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Again folks, I have to reach out to you once more for some very important information. This information is vital to establishing the true details of this case. This information will detail accessibility to the area by vehicle where the Lindsey and Claar murders took place in 1953.

It was the Crown's contention at the trial, that there was one way in, and one way out. I simply do not believe that, nor do I accept that. It would have been accepted as evidence that way at trial, chiefly because the defense lawyer, Raymond Maher, did an absolutely abhorrent job for his client, Wilbert Coffin, by not calling any witnesses for the defense.

It may be fifty two years since the trial, but facts do not erase with time. This is your chance to be the witness that never was, back in 1954 for Wilbert Coffin. I implore you to give this your utmost consideration. I ask you, if you had been Wilbert Coffin, would you not want folks to come forward for you? I suspect that I know the answer to that question.

It may be too late to bring Wilbert Coffin back, but I can assure you, it is not too late to come out of your corner swinging to clear his name. Good folks, Wilbert Coffin's family, some still living in the area, others who now live elsewhere, need and deserve some measure of closure to this affair. His son, James Coffin has been forced to endure a living Hell for all his life as a result of this. Folks like Marie, her sisters, nieces Debbie, Diane, Judy, and all their families, and the list goes on and on, have had to shoulder this in the community for too many years.

Trust me please, when I publicly ask your help here, I am serious. It has to happen today, it has to happen now. There simply is no tomorrow this time. This will be our final chance to stand and be counted. The crown built an uncontested case with bits and pieces of circumstantial testimony, much of it false and misleading. This is our chance to build a case that will throw their so called evidence and conviction into disarray. This case will be based on fact. This case will leave no question marks. Folks, it can be done. I cannot do it alone. I need your help.

All I ask is that, if you were perhaps a hunter, a woods worker, a sport fisherman, a hiker, or for whatever reason you are familiar with the woods in this crime area, I need to hear from you. If you have an elderly relative or friend still living who would have this information, I need to hear from you. As usual, my e-mail address is I am also asking that if you can supply me with this information, would you be willing to swear an affadavit to that effect. It would be a very simple procedure that would take only moments of your time. This part however, would not be necessary until a bit later, but it is vitally important that I have this to build the case.

Thank you so much for those who came forward with information a few days ago concerning the Jeep vehicle. I appreciate that a lot. It proves my theory that there are folks who are determined to bring this case to conclusion.

Lew Stoddard
Posted to site August 24, 2006


Bernice said...

Mr. Stoddard,

You Sir are to be commended for your efforts in this. I have read your site on this from start until where you have left off. You have to be firmly convinced in order to put that amount of time and energy into it.

I have nothing to offer, other than moral support, but you have convinced me of Mr. Coffin's innocence in this affair. Good luck to you Sir, and to all the Coffin family members.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Anonymous said...

Much time has passed. I sincerely hope there are those still alive who can help you on this one. Not an essy task, I am certain, but Good Luck.

C Holmes
Perth Andover, New Brunswick

B Theberge said...

Hello lew,

not good atthis typing but i will get my girl to help me tonightand will send you a e mail about the roads in thereyears ago.

i used to huntthere all time

thank you
B Theberge in Matapedia

Manuel Espardia said...

You have a very interesting and informative web site Sir. Found it from the Gazette paper in Montreal.

Manuel Espardia
Surrey, B C

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stoddard you should be a televangelist with a spiel such as that. You are good with words though, I will hand you that.

If you think for one minute that the government is going to overturn that conviction, dream on Sir.

Amherst, Nova Scotia

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stoddard you should be a televangelist with a spiel such as that. You are good with words though, I will hand you that.

If you think for one minute that the government is going to overturn that conviction, dream on Sir.

Amherst, Nova Scotia

M. Cote said...

Have been reading this site for some time, but I will say one thing. If you are as dedicated as you appear Mr. Stoddard, you are deserving for anyone with any knowledge of these crimes to come forward.

If the police of the day had shown as much determination and drive as you display, they would have solved this case back then in record time.

M. Cote

Bruce Allenby said...

Message to C M in Amherst, Nova Scotia.

It is sure good to know that one could count on you to help bail them out of a tough spot.

Mr. Stoddard has approached this matter in a very professional manner, and has not backed down under adversity.

Unfortunately nin com poops like you surface from time to time, not to constructively criticize, but to try and destroy what someone else has worked very hard for.

Obviously sir, your knowledge of Mr. Stoddard is questionable. As a matter of fact, you know just enough to show that you know nothing at all about him.

Bruce Allenby
Hamilton, Canada

dianepeter said...

Do you really believe in your heart that Canadians arew going to tolerate a gov't that condones the killing of innocent people. Those days are fading like a dream. Look at all the positive comments from others from accross Canada and around the world. Look at the cases of wrongfully convicted that are being overturned as we speak.
Sit back and be prepared to be amazed at God answering the prayers of many of the kind people who are speaking up in support of my uncle being declared innocent. Watch how truth will once again win..
diane Peter
Uncle Bill's Niece

dianepeter said...

arew = are

Sister said...

Would anyone who worked, or have a relative that worked, in the motels or restaurants etc. in Perce during Wilbert Coffin's trial,(at least officially it was called that), please come forward if you have anything to offer.
Sometimes a small item or picture, a name being mentioned, discarded notes or papers kept as a souvenir could turn out to be a huge help.
My family and I thank you for the comments and financial help given to my sister Marie.
After all the years it's great to be in touch withJimmy and ("WHO KNOWS")?! This time around might bring closure.
Bill's sister, Elsie

james coffin said...

hello everyone i would like to thank everyone who has come forward we are getting closer every day but there is still a lot that needs to come out so the Harper Government will have no choice but to address what is being put before them so to those of you who have not come forward yet please don't be afraid you are not on trial we are only trying to clear my dad's name so don't hesitate to come forward something that might be very small to you maybe very important something you may have reported to the police at the time but never came out in court this is the stuff we are looking to get out so please people with your help we can do it thank you again to all those who have helped and to the one who will be helping

Niece Debbie said...

I believe that someone has some very important knowledge regarding my Uncle Wilbert Coffin's case. I believe you are on edge, thinking about if you should come forth with the information or not. What would be the consequences, you are wondering. I will tell you.I hope it makes it a bit easier to come forth NOW with that vital information.
I want you to begin by imagining yourself, your father, your brother, your uncle or your friend in my Uncle Bill's shoes, for a moment. Try to think about what it would feel like to have helped someone in need...just because Uncle Bill was that kind of person...always helping a friend, neighbor, and the wayfarer along the way,going the extra mile,with a smile in his heart. Now think of having kindly,caringly gone out of his way to help hunters with transportation problems,and as a reward his kindness, to have been
because he was WRONGFULLY ACCUSED of being the last person to have seen the strangers he kindly helped. UNCLE BILL KNEW HE WAS NOT THE LAST ONE TO HAVE SEEN THE HUNTERS, since they WERE VERY MUCH ALIVE WHEN HE LAST SAW THEM!
In other words, HE was INNOCENT of the murders, but more than that, he was a kind hearted, caring person, so much so that folks fifty years later are still testifying to the kind deeds he did for them, their family member, or an acquaintance they know. As my family has gathered petitions, many wonderful people have been sharing their memories of Uncle Bill,with tears streaming down their faces,and ours. One woman,who washed the laundry at a local hotel, where my uncle was a chef, shared how Uncle Bill helped her and her fellow workers.. He saw the heavy baskets of linens the women struggled to carry,and he REGULARLY went out of his way to lift their loads for them! There was the woman, then a young girl, who told how she and her family moved here from the city...and missed their friends from their home. My uncle befriended them,and was so kind to the family,that when he died,she told us she could not get over it,though she was still very young...and that she was physically ill over his death. She told us that they had very few friends here, at first, but that my uncle helped her family, and even made a gorgeous cake to celebrate her Confirmation Service at the Church. One man told how Uncle Bill changed his fathers' tire for them when they were by the side of the road. Well over 3,000 people signed the petition to ask the government to do a ministerial review of my uncle's case...and so many of them told us wonderful ways that my uncle had helped them,or someone they knew. They all say my uncle was NOT A MURDERER. So many said not only was he innocent, but that he was not even capable of murder...he was too gentle,and kind they all say,a person who always looked out for his fellow man.. Think of prison, alone, and cold. Being denied contact with a lawyer,even a lawyer of your own choice,that you and your family requested,while you were in prison. Think of a lawyer going to see you and being denied access! These things my uncle Wilbert COFFIN suffered. Many,many friends and acquaintances of my uncle's told how their entire family had stayed up praying late into the night, for him to be released. They prayed until the second he died,and then wept in anguish,together as families. Some children were awakened from their sleep, we were told, by their parents. The children were told to sit up, and pay attention, because THEIR PARENTS TOLD THEM THEY DID NOT WANT THEM TO EVER FORGET THE NIGHT AN INNOCENT MAN WAS HUNG IN CANADA FOR MURDERS HE DID NOT DO. Uncle Bill, we have been told was so kind that he would literally give the shirt off his back if anyone needed it. Think of being innnocent, and being arrested for murder anyway.
Now think of being questioned for over two weeks, under bright lights, in a jail,and having your head yanked up, each time you fell asleep...of being asked the same question repeatedly, for two weeks, without sleep..being asked if you committed murder,again,and again. Think of answering NO,I DID NOT!!! I HELPED THOSE MEN!!! THEY WERE ALIVE WHEN LAST I SAW THEM, I DROVE THEM OUT TO GET AN AUTO PART, DROVE THEM OUT OF OF THE WOODS ABOUT 60 MILES EACH WAY. I HELPED THEM, I TELL YOU. I DID NOT HURT THEM, I HELPED THEM!!! Think of being INNOCENT yet asked anyway, again and again, if you committed murder, by the police,in a jail cell, with no evidence whatsoever against you. Think of being accused of murder anyway, of being assigned a lawyer who did not even allow you to speak in your own defense,and who did not defend you..who when he had the chance to speak up to free you from the mindboggling accusation of murder, knowing there was no evidence against you, simply stated , " The defense rests" "THE DEFENSE RESTS!!!" My uncle's pleas to be able to speak in his own defense the lawyer ignored completely, the witnesses who
longed to defend my uncle were ignored. Think of his having so much evidence to defend himself, not just his own honest,alibis,that could be proven, but those of many,many fellow citizens,and also strangers from out of town. Think of that, and then think of prison for long,long months, over a period of several years. So many more horrendous things, that I cannot mention yet, due to the impending invesitgation,we hope will occur,and clear my dearly loved Uncle Wilbert Coffin's name! Think of believing in your government as being just,and one to defend its citizens. Think of having defended your country in WW2, then coming home, and being given NO DEFENSE yourself,when falsely accused of murder. Uncle Bill fought overseas to defend this country, to defend you and me. Then,when he needed defense himself, from FALSE ACCUSATIONS, in court, HE WAS DENIED DEFENSE. The horror we have learned about what happened to my Uncle Wilbert Coffin, keep our hearts broken,has caused each of all 4 generations of our family deep pain,keep us awake at night, keep us pleading for your help.
THINK of my caring,helpful Uncle Wilbert Coffin, sitting in prison, knowing he was innocent, praying to be set free, for the real criminals to be brought to justice. Picture Uncle Bill sitting there in prison,wondering how his son was doing,and his son's mother, and his own mother and father,and family. Think of a free spirited person, locked up in a small concrete room, with no sunshine, or Gaspe skies,or woods to roam....wrongfully imprisoned,and wrongfully accused,with no one coming to his defense. No one to end the nightmare that had taken over his life and the life of his entire family. Think of walking to the gallows, innocent of murder, but knowing you were going to be hung, HUNG...yet praying for a miracle to stop the nightmare at the last second. Think of walking to the gallows, leaving behind your young son, whom you cherished, your son's mother who was the love of your life, your parents, extended family, with no one by your side. knowing the pain your family was in,and not being able to speak to them, to even see them....just had to walk alone, to be killed...for something you did not do. Think of that,and think of realizing you had been railroaded by your own gov't, to die for MURDER,that you were not capable of doing,knew nothing about,and had truthful alibis to back you up. Being ignored,and HUNG anyway.
Think now, of family and friends and acquaintances left behind. Think of parents in the deepest grief possible, siblings with their hearts ripped out,and their minds boggled in horror and disbelief...their hearts all broken,in a way no adequate words could do justice with. Think of that agony, that excruciating pain. Then think of my uncle's son,and his son's mother.
Think of his son growing up without his Dad. Think of Uncle Bill knowing his son would be without a Dad to defend him,to protect him,to be with him for the things only a son and Dad share, Think of his son today,and his family, of our family,all still in deep pain,grief, sorrow, sadness.
SOMEONE has information vital to clearing my Uncle Wilbert Coffin's name. Someone is remembering things, someone knows more details.Put yourself in my Uncle's shoes, his son's shoes. PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT DELAY, COME FORWARD now. The consequences of your coming forth with that information will be that my uncle's son, James Coffin, my Uncle Wilbert Coffin's siblings,and their families, and extended families, and his friends will finally be able to have a balm for the deepest kind of grief and sorrow,and pain. You will have helped make our provincial and federal government more just, more honest, more careful to be sure that when they accuse someone of murder,that they have not made a mistake. You will have done a service there are no adequate words of thanks for...but that our hearts are hoping, praying,pleading you will do NOW. AND for you, maybe the best gift will be a clear conscience for having done the right thing, the decent thing...helping to clear an innocent man's name. This was very lengthy, but it has poured out of my heart...and there is so much, so much,much more bottled up. HTis is lengthy, took several minutes to read, maybe, but this is not as long as the 50 years our family has hoped and prayed and hurt and hoped for justice...please help...TODAY. May God bless you. niece, Debbie

Anonymous said...

I am so glad about this website it shows my family that people do care in the world .It has brought my family closer and has brought a cousin back My mother and all of us just want to see justice done and peace brought to our family. If anyone out there knew my Uncle Bill they would know that he was uncapable of this just like anyone in his family. I just hope if anyone has any info that they will bring it forward thank you and God Bless niece Anne

Anonymous said...

Mr Stoddard,
Sir,I have read you Blog and comments since I was sent a link to it,I am not good at writing so I just wanted to let you know I personally think you are trying to do something wonderful in helping the Coffin family and I think all Canadians needs to see this and take a stand and try to get th egovernment to do the right thing for the Coffin Family.Also I told my mother about reading this and she said she remembers it being in the news and how at 13years old that she could not understand how a innocent man was hung in her eyes and mine we think thats is murdered for something he did not do.I prayer that the Coffin Family gets the justice that is needed in this.


Colin Bradshaw said...

I am hoping there are enough people are there still alive with recollections of events back then, and at the same time be willing to come forward. Definitely that is what it is going to take.

I will say this for you, thus far since you embarked upon this journey, you have created a large following. That speaks well for your endeavors and your dedication. I wish you well Mr. Stoddard.

Colin Bradshaw
Barrie, Ontario

Anonymous said...

Please keep up the good work you are doing. To the Coffin Family,God Bless you all.

Message to C M Amherst, Nova Scotia
As a Canadian I believe our government should do whats right.If i was to go on trial for something I never did sir/madame I would not want you there or on any jury because I believe you would not be good as one of the jury.

Maria S said...

So often one hears someone say, "I wish I had said something about this or that in life."

Here is your chance people, speak up before it is too late. The clock is ticking. The Coffin family need your support. This is a great web site Mr. Stoddard.

Maria S

Dwight C said...

Just looked in at the site. I just arrived back in Kamloops after having been away. I see the support is growing. Looks good Lew Stoddard. Good luck Coffin clan.

Dwight Cameron

Bob and Carolyn said...

Lew Stoddard,

Lew I heard earlier today that you are not feeling well. I have been away so was not aware, but my wife and I are thinking of you. Keep up the spirit, you are doing a great job on this thing. Carolyn just told me to tell you to keep that smile on your face, and you will be ok.

Reading back, I see where James Coffin is alive and well. That is good, you were trying to reach out to him some time back. You are making much headway and progress. Hang in there Lew.

Bob and Carolyn
Point Roberts, Washington

Lew Stoddard said...

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note. A number of folks have made reference to my health in the past while. Just to let you know, just a minor bump in the road. You know. . . those pesky summertime colds, and flu etc. I always manage to attract them all.

The important thing that I want to say is how much I appreciate the support on the web site. With words of encouragement such as I see on here, we will come out on top with this thing. Many of you good folks have come forth and conveyed to me information regarding this matter. I apologize for the delay in my story, however, it has been necessary whilst I gathered information on a few things. I do promise though, there will be a new posting of the story on Wednesday, August 29.

Again, Thank you one and all. I could not do it without you.

Lew Stoddard

james coffin said...

thank you Mr. Stoddard for helping bring to the public what my family has known for years that my dad was innocent not only that but you have helped bring our family closer i am also looking forward too meeting you in person soon keep up the good work i'm glade to hear you are over the cold or flu take it easy we all need you to be there when the my dad's name is cleared

again thank you

C T said...

If the feeling has been this strong in Canada over the years of Wilbert Coffin's innocence, and by the comments that I am reading it has been, then surely, the American families must also have had their doubts.

I do not know how they could feel that justice had been served.

Woodstock, New Brunswick

Anonymous said...

prosecuted then you would probably not look any further as is the case with many wrongfully accused.
It is only when the wrongfully accused can fight back or in this case have family members and people like Mr. Stoddard do the fighting to prove their innocence and do, that people starting looking elsewhere for the guilty party.

I think it goes without saying that there has been many wrongfully accused over the years that have served time while the guilty parties walked free. Meanwhile the victims felt that justice had beed served.

Anonymous said...

If you were lead to believe that the quilty party had been prosecuted. **

( Missing from the begining of previous post.)

Christine Aspinall said...

Message to James Coffin -

Dear Jim,

We are all delighted to know that you have been reunited with your family after so many years.

All credit must go to Lew for this amazing turn of events, as it was due to his website that you were able to make initial contact.

He has shown great dedication in wanting to ensure that justice is done in this case and through his untiring efforts has been able to tell the true facts of this case through his website.

With all due respect to Lew, might I mention Alton's contribution for doing the 'groundwork' in the initial stages of trying to clear your father's name.

He has spent over twenty years doggedly pursuing every possible lead in this case, has travelled extensively (to and from Pennsylvania a couple of times and once to B.C.) to interview people and has made hundreds of phone calls over the years to government officials, both Federal and Provincial, as well as other individuals.

He has spent thousands of dollars out of his own pocket in order to obtain copies of pertinent documents concerning the case and in self-publishing his book, 'To Build A Noose' in both the English and French languages.

He has also been a source of inspiration and unfailing support to Marie and the Coffin family throughout the years when they were discouraged and without much hope.

He is still vitally involved and is always working in the background to help in any way that he can.

Alton does not have a computer, but am certain that he would very much enjoy hearing from you sometime, or you could drop him a line through me at my e-mail address.

As he and Lew are in contact almost every day, Lew will be able to give you Alton's phone number and also my e-mail address if you so wish.

With the continued support and perserverance of Lew, you and your family, Alton and all the other people who believe in true justice, a satisfactory closure to this Canadian travesty should not be far away.

Blessings, Christine
Richmond, Qc.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Its Holly, the Grand neice from Moncton.Isn't it just amazing how much support there is, not only in Canada but ALL over the world. With so much support and how the information highway is today we are on the verge of something big. I can feel it in my heart that Uncle Bills name is going to be cleared. It is just a matter of time.
maybe I'm too emotional, but every time i read these comments i can feel the tears comming. The good ones and even the bad comments have an effect on us. I wasn't even born at the time of this horrific mistake, but when i see the pain that MY family has gone through ( i like to think we are a big close net family)i feel that pain, because it is real...
It really did happen, and not to somebody elses family, not like in the movies , not some place far away, but right here in Canada, in real life and to my family.........
As i have said in earlier comments, we know he is innocent and: One day we will all be reunited in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Holly LeQuesne
Moncton New Brunswick

Anonymous said...

Lew there is something marvellous about the truth,and it is unfolding here. My breath is held and my eyes filled as I read the comments each day,regarding this case. A nation taking a stand, for the truth,and for justice,is a wonderful thing to be a part of. Justice for one ensures justice for all.

Darren M said...

Mr. Stoddard I am not saying here that I don't agree with you in wanting to clear this thing up. I just am of the opinion, is it really worth what this is all going to cost, not only in the dollars concerned, but the time and resources involved?

Is not acknowledging the fact that a very terrible thing occured in this case, sufficient to ensure that it never happen again? You can't bring the man back to life, nor can you undo what was done to take his life. So, why not leave it where it is?

Darren M