Sunday, May 03, 2009


A quick posting to let everyone know that, contrary to the opinion of some, Lew is very much alive. He's been dealing with illness (probably caused by his chemotherapy) but is now on the mend and we can expect to hear from him in the very near future. Rest assured that his commitment to the Coffin Case remains strong!

As for myself, the winter has been very difficult personally but it's also my intention to continue to pursue the truth in the Coffin case. I will be in Gaspé this summer and would be happy to meet with anyone who can bring new information to light on the case. I can be reached by email:

Please also note that neither Lew nor I have posted comments on Clément Fortins' site, so anything posted in our name is added by a prankster!

Lani Baker Mitchell


Rick Willett said...

Hi Lani; Great to hear from you. Pass on our prayers for Lew from Elsie and Rick. Have a great time in Gaspe this summer.

Wendall said...

Thanks for the up date Lani I was going to call this weekend if I had not had any word for Lew. Pass on our good wishes to Lew from me and Judy here in Gaspe. We are looking forward to having you up for a supper this summer when you are in Gaspe.