Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hello everyone, it is great to be back. Thanks to all who sent e-mails and words of encouragement, telephone calls, and especially to those who remembered me in their prayers. I am feeling much better now, and will get down to business again very shortly.
Most of us are able to find something to be thankful for in spite of the crazy mixed up world in which we live. That is what encourages us to trudge onward. Throughout the past few weeks, I have reflected in my thoughts as to what the thoughts of Wilbert Coffin may have been during his last months on this earth. Never faltering, he maintained his innocence until the end, and now, some fifty-two years later, I believe that I can present a very strong case which confirms that he was telling the truth. Very simply expressed, he was the victim of gross manipulation at the hands of a very corrupt regime.
In the past two years I have had contact with scores of people who support what Wilbert Coffin was saying with reference to his innocence. People are still coming forward at this late date with their unsolicited comments regarding the events of the early 1950's in Quebec. As an example, please read on.
A few days ago I was in the city of Burnaby. By chance encounter I met an elderly French Canadian lady in a restaurant. This lady's name was Marie. I asked Marie if she had been born in the province of Quebec. Marie stated to me that she had in fact been born there and remained there with her family until she was in her late 20's. She further stated that it was at this time that her Dad said it was time to move. Marie and her family moved from their small home town situated between Trois Rivieres and Quebec City and moved to another province.
I was curious as to the move made by Marie and her family so I inquired as to why. Having worked and lived there for a time, I suggested to Marie that Quebec is a very beautiful province. Marie was quick to point out that yes it is a very beautiful province. I asked her what she remembered and missed the most about her home village. Very quickly she mentioned the village, it homes and people, and the gleaming white church with the large steeple. In looks Marie said, it was a perfect post card. Unfortunately stated Marie, "the post card harbored many ugly secrets and scars."
Marie went on to point out that in her opinion, "Quebec was controlled by a very scary regime in those days." Marie continued stating that this regime of which she spoke was headed by none other than Maurice Duplessis. Marie explained that "many during this time feared Maurice Duplessis and his band." Marie further stated that Duplessis and his gang were responsible for the hanging of an innocent man by the name of Wilbert Coffin.
According to Marie, the majority of French speaking in her area of Quebec never believed in the guilt of Wilbert Coffin. Marie suggested that everyone who has an interest should research and read of the happenings in the province during the tenure of this man. She mentioned the Jehovah Witnesses in Montreal and their treatment, and she mentioned the treatment of twins born in the province. In Marie's words, "if you were French speaking, if you were Catholic, and if you supported the Union Nationalle political party, you would be treated much better than those who did not." These were the reasons that Marie and her family left Quebec.
I point these things out to you today because it is necessary that you know something of the regime that executed Wilbert Coffin. Suddenly, it is difficult to place much respect on the decisions of a judiciary falling under such a regime that I have just described.
As I have shown you many times in the past two years, there was so much evidence that was suppressed, evidence that was intended for the court room at Perce' however, never being presented for the jury to ponder and examine. These things could only happen in a crooked and corrupt regime, manned and staffed by a bunch of thugs, and protected and encouraged by a higher level. That higher level being the late premier Maurice Duplessis who doubled as attorney general in congruous fashion.
I have further stated to you many times to not get caught up in this Brossard Inquiry. This enquiry took place eight years after the execution of Wilbert Coffin. You should also remember that this enquiry was really a trial for Jacques Hebert, because, it was Mr. Hebert who had the nerve to speak out about the injustices of the day, and in doing so, the judiciary of Quebec was painted another color. In other words, the late Mr. Hebert stepped on a few toes, and in doing so, blemished the government. True, by the time that this enquiry was held, Mr. Duplessis had departed, however the new Liberal government under premier Jean Lesage allowed the inquiry to proceed. It could be viewed as a means of distancing his government from that of Duplessis.
As we know by now, the ones appointed to oversee the inquiry were some of the very ones who were involved. Names such as Captain Sirois, John Vanhoutte and others were prominent. In effect, they were investigating themselves for wrong doing. It is also important to note that evidence presented at this enquiry was the same in most cases as that of the original trial, and suppressed evidence still remained suppressed. Evidence was perhaps spun in a little different direction in some cases, but in the end nothing was really accomplished.
There is argument going on about the term Jeep and station wagon. Firstly, a jeep covered with plywood on the sides could very easily be labelled as a station wagon, but any intelligent person would agree that a station wagon covered with plywood on the sides in no way resembles a Jeep. For some strange reason there are some who now play with the idea that this denotes guilt. I can understand that an elderly lady such as Jessie Coffin could very easily have said station wagon instead of Jeep, especially when told of the plywood sides. Ladies and gentlemen, there are much bigger fish to fry in this case.
I get asked periodically about stuff that is being read on another website about this case. This writing apparently is a spinoff from the Brossard Commission transcripts. I do not know what is being written on this website that is referred to, and quite frankly, nor do I care. One thing that I am abundantly clear on however, is the fact that if what some have suggested to me is being said there, then the writers of this site know very little about the Wilbert Coffin case and have done no research whatsoever, other than to read tarnished reports from a corrupt regime as has been proven.
I have researched this case for two years, interviewed dozens of people, and checked and rechecked many reports. Information and comments has been stolen from this site and I have shown you proof of that. Because of that, I would never compromise the hard work of Lani Mitchell and myself in order to dignify some of the questions that I get asked with reference to the site in question.
In a few days I shall be presenting to you a few more disturbing facts of the Wilbert Coffin case. I do believe now more than ever before, that we have a good chance of having this case overturned and a new determination being established. This ladies and gentlemen comes from hard work, not from sitting back and taking at face value the minutes and and transcripts that were assembled by a corrupt regime.
Once again folks, you are a great audience. I love you one and all and I want to hear from you. Thank you for bearing with me and God Bless you one and all.
Lew Stoddard


Garnet Matheson said...

Hi Lew, Great to have you back. Was wondering where you were. I have missed you. Get in there again and hammer it home. You have a great way with words. You know your stuff old boy!

Garnet Matheson
Moncton, New Brunswick

Jeff Guichon said...

Enjoyed your little story about the lady foprmerly from Quebec. Sad but that is true of a lot lof people. They have chased so many good people out of the province and it causes much suffering by a lot of people.

in speaking about W Coffin, I believe that he was innocent of this crime. I have followed this case for years but it was your site a year ago that really got me going on it. My dad got me reading your site.

Jeff Guichon

Roland C said...

You summed it up well on the discussion regarding Jeep and Station Wagon. It is a non issue as far as I am concerned especially if people really didnt know the difference and back then vehicles were not as we know them today, especially in rural areas.

Roland C
Edmundston, N B

P Cramer said...


Big question for you Sir? How are you making out with this leukemia thing? Don't like to make you talk about it, but I am curious. I know you have been hospitalized a number of times but this is my only way of reaching to you. I stress to you to keep the chin up as my brother has leukemis and he was diagnosed five years ago and he is now in total remission, so the bottom line, Never Give Up!

Lew, you are an incredible writer and you and your friend lani Mitchell have done marvellously well investigating and writing this case fifty years after the fact. Hang in there. You will accomplish your goal. You are stubborn and know how to lash out when necessary.

P Cramer

Lani said...

The speculation about a 'jeep' vs a 'station wagon' seems a non-issue in this affair. I note that in one of Jean Beliveau's telegrams (original telegrams were made available to me by a Gasp├ęsian) sent to his newspaper on 30/10/1954, he writes the following: "......Several weeks ago a chance remark dropped at a party in Toronto led to knowledge that Dr. William Wilson of Toronto and his wife, Marilyn, had information relevant to the case. In the interest of justice, they came forward and made a statement.
It was to the effect a PLYWOOD SIDED JEEP STATION WAGON was seen by them on a St Lawrence River ferry in June of 1953. They said it was occupied by two men in their thirties who wore US Army type jackets and who were sullen during the trip." It seems many referred to this vehicle as a 'plywood-sided jeep station wagon........'

Hal Kinney said...

A Special Message To Lew Stoddard and Lani Mitchell

I agree with the last comment from Lani, there would be many who would refer to this vehicle as a Jeep/stationwagon. And anyway, does it really matter? You would think that the whole case could be decided on this point by the way that some carry on. I also agree with you Mr. Stoddard in your posting that there were much bigger fish to fry. I think it boils down to nit picking.

Have enjoyed your writings on this affair Lew. Your dedication and desire to see a proper conclusion to all this is reflected in your articulate and patient approach through very trying circumstances at times. I have copied all your postings on this matter and just finished rereading it all and I am truly amazed at the ground you have explored and the people you have contacted.

Without doubt you have covered much more territory on this than the original investigation. My hat is off to you both, and good luck down the road on this.

Hal Kinney
Calgary, Alberta

Robert Marchand said...

Hi Lew,

Hope your health is on the mend. Don't overdo it. Because of you, this case is in the forefront of a lot of Canadians across this big country. I am sure the Coffin family are proud of you.

I did not know a lot about this case until I was pointed to your web site. Thanks to you, I have made a point of studying it in depth and I definitely see there was a very grave injustice done when they executed Wilbert Coffin. I hope you are able to set the record straight.

Robert Marchand

Joyce said...

Lew Stoddard,

As you know, I have written to your site many times. I know you have been ill. I sincerely wish you the best. I look forward to your writings, and remember to look after yourself.

Bristol, new Brunswick

Sandy said...


Can you post something which reflects information on gate receipts. I am talking about the ones from the other gate, I think it was Murdockville. I have always been interested in that or perphaps it carried no importance but I am curious.

You are doing tremendous work on this case. I am sure that most are very appreciative. I know that the Coffin family is as I spoke with Marie Coffin Stewart one day in Gaspe'. She stated that prior to your writing on the case very few people commented on it in recent years.

Hope your health is improving. I know that leukemia is a tough battle but I also know that you are a strong willed person. God Bless.


Gaspe' Peninsula area

Lew Stoddard said...

Hi Sandy,

Little is known about the gate receipts from the Murdochville area. I have interviewed a couple of fellows who were gate keepers there back during these times and while helpful, they were both unable to dtermine tyhe whereabouts of the receipts. I would like to se them myself, I have all of them from York River gate, and they provided many answers. Who knows? Maybe one day they will surface out of the blue like a lot of other stuff in the past two years.

I appreciate your comments on my health. The leukemia has been a tough battle. Thankfully, there are a lot of real caring folks out there who have sent me words of encouragement and that has been a teriffic boost. I think that I am on the mend though. It seems that each time that I have had a down turn, I meet someone else who is worse of than myself, so we have a lot to be thabkful for.

Thank you for writing and feel free to contact me at any time.

It is rewarding to know that folks will take the time to write a note and sign their names. I am sure that most know by now, the only comments that get answered are the ones that are signed and are topical.

Lew Stoddard
Host Of "Stoddard Online"

judy roberts said...

Hi Lew,hope you are feeling better.I'm from Gaspe so i have a special interest in the Coffin case.My Dad drove a taxi back then and he always said Wilbert was innocent and I have to agree. Keep up the good work. God Bless You Judy Roberts

T Adams said...

Hello Mr. Stoddard,

Good to see that you are up and about again. It is good to finally be able to see some actual facts again ftrom the COFFIN case.

I agree with Mr. Matheson above, you do know your stuff about this affair. I have learned so many details of this case from this web site. You are very thorough in your detail of various aspects of the case.

I know that you were a great help to one of my students last fall. She was doing a paper on injustices in Canada and was given your web site. You were most helpful to her on several occasions when she contacted you. She was able to present a very professional report on the injustice thrust upon Mr. Coffin by the government.

Once again Mr. Stoddard, thank you and best wishes for a speedy and satisfactory outcome.

T Adams
Ottawa, Ontario

Old Shorty The Long Haul Driver said...

good to talk to you again and good to hear that you are up and about.
Somebody told me about this other site on the net about the wilbert Coffin case so I thought I would take a look.Hey man this guy sure doesn't know very much about the case.

He is reporting what everyone else has heard a million times only he adds some comments to try to give it some punch. I am going to write to him and suggest that he contacts you for spacific details before he writes about some of this stuff. We all know that if everything had been brought out at trial all those goons back then would have had to do some work because Mr. Coffin would have never been convicted.

Anyway I hope that not too many people take this guy seriously. I was thinking though that the long cold Quebec winter may have had an effect on the thinking process. Extreme cold followed by extreme heat does strange things sometimes.


Old Shorty The Long Haul Driver From The Prairies.

Anonymous said...

good to see you back pounding away dear friend. Keep up the good work
give me a call.
Allan Thrasher
vancouver bc

J Hediger said...

Absolutely incredible that this case ever reached the plateau that it did.

It is so obvious that Wilbert Coffin was railroaded to his death. That is so evident when one reads the complete story as you have presented it over the past two years. This was justice in name only, very definitely not in reality. I hope it can be sorted out.

J Hediger
Saint John