Monday, August 21, 2006

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You will recall in the past, I have found it necessary to delay my story periodically of the Wilbert Coffin affair, in order that I might seek information pertinent to the case. This is one of those times.

I received some information yesterday, that in my view, potentially could destroy one of the main points of the crown's case that was used to convict Wilbert Coffin. It is not second hand information. The person is still very much alive, and possesses a very vivid recollection of events. As well, I can tell you that this person was then, and still is, a resident of the Gaspe' area.

It is vitally important that I receive any information that you may be able to assist me with in reference to "Jeep" automobiles that would have been seen in or around the Gaspe' area during the middle half of the month of June 1953. I cannot give you a description of the said vehicle that I am seeking information on, because simply, I do not want to put words into anyone's mind. Clearly, I am seeking corroborative information and identification of this vehicle which has been brought to my attention. In this particular instance, there are unique qualities that would set this vehicle apart from similar type vehicles.

This request may seem impossible, however, it is important to note that at least one person has come forward with positive information. I simply do not believe that this one person is the only person still alive who will have a recollection of this vehicle.

To reiterate, I cannot stress the importance of this information, as it will buttress a factual correlation of events leading up to these murders in the woods of Gaspe' in 1953.

As usual, simply click on e-mail and send me the information, or if it is easier for you, my e-mail address is For obvious reasons in this instance, I ask that you do not put the information on the comment board. As usual on this site, if you wish to remain anonymous, your wishes will be respected. If you are old enough to remember those days, or if you are a younger person with elderly parents or relatives, I desperately need your help to bring this matter to conclusion.

My feelings have always been that one day the key would be found that would unlock the door. I believe that key is getting closer to being located in the very near future. Thank you.

Lew Stoddard
Posted to site August 21, 2006


dianepeter said...

Dear Mr Stoddard
Thank you so much for throwing my family a life line so we can hope that someday we can get out of this vortex of horror we have all been sucked into. Please any with information that can help Mr Stoddard blow this case wide open please please come forward now.
Diane Peter
Uncle Bill's Niece

Rhonda Stewart said...

I would like to second my Aunt Diane's thanks to Mr. Stoddard. Words cannot describe our gratitude for the effort that he is putting into this case. Many people have spent years working on this case and trying to clear our uncle's name. Now with their work and with the work being done by Mr. Stoddard, we feel that we are closer than we have ever been to having Uncle Bill's name cleared.

I would also urge the public to come forward with any knowledge they have about this case, however insignificant they may think it is. A small detail could lead to very big answers. It will take everyone working together to get this resolved and for the truth to finally come out. My thanks to everyone who has come forward with information, signed a petition, sent a letter to your MP, contributed to fundraising, or provided words of support to the family; they all have helped. To those still sitting back with information - we need your help and we need it now. Please do not wait any longer, 50 years has been long enough!

Rhonda Stewart
A grand-niece

niece debbie said...

Many heartfelt thanks to the person who shared the information referred to in Lew's latest posting. Our family is praying that anyone else who has information will please come forward NOW.. this is the time. So many years of listening to tv, radio,and reading newspapers about Uncle Bills case, with no resolution. The 50th year is known as the year of jubilee. Please help make this our family year of jubilee,the year Uncle Bill's name is cleared.

M and P Lavigne said...

It is obvious that information exists in society that would have a profound effect as to the eventual outcome of this affair.

Please, anyone out there, come forward now. Do your duty. That duty is to do whatever possible to assist with the bringing of closure to this very ugly, and chilling stigma associated with this case.

M and P Lavigne

Carrie S said...

This is a special message to everyopne who reads this site.

In response to Mr. Stoddards request for information, I can tell you that my elderly uncle with my help was able to answer the call.

We sent an e-mail off to Mr. Stoddard with our phone number. Within a very few moments he was calling, and my uncle was able to relate what he knew about what was being sought.

I encourage anyone, all of you who may be able to help, please come to the aid of this thing. Mr. Stoddard was friendly and very easy to talk to, with absolutely no pressure. He merely seeks the truth about this affair. If we can do it folks, so can you.

Carrie S
Whitehorse, Yukon

L. Baker said...

I am so proud of the Gaspé folk and former Gaspesians who are coming forward to help in bringing resolution to this case.I know that with so many years gone by, and so many " things kept close to the heart" that it can be difficult to revisit that terrible summer of 1953...but I really feel that if I can do this,faced with the displeasure of some family members, then everyone with information to share can do the same. I want to personally thank the people who, through any effort on my part, have been able to help Lew with the important details. I have always felt that the Gaspé folk, who have known many hardships, will pull together in times like this and get this done! Their willingness to help..c'est la meilleure qualité de tous les gens de la Gaspésie!Please contact Lew with anything you think might have to do with this case...anything!

gwoht said...

I am sorry to report that we are experiencing difficulties logging in to the site. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience, however, it is beyond my control. Hopefully the problem will be fixed shortly.

Lew Stoddard

Lew Stoddard said...

I am sorry to report that we are experiencing difficulties logging in to the site. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience, however, it is beyond my control. Hopefully the problem will be fixed shortly.

Lew Stoddard

G. Murdoch said...

Mr. Stoddard,

Referring to the message left here by Carrie S of Whitehorse.

I can understand her saying you were friendly and easy to talk to. You were trying to extract information from her.

I happen to think you are a very agressive person, and that you are in this for your own eventual gain. If what you are doing is sincere, then I applaud you, however, I must say, I have my doubts.

As others have told you on here, you tend to trample on those who do not agree with you. in my way of thinking, that alone spells a hidden agenda. There, I have said my peace.

G Murdoch

Marty said...

this is to G. Murdoch. .

there is an old saying that says If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all. In your case though I think it is really saying that if you can't say something nice then go and "Swallow A Billiard Ball" and then figure out what you might like to do with the cue stick.

Sign me old Marty
out here in the oil patch in Alberta

dianepeter said...

g murdoch
Did that make you feel better? It makes me wonder what your hidden agenda. Why is someone defending their right to the truth offensive to you. You should try what my family has had no choice about. Try having your life taken because you are not allowed to defend yourself and then see if you need someone like Mr Stoddard to stand up for you. You might find that you have a whole different perspective on this. Stay tuned and see what underhanded dealings went on with my uncle's case and see , if you were in that position if you would need someone to stand up for you as we do. Someone to make the gov't accountable to not just the coffin family but all of us. I said it before and I will keep on saying it . If this can happen to us then it can happen to you , granted you will not be hung but thank my uncle for that . We are not asking for the moon we are just asking for a fair chance to defend my uncle and have his name cleared. Mr Stoddard is just after the truth for us all. Again I wonder what is your agenda in this letter. What is your need to keep the truth hidden?
Mr Stoddard
Thank you once again from all of us for deflecting the punches. We owe you so much for what you are doing for our family. Thank you for exposing yourself to foolish outbursts of unwarrented accusations.
Uncle Bill's Niece

Anonymous said...

Lew I'am reading your informaion with interst , "I AM A GASPESIAN". People back home did not talk much about this case because they seemed to be afraid of the Gov.and police. I encourage anyone with info. to come forward ,my father always said Mr coffin was set up


Shorty said...

Hey Lew. . . go for the information where ever you can and in any way that you have to and too any of these people who find fault with that then I ask them to produce what they have found other than displaying the fact that they have a mouth so big I could park my semi in it.

I have written to you before and again keep it up

Shorty the long haul driver

Wanda and Bill said...

We know lew that you are doing a great job on this, but Lew yesterday I learned about something, and just want to let you know that we do not want you to feel alone.

Lew, you came through for us during a rough time some years ago, so please remember, you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are thinking about you.

Wanda and Bill
Chilliwack, B. C.

Rene' D said...

As a former resident of eastern Quebec, I used to hear about this event many times when my Dad would have friends drop in.

It of course was before my birth that it happened but from what I remember my Dad and his friends were unanimous in their thoughts that Mr. Coffin was innocent and that the government was very corrupt in those days.

Good luck to all the Coffin family and it renewed my memories of the affair when I read about it in the Gazette newspaper, and I was directed to your web site.

Rene' D
Formerly from Riviere du Loup
Now living in Lethbridge, Alberta

james coffin said...

we would like to thank Lew Stoddard for the great work he is doing on the site for the family. We are not on a witch hunt here we are all just trying to get my dads name cleared once and for all if there is anyone who can come forward with real information your indemnity will not be reveled if you wish. if you were a former police officer who seen anything that might help or a witness to some information that will help in some way or just a well informed person about the case. please please we are only trying to get the real truth out watch this site for more breaking news the Coffin family will be setting up a site to help people go to so you can sign a petition and we can get it off too Mr. Harper once again please come forward with any helpful information or you may e-mail Mr.Stoddard at again thank you for all who have come forward so far lets keep it coming in

Marie Coffin said...

Words cannot express how happy I am to be in contact with Jimmy. I'm Marie, Wilbert Coffin's sister.

I am so grateful for all the help I've had with my fundraisers. I could not have done this alone. It took me almost 4 months to knit the blanket that I'm selling tickets on. So far, I've sold about $700.00 of tickets. Isn't that wonderful! The money from my fundraisers will all go to AIDWYC. I thank God everyday for them looking into this case.

My brother was not a murderer. I think every day of his last walk to the gallows and the tears well up inside.

So I beg you all, if anyone has any information, no matter how small, please contact AIDWYC or Lew Stoddard.

My heartfelt thanks for all the support you are showing on the web site.

God bless you all.
Marie Coffin

james coffin said...

thank you so much Debbie this was posted july 28
Our entire family thanks you,and appreciates more than words your dedication and efforts to finding the truth about the murders of the three American hunters in the Gaspe, years ago. We also thank each and every encouraging reader. You have been blessing the hearts of my famiy members,more than you know.
We are a large family, and all four generations are carrying the deep pain of the loss of my Uncle Bill, to a gov't that would not take time to seek the truth,but was more interested in the American gov't on their back,and the tourism industry,etc. For those of you who have taken time to write your Member of Parliament, and who have signed the petition,(requesting a gov't review of the case), or who have circulated the petition in your area, we again say, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. The petition is still available,for anyone interested in signing it. Each signature counts. Justice for one helps ensure justice for all.
This is not about a case with cobwebs and dust that no one is effected by anymore. My Uncle Bill's case was important in the decision by Canada to abolish the death penalty...and today, those accused of a crime that would have warranted that penalty, are now imprisoned,rather than hung. And even today, there are still sadly those wrongly accused, suffering at the hands of the justice system. But they have a second chance. David Milgaard,and Stephen Truscott,their families and friends, and those of us who want to live in a country, where one can hope,and expect, to be treated with justice, are grateful.
The many citizens in our area of Gaspe, Quebec, both French and English ,who have come forth with information,and also shared memories of Uncle Bill's kindnesses to them or their family members, are making a big difference. So many, both French and English ,in our area, have shared their feeling that the Duplessis gov't was a very controlling, very,very corrupt gov't. They shared that they all felt,and still do, that my uncle was innocent,and tht they could not believe he was hung...they had all hoped and prayed ,like we did, up until the end, for justice, but it did not come. Many others across the country have written or phoned to say they are praying for Uncle Bill's name to be cleared,and the truth to finally be known. Now,hope that our family and friends and fellow citizens will be able to see that, is growing in our hearts.

Nephew said...

This is a request to our friends and neighbors in the U.S.A.
Anyone from Hollidaysberg or with knowledge of this case, please e-mail Lew Stoddard with any information you may have.
I am truly sorry for having to bring these memories back but it is important to all concerned that closure, to this issue, be done.
If the wrong person was executed, then there is a murderer or murderers that got off scott free.
We do not want to throw suspicion on anyone but only want to find release, for our loved ones, from the anguish that is now in the 4th generation of our family.
This matter will never go away by itself. The descendants of the Coffins will always remember and strive to have this terrible injustice resolved.
If you can remember your parents talking about this case, please, please, take time to contact them and pass any information on to Lew Stoddard.
My sincere thanks- Rick