Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Canada Day.
Projected as a huge book shelf with British Columbia and Newfoundland serving as the bookends this land called Canada stretches for some eight thousand kilometres from the Atlantic to the Pacific representing the largest land mass of any country on the planet.
There may be some living in this country but hopefully not, who would be inclined to say "So What?" Well, you see it is like this. Canada spans the spectrum with our broad range of diversities. Consider for a moment that Canada is made up of little villages and big villages, little towns and big towns, little cities and big cities, combined with rural areas that stretch farther than the eye can see.
Lets talk about climate for a moment. Measuring 8,000 km. by nearly 4,000 km. Canada represents a vast and varied climate ranging from temperate and very hot to harsh and inhospitable in the far northern reaches. In other words, there is something for everyone.
Canada's people represent nearly 34,000,000 of the planet's inhabitants. We can boast of farmers and fishermen, factory workers, office workers and a whole host of other professions found in other lands. Canada's business representations range from Ma and Pa operations all the way to multi national corporations employing thousands of our citizens.
Canada's institutes of higher learning rank right at the top by world standards. This is evidenced by the volume of off shore students acquiring their education in Canada. I could go on and on. However, it is the week of Canada's birthday, so I shall sum up in this way.
Firstly, I was born a Canadian, I am a Canadian today, and I shall be a Canadian tomorrow. I am proud of that. Being born a Canadian did not come without cost. In two great wars in Europe, my ancestors and many others spilled their blood on the battlefields to preserve the freedoms and ideals that we as Canadians enjoy. I do not take this lightly. This is serious business. Any deviation from the memories of the sacrifices by these people would be nothing short of thumbing our noses at those who died.
I am not against immigration. We need it. I support it all the way. As I have said previously, I am against an open door policy whereby we admit people to this country to create a haven to further their own personal agenda. I believe this is wrong. It is also wrong I believe, for new citizens to expect us to change our constitution each time someone has a new religious belief or a cultural difference. We have the vehicle in motion in Canada in the form of our constitution, to allow for expression of personal beliefs, whether it be religious or cultural. I take a dim view when I am expected to alter my beliefs and morals, to accommodate those that think they can just change the constitution to reflect their beliefs at will.
Over the years I have acquired many friends and acquaintances of diverse ethnic backgrounds. It matters not to me if a person is red, yellow, green, black, or white. My personal views and opinions on what I think makes for a strong and unified Canada has absolutely nothing to do with one's ethnic background. I am tired of the moaning and groaning of the special interest groups, who really care nothing about our country, other than using it as a stepping stone for their own hidden agenda.
Pure and simple, in my view, "Canada is not for sale." Only a blundering idiot would consider compromising the greatest country on the planet. My final comment to-day, "we may not come up perfect in this country, but I believe that on our very worst day, our light shines brighter in this land called Canada than it does in many other countries of the planet on their best day."
I want to take this opportunity to personally thank the members of Canada's armed forces currently on deployment in the Middle East. I want you to know that we are thinking of you back in Canada. God Bless you one and all. I do know that my web site is read by a couple of our soldiers who are currently on duty based in Kandahar in Afghanistan.
I shall be back in a couple of days with some interesting revelations on the Wilbert Coffin case.
Lew Stoddard


Joyce said...

Mr. Stoddard,

I might as well be the first commenter to your most recent posting. I agree with the message that you are driving home in that post.

I must admit though that I was a bit touched with the way that you convey your message. I believe that politics or preaching the gospel could be most rewarding for you.

I agree with you 100% with respect to special interest groups in this country.

Keep up the great work Mr. Stoddard. Thank you again for a job well done.

Bristol, New Brunswick

Jack Daigle said...

Joyce, you couldn't have put it in a better way to Lew Stoddard. He says it as he feels it, right from the heart. That is why he will eventually wear them down on this Coffin case.

Jack Daigle

Ray Chandler said...

Good Canada Day message Lew. Good that you would take the time out from a busy schedule to do that. Speaks much of your character.

Ray Chandler

Jonathan Martin said...

I do enjoy your boldness, and more importantly your study results of the Wilbert Coffin case.

You may be speaking a bit out of turn in your views on Canada. I am not sure if some feelings could be hurt by that or not. You are obviously a supporter of Canada as a country and I guess that is good. I never would have figured you to be such an outward spoken person about such matters. I am not really criticizing you, as you express your opinions well and you are entitled to do that.

Anyway Sir, keep the pressure on the lid of the Wilbert Coffin case as I am convinced that through your efforts the lid is going to blow sky high one day soon.

Jonathan Martin

M Archer said...

By your comments on our country and your way of expressing them, it is little wonder that you cause people to sit up and take notice with your writings on the Coffin affair.

Looking forward to reading more on the case. Good luck to you and a big thanks to both you and Mrs. Lani Mitchell.

M Archer
Calgary, Alberta

B. Phillips said...

To Lew Stoddard,
I am glad to see you set the record straight about this Brossard inquiry. Thanks for pointing it out that it did not take place until nine years later, long after Coffin was hanged.

On this other web site he has been writing it up as if it were the trial that convicted Coffin, when in fact as you point out it was nothing more than the same cops who did the initial investigation that arranged for the talent roundup for the Brossard Inquiry.

The old story of police and lawyers investigating their own work and counterparts. Something real smelly on that chain of events.

B. Phillips