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We constantly hear the stories that Wilbert Coffin was penniless. Tucked away in the midst of many files I managed to come up with something that doesn't really lend support to that theory. I may have mentioned this previously, but there are many who haven't read my complete research and investigation, and of course from some of the messages that I get sent to me there are those who have only recently joined in.

This file dates back to 1948. No, it did not come from a family member, it came from a source. I want you to take a look. I apologize for the wear and tear on this document. We do have the original on this, and it has many creases. Doggone it, paper does not stand up well after 60 years!



You will note that it is a receipt for the purchase of a new truck in the town of Gaspe'. You will further notice that the purchaser is none other than Wilbert Coffin. You will also note that he has paid a $1,000.00 down payment, against the full price of $1,326.00 including tax. You may think so what, a thousand bucks is no big deal. You are quite correct, by todays standards, it is not. Think of this though, the guy that paid this money was Wilbert Coffin, the guy that many think was always broke.

We are talking 1948 here, that was a lot of cash back then. For comparison sake, yesterday I phoned an investment broker and asked him how much money today would it take to equal $1,000.00 in 1948. He called me back and advised me that it would take approximately $16,000.00 today to purchase what $1,000.00 did in 1948.

My question to you is this. How many of you could walk into an auto dealership tomorrow and plunk down $16,000.00 without dipping into the plastic stuff? The bottom line here, don't be too quick to write Wilbert Coffin off as one who did not pay his way.

Here is another little gem that I am pleased to leave with you today. It is from Captain Alphonse Matte. He is writing to his boss, regarding his trip to Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. He went there to gather evidence. Take a read and find out what he got. My apology as well, translation not being an exact science, there may be a few grammatical errors. In no way is the meaning of the text altered.


Surete Provincial De Quebec

Director Adjoint De La Surete



July 29, 1953


We were not able again on this trip to obtain any certainty of the amount of money that Eugene Lindsey might have had in his possession before he left Hollidaysburg, neither a single detail about the sort of baggage that the hunters would have had when they were getting ready to come to Canada.


(J A Matte) Captaine

. In Charge Of Judiciary Police

.This letter is proof that the police and crown lawyers were nothing short of a bunch of deceitful manipulating liars. Throughout the trial the crown constantly played with the figure of $1,000.00, when in fact they had absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support it. It was done purely as a means of swaying the jury. Additionally, in the letter you read where they also could not find out about baggage. Fabrications existed there as well and I will show you in a few days. You will see where the term "Men Of Law" suddenly takes on new meaning.

.We have in our possession many of these notes, letters, and interviews. I am determined to expose each and everyone of them.


I will be back in a few days with a bit more selective reading. In the mean time, have yourselves a great weekend, drive carefully, and as usual, thanks from both Lani and myself for all your support and rallying to the cause during the past two years.

Lew Stoddard.

. Host Of "Stoddard Online"


J Cooke said...

Every time that I view your site Sir I am amazed as to what you have come up with in this case. You and Ms. Mitchell are a great team.

I find that astounding what you just posted about the police not being able to determine how much money they had. Yes, I saw in the transcripts of that trial myself where they harped about the thousand dollars. That was a lie, just a low down lie.

J Cooke
Saint John, N B

F Cassels said...

Lew, you can argue and kick with the best of them. Must be nice to be young huh!

Great posting today. You slam dunked them through the hoop on that letter that you posted. Keep Hammerin!

F Cassels

Sandi L said...

Tell me more Lew. The good stuff starting to roll now. I was looking back over your archives and I do see where you have covered a lot of this but this is an excellent idea as it keeps memories fresh, and of course enlightens new readers.

You and Ms. Mitchell are to be congratulated for fine work, for tedious work. I do research work for a large consulting firm and I know even that has its frustrating moments. I can't believe that you have been on this now for two years, that is awesome.

Sandi L

N Albrecht said...

Great info that you present Mr. Stoddard. Do you think that the judiciary were purposely targeting Wilbert Coffin as a result of perhaps something personal on the part of the police and Mr. Coffin.

I am real curious about this and would appreciate a comment from you on this.

This is such an involved case and you and your partner deserve a lot of praise in your research and investigation. You are so much more thorough than any police or legal investigation that was ever carried out.

N Albrecht
Toronto, Ontario

R Pickford said...

I am curious as to what this stuff is all about that I am reading on another site about these mining claims, and if they really existed or not. There seems to be a lot of confusion about what has been said about the matter. Can you explain it all for me please?

I have read your complete writing on this affair. You are very articulate.

R Pickford

D Grant said...

My usual Sunday morning read with my toast and coffee, once again you did not disappoint me. Interesting stuff, even though some of it I was aware of from earlier. I did find that the receipt that you provided for Wilbert Coffin was touching and interesting.

Keep up the good work, am anxious to read more of those police letters and interviews.

Dave Grant

B Barlow said...

Is this guy Fortin for real? Is he really a lawyer? Where did he practise law and when? I am curious.

B Barlow
Owen Sound

P Landry said...

It is amazing when one compares actual police notes and files to what one has been "told" over the years.

This has been needed for years, a good airing of the filthy soiled laundry.

P Landry

D Archer said...

I couldn't agree more with the last commenter, P Landry. This whole affair is so dirty, and involves so many levels in Canadian history and society. Absolutely disgraceful! And to think that this person named Fortin is trying to sell books based on this crap, by saying that it was legitimate.

D Archer

Evan McIntyre said...

Do you think that the police were being directed from higher authority, meaning the government. I am not saying they were not, just curious if you have proof of that and I am sure you do.

Evan McIntyre

Allan Thrasher said...

Anonymous said...
hope you are doing well old friend keep up the fight Take Care
Allan Thrasher

27 April, 2008

Lew Stoddard said...

The next comment is one that I received from a Mr D Holmes of Riviere du Loup.

It is argued that certain comments being made on another site, namely that of a Mr Fortin are erroneaus. It appears that when questioned by certain folks the author does not supply satisfactory answers to their queries, or alternately, their letters are not published at all.

This particular gentleman, Mr D Holmes, has requested that I publish his letter to Mr. Fortin on my site, as ample time was apparently given for publication on Mr Fortin's site.

This is not to be construed as my site being a go between with Mr. Fortin and his offended readers. I am making a rare exceprtion here because the subject matter is topical.

This is a prime example of our mandate on the "Stoddard Online" site. We do not publish if we do not have supporting documentation at the time of the intended publication. We are not interested in hearsay, also known as garbage, if it cannot be backed up with documentation and/or an interview.

Lew Stoddard
Host of "Stoddard Online"

D Holmes said...

Mr. Fortin,

Why did you not publish my follow-up message to your response to my original comment.

I stated that I was offended at your remark to me, and you replied as if it wasn't really me who had asked the question.

You are strutting around as if you are so high and mighty that you can say anything that you desire.

Your comment to me was as follows, "Mr. D. Holmes of Rivière-du-Loup or whoever is hiding behind that name
Look at the archives on my blog. You will find information on Coffin’s mining claims".

I personally do not care what your archived comments state. I do care though when I see the types of comments that you print with no basis for them. You have no proof at all that Wilbert Coffin's family carried on with the type of activity that you describe, and neither did the judge. If you do have this proof, then lay it before your readers.

Just because some lawyer got appointed as a judge, does not mean that he is above trying to sway opinion. If that were the case, then the original trial of Wilbert Coffin would have been much different. You state that you are a lawyer so you are already aware of what I have just said.

I do believe that the good people of Canada are smarter than to swallow those comments that you portray as accurate Mr. Fortin. I hope your publisher understands that as well.

I am sending this off to the "Stoddard Online" website in a few hours, should it not get published here which I suspect it will not. At least, on that website so called facts are clarified before they are published.

I still demand an answer to the questions that I asked about these claims. I do not want to be directed to your archives as a means of sweeping it under the carpet. You made the statement Sir, and it is you who should shoulder the responsibility for it.

D Holmes
Riviere du Loup

S Scott said...

Interesting stuff that really they did not know for sure how much money that Eugene Lindsey was carrying on his person. They were telling lies in the court.

S Scott

Susan said...

Do you know how or if Eugene Lindseys truck was returned to the United States?
Probably not, but I was just curious.

Perth Andover

Janice Barr said...

So far I love your selective reading as you call it, no so sure that the good old boys from the 1950's would like it but that is too bad.

I am so anxious for you to review the autopsy reports once again. I have a couple of questions there that I for sure want to ask. Keep up the good work.

Janice Barr

Denise McIntosh said...

Good posting even if it was short. It gave lots of time to really think about it. Better this way than too much all at once. I am waiting for the autopsy reports. Will be interesting I am sure. I looked back at where you had covered it before and you indicate there is a bit of more new stuff now.

Thanks for a job well done.

Denise McIntosh
Kingston, Nova Scotia

Old Shorty the long haul driver said...


Haven't written to you in ages I just got caught up reading your stuff though. have had a busy couple of months here on the prairies. how is the health doing hope you are doing what the doctor says.
hey my little girl well she is 27 she gave dear old dad a fancy birthday present a couple of weeks ago. i got one of those flat laptop computers and she set it up for me so I can take it in the truck. great toy I am using it right now.
You are still pounding this thing lew,you never give up. going to be out you way again in about two weeks and dinner is on me and i want seafood and steak.

Old Shorty The longhaul driver
Out on the cold prairie

D Hawthorne said...

I am curious as to why it took so long to bring Wilbert Coffin to trial. Was there a special reason for this? That has always held my curiousity?

In debating this case in university, I heard a variety of reasons but none made sense and it appeared they were guessing anyway.

D Hawthorne
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Lew Stoddard said...

Reply to D Hawthorne,

Your question is one that has been asked many times over the years.

As result of exhaustive research on this case, I can honestly say that I have never found a documented answer to that question.

I honestly believe that the crown was afraid to go to trial, simply because they lacked any physical evidence. As you may know, the complete case was based on very flimsy circumstantial evidence, thus, the very real possibility that Wilbert Coffin would be acquitted loomed very prominently.

I can also tell you this. Writer/researcher Alton Price shared the same thoughts as myself on this matter as he was researching information for his book, " To Build A Noose".

To be fair and honest with you Mr or Mrs Hawthorne, the only person who would be truly able to answer that question is no longer with us. He was the premier of Quebec, the late Maurice Duplessis, who also doubled as the Attorney General of the province. It was he who called the shots.

Good question though, and thanks for writing.

Lew Stoddard
Host Of "Stoddard Online"

Joyce said...

Again Mr. Stoddard, I find myself writing to you, and again I am not being critical, even though some times in the past I have been.

I like this approach that you are now taking and highlighting the police interviews and other documented items that most people would be unaware of. It adds a totally new dimension to this whole affair.

I remember this case very well when it happened in the 1950's. My family was then living near Grand Falls, so we heard a lot about it. I have discovered now though that there was much I had never heard of. That is why I am writing to you again so soon. I want to thank you personally for making this possible. So you see Mr. Stoddard, I'm not such an old sour puss as you probably have had me pegged for. Cheers!

Bristol, New Brunswick

Lew Stoddard said...


Never for a moment did I peg you as being "an old sour puss". Have to brag a bit though Joyce, and this is the truth.

I know that it is not good to stereotype people, but I have always figured you to be a teacher. I say that because you are articulate, direct, and responsive, all very good qualities. You always exhibit all those characteristics consistent with one driven to succeed in the fast paced world in which we live.

I have been scratching my head for the past couple of years because since I come from the same part of Canada that you reside, if in fact my guess is correct, then who knows, you may have been one of my teachers.

Joyce, I want to take the time to personally thank you for being part of our audience for the past two years. It is folks like yourself that make my job so much more rewarding.

Thank you once again for your comments, and please feel free and welcome to pop in at any time you choose. God Bless you Joyce.

Lew Stoddard
Host of "Stoddard Online"

Julian said...

Do you know why charges were only proceeded with in the case of only the Lindsey boy and not the others? That has always bugged me as to why that was.


D Bradstreet said...

How long had Wilbert Coffin been staying in Val Dor when he was told that the police were wishing to speak with him? Something does not seem to measure up here?

D Bradstreet

Dean said...

It is difficult to accept that those bodies would have remained in their resting spots for all that time without someone stumbling over them with the amount of people in the Gaspe' woods, appears to have been a very popular area.

North Bay

Marie Coffin (Stewart) said...

A Message from Marie Coffin (Stewart)

I am Marie, Wilbert Coffin's sister. Once again I want to state that my brother was not a murderer. He was not capable of doing such a thing. For everyone out there who doubts this, why don't you research Lew's site and all the books that have been written by men who believed in my brother's innocence? For everyone out there who have supported me and encouraged me, I send my deep gratitude for you. Everyday I thank God for you. I've sent AIDWYC a bank draft for $10,200.00 to carry on the work to clear Wilbert's name. This took about two years to raise. I could not have done it without the help from hundreds of people. Again, many thanks. I hope to continue with my fundraisers. So please continue to support me in this. I have received encouragement and donations from one end of Canada to the other. So you see there are many people who believe in my brother's innocence. It is so comforting to read the positive comments on Lew's website. He and Lani have done a fantastic job. I receive the AIDWYC Journal and it is almost unbelievable what injustices occur all the time. AIDWYC needs public support to continue with their fantastic work. If you could read their Journals you would see how many wrongfully accused they have helped. I don't only want to work for my brother, but also for all the people who are in prison and should not be there. This could happen to anyone, as I well know. This has been a long heartbreaking road, but hopefully some day soon it will all be resolved. Again, many thanks and God bless you all.
Sincerely, Marie

01 May, 2008

Debbie Ferragamo said...

Debbie said...
I am deeply grateful to Lew, AIDWYC and all those encouraging us in our efforts to clear Uncle Bill's name. Due to personal obligations, I do not spend much time on the computer, but want everyone to know how much our family appreciates your kind, supporting comments. Debbie

01 May, 2008

S Sabine said...

I am appalled at what I have witnessed on another site regarding executions. Those photograps are disturbing and unnecessary. Does this Mr. Fortin get some sort of high by displaying this stuff when it is really not relevant?

Is that the type of stuff that he writes about in his books, if it is, I believe that his books lack taste.

S Sabine
Edmonton, Alberta

Lew Stoddard said...

\Comment to S Sabine in Edmonton

I would suggest that you contact Mr. Fortin and ask him directly as to why it is necessary to display the type of material that you describe. I cannot answer for him as to what his motives are. I do not make a habit of reading his site, although following your letter to me, I did take a look and I do agree with you.

On this site, "Stoddard Online" we have a strict code of ethics to which we adhere, and I can assure you, that type of material would never make it past the shredder or garbage can.

If that is what is required to sell a few books, then I would be pleased to leave the publishing to someone who apparently excells in "smut" better than myself and I shall continue to explore and write the facts.

Lew Stoddard
Host of "Stoddard Online"