the first place. In no way am I suggesting that every court decision be the subject of an after enquiry, or an indepth scrutiny. It is necessary though when the original court process is so skewed that it hinges on illegalities.
It would be wrong at this point to suddenly pull a specific instance completely out of context from a court process and disect it with the intention of using it as a means of autopsy on the complete affair. Clearly, I do not believe that it can be done in this manner, nor should it be done in this way.
In order to study the Wilbert Coffin affair, it is necessary to go back in time, back into a time previous to the actual trial at Perce'. It is my contention that if rules were not followed during this preparation time, then serious questions were being created with reference to the actual trial. I believe that to be a fair statement. Consider if you will for a moment, how is it possible that a proceeding can be put together to form a legal process such as a first degree murder trial from proceedings that violated laws and freedoms of the accused?
It is therefore paramount that the trial be looked at and studied from the very genesis of the complete affair. This particular trial when talked about is often referred to as a particularly long affair. I do not believe that it was. The trial duration in this case was nineteen days including preambles and summations. Over the years I have attended many legal ramblings that surpassed this trial in total time. A number of years ago, I attended a trial in New Westminster that was taken to court and challenged by a driver charged with speeding on a photo radar charge. That particular trial reached into the fourth day before a legal conclusion could be reached on a test case for photo radar.
In spite of whether nineteen days was of short or long duration, I am troubled by the ratio of trial length and the length of deliberation time by the jury on conclusion. The total deliberation time was thirty one minutes. In simple arithmetic that equates to one minute and twenty-one seconds of deliberation time for each complete day of trial. In my opinion, that is absolutely incredible and astounding, comparing only to a proceeding whereby a defendant has more or less admitted guilt to a charge.
In the case of Regina versus Coffin, Wilbert Coffin of Gaspe', Quebec was charged with the first degree murder of Richard Lindsey of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Three cases of murder had been committed, although Wilbert Coffin was charged with one case only, with the other two cases remaining unlitigated to this day.
In the beginning it must be understood that Wilbert Coffin was out of town at the commencement of proceedings. It is generally accepted that he was in Montreal when he was called back. In reality, he was not in Montreal. He was in Abitibi, Quebec. The private inquest had been held by local coroner, Lionel Rioux. The finding of the inquest panel was simply that the three victims had been killed at the hands of a person or persons unknown.
Information arose that indicated Wilbert Coffin had been seen in and around Gaspe' with one of the victims prior to the murders. They were attempting to secure a new fuel pump for Eugene Lindsey's truck. To the authorities, Sgt. Henri Doyon of the Quebec Provincial Police and others it appeared prudent to talk to Wilbert Coffin, as at this point, Wilbert Coffin appeared to have been the last person to have seen these people alive.
Sgt. Doyon would then contact Wilbert Coffin's family to learn of his present whereabouts. I believe the following revelation speaks volumes as to Wilbert Coffin's innocence of this crime. In all honesty, we must ask ourselves the following question. If you were in Wilbert Coffin's shoes at this point and you were guilty of murder, would you be in a rush to get back to Gaspe' to face the music? You must consider the fact that you would not know if the police possessed something that would draw the net tight over you. What would you do at this point? I tend to think that it would be time to get out of Dodge.
Now another question, was Sgt. Doyon concerned that Wilbert Coffin would use this time to slip away into obscurity? Absolutely not, because it was his belief from the start that Wilbert Coffin was innocent. A few hours later, right on queue, Wilbert Coffin arrives back at his Mum's house in Gaspe'. He is informed that the police were still wishing to speak with him. What does he do? He heads directly to the police station to meet up with Sgt. Henri Doyon.
A few days later the tables would turn on Wilbert Coffin. The word was out from the authorities, if this man was the last known person to see these people alive, then pursue him relentlessly, he was to be their man.
A public inquest is announced with a panel of jurors made up of prominent area businessmen. At the conclusion the verdict is the same as the private inquest. The three hunters are killed at the hands of a person or persons unknown. This inquest is different. The coroner, Dr. Lionel Rioux has strict orders to not question Wilbert Coffin. He is not to be put on the witness stand at the inquest. This is where Quebec justice 1950's style under the direction of premier Maurice Duplessis who also doubled as the attorney general would show its true colours.
Doctor Rioux, being the weak individual that the authorities knew that he was, would be an easy prey for the smooth, sleazy, manipulative team from Quebec City. I am ashamed to have to admit that the next set of circumstances took place in my country and were a large part of the framework that managed to hang a man until he was dead. The special prosecutor and police sent to gaspe' for this inquest simply approached the bench and informed the coroner that he was to order the jurors to go back to the jury room and return with a finding of responsibility on the part of Wilbert Coffin. Like a flock of lost sheep, their master, Doctor Lionel Rioux gave them the order, "go back to the jury room, change the verdict and return."
From the panel of jurors, two held out and would not go along with the change. These jurors were Gabriel Bernard and Whorrel Annett. Unfortunately, the majority followed direction and decided that it was alright to thwart justice. I found this part of this whole story very sickening. I was determined to locate anyone who might still be alive that served on this jury. I was ready to give up, when suddenly, through a third party I was asked if I might like to speak with one of the jurors from the Coffin inquest. That jurors name was Gabriel Bernard and he confirmed what I just told you. Mr. Bernard is also willing to convey his story to investigators looking at overturning this case.
From this account, you have now been introduced to the sleaze, manipulation, and dirty tricks which prevailed during this time. You can now see how the very corner stone was put together to gain a conviction in this case. This is all so evident and we haven't even touched the court room yet.
I know that it has been covered in the past, but it is necessary to talk again about the actual locating of the remains in the forest, how they were handled, by whom, and where they were transported to. The subsequent autopsies, and the autopsy reports are in need of being scrutinized in court in a much more subtle way than what was actually done.
Another area that was literally taken for granted was the ballistic reports, or in this case, the lack of a proper report. These are all things that were never examined in depth at trial and yet form such an important aspect leading to a final determination of the case.
I shall be presenting to you examples of the crown cross examining their own witness, which is strictly prohibited. You will see examples of fabricated evidence, you will see examples of evidence that was submitted, but never brought forth during the trial. You will see examples of evidence being sworn for trial with "convenient parts only" being pre-extracted by the crown. More alarming still, is the stifling reports of police officers being censured concerning their account of certain activities.
We shall be looking in depth at the behaviour of court officials such as prosecutors and police. We will learn what it is like to go out on the town as a jury member and be treated to a movie, dinner and booze.
When you consider all these things it is a bit difficult as to how someone can run all over the country screaming about the fair trial that Wilbert Coffin received. Now that we are entering the court room, the case will go quite quickly, so I encourage all to join with me over the course of the next few days.
I hope to see you again in the next few days, but little by little these are things that we should know. I thank you for making that possible.
Lew Stoddard
This manuscript is protected by copyright. Reproduction, by any means, in part or in whole is not permitted without the express written consent of the author, Lew Stoddard.


Anonymous said...

its about time everyone see's what realy took place at the hands of a few low life cops and anyone saying they were right in doing so are just as low life as the one's who took my dad's life

and i"m coming to help clear your name dad hell will freeze over before i will stop trying

I will be walking from Vancouver British Columbia to Ottawa to show everyone what happened to Dad hope to meet up with a lot of our friends on here

James Coffin

Michael O'Connor said...


People clearly feel for your plight and wish you well in your quest.

May strength, wisdom, serenity and dignity be with you.

Michael O'Connor
Montreal, QC

Bent said...

James, your walk will be like the Terry Fox run for justice. Power to you, my friend.

Your friend in London Ontario,

Steve Fonyo said...

Aw, c'mon!!! Really? Like Terry Fox? Em, OK, if you say so then it must be so...

Anonymous said...

hi steve glade to see you are out of rehab what was it drugs or booze

Jack McEwen said...

Mr. Stoddard, I do believe that the official autopsy report that you have talked about many times says it all about this case and I do hope you will be re-visiting that part in your next few postings. You raised so many questions on this in the past and your questions made a lot of sense.

I really don't care what they put forth at trial because it either wasn't the truth or it wasn't done properly anyway. You are now into the parts of this case that these "know it alls" know nothing about.

Pound away Sir as the truth will set a lot of people free.

Jack McEwen
North Bay, Ont

Anonymous said...

This is to steve and his comment scoffing at the idea that Jim's walk from BC to Ottawa is comparable to Terry Fox's run......did not Terry Fox start his run to raise awareness of a cause he believed in? did not Terry Fox continue his fight against cancer even on the darkest days because he believed that by doing so he could raise help support for a worthy cause? so yes this walk across Canada that Jim has planned for this summer IS indeed comparable to the Terry Fox run because it is for a worthy cause that he believes in and one we are all behind him 100% for, although many of us cannot be there to walk alongside him we will be there in spirit cheering him on every step of the way! this IS something the entire family supports....and more than that people all across Canada and indeed in other parts of the world support........Thanks again Lew for the tireless work you do, the effort you have put in this cause, and Jim we are all with you all the way!

Kim, niece

Steve said...

Not scoffing at the walk. Scoffing at the statement that this walk and Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope are somehow comparable. Get over yourselves.

How does the impact of this in any way compare to the impact that cancer has had on just about every Canadian family? It doesn't...

So OK will support this walk, but don't start by drawing any kind of link between this effort and Terry Fox. Apples and oranges.

Bent said...

For a man of your stature, to leave a remark like that, is really disappointing.
Don't you see: Terry walked for cancer, a devastating disease that affects every person in this great country, and all over the world.

Jim Coffin is doing the walk for a different, but comparable 'cancer'; that of the thousands of families who are ruined by our system of "justice" perpetrating wrongful convictions time after time. They never learn, but continue to spread their 'cancer' year after year.
To name a few who have suffered this awful indignity:
Wilbert Coffin, Steven Truscott, Donald Marshall, David Milgaard, William Mullins-Johnson, Guy Paul Morin, Clayton Johnson and thousands of others here and around the world.

Terry Fox started it all with his Marathon of Hope. I for one, look up to Terry as our most outstanding Canadian. The rest of those who do a walk for whatever reason, are hanging on the coat-tails of Terry, including you, sir. But I am convinced that this was exactly what Terry had wanted..for others to copy what he did for whatever legitimate reason they might have. Jim Coffin's reason is as legitimate as Terry's was, or as yours was. Please do not run down Terry's memory with your cheap apples and oranges analogy.

If you indeed are the real Steve Fonyo, I hope you will get on here and write a proper retraction.
( I still can't reconcile with the fact that the real Fonyo would lower himself to write such nonsense)

Thanks for listening.


Gus Mitchell said...

I am a little late in posting this as it relates to a comment on the last post but...........

On Feb 13 anonymous said

"Coffin said that he had about $55. when he left Gaspe for Montreal on June 12, 1953. (Coffin's statutory declaration, Gaspe, August 6, 1953.)

Marion Petrie later testified that he arrived in Montreal with $20. left.

It has been proven that Coffin spent a lot more money than $35. ($55. - $20.) during his trip to Montreal."

Are you looking for clarification or trying to imply something ?
I suspect you are implying that he was lying and had much more - perhaps the 5 or 6 hundred, or more, that the prosecution would have you believe ?

Remember, Coffin was inebriate for much the time during the trip and perhaps didn't remember the exact amount.

Lew has not really concentrated on the money aspect of this case, so lets do a little review

The prosecution had no motive for the crime and tried their best to relate it to theft of money. Because Coffin had admitted to the theft from the truck of some minor items, they were determined to prove that he had stolen more - although they downplayed the fact that many far more valuable items, including rifles and jewelry were left at the scene.
We know that Lindsey took out between $550 and $650 before his trip - but the prosecution would have you believe that it may have been thousands.
The prosecution spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find out where the money went and traced Coffin's route from Gape to Montreal, as of June 12, 1953, and back and talked to everyone they could find that had seen Coffin. They outright lied about the amount of American money Coffin spent during their summation at the trial and put words into the mouths of other witnesses.

We know that Coffin had at least $40 American from the money he said Lindsay gave him and it is not unlikely that with the amount of US visitors to Gape in the hunting season, he could have picked up more somewhere else. We know also that he had been drinking Scotch and beer that day and probably had a couple more bottles that he took with him.
He left late in the day in truck belonging to B Baker.

So how much is a lot of money and how much did Coffin spend ? Much of below is from The Brossard Inquiry

June 12, Coffin came out of the woods Paid E Boyle of Wakeham $5CAD debt for case of beer

June 12 $2 CAD for a drivers license.

June 12 To B White hotel owner in York $11 bought beer, Paid off old debt
Note: Paid with $20 US

June 12 Paid E Tuzo to get back his German Lugar$10 CDN ( Had a drink of Scotch and left late at night )

June 13 Early morning to Mr Element helped tow Coffin out of a ditch $2 CAD

June 13 to E Despard of Percy $10 (8 for gas and repairs to brakes +2 tip) Note: Paid with $20 US

Barbershop in Chandler $4 CAD for shave, haircut and shoeshine plus some money for cigs

To B Babin, Mme Babin and J Poirer, St Charles de Caplan to pull him out of a ditch $10 Note: Paid with 20 US and got $10 change

Tardif Resturant in Kamouraska for toast,coffee, 7 beer $5 CAD Note he was inebriated and dropped a $10 CAD bill on the floor. It is not established if the waitress gave it back to him or kept it.

To0 Mr Chouinard - near Montmagny $5 CAD to pull him out of a ditch

To Charles Ross( Hotel owner) St Michele de Bellechase $8.50 CAD ( Room,beer, room cleaning )

St Ronauld $4-5 CAD for gas

Arrived Montreal gave Marion P $20 CAD

Coffin spent approx two weeks in Montreal and spent approx 4-5 dollars a day on supplies for he and Marion P
Where did he get the money?

Sold Lugar to Marion P brother $25 - $70 ( total unsure )
Sold Fuel pump $unknown
borrowed from sister $35
Wired From Donald Coffin $15
from his father $50
sold two sleeping bags $15
advance from geologists $50

Note: when Coffin left Montreal for Val d'Or to visit the geologists, he did so by bus as he had an accident with the truck of B Baker and had to leave it in Montreal. Coffin arrived back in Gape as a passenger in the truck of the geologists.

You can do the math and make your own conclusions. However, please note that at no time did Coffin ever produce more that $60 US total during his entire trip.
Certainly not the hundreds or thousands that the prosecution would have liked to see.

Gus Mitchell

Twisted said...

Dear Bent,

I believe it is either irony or sarcasm.


Bent said...

Elaborate please?

twisted said...


The Fonyo thing... It is sarcasm. Someone is having fun at your expense.

Kinda like the nickname Twisted. You know, your name is Bent, someone signed in as Twisted. Get it? Bent, twisted. It's a play on words.

Grab a mitt and get in the game...


Bent said...

Twisted. I see why you chose such a nick. Your comparison of that nick to my name is wrong however. You see, that is my given name.
You are also a bit off when you suggest that the Fonyo thing is having fun at my the previous posts and see. Nobody in their right mind would be funnin' with such a serious subject.

Also, there are no mitts and no games. In case you are not aware, this is a serous site, discussing a serious subject.
If you want games, maybe I could suggest yahoo games?

Lynne Dugas said...

I think we should be supporting James and not speculating on anything else. This walk means something to James simply because its for his dad, and I can really understand that, I lost my dad to cancer, and would do anything to help bring an end to that. Here its the same thing, this man lost his dad cuz he was taken away from him, for all the wrong reasons, that is why, James is doing all he can to clear his dads name, and he should be given the support of every canadian accross this country. Its not taking anything away from the cancer walk Terry Fox did, he had a dream and so does James. I think its important to get this story out accross Canada, I do know lots of people I have mentioned Wilbert Coffin too, do not know the whole story, and that it happened here in canada. I really hope we change the justice system in canada. I do know its not safe, and its full of holes, my friend was murdered 20 years ago this march, and although the homicide detectives know who did it, there has never been a trial and no one is in jail, and also the one who did the murder, his parents have money, and nothing has ever come of this case, maybe with your help Lew and James doing this walk and all the rest who have helped, maybe we will all see some justice for the people we have loved and lost.

Anonymous said...

For somebody who was not even an apple in the eye of their father during the time of this misscarriage of justice I would like to post that I am a member of he coffin family I even live with the name!!!!!!!!! Try it out sometime it may suprise you. However I am not looking for anything imparticular. what an we prove at this point????????????? Except a misscarriage of justice. I believe we have swayed from the pint of all of this!!!! Was Wilbert Coffin GUILTY!!!!!!!!! We cannot proe one way or another, but in the name of CANADIAN justice we can prove that a mis trial was obtained. When your Lawyer addresses the court of law by saying THE DEFNCE RESTS raher than calling witnnesses and then perceeded to aologise to your family years later I think we can lawfullly express that htere was a miscarriage of Justice somwhere. Everybody out there who knows something about our family and YES we are not perfect but we certainly have integrity and respect for the lawful community that a misscarriage of Justice was served. All I ask is that a VERDICT of misrepresenation was served to our family. COFFIN is an ugly name to live with both in its meaning and its HISTORY that the CANADIAN population should stand up and Apologise for at least the flog of a defence it recieved if nothing else. Today in 2008 this would have never happened. You must be proven without a doubt now of guilt however in 1953 it was not needed. A simple Misscariage of Justice would do it for my sector of the family. We know in hearts that Wilbert Coffin was not capable of these crimes and nor did he recieve a proper defence. The debate should be a misscarriage of Justice more than anything. Please let things rest and ove on with life. I lived with the name COFFFIN for many years and it is time to put it o rest!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Lew for all the work he has done. Lew and Lani have brought this case alot further than anyone else you are wonderful people. There are many people who still live with the Coffin name and it really does not effect our day to day lives and I am proud to have it. If things could come to a close it would be wonderful. I to agree that a apology from the gov for a misscarriage of justice would mean a great deal thanks to everyone out there who have been doing research and sending letters to the gov and just showing interest and support.

Marion Coffin

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous 22 feb.

Nise speling! Nise to c that hour taxe dolars whent too gud youse withe hour skooling sistem.

Anonymous said...

do you have nothing better to do with your time Fortin than to come to lew's site to check for spelling mistakes i guest when you are a cheap lawyer you have to past your time of day some how

Kim, niece said...

I'd rather be a product of a poor education system than have a total disrespect for my fellow man as you clearly display. Poor spelling or not at least our family always have manners and respect for others. Who is responsible for that charming aspect of your personality I wonder? All the negativity won't make any of us back down, not this time. At the end of the day this family can hold it's head high in the knowledge that this fight we are all in is for the right reasons, to right a wrong done years ago, a mark on Canadian history. We are thankful for the work and effort so many have put into seeing this through, making change happen. And in the end, we are even thankful for those that work against us(pats myself on the back for my choice of wording and my upbringing that allows me to keep the less than polite thoughts to myself) for it's their smallmindedness that show us just how important what we are fighting for truly is. Thanks to all who have lent their support, made donations, encouraged us along the way. It is appreciated more than words can say. And thanks to the rest of you, the negativity is a daily reminder to us to keep standing up for the greater good, while keeping our dignity......

Anonymous said...

I have a question ? Mr. Stoddard, In your post of November 28 2006 you mentioned there was a guide Eugene Lindsey beat up? (what was this guides name?) also that Eugene Lindsey bragged about having an affair with the wife of a guide?(who was this guide? what was the womans name?) also according to Eugene Lindsey, someone in Gaspe had warned him not to ever come back to the Gaspe.

This murder was not over a few american dollars, or a fuel pump...
I beleive after mr. coffin had stolen those things, and the word went around Gaspe that he had those things, this was when the real murderer put his plans in action, he knew mr. coffin would take the fall...I also do not beleive the forest warden or the guides did not know the hunters had been killed, before they even started searching, because the morning after they were reported missing Thomas Miller and Oscar Patterson walked right to the hunters missing vehicle.
also Thomas Miller has his name on for a woods permit on June 8, 1953...
I don't beleive for one minute this murder had anything to do with theft.. it was a hate crime, a revenge against Eugene Lindsey...
This crime was never solved because no one looked out side the box for the answers.... they were stuck on a little ole fuel pump, and a few american dollars... To tell the truth, this is where they are still stuck today!!

James Coffin said...

Hi everyone as i said i would be updating as to how the training has been going i have just crossed the 1001 km mark yesterday i began on Oct 23 2007 that was my dads birthday and since then i am now able to walk at a pace of 6.5 km an hour and i'm up to walking for nearly 4.5 hours without stopping i added that last km just for dad hopefully i'm not out of line when i ask for help of each family member there there is a lot of members in our family i don't know how to reach all of them but hope you can pass this message onto them and anyone you think who can help there are three things i will need to be able to fulfill my walk to Ottawa first i will need a loan of a motor home hopefully some one will come forth with one all so i will need some one who can drive the motor home along behind me as we cross Canada and the last thing and i hate to have to ask for money but it will cost around $11,000 to 15,000 hopefully the price of gas remains about the same there is about 100 members in our family across North America and around the world that works out to about $100.00 per family there is no guarantee i will be able to get dad's name cleared but i will be able to make a lot of people understand more about what happened to dad 52 years ago i was going to be able to handle the money part myself but since i've not worked since May 1 2007 i've had to let two big jobs i had on the books to be done but since i had to have a bone removed from my right hand after a fall at work and have limited use of my hand now and being still on workers comp also everyone is welcome to walk along with me if you wish also i will be selling calendar's for the year 2009 the calendars will be able to be personalized with a picture of me and who ever buys one as well as t-shirts if anyone has any idea's on how to help raise funds for the walk can get back to me at or by mail at 1503 smith rd, Gibsons,BC,v0n-1v6 or you can call me at 604-886-9762 if anyone is on facebook or my space or other site that will be able to help please feel free to post this message i have to have everything in place by May 1 2008 to be able to make this walk work Aidwyc has said they will be helping with the media as well now that i'm 100% sure i can do the walk now is the time to move onto raising the funds to be able to finish the job with the help of all our family we will be able to hold our rally on the hill on Sept 23 2008 its a tuesday hope everyone can be there

Thanks to everyone we can get this done James Coffin

C Sayles said...

James Coffin,

Excuse me for being so abrupt, I just do not believe that this web page is the place for you to be selling your trip or walk across the country. That fact alone turns me, rather than encourages me to supoport your walk.

I am not saying the walk is a bad idea, just pointing out that this web page is here as a means of educating the public and exploring the details of the case. These are my thoughts and felt it necessary to point that out.

C Sayles
Fort. McMurray, Alberta

Anonymous said...

C Sayles

You have my support on what you say about advertising the walk on this page.

I hope that others support the same idea.

Anonymous in Winnipeg

Anonymous said...

C Sayles, anonymous in Winnipeg, and others, I require answers to the questions that I have been asking before we get into debate on who we will be allowing to speak about specifics on this case.


james coffin said...

so where would you like it posted C Sayles you must have read all the posts by now so if you don't believe he didn't get a fair trial how much more does Lew have to show you so how would you know about the walk if it wasn't posted here

Lew Stoddard said...

To All Commenters of this site,

Just arrived back on the scene from a bout in the hospital. I can see by the tone of the web site that it requires a bit of house cleaning.

Firstly, ladies and gentlemen, let us set a few things straight, a few things that should be common place with a group of adult "mature" individuals, such as ourselves.

I built this blog site just over two years ago. Shortly thereafter I commenced writing on the Wilbert Coffin affair and dedicated my site exclusively to the writing and investigation of this case, not just the story of events, but by broadening the horizons to include happenings as a result.

At the commencement of this work across Canada it was difficult to find anyone who was prepared to talk openly. As a result of much desire and hard work, the tables are now turned.

There are now literally hundreds of people coming out of the woodwork from every walk of life, eager to help, and show support for what I believe, can now be proven that Wilbert Coffin paid the ultimate price, and in doing so, society let a group of guilty individuals avoid the judgment net. This is what the focus of this story and investigation is about. This is the true function of the web site. It is not designed to provide a private playground.

The last time that I checked, the "Stoddard Online" web site is registered to me, as it was the day that I built the site.

As host of the site I maintain the right to set the tone of discussions. The rules are basic, and the rules are simplistic in nature.

It saddens me to look at the slurs and underhanded remarks by some individuals in the past couple of weeks. Shame shame on a society that lets itself fall prey to bottom feeding such as I see happening.

With reference to Jim Coffin promoting his proposed walk from Vancouver to Ottawa, I wish him all the best. I sincerely hope that I am in a medical condition whereby I can take part in certain aspects of his endeavour.

Jim's walk is not a commercial venture, nor was it ever intended to be. Jim is just doing all that he can to restore some dignity to his family name in the absense of being able to bring his father back.

In closing folks, I just want you to know that this work will be finished when the government finally decrees that as a result of their review, based on a lot of factual information from this investigation, the Wilbert Coffin affair was a Miscarriage of Justice.

Therefore, I implore you to exercise good judgment, and display good manners for the betterment of all.

Lew Stoddard
Host of "Stoddard Online"

Anonymous said...

Excellent words Mr. Stoddard. Glad you are back and hope your medical problems have lessened.

D McPhee
Courtenay, B C

Janice Anders said...

To Jim Coffin,

Good luck to you Jim. I can only imagine what all these years have been for you. Hopefully things will turn around now.

Janice Anders
Toronto, Ontario

Bent said...

Hooray Jim!

You are THE man for walking across Canada in memory of your innocent father! Also,through your walk, you might be able to educate us all on the finer points of a just society.

Your walk will also hopefully open the eyes of the people in high places. They obviously need an education as well.
Is there a web site that has your route marked out, as well as the progress you are making on a day to day basis?

I am sure, Jim, that you won't let the expressions of a couple of nay-sayers detract you from your goal. You just remember, there are about 28,000,000 people that are WITH you on your walk for justice.

Two negative viewpoints don't matter at all.

Just imagine what great shape you'll be in when your walk is finished!

My friend, you have the support of all of Canada!
With respect and deep admiration,

Anonymous said...

I respect your decision to try to walk across Canad to raise awareness of your father's case. It is a very expensive proposition.
Other than going out for a walk each day..........
Do you have a sponsor?
Do you have a support vehicle to follow you?
Who will be accompanying you ?
Have you prearranged press coverage ?
Where will you eat?
Where will you stay?
How much do you figure the whole trip will cost YOU ?

Lew Stoddard said...

To Anonymous. . .

There is an old adage that states, "It is difficult to soar with the eagles when you are dealing with turkeys."

For once get serious. Every question that you posted, Jim Coffin provided the answer to in his past comment comment already.

You are obviously someone who exhibits the "all mouth, no action" syndrome.

Obviously if you can afford to sit there on a daily basis and bang out stupid comments, while hiding behind the anonymous banner then you obviously are someone with financial means.

Instead of beating around the bush, why don't you put a message on with your e-mail address and say Hey Jim, give me a call, I want to help.

I was going to suggest that you are a pain in the "ass" but that would display doisrespect to the donkey.

Lew Stoddard
Host of "Stoddard Online"

Janice Anders said...

Mr. Coffin,

Do not bother answering this bag of jelly beans. He/She is just bugging you. Don't fall for the bull crap. Lew Stoddard summed it up very well.

Janice Anders

Gus Mitchell said...

God you people are are quite vitriolic - including you Lew. That comment was completely unnecessary. What a way to discourage dialogue!
Perhaps the person was just asking the questions for information so they could get involved or perhaps they were asking to jog Jim's memory about the difficulty of the task he is taking on.
Lew. you stated in an earlier post "As host of the site I maintain the right to set the tone of discussions."
Well, you are certainly not setting a very good tone by the name calling in your last post.

Let's everyone, just chill out.
If someone makes what,in your estimation" is a stupid comment, just let it pass. If you have to answer, do so with respect and fact and not caustic comment.
If somone makes spelling errors, just let it be - it could just be a typing error.

Gus Mitchell

Lew Stoddard said...

To all commenters of the site including "Gus"

As is declared in my mission statement, "Your opinion may not parallel mine. However, I will argue until the end of time for your right to express it."

We are not talking here of someone expressing an opinion. Someone was making a mockery of what Jim Coffin was saying about his walk. Jim had already covered each and every question that this person had asked.

Jim didn't cover those answers a week ago, not three days ago, not two days ago, but just approximately one or two days ago.

As I pointed out previously, I am not operating a pre-school site here. It is meant to be a serious site, founded and developed on truth, while taking on a monstrous task of trying to accomplish a goal. I have no time to play games, perhaps many of you do. All I ask is that commenters be fair minded.

As you know this individual asks the same questions over and over, day after day. I need not be particularly bright to spot that. It is nothing short of a con job of which I have no plans to take part.

Gus, you are the guy who spent 40 plus years in a faltering school system doing your part to make it better. I shall leave the day care duties to you.

Being a man of few words, I shall carry on again in my quest to solve a murder case.

Lew Stoddard
Host Of "Stoddard Online"

James Coffin son of Wilbert Coffin said...

Hi everyone seem's a very simple thing like walking has got so many up tight my walk has nothing to do with Terry Fox or trying to out do him this all started last year when my Aunt Marie did her walk around the bay in Gaspe i just though if a 75+ woman who had just got out of hospital could walk around the bay to raise funds for Aidwyc and if i had the strength to walk from here in Gibsons BC i to could raise funds for them and to bring awareness to the people of the west whom many have never heard of Wilbert Coffin or Aidwyc
I don't believe how a few have tried to make this a simple walk intoanother Terry Fox run i have said nothing aboutthe walk but to a few family and friends who know i have been building up my strength for the walk i started walking on my dad's birthday last Oct 23 and have only missed walking three days since then i even walked on Christmas i had to know deep inside me that i could do this for dad
I have posted what i'm going to be doing on here because i just thought if the fans of Lew's site wanted to help they could there is no mistaking that the Quebec goverment made a very big mistake back on Feb. 10 1956 in killing my dad and i know not everyone can take the time off work to make the walk with me but by helping not with money but with time i understand it cannot be done by me alone the list is long for the help I know I will need so don't just throw stones now is the time for all of us to pull together and with the help of Aidwyc and Lew and most of all by you the readers of this site we will be able to get dad's name cleared
everyone is welcome to walk with me if you want we are also hoping to get as many people out to the rally on the hill on Sept 23 2008 to let the Happer Goverment know how so many feel about the case as well i must say the present Goverment also suppoerts the case has they vote 208 to 0 last Feb to move the case before the CCRG as fast as posible so please once again all i ask is for support for this miscarage of justice and please come to the rally on the hill

Anonymous said...

mr. stoddard
i am surprised sometimes at how you respond to some of the readers of your site......sometimes the people are just asking questions, they mean no are bringing the cofin story to us, sir, and sometimes we feel the need after reading your post to ask questions...although the questions never get answered, we ask them anyways....I see whenever someone asks you a question you tend to get very angry, would it not be kinder to answer the questions sir, if you have written about it, then i assume you know the answers, we dont.... Jim, good luck to you on your walk, canada is proud of you!! we will all be with you, for those who cannot be there beside you, will follow your walk, and have you in mind, i assure you....
i am not the anonymous of 02 march 2008!!

D Savoie said...

To the last Anonymous,

You are one of two things. Either you have a problem in spotting what Mr. Stoddard is referring to, or you are trying to antagonize the situation further.

Mr. Stoddard has never refused to answer a question. He merely asks that you identify who is asking the question. I see nothing wrong with that.

Ask yourself, how many times have you queried something in life and the first question asked of you is, "who am I talking to?" In court, what is the first question or statement asked of a witness, "For the record, state your name please". It does nothing more than create good dialogue, in a business like manner.

For any of you who can find the time to bitch and complain about this web page, then I suggest that you look around.

This whole affair should be jumping up and down with joy that this site exists. Where were all of you for the past fifty years? Do you have a site somewhere that provides all the answers? Let me know where it is please, and I will hop aboard.

If what I see displayed here in the past few weeks is an example of what one has to endure from investigating and writing of this affair over the years, then truthfully, in my opinion, it will never get finished.

To Lew Stoddard, please accept my apologies for the antics of a handful of people who are obviously attempting destruction of what you are trying to accomplish.

I could not find one instance of where you have not provided an answer to every question that you have been asked in this affair. I do see your point in being frustrated at the same question being asked over and over when all the person had to do was to read the site from the start.

D Savoie

Nephew Rick said...

Hi Lew;
Great to have you back. Looking forward to your next posting.
Elsie and I tried to call a couple of times but no luck.
Take care of yourself.
Loads of love - Elsie and Rick.

Anonymous said...

I am the anonymous of February 28 as well as in some other instances. It would appear that finally you can no longer avoid my questions Mr. Stoddard as you seem to have drifted away. That is sad. Anyone else out there care to take me on? Mr. Stoddard seems to have run short on his answers.

Anonymous said...

I am the Anonymous from the 03 of March and also the 28 of February... Actually maybe a couple of other times as well... This is sort of fun... I think we have got to you Mr. Stoddard...


Bent said...

D Savoie
Anonymous is a one of a kind. The kind that shines as long as they have an audience. When the audience stops so do all those anonymous, cowardly people who can dish it out under the cloak of anonymity, but who are too chicken to come forward with a name and a face.

They think they have raised the hackles of Lew et al by spewing forth their rhetoric and empty blather. They are wrong. In the end, they won't count at all.

The best way to handle this kind is simply to ignore them. Ignore them right outa this web site!
Good riddance.

Colin Daigle said...

I find it difficult to believe that people who are supposed to be of sound mind and body would actually resort to the destruction of an individuals web site who is engaged in trying to right a terrible travesty of justice.

If any one of you wanted to act in this child like fashion, why did you not start a web site and encourage it on your own site rather than someone elses.

This man has the right to set some rules for his site. If you don't like the rules then Get The "H" out of the site and proceed to some sleaze bag of a chat room where every thing goes.

By the way, to James Coffin, I will be contacting you soon. I cannot afford a lot but I can afford something. It takes a big man to do what you are planning, so don't let some of these idiots get you down. Trust me, there are a lot out there who are nothing more than wolves in sheep's clothing. I saw a couple of examples of that on here a couple of days ago.

Colin Daigle
Kelowna, B C

lani baker mitchell said...

It seems to me it's time for 'anonymous' to pick up his toys and go play in another sandbox! This is a serious site about a heartbreaking event, with no place for fools! For two years+ Lew has worked tirelessly on this case, bringing it successfully to the attention of all Canadians. It is too often a thankless task lead by a very well-meaning man who incidentally is dealing with severe health issues.It is the appreciation of the Coffin family members and of the concerned folk who follow the site that keeps him going on this. His agitation with some who use this site as their personal playground is understandable! Please stop the foolishness and GO HOME and play in your own backyard!Leave this site for those who truly wish to help and support Lew, Marie & James Coffin and families to clear Wilbert Coffin's good name!

Anonymous said...

Well said Lani and my sentiments also.Iam looking forward to following James endeavour to walking accross the Provinces. I can only hope that we will have the opportunity to cheer him on if he so chooses our area to walk through. I wish him health, good weather and much success in clearing his father's name.I have begun praying for this venture. God Bless. Geri Haileybury

Anonymous said...

Hey Everybody Out There. . .

Interested in starting an "Anonymity Club". It is easy, just ask lots of questions and sign as anonymous.


Anonymous said...

hahaha fortin we are all going to come over to your site a start leaving anonynous messages for you if you like will that help you feel apart of helping clear Wilbert's name

Anonymous said...

I come on here once in a awhile to get an update and instead of reading a lot of great comments as in the past. I wasted the last fifteen minutes scrolling through people mocking eachother, and more importantly mocking my dad!!

I'm probably one of the younger people writing on here, and yet I would never act the way some of you have acted. What is going on here is a serious topic that has greatly affected my dad and the rest of his family and all they want is for justice to be had so that it can be put to rest.

How would all of you feel if your father was wrongfully accused and put to death, would you not want answers? I would think so, but given the fact that some of you are acting quite childish it makes me wonder...

So as my dad used to tell me, if you dont have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all and keep your comments to yourselves. Lew and my dad have been trying to inform Canadians and others on the topic, not advertise things, or preach their thoughts - its up to you to believe what you want and if you believe the opposite fine, but at least present yourselves in dignified ways.