Friday, July 14, 2006

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Stoddard Online: Again, I find it necessary to beg your forgiveness for the delay in presenting the next posting of this story. Rest assured, the delay has not been caused by loss of interest. More appropriately, the delay was necessary to clarify a couple of things, and in doing so, it created a much deeper interest.

I have been searching and digging for months, in every nook and cranny of this country, attempting to persuade and encourage folks who may have knowledge of this case to come forward. I am so pleased to inform you that the results have been overwhelming. The fruits of my labor are still being harvested. I was particularly interested to learn if there may be someone who was on the search party back in 1953 who is still with us, and be willing to share a moment with me regarding those tragic days. Thanks to a respondent to my plea for assistance, I managed to find that someone. Through his son and daughter-in-law, I was able to communicate with an elderly gentleman from Brandon, Manitoba, who was living in the Gaspe' region at the time and took part in the search. In "tomorrows" posting, I shall communicate to you, the substance of my interview with this gentleman.

In addition, although I cannot say too much at this point for reasons that will become obvious, I have received a very startling revelation from another source that could possibly have a tremendous influence on this case. Again, this was as a result of constant probing, and perhaps in some ways, making a general nuisance of myself, but, as I always say, If you don't ask the question, you rarely find the answer.

If there is a point in any story where it becomes difficult to write, the next posting signifies that time has arrived. If you choose not to read it, I understand. As I mentioned at the onset of the story, there would be parts that would appear cruel and disgusting. I pondered as to whether I should write about it, however, it formed a large part of the crown's circumstantial evidence at the upcoming trial, and as well, had the defense placed much more focus on this part, I am confident that the trial result would have been much different.

Though the army of searchers in the woods looking for the remaining two hunters were a dedicated lot, none were prepared for the eventual finding. From written accounts of the day, it is fairly obvious the image would be forever etched in their minds.

Again, please forgive me for a very necessary delay. I invite you to join me tomorrow, as I present to you, the next posting of the Wilbert Coffin saga.

Lew Stoddard
Posted July 14, 2006


T W said...

Mr. Stoddard,

Look at the site every day and looks like yoy are making headway. it pays to be nosey and keep it up. i think answers stil here in gaspe.

In gaspe

Tom said...


Looking forward to the next posting. You are doing a great job on this.

New Hazelton, B C

Fred Campbell said...

Great story happening here Lew. I see the Coffin family is happy with you right now. I can see why. Keep it up and in forward gear.

Fred Campbell
St. Jerome

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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