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Stoddard Online: Continued from part five. . .

The discovery of Eugene Lindsey's remains on July 15, 1953 confirmed murder had taken place in the Gaspe' woods. Nothing, that would even come close to this magnitude had ever taken place on the peninsula. The rumour mills were going full speed. Whispers and hushed tones were the order of the day. Theories were rampant. Who would do such an evil deed, and why? Was the perpetrator or perpetrators from the local area, or was it the work of someone from the United States Of America? Was it a random strike, or was it a planned calculated murder? These are all avenues that warranted investigation immediately. Were they pursued? Very definitely not, as you will soon discover in the story.

Three days later on July 18, 1953, Doctor Lionel Rioux, the local doctor who doubled as area coroner would convene and hold a private inquest with reference to the discovery of the human remains, which had now been transferred from the woods to the town of Gaspe'. Dr. Rioux learned at the inquest of the findings of the provincial pathologist, Dr. Jean Marie Roussell who had attended the crime scene in the woods. Dr. Roussell would confirm that he had established the identity of the human remains as that of a Mr. Eugene Lindsey, an American citizen from the state of Pennsylvania. When questioned as to criteria in establishing identity, again, the long finger nail theory played a paramount role, with no further elaboration or identification of possible scientific elements. Interestingly, he would later testify that scientific means of identification was the primary means, with the long finger nails being secondary, but again, never isolating as to what this scientific data consisted of. Indeed, much doubt is created as to the existence of any scientific data used by Dr. Roussell in this identification.

At the conclusion of the private inquest on July 18, 1953, Coroner Dr. Lionel Rioux's oifficial declaration was as follows. On July 15, 1953, a human remains had been discovered in the woods some thirty five miles distant from the town of Gaspe', in the province of Quebec. This remains had been identified as that of Eugene Lindsey from Pennsylvania, in the United States Of America. The official cause of death was uncertain based on the condition of the remains, although, the inquest concluded death did not occur as a result of natural causes, thus, causing Dr. Rioux to declare that death was caused by the action or actions, by a person or persons unknown. Dr. Rioux further concluded that Mr. Lindsey probably met death in an aggressive and barbaric fashion.

It was now obvious that the probability of finding Richard Lindsey and Fred Claar alive was non existent. They were, afterall, still missing in the forest. They must be found immediately. The American administration was jumping all over Maurice Duplessis. His directive to his crack team of investigators in the Gaspe' region was swift and absolute. They must find the other two American hunters, and they must do it now.

Captain Alphonse Matte, the lead investigator was now in a quandry. He had successfully seized control of the investigation for the American hunters, so all attention was now focused on this expert to do his stuff. Down deep, he knew that neither he, nor the other members of his team were capable of effecting a successful conclusion to the search for the hunters. They were, afterall, largely made up of city slicker cops, who when faced with the harsh realities of the real world, would not be able to find their way out of a room with the door wide open. He would be forced to enlist the aid of local people, who knew the terrain, and the area in depth. Were all the local people leaning in his direction? Indeed, they were not, and never would be. The local people were very much in favor of aiding and assisting to bring the matter to closure, they simply were not in favor with the heavy handed methods and approach by Captain Matte and crew. He had a very big problem, that in reality, was his own doing.

Captain Matte was forced to confer with Sgt. Doyon as to recommendations for the search for the remaining two hunters. This was a forced about turn on the part of Matte, as Sgt. Doyon was the officer from whom Matte had wrenched control of the investigation.

Sgt. Doyon explained to Matte there was a gentleman connected with the discovery of Eugene Lindsey's remains, who should be kept on the search, because it was felt that if there was a single person in the Gaspe' area who would be the most likely to negotiatite the woods and nature, this person might be the man. His name was Barney Donahue, and he knew the surrounding area like the palm of his hand. This would be like a breath of freah air to Matte, and as well, if Donahue and a search party were successful, then Matte would look good to the boss, that being Maurice Duplessis.

As reported earlier in the story, Wilbert Coffin had returned from Montreal on July 20, and Sgt. Doyon mentioned that he also knew the area, and should be approached to assist with the search. Captain Matte readily agreed, as he had been told that Wilbert Coffin had been the last known person to have been seen with any of the Lindsey party. Captain Matte insisted that Wilbert Coffin go into the forest by car in the accompaniment of two police officers so that they could study his movements and expressions. Captain Matte was now silently plotting a case against Wilbert Coffin.

It was at this time that Captain Matte would declare that from then on, he, and he alone, would answer questions and make comments regarding the case. He would report to, and take orders directly from Antoine Rivard, the Solicitor General of Quebec, who was in constant touch with Duplessis. Little did Wilbert Coffin know, he was in a very precarious situation indeed. The date was July 21, 1953.

The foot search progressed, and two days later on July 23, 1953, a grim discovery was made near the River St. John, approximately two and a half miles upstream on the opposite side of the river from where the remains of Eugene Lindsey was found. The skeletal remains, which would later be identified as those of Richard Lindsey and Fred Claar were found approximately 200 feet apart. It was suggestive by the grisly scene they had met death in a tragic and most unnatural way.

At this point of the story, I urge you to sit back and quickly review the facts thus far. You will recall the whole affair was an international incident with unprecedented proportions. Three American citizens are missing on Canadian soil. One is now confirmed brutally killed from human intervention. Two other human remains have now been located in the area, though not yet identified, it is a safe assumption that identity will confirm the worst.

As from the beginning, this case bore all the marks of government control of a criminal investigation. This case must be treated with the utmost care. This was echoed from Duplessis, to the solicitor general, Antoine Rivard, who would gain the assurance from Captain Matte that the investigation would be thorough and complete. It must and will be investigated to the letter of the law, leaving no stone unturned was the way it was portrayed to the citizenry of the area. Was this done? Read the next few paragraphs and you be the judge.

First of all, let me qualify myself. Over the years, I have witnessed a number of crime scenes, some violent, some otherwise. I have studied crime scenes. I have interviewed top investigators working on major crimes. I have seen great police investigations, and I have seen what I would class as nothing more than mediocre police work. I have even seen some that were sloppy and embarassing, but I have to be honest in what I am about to tell you.

Without doubt, the handling and managing of the crime scene depicted in this story, exhibits the qualities and characteristics, consistent with an event being approved for entry into "Ripley's Believe It Or Not." In short form, here is what they were dealing with.

The remains of two individuals have been located. They are little more than bones, however, by comparison to Eugene Lindsey's remains they are both relatively intact. Bears obviously feasted on both bodies. The remains are located approximately 200 feet apart. Personal items are located in proximity to the remains. The search party now all tramps in to take a look, with no regard for the crime scene area. This would be the major find in the puzzle with reference to the missing men. Barney Donahue and his party of searchers may have excelled in search procedures, however, based on statements that he would later make about the obvious crime , suggests that his skills would be better utilized as a searcher and game warden, than that of investigator.

In any major crime scene such as this, it is paramount that the government pathologist and his team attend quickly to observe the remains, conduct tests, and thoroughly search the surrounding area. These events are elementary procedures. This is where any investigation has it's beginning, right? Wrong, not in this case. Captain Alphonse Matte was at the controls. The police merely packed up the human bones in two cardboard boxes and tossed them in the back of a pickup truck bound for Gaspe'. They were deposited into a back room at the police station to await the arrival of the provincial pathologist in a couple of days.

Lew Stoddard
Posted to site July 02, 2006

The next posting will be posted on July 07, 2006 and will detail the post mortem, Wilbert Coffin's movements while the search was on, and the very important two inquests that are about to take place, which will lead to Wilbert Coffin being arrested as a material witness, and finally being charged with murder. At the conclusion of the Wilbert Coffin story, I shall be outlining the evidence of the crown, how it was presented through manipulation, because in the absense of manipulation, you will soon discover they really had no case.

As well, at the conclusion of the story, I will outline my theory as to what I believe really happened in the woods during that fateful time at Gaspe'. Please be patient, the twists and turns are about to pick up in intensity.


Anonymous said...

Sir you are doing a most excellent job on this story. I can certainly see the complications in putting it all together, but you do it in such a way that it is very understandable, especially, where it is necessary to bounce back and forth. My hat is off to you my friend. As I told you before, you write it well, but with determination and drive.

Sylvia and Dave Taggert said...

Hey Lew,

We have been away on holidays, so was just checking on the progress of your page. Very impressive!!

Your story is taking shape very nicely, congratulations from us both. Would still be good to see you back on TV doing your show again. . . we did enjoy it a lot.

Sylvia and Dave

T Mulheron said...

This is truly an amazing story. Did I say amazing? Perhaps astounding would describe it best.

As a professor of modern history, my feeling is that this particular case displays all the elements of a story from our modern day past that jarred a nation. I say this because, people such as The Right Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau, often referred to this case as a reason to rethink capital punishment and it's consequences when a miscarriage occurs, and it does appear that is the case here.

It is further interesting to note that other federal politicians sometimes made reference to this case as well over the years in debates, both in the house, and in public when the discussions arose on capital punishment.

Given the fact that politicians would use this case as an example for the abololition of capital punishment, it could be argued that that many government people in a circuitous way are admitting that a gross miscarriage could very well have taken place back in 1956.

T Mulheron
Toronto, Ontario

Bruce Stratton said...

There have been so many examples in the past few years of gross mismanagement of criminal cases.

Many examples of obvious guilty parties walking free, and the sickest part of all, innocent parties paying the price. The list is long, and it is still happening.

Unfortunately, I believe Wilbert Coffin paid the ultimate sacrifice. The government sacrificed him to save their own face, I do believe that.

Bruce Stratton
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Mary McIntosh said...

Incredible story, hope it turns out to what everyone hopes for in the end

Mary McIntosh
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Linda James said...

This case was so baffling that it really appeared to be unbelievable. I cannot understand why it should have been so difficult to investigate. Many, much more complicated cases than this have successfully been investigated and prosecuted. Doesn't say a whole lot in favor of the judiciary of past years.

Linda James
Cornwall, Ontario

Mark Samuelson said...

I am in total agreement with Ms. james above. It does not speak well for law and order of the day back then. Worst part is, thgis story did not take place many years ago by history standards. Makes it scary, could it happen again?

Mark Samuelson
Fredericton, Canada

Evan Pearson said...

I have read and heard the Coffin case many times over the years. Will say I have picked up some new information from your writings that have made me to sit up and take notoice a bit more.

I make reference specifically to the fact that Mr. Coffin was only ever charged with the death of the youngest victim, also, never did know that all three victims were not located together.

I was always under the impression that the evidence against Mr. Coffin would be much stronger and secure than what it really was. This is most disturbing. A conviction for this sort of crime should be based on the strongest and well put together case possible.

I have researched the story past where you have posted Mr. Stoddard and this is scary stuff. I await your version. You write it well, and I can understand that some people may get a tad mad at you for your comments and style, but at least you have the nerve to say it like it is, and was.

Evan Pearson
Collingwood, Ontario

Mrs. B. Baird said...

Don't know any of you, but good luck to all the Coffin family. This, I am sure must have been a trmendous upheaval for all the family.

Mrs. B Baird
Nanaimo, B.C.

Bill Schriver said...

Mr. Stoddard,

Don't get me wrong here. I am not criticizing you for doing it. I am just so curious as to why you pick things that are decades old to write about. Is there not much in the current realm to talk about?

W M (Bill) Schriver
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Gerta and Per said...

I see quite a few members of the Coffin family identify themselves on this site. Glad to see that. Gives me a chance to say, Best Wishes and to be able to say directly that we are thinking and saying a prayer for you all. "When times get tough, the tough get going"

Gerta and Per
Hartlaqnd, New Brunswick

Gordon Chalmers said...

I don't happen to think that Wilbert Coffin died the day he was executed. I think he will live on for a very long time as a memory of a tragic tale of legalized lawlessness on the part of not only the Quebec government, but the federal government in Ottawa as well.

At the very least, if the man cannot be honestly found guilty beyond all reasonable doubt, then exonerate him now.

Hey politicians listen up. If you are not willing to at least take a stand on this, then you are just as unclean as that regime of a half century ago.

This case needs to be completely overhauled, and I am not talking about another so called hearing to search for police wrong doing, I am talking about studying the case from start to finish. I suggest that you will most likely come up with a much different set of findings than what actually sent Wilbert Coffin to the gallows.

Canadians, and more specifically the family of Wilbert Coffin, as well as the American families deserve so much more. You have left a big black veil hanging over this for so many years. It is time to come clean. The people deserve more.

Gordon Chalmers
Comox, B. C.

Gavin Tweedholme said...

Dear mr. Stoddard,

It is particularly shameful to me when I learn of the length of the list of wrongful convictions in Canada.

If anyone doubts me on the long list that I speak about, then I challenge them to do a little simple research. I would then like to hear if they have as much faith in the justice system.

I wrote to the Minister of Justice's office in Ottawa and requested the list. Guess what? They never replied. I phoned my member of parliaments riding in my area, who just happens to be a member from the government side of the house and asked for the list. Guess what? I never received it.

I alreday had a list through other means when I made these queries. I just wanted to see what the reaction would be. It was pretty much as I expected that it would be.

Keep up the pressure folks, and Mr. Stoddard, I appreciate, and I am certain there are many many others who appreciate your work on these things.

Gavin Tweedholme
Halifax, Nova Scotia

B Simpson said...

Mr. Stoddard,

I guess I am in agreement with Mr. Schriver in his comment. Quoting from his comment, he is asking why you are not writing more abount present happenings, rather than those from the past.

I would ask, is it not more important to keep the present active, than it is to sort of waste time on things that you can never change?

I realize that may not sound good, or perhaps my choice of words could have been better placed but I am sure you get the idea. It just seems that there is so much happening on a daily basis that needs watching.

B Simpson

Lew Stoddard said...

Response to Mr. Schriver and Mr. Simpson.

Each one of us on this old earth had a beginning. It is that beginning that forms the basis for our very existence. In other words, someone didn't just turn over the cabbage leaf and there we were in our present environment.

Webster defines "evolving" as the change from simple and elementary to the more complex and meaningful.

There are times gentlemen when we have to backup to go forward. If we never looked back at the actions of those who came before we did, then we might as well keep our heads in the sand, as it appears that both you gentlemen have chosen to do.

My question to both you gentlemen would be, How would you know in present day that what we are doing is good, if firstly you haven't determined, that which was done in the past was bad?"

So you see the only solution available is a bit of old fashioned research, and if you spot some wrongs, then you work to right them.

Mr. Simpson, it would appear that you have a defeatist attitude with your statement that I am chasing things that I can never change. I suggest that you take a little peek at the comment list on the site. It would appear that both you and Mr. Schriver may become a tad lonely, when I compare your comments to scores of others who appear quite committed to the fact that injustices can and will be righted.

I am not criticizing here Mr. Simpson, just wish to point out there are a number of very credible libraries out there who would be happy to assist you in your quest to study our past history. Then perhaps, you will see the error of our ways.

Lew Stoddard

L.Baker said...

to B. Simpson
True there are always present day issues to deal with...but there are those of us who lived through these terrible days/years in Gaspe who, today, pick up a newspaper and continue to see our family members named as persons involved in or with knowledge of these horrendous murders. It's never ' a waste of time' to seek and find the truth. Justice has no time limits, and shame on all of us if we don't seek the truth!
The Coffins deserve to know the truth..wherever it lies..and to be able to truly allow Bill Coffin to 'rest in peace.'

Serena said...

Message to I Baker,

As far as I am concerned, you could not have said it better. I am sure things like this are extremely difficult for a small area community such as the Gaspe' Peninsula. Especially, in a small area such as this, where at the time, everyone knew most everyone.

I just hope that one day soon, the whole truth will come out. I believe that it will even though many years have passed. I can see the Coffin family are a determined lot, and I wish them well.

Serena B in PEI

Kathryn and Peter said...

It irks me tremendously when I see such negative comments that are really meant as a slur toward the messenger, in this case Mr. Stoddard. He didn't make the story, he is merely writing about what someone else created.

By the way, good luck to the Coffin family, you are with us in our thoughts and prayers.

Kathryn and Peter M
Abbotsford, British Columbia

G Carlisle said...

Mr. Stoddard,

Glad to see you are onboard here and pitching for the truth. I also know when the truth finally comes out at some stage, the Coffin family will be able to put some closure to a very very ugly situation. I can only wonder the toll this would have taken on his poor Mum. I am a Mum, and I would never be able to withstand it, I know that. Bless you all.

Georgina Carlisle
CFB Greenwood, Nova Scotia

Barb Jensen said...

Message for Mrs. G Carlisle,

I am a mother as well, and I was thinking that same thing some time ago as my hubby and I have been reading this since it started. That is so horrible to think about something like that. Mum's always know the truth about their kids, they can always tell. Mrs. Coffin would have known that her son was innocent. I hope I never have to face something like that, and be helpless to correct it.

Barb Jensen
Saint John, New Brunswick

Greg said...

Hi Again Mr. Stoddard,

Still enjoying your writings, must admit it is not a nice story as you have said, but you are doing well with it. I am most anxious to hear your theory of what happened after you finish the story of Wilbert Coffin.

Keep up the spirit and good work. You have enlightened many across this big land called Canada. Needed to be done on this happening in our past.

Kingston, Ontario

Cal W said...

Lew Stoddard,

How are you? I worked with you a few years ago in production for your TV show.

You still know how to bounce the words off the wall, and as well, I see you haven't forgotten how to tell someone off diplomatically when the need arises.

Just want to compliment you on your writing. I didn't know a lot about the Wibert Coffin case, although had heard about it, but have looked up lots of stuff on wrongful convictions in Canada, and you preach it right.

Looks like you have made a lot of friends from all this across this huge country, including the family of Mr. Coffin. Great stuff Lew. Keep it rolling.

I sent you an e-mail with my phone number. That means give me a call soon.

Cal W
Prince Rupert, B. C.

brad said...

have always lived out west here in alberta but i am at an age where i do remember this evente. was pretty young then but i do remember this and the truscot affair in ontario but i have lerned many things here that i didnt know about the coffin case and i can see there will be more coming in the story.i never would have thought they were not found togetther that is all new to me but also convincees me more that one person could never havedone all this. i am not a good writer and speller but did my best. hope you can understand what i am sayeing.

Brad from Slave lake Alberta

Lew Stoddard said...

Message to l. Baker

Hi, I appreciate very much your comment on my site.

If you would care to, I would appreciate very much an e-mail from you as there are a couple of things that you may be able to assist me with.

There is no reason for concern as I would never publish your e-mail address. It is strictly confidential.

My e-mail address is as follows for my site

Thank you once again for your interest.

Lew Stoddard

Anonymous said...

Message to Mr. Lew Stoddard

I am sending you a separate e-mail as I have some information that you may find interesting regarding your search on the Wilbert Coffin case.

I will not identify myself on here but would appreciate you getting back to me. I am currently living near Gaspe' and have been here in the area for mostly all my life. This is some stuff that has always been avoided being talked about by most in the area.

Sorry I have to do it this way, but I do want to help clear this thing up once and for all if I possibly can. You are to be commended for what you are doing here. You are encouraging people to come out of their shell, and that is what has to happen.


Samuel Mulcaster said...

I offer encouragement to anyone who can offer help in getting to the bottom of this whole sordid affair.

This should have been done so long ago. I can honestly say, if there are people out there, and it is now obvious that there are, who know some details of this affair, you will feel much better if you come forward.

To not come forward merely makes it easy for someone to go undetected, and at the same time, it wrecks the lives of those who have been wrongly singled out and left as victims.

True, it can never bring back the life of someone who may very well have been executed wrongly, but it will certainly provide some measure of closure to a lot of people, both here in Canada and The United States.

Samuel Mulcaster
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

L. Baker said...

For those of you following this case, I would like you to know that I have been in contact with Mr. Stoddard, and wish to help in whatever way I can. I encourage all of you who have any information or thoughts relating to these tragic events to come forward.
I hope I speak for all of my generation of Bakers, who are the children,newphews & nieces of Bill Baker, when I say that wherever this journey may end, we need to travel a path of truth and find closure for all.

G Menzies said...

You are determined Mr. Stoddard to sway public opinion on this affair. I look in on this ever so briefly once in awhile. I don't know anything about the case actually, but i think it is time for you to give up and move on!!!

G Menzies
Thunder Bay

Lew Stoddard said...

Message To G Menzies of Thunder Bay

You hit the nail right on the head Sir when you state that you know nothing about this affair, because if you did, you would know that I don't have to sway public opinion on this case, as public opinion has always been the same, Wilbert Coffin was a victim of a corrupt regime.

You suggest Sir, that it is time for me to move on. May I suggest to you Sir, that you set the same example, and move on by heading to the nearest library and do a bit of research on the topic.

Lew Stoddard

Ps. . . Have A great Day, and thanks for exercising your right to free speech.

Andre Fortin said...

Lew Stoddard Sir,

I saw your latest message on the gaspe web site yesterday. i took the time to look up your story and very impressed and i lived for years on the gaspe coast and my wife was born there but we have acces to some informattion that i think important to your case and i am contacting a gentlesman today and we will be in touch by email.
Am sort of imbarassed to say it but we have always felt that what we know was not really important but i think it is now that i have read all this stuff and see where you are gathering facts.
You are a good writer mr. Stoddard

Andre Fortin
Fredericton new Brunswick

Anonymous said...

This case has your head spinning by the new facts and deep details that you give to us Mr. Stoddard.

First of all would like to thank DianePeter for the information regarding the fuel pump, of course making complete sense.

Mr. Stoddard, you have really made our minds work like detectives with all the details of this case, and since your blog allows us to make comments as if we were at a round table, we can actually put our thoughts and ideas together. Your information regarding the smuggling of alcohol at that particular time as well as the Elder hunter having a meeting at the house pertaining to those activities, gives us food for thought of motive and who else might have done this. And once I read the last installment of your blog, with new clear facts of the first dead American, describing in detail of the condition of the remains compared to the 2nd & 3rd American's remains, my mind opened to the question of why they were over 2 miles apart, and why there was such a difference in the condition of the skeletons. Also I would like to have known what was found near the 2 younger American's that were claimed as their personal effects.

You truly are a great writer and your descriptions and details are thorough. Will be waiting anxiously for more cold facts.

Hope this ends soon so that the Coffin Family can put this behind them and breathe without weight upon their shoulders. As well I hope finally justice will be served for the American Elder as well.

A neice of Gaspe's Homeland

Owen W said...

Mr. Stoddard,

I am experiencing a real problem in the way that you are expressing the so called "facts" of this particular case.

You were not there at the time, and yet you describe things in some detail? Are you writing it as you imagine it? My crystall ball tells me that you are a deamer.

There is absolutely no way that a murder investigation could be carried out in the fashion which you describe.

A suggestion to you though, I think you could be a great murder mystery author, with your ability to drift off between dreams and reality, and at the same time, leave the real murder investigations to the professionals who should be able to do their jobs without someone coming in from the cold trying to scuttle the process.

Owen W
Kenora, Ontario

Brian M said...

This, A message to Owen W. of Kenora

Every Smart Ass needs his 15 seconds of fame. Mr. Owen, go and stuff a sock in your mouth!

Thank you Mr. Stoddard, for telling it like it was. I happen to know that you have, and that you still are, digging all over Canada for facts related to this case. I know that because I had an e-mail from you, where you were inquiring as to whether or not I was a certain person that you were looking to talk to. Unfortunately, I was not the right party as you know, but thank you for providing the link to your web page in your e-mail to me.

I have since been reading the story and comments regarding Mr. Coffin, and may I say, congratulations thus far for a job well done

Brian M
Oshawa, Ontario

K Cormier said...

To A Niece Of Gaspe's homeland. .

You are so correct, even though the years have passed, many things can be learned by everyone sharing what we have heard and what we know. This matter has to be brought to closure.

K Cormier

L.Baker said...

Owen w. says
"You were not there at the time, and yet you describe things in some detail? Are you writing it as you imagine it? My crystall ball tells me that you are a deamer."

Well, Mr. W., I was there. I and many others lived this, and Mr Stoddard is doing a great job looking for FACTS, not the fiction that existed throughout those terrible days. Mr Stoddard may not have a crystal ball, but he may be able to make things " crystal clear!" I believe it was Mahatma Gandhi who said “In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path to a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. Our life is a long and arduous quest after Truth.” I just can't understand why you would be bothered by someone who looks for that elusive truth?

Anonymous said...

Good Day Mr. Stoddard,

This is in reference to W. Owen's comments.

You have the right to voice your comments Sir, for which we respect you. However I must point out that you are dreaming if you thought that Corruption & Politics sometimes went (and still does) hand in hand. I am very sad to say, that you are very naive to believe that the government did not cover up or fix investigations so that the outcome of the cases made peoples look squeeky clean, and bring more popularity to the concerned parties. Today, people voice their opinions more, and we dig deeper now to find the REAL FACTS instead of taking the word of so called authority figures in Government or authority figures in our policing.

I Take my hat off to Mr. Stoddard who has the guts to stand up for what he believes in and LOOK FOR THE TRUE FACTS.

I would think that All of us as a human race would like justice done fairly. If it had been one of Your family members or even yourself in the situation that the Coffin's were in at that time and currently now carry these horrible charges until today would you not want Mr. Stoddard to be the man that he is and DIG DEEP FOR FACTS, not fantacies but FACTS..

It is time to stand up for all the past "injustices" that happened when people felt it was better not to cause a fuss, remaining quiet about things that were considered " delicate situations"

I know it is hard to believe that these things happened, but trust me they did happen and are still happening today. We need alot more Mr. Stoddard's.

A Neice from Gaspe's Homeland

dianepeter said...

Dear Mr Stoddard
I want to thank you for opening yourself up to ignorant attacks by people in order that you might protect and aid my family and others who have been placed in the position we are. Thank you for digging for the truth and displaying it and allowing so many people to comfort us on your site. You are doing a wonderful job which my family will never be able to repay you for. May God bless you and I hope we have a house real close to you in heaven and may God richly reward you for doing His work here on earth .
Diane Peter
Uncle Bill's niece

dianepeter said...

dear owen W
There is an expression that says people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I would like you to consider who is drifting between reality and dreams. Mr Stoddard who searches out facts and investagates clues or someone who lets crystal balls talk to them???

Anonymous said...

Very best site. Keep working. Will return in the near future.

Anonymous said...

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