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As you are aware, it becomes necessary occasionally to halt the story for a day or so in order to announce pertinent facts and announcements, with reference to the Wilbert Coffin Case. This is another of those times. As I have told you in the past, The Association In Defense Of The Wrongly Convicted (AIDWYC) have agreed to provide the legal assistance necessary to present arguments in favor of a review of the Wilbert Coffin case.

Please take note that Elisabeth Widner will be in the Gaspe' region on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 12th and the 13th on a fact finding mission, and talking with folks who may have information pertinent to the case. If you would like to speak with Elisabeth, she would be most pleased to hear from you. If you wish to speak and remain anonymous, rest assured, you will be accommodated.

You can arrange to speak with Elisabeth through this site, or alternately, you may reach Cynthia Patterson. The e-mail addresses are provided below for your convenience.

Thank you so much for your consideration, and as I have said many times in the past, if we all work together as a team, this case will get sorted out.

Lew Stoddard
posted to site September 11, 2006


Nephew said...

Hi everyone. So many heart felt thanks go out to all the people who have stepped out to help the family and all the kind sentiments from like minded people.
This may be the last chance to come forward to help put this injustice to rest. Every little bit of information adds up and may be a key to solving this puzzle.
The Federal Government was very sensitive to the Duplessis regime and, at the same time that Uncle Bill's appeal was being dealt with, there was another case that was going to be appealed that dealt with the extradition treaty between Canada and the United States.
Both of these appeals were going against the Qebec court's decisions. Very delicate indeed.
Please bring forward any information that you or your relatives, parents, etc. may have.
Thanks so much - Rick

Nephew said...

excuse spelling

Kim, niece said...

I have been following Mr. Stoddard’s blog for a few months now getting caught up on everything that has been written on the site regarding the Coffin Case, listened to my family talk about it. So much to be said, it’s difficult to know where to start, so I’ve not posted anything, but for my mother, for the family, for Uncle Wilbert I’m going to try now to put my thoughts in some sort of order. After all this time, it is amazingly….nice, and that doesn’t even begin to cover it, to hear the hope in everyone’s voice that this time, FINALLY, this horrible wrong will be corrected, and Uncle Wilbert’s name will be cleared. That the family can find some measure of peace knowing all their prayers, their dreams, their hopes that this day would come are becoming a reality and all the hard work everyone is doing is going to bring the justice that was denied 50 years ago.
The kind words, the small gestures from total strangers, the encouragement and support the family has received from so many is very appreciated. For so long the family kept their deepest wishes silent, talking about this in only hushed tones but now finally we are speaking out as one voice, drawing on the extraordinary strength this family possesses, united in our goal to, at long last, put things right. Simply put, it is time, and we thank everyone for their support, kind words and most especially for any and all information. No matter how insignificant you may think it is please, PLEASE share what you know, it may be the one thing that is needed to make the difference, that one last puzzle piece that’s needed.
Thank you to Mr. Stoddard for all his hard work as well as everyone else that is working tirelessly with the family to make this happen.

dianepeter said...

My dear fellow canadians
>please forgive me for my verbal temper tantrums. i
>am still reeling from the volume and intensity of the
>anger i feel inside and hope you will forgive me .
>Maybe if i can share how this has been building inside
>for a very very long time you will be able to
>understand the anger a bit.
>As you all know 53 years ago a saga that was to rip
>through the 3 families of the murder victums was
>unfolding that plunged THEM and their descendants and
>family members into a MALESTROM that has not ceased
>till this day. In addition it has dragged countless
>bystanders in.
>I want to share a little OF what it has been like for me
>over the years. I remember the first time i heard
>about my Uncle I was 9. My mother came to me with a
>look I had never seen on her face before and handed me
>a book by Jacques Hebert called I accuse the ASSASSINS
>of Coffin. She told me to read it and that it was
>about her brother, my uncle. Pain was etched in her
>face and her eyes held tears. You know it was amazing
>to see the tears dry up though, as her eyes took on a
>glazed look- as joy and light faded from them -as she
>said in a very strange voice, that if I had any
>questions she would answer them after i had finished
>reading them. It was a very distant voice almost
>like that of a robot, almost void of emotion. I read
>the book and although I finished reading it I never
>asked my mom any questions, because I did not want to
>ever cause that look of pain in her again. Yet over
>the years I cannot tell you how many times I have seen
>it. Every time Uncle Bill's case comes before the
>govt . Everytime another clue comes out that may have
>saved him. Everytime someone tries to imply he did
>it or does not deserve to have his name cleared. You
>know what, I am getting tired of her not having relief.
>Who is this woman. It is Marie Stewart (coffin) you
>all know her she is the lady fighting tears at the
>table because she is overwhelmed by the support we are
>getting for hopefully getting Uncle Bill's name
>cleared. you know her as the woman knitting one more
>stitch for you Bill one more stitch for you so she can
>sell tickets to raise money to clear his name. You
>know her as the lady running through the woods picking
>one more berry for you Bill one more berry for you to
>sell to help clear his name. You know her as the lady
>baking day and night to raise money to clear uncle
>Bill's name saying one more cookie for you Bill one
>more cookie for you. What you don't know is she is
>the lady who always found room for one more at the
>table for supper or lunch or breakfast depending on
>when you came. She is the lady who always had room
>for one or two or three or dozens of the neighbors
>kids and time night or day, cookies for all of course.
>She is the lady who had one extra bed for that
>foreigner who happened to come to town when she
>thought it was too cold for them to camp at camp
>grounds. She is the lady who donated hours to help
>any and all she saw needing it. Yet never once saying
>anything back at any of the mean comments that yes she
>has had to face over the years and here on the
>website. She just smiles and says it's ok just smile
>it will go away. and you know what she keeps on and
>on and on and does what has to be done. I do not know
>why or how, but she does. But you know something this
>year is something so special. All the people out
>there that are coming forward to say Hi marie we love
>you and support you has done something new to my
>mothers eyes. The light is starting to stay in them
>even if mean things are said. She has hope. So
>please people keep the letters coming to this sweet
>lady and send your letters to the gov't letting them
>know you think she has had enough and it is time to
>clear Uncle Bill's name the right way. Tell them to
>do what AIDWYC wants them to do, to the last dot. No
>more snow jobs or cover ups . Tell them you want to
>see them come clean. AIDWYC's and Lew's contact info is available,as
>may know, through Lew's postings on this site, (should you wish to
>info to help us keep clear Uncle Bills name.).
>And I apologize in advance if I have a temper tantrum
>again, but cannot promise I will not if anyone else
>dares to INSINUATE that my mom is after their money, or THAT OUR
>that Uncle Bill's name should just be left in the
>trash. Touch my mom again and i can make no promises
>not to fight back for her. I Will.
uncle bill's niece

Anonymous said...

this is to comment on my sister's comment and to again come and ask if anyone has any info please speak up now is the time. Like my sister said we all stick together and my mom has had enough hurt and pain. She needs to see all your comments and support.AIDWYC is in Gaspe now if anyone has any information please talk to them.Like it has been said our family has been through 53 years of pain and it is time that it comes to a end. GOD BLESS and thank-you

Anonymous said...

To the Coffin family
We all really sympathize with you and can feel how deeply this has affected your family over many years however I think I have to say this ( and I don't mean to cause you any pain or criticize you at all) but this site needs to be used to bring evidence about the wrong that was being done to Mr Coffin and to bring to light things that happened to show why he was set up to be the fall guy. right now it looks like this site has become a place to repeatedly tell us of your pain we know about it now so let's try and deal with the issues around this and tell Canada how bad it was. we do feel for you but we want to read about the case. thank you

Kim, niece said...

To really feel for us but want to read about the case?????? this is about the case..the pain it has caused my mom, her siblings, the entire family is very real and very much a part of this whole agonizing case.....the unending pain this family has dealt with is at the heart of this "snowball" that is rolling steadily towards the justice that was denied so many years ago. Yes, there is absolutely no doubt that this is definitely about dealing with the issues surrounding the case, about uncovering any and all evidence in order to bring the long overdue justice, and it is what the entire family is working towards with the help and support of Mr. Stoddard, AIDWYK and the countless number that have come forward with any information or even to speak a kind word of encouragement. And the entire family wants to know, wants to hear just as much as everyone reading on the site, about any new information any new developments. We are united in our desire to see things put right. However, you cannot ignore or brush under the carpet the anger, the hurt, the anguish, the sorrow and incredible loss that my family has dealt with and still deals with on a daily basis...and you have to understand the years of silent suffering where it was NOT ok to talk about it, to release some of it to share it…..and understand how it feels to have an outlet, have someone say it is OK to talk about it, to share your feelings about it, to express the anger and sorrow and whatever other emotion you may have about it. Understand how amazingly good it feels to look into my mothers eyes when the conversation turns to Uncle Bill and see the hope shining from them instead of a “bring you to your knees” agony. That hope is shining in the eyes of the whole family…a family united in their goal, determined that this time things are NOT going to be brushed under the carpet, our voice WILL be heard and we won’t stop until we have achieved our goal! We appreciate beyond words the positive words, and encouragement, the information that people are coming forward with and thank everyone for their support and kind words and refuse to let any negativity diminish the hope shining in our eyes

Christine Aspinall said...

-- Some very good news!

Just this morning Alton received a phone call from a lawyer at the Criminal Conviction Review Group in Ottawa. He said that shortly they will be starting to review the Coffin dossier. He also stated that they will be working with the lawyers from the Association in Defense of the Wrongly Convicted in Toronto. - So the ball is rolling!

This is 'where the buck stops' - with the Government. They are the ones who have to be convinced and they are the only ones who can legally clear Wilbert Coffin's name.

With these two powerful groups involved, it is to be hoped that the truth of this case will be revealed and proper justice will be done - finally!

Many thanks, Christine

Nephew said...

Yes they are looking at the case but believe me, that is a long way from anything happening.
The family has been down this road before and hit a brick wall.
The only way that there will be a solution is if everyone who has any knowledge about anything to do with this case must get a hold of Lew or the lawyers.
Now is the time. Please check with all your relatives and friends if they can help.
It will be the collective work of everyone that will end this travesty.
Thank you all - Rick

Anonymous said...

Quite an emotional site of late. Trust me, I can understand why. This situation ripped at the heart of a family and changed lives for countless people. Countless people.

I don't know how to say this without effecting a storm of emotions from those who loved Mr. Coffin--know that I COMPLETELY support this battle, and COMPLETELY believe that Mr. Coffin was innocent. Absolutely and completely. This site is discussing, literally, life and death. How can we get any closer to the heart of humanity?? We can't. And this makes me understand the storm of emotions.

There seems to be a growing number of committed readers who read this site. Many have indicated that they had lacked knowledge prior to beginning to know the facts and/or have been swayed as Mr. Stoddard has slowly revealed the facts. It is FACTS that are ultimately going to clear Mr. Coffin's name.

We have to let the facts speak for themselves. Anyone who is aware of the facts and the history surrounding this story need to trust that the truth will indeed set you and your family free.

Yes, there are those who may not yet be in agreement that Mr. Coffin was not guilty. However, the mere fact that they are reading this site and placing comments on it seems to indicate that they are engaged and thinking about the facts that are being presented. We need to find solace in is only by learning and thinking that people will change their minds.

It is clear that those who love the Coffin's are strong, passionate, committed people. That is admirable. Please, please trust that there are many, many, many people on your side now. Countless!

Can we acknowledge the terrible injustice, the horrible and deep emotional scars, and at the same time have the courage to reach beyond to trust the facts?

The truth (facts) are going to set you free.

Christine said...

Hi Rick!

Believe me, we are all working on this behind the scenes and have been for years! Alton has been at this for over twenty years and over this period of time he has contacted just about every justice minister, prime minister and whoever else who might be of some help, as well as writing his book 'To Build A Noose', which has been sent to many government officials and other interested parties.

Absolutely agree that any other information, even though seemingly unimportant, will help to put the pieces of the puzzle together, so that the truth about the real killer can be brought to light.

As ever, Christine

Anne Blake said...

dear anonymous thank you for your kind words and believe me this time the truth will come out.I hope all the supporters out there will keep reading and our voices will be heard. We have to do it for Jimmy and Uncle Wilbert and for My mom and her sisters. Thank you all Niece Anne

Anne Blake nee Stewart said...

This is to Christine and Alton I also want to say a special thank-you to both of you for all the support and research you have done for the family. Anne

Lew Stoddard said...

Hello Everyone,

I do not often comment here, however, I will take the opportunity, firstly to thank all of you who have, and do make the site successful. It is a forum whereby we can have an interchange of ideas and a knowledge base of what is happening with reference to the case.

It is important here to understand that just because the government has stated that it is looking at the case, this should not be construed as success. Success will only be achieved, when one day down the road we are advised that the government review is complete, and the findings are that the original proceedings have been overturned, and Wilbert Coffin is now exonerated.

Think of it this way, if we were playing a game of baseball, we are on first base. There is still a lot of work to do before we slide across home plate.

What does all this mean? It means simply this. We can ill afford to sit back and let down our defense. We have to carry on as usual. We have to gather information, and we have to continue encouraging folks to come forward with facts pertinent to the case.

Reflecting on what we have done in the past and the mountains that we have climbed will not do it.

Clearly and simply, success will come with a combination of our good works of the past, combined with what we are going to do in the future. On a daily basis there are things happening. Some of them, because of sensitivity to the case, I simply cannot discuss publicly as yet. I am certain that you understand that.

Just before I move on, I have something that I will share with you. You will note that I get a number of references to my health situation. I thank you one and all for your concern. I received four e-mails today on the subject, and have decided the time was right to let everyone know what is happening. I was diagnosed six weeks back with Leukemia, and at present, my situation is responding well to chemotherapy treatments. Ok, now we all know, lets move on and let this thing pick up some steam, and bring closure to this affair in the positive way that Canadians want.

Again folks, thanks a lot for all your help thus far. It is through your genuine dedication and desire that has made it possible to get this thing, this far. I could never do it without you. I love you all, even those folks who "encourage" me to respond once in awhile.

Lew Stoddard

D and S Taggert said...

Mr. Stoddard,

Thank you for sharing that with your readers. Our thoughts are with you. I know that you will crack this case, we have told you that before. I can see that the Coffin family are so pleased to have you doing the work that you are on this case.

Dave and I have nothing to offer toward the case other than words os encouragement.

D and S Taggert
Kamloops, B C

Warren Sellick said...

Hey Old Buddy,

You might have had to slow down a tad but I will say one thing. Out there somewhere there is a person or persons who committed a vicious crime in Gaspe years ago. This is a warning to them, don't start to feel too comfortable as lew is coming to take you away. Keep it up buddy, have read your site for ages. I don't know you, but I know you have a desire for the truth,that is good.

Warren Sellick
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Sadie M said...

Message to Everyone,

I just sent Mr. Stoddard an e-mail from here in Yellowknife. I am sharing a bit of information with him that may help the light of evidence flicker a bit brighter. I urge all of you to do the same. If you know something, if you heard something, or if a family member knows something, it takes but a moment to click on the word "e-mail" and send a note.

Mr. Stoddard needs your help, and the Coffin family needs his help. It is a team effort.

Thank you Lew for boldly telling everyone of your health situation. You will climb that mountain as well.

Sadie M
Yellowknife, NWT

Willard said...

Just read your story today for the first time, although was aware of it sometime back. You Sir, are a good writer. It is well put together.

I encourage all the Coffin clan to stand tall. I feel this will all play out in your favor very soon.

Maple Creek, Saskatchewan

Bruce Wagner said...

Lew Stoddard,

Hang in there. Do what the doctor says. Swallow the medecine even if it tastes bad.

Looks like you are making progress with the Coffin case. That is good. I know the man was not guilty. Hit the politicians hard on this. You know how to do that. I remember vthe old days of your show.

Bruce Wagner
Surrey, BC

Mary and Tom M said...

Hey Lew,

Just a note to let you know we are thinking of you here in Newfoundland. The medical thing is a tough call I know, but you will leave that behind, just the same way that you will be successful in getting the results that everyone wants in the Wilbert Coffin case.

Mary and Tom M
St. Johns, Newfoundland

A Neice from Gaspes' Homeland said...

Hello All,

Great News about the Government, But lest us not forget that the Government will be investigating themselves once more.

Although great changes have been made since 1953 till now, and that we are a more out spoken bunch, as well we have a little easier time admitting our errs. We have to consider that we are not asking the Government to investigate and admit that they lost a few papers in the past, or put a few dollars in their own pockets. We are asking the Government to investigate themselves for Murder!

I know it is blunt, and some will same that my comment is way out of line. But let's be honest with ourselves. We are trying to prove that Mr. Wilbert Coffin, was chosen to be the killer from the beginning, that an innocent man was treated with cruelty that most of us born after the 50's really can not comprehend. And since we will eventually find all the facts of this because our Mr. Stoddard is taking these facts from transcripts. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that these transcripts are court transcripts, which is controlled by our governments. Now, they can not deny their authenticness, Can they? Once these facts are fully uncovered and brought out to the public by a government investigation, We will come to the same end result. Mr. Coffin was hung, his live ended by the governments hand. Now in our system of law, We call this Murder in the First Degree, Remember please that this was planned and executed.

Now incase any thinks that We should sit back now and relax, because the government has now promised an investigation I would like you to see it in this daylight:

Lets make a scenerio, One of us have been accused of murder, We are now asked to please investigate our own case, and prove that we are guilty. Most of us would say "Hum, Seems like there is something drasically wrong with this picture" Are we really capable of truly finding ourselves guilty, is it not just a little crazy. It is our natural instinct to protect ourselves from harm. Well folks, even though the government has changed and different people are in place, one fact still remains. It is fact that the Government will definetly want to save face, and yes, for sure there will be true people politians that will want to push as hard as we are for justice, But there are somethings that never change, and that is scandals, passing the buck, elections, and money!

Please do not take me as a tirent against Government, because I do not stand for that at all. My point is this: 51 years have passed since an innocent man was tortured and sent to his death. In those 51 years the case has not yet been reopened or has it been solved. Please everyone, it is more important now than ever to keep supporting this cause. Keep asking relatives, Keep asking friends, Keep asking neighbors, and Mostly if anyone out there knows anything to help Mr. Stoddard with more information, Now is really the time. We together can not only uphold the reopening of this case, but hopefully have enough evidence that the actual truth will come out and OUR case will be a Open and Closed case proving without a doubt that Mr. Wilbert Coffin was guilty only of one thing: Being honest to himself.

Mr. Stoddard:

Strength is in our hearts and souls, and from your perseverence in what you believe in, I am sure you can endure all roadblocks that come your way. God Bless


Kim, Niece said...

To a niece from Gaspe's homeland.....I don't recognize your name...who's daughter are you?

Christine Aspinall said...

Just for general information -

The Association in Defense of the Wrongly Convicted is not a government organization.

It was formed some years ago by Ruben Hurricane Carter, the boxer who was wrongly convicted and who spent many years in jail. (There was a movie made of his case which some of you might have seen).

After numerous conversations with Win Wahrer and other members of this group, they were finally convinced that this was indeed a major case of gross injustice that had to be dealt with.

Once 'AIDWYC' were 'on board', plus pressure on the government (petitions, etc.) by Cynthia Patterson, members of the Coffin family and others involved from the Gaspe area, the Criminal Conviction Review Group started to 'listen up'.

This is the very first time in 50 years that any serious consideration has been given to a review of this case.

The alleged killer's name is known in the Gaspe area and elsewhere, but cannot, obviously, be divulged at this time.

As requested, any scrap of information may be of importance in 'fleshing out' 'AIDWYC's' review and in proving Wilbert Coffin's innocence.

Special thanks to you Anne, for your nice comment. I shall pass along your message to Alton.
As ever, Christine

D Pitney, Sherbrooke, Eastern Townships Region said...

Hey whoever Christine is! and to Alton Price as well!

Are you trying to become the official spokesperson for this AIDWIC group. I think that people are quite aware, and have the same resources as you do, namely a computer, and can figure out who AIDWYC is and what the organization stands for.

Get into the real world my friend, I have read your book, along with the others, and quite frankly none of you tell us anything that we don't already know.

All of you looked at the case purely as a "money making scheme" with your books. I don't want to hear all the crap rehashed. I want to see what is happening in the real world of today on this case and this site is providing that. I know for a fact that there are things being uncovered today that none of you from the past even came close to, so what I am saying is this, forget the past, and work with the future.

The tone of your messages here seems to indicate that the real answers lay with you Mr. Price, and your ghost writer Christine. If that is the case, then why in Hell did you not solve the case Mr. Price. You have had 20 years to do it. I have learned more on this site in 5 months than I learned in the past 20 years from all the books published so far. It is good to see the information finally coming out with a truth agenda, rather than a money making scheme called a book.

David Pitney
Sherbrooke, Eastern Townships Region

L. Baker said...

Last week I read a posting on the web site where a reader of the site had posted a note that she was visiting Gaspé and learned of the Wilbert Coffin case. She was intrigued and purchased a copy of the book “ To Build a Noose.” Once again my heart did a little flip as I knew she would come to Chapter 19 titled “ The Execution of Wilbert Coffin and The Sudden Death of Billy Baker.” Since this book is the one that people buy today feeling that they will learn the true facts of the Coffin case, it is time I addressed the contents of Chapter 19. It is so important that what is written on this case is factual, not insinuation and speculation. Let me start by saying that there was no ‘ Billy Baker’. To my knowledge my Uncle Bill was known as Bill to all. The term ‘ Billy Baker ‘ seems to be used to create a “ Billy the Kid ‘ personality! Secondly, Bill Baker died at the age of 46, not 42, and he was not ‘ in his bar’, but in his bathroom, which adjoined his bedroom, when he died. Discussing Uncle Bill’s official cause of death which was a heart attack, the author went on to say that “There are those who do not agree with the official report , and these people are in a position to know the truth. One of these people stated empathetically that Billy Baker shot himself with a 22 rifle. His body was exposed with no indication of a bullet wound: however, a bullet to the heart would very likely have brought on a massive heart attack and the wound would not have been visible.” I would have appreciated the author naming the source of this erroneous information!
The person who was truly ‘ in a position to know ‘ was Uncle Bill’s daughter who was in the room the night her dad died. There was NO gun! There was NO blood ! Uncle Bill died of a heart attack possibly triggered by a change in medication for a pre- existing heart condition. The Baker family refused an autopsy as they did not want the family doctor to be faced with the same torment they were living, with reporters hungry to jump on anyone with any supposed connection to the case. They felt that the doctor would be questioned about prescribing medication that may have triggered Uncle Bill’s attack and subsequent death. As was the case for our Baker family, the doctor would then find himself involved in a case that had absolutely nothing to do with him. We cared too much about the reputation of this wonderful family doctor to have him face the same horror our family was living.
The author then goes on to describe some ‘ entertaining stories ‘ about my Uncle Bill. I can only speculate that he wrote this part of the chapter to support his “ Billy, the Kid’ character descriptions for my Uncle Bill, as his stories of ' Billy Baker' have no bearing on the case. The author continues “After Baker’s death, his name became known through the media.” This much is true, and, still today, I read article after article describing my Uncle Bill as a person who was involved and ‘ may even have pulled the trigger” ( on the hunters.)
I could go on and on about my Uncle Bill, a man cherished by his family. He was a man who snuggled in with his daughter to read her bedtime stories. He was a man who took us sleigh riding down many hills and always joined in, a man who sang Irish songs with tears in his eyes. He was a man who was generous to his family and friends, adored by his wife, a teaser, a jokster, and, yes, occasionally, with too much drink, he was rude and his pranks got out of hand. He was a true friend to Wilbert Coffin.

Two weeks ago, I met with two of Uncle Bill’s children. They had tried to put the events of the 1950’s behind them. That night I read them Chapter 19 of this book. Uncle Bill’s daughter was in tears. Uncle Bill’s son was very angry. They, of course, knew the true Bill Baker, and they, of course, knew the true story. Bill Baker’s daughter said it all when she said to Lew Stoddard “ My family was never the same!”
So, please, when you buy a book on the subject and read it, do it with a measure of caution, not as the gospel truth. It is only through the kind of investigative journalism such as Lew is doing…..where we deal only with supported facts…that the truth will be presented, and used to help clear the name of an innocent man, Wilbert Coffin.

Marie D said...

Ghost Riders In The Sky. . . sorry, I meant Ghost WRITERS In The Sky. I notice that any reference made by Mr. Price, the authors name always comes across as Christine. Did Christine also ghost write the "To Build A Noose" book.

The commenter, Mr. Pitney was correct, you had years and years to solve the crime Mr. Price, Canada still awaits, so don't knock what someone else is trying to do.

Marie Ducharme
Trois Riviere, Quebec

Anonymous said...

I was just reading on the site today and saw the posting by I Baker. I would like to say that I was only three years old when this horrible crime took place… I did work for June Baker at the Ash Inn for two summers in my teens… I was waitress there. There were always many American tourists as I remember. While growing up I never heard the name Bill Baker... it was always Billy Baker to everyone that I heard talk about him…Yes, I do remember it being said that he died in the adjoining bathroom of the master bedroom… from what cause I am not sure, as you say there was a lot of talk… I remember there being a son, who spent much time away from home… I do remember Mrs. June Baker meeting an American man and later getting married to him…
I did hear Mr. Baker was a heavy drinker, and yes it was said sometimes his jokes were carried too far… I did not know him…
In my years I have never heard anyone refer to this man other then Billy Baker…
I do wish good luck to James coffin and the coffin family… It is my opinion that an innocent man was hung. It is time for the Gaspe people to come ahead with all the information they have to help Mr. Stoddard clear the name of Wilbert coffin…

L. Baker said...

I stand corrected! :-) Some must have known him as "Billy Baker" His wife, June, married an American, Howard Wadsworth, several years later. I forgot to mention in my earlier posting that I had the pleasure of talking with Mr. Jacques Hébert last week. Mr Hébert is a true believer in the innocense of Coffin and , as well, stated that, in all the very extensive research he did over many years, he never found any evidence that would connect Bill Baker to this horrific crime.

Christine Aspinall said...

Message to D. Pitney:

One thing that makes a good site is lively contraversy.

As you live in Sherbrooke, it is amazing that you are unaware of the articles which have appeared in the Sherbrooke Record, Gazette and La Tribune in recent months about the book 'To Build A Noose' and its author. In fact, it can be borrowed from the Bishop's University Library or Champlain Library, should you wish to 'educate' yourself a little more fully.

Also, had you been bothered to read some of the preceeding posts, you would see that there was no profit made by the sale of this book and that the author self-published the book out of his own pocket - no grants, no handouts. His intention was to use the book as a vehicle to help to clear Wilbert Coffin's name.

'Ghost writer'? Mr. Price does not own a computer, but as he lives in the Richmond area, close to you, I'm sure he would be pleased to discuss any aspect of this case at any time convenient to you. Lew has his phone number.

-- Incidentally, he and Lew are in close contact on an almost daily basis and Lew is using parts of this book as a guide for his instalments.

Would be happy to answer any more questions at any time.

This same post applies to Marie Ducharme as well, as she is from Trois Riviere.

Sincerely, Christine,
Richmond, Qc.

D Pitney, Sherbrooke, Eastern Townships Region said...

Christine and Alton PriceAlton,

I don't really give a rats tail if you made any money off the book or not. You can't convince me of the fact that money would not have been your intention, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is a free enterprize capitaliatic system that we live.

You are too blind to recognize that what I was alluding to was the fact that you extoll your former endeavors as the answer to all this. Again, I come back to the same question, if you were so great in what you did, then why the Hell did you not solve it?

Don't bring in or involve Mr. Stoddard in this. I am talking to you. I am tired of hearing you saying "Read my book", or as I saw once in the newspaper you saying, "It's in my book'"

You are putting down what Mr. Lew Stoddard is trying to accomplish here and that is not right. You obviously were not successful in your endeavors, so now sit back and let someone else see what they can do, rather than blow off steam continually as to where you have travelled, who you have talked to, what politician you have put pressure on etc. Obviously it was not successful, otherwise it would be solved.

D Pitney,
Sherbrooke, Eastern Townships Region

Bob Maklin said...

Bravo Mr. D Pitney,

Couldn't agree with you more. When the past has failed it is time to break out the future. You should remember that Mr. Price.

Good work thus far Mr. Stoddard. Keep hammering.

Bob Maklin

Anonymous said...

Lew Stoddard, where were you in 1953. Had you been around, this case would never have happened. I am convinced of that. You and the Coffin family have all my support on this.

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Lew Stoddard said...

Whoa! Whoa! Tighten the reins!

This is a special message to Christine, Alton, Mr. Pitney, and M. Ducharme.

Free speech is a precious tool in any democratic society. It is however, to be used with caution. One of the simple rules of this site is simply this. Even though you are encouraged to express yourself, when it reaches the point where it goes beyond, and extends to personal attacks, then that is whre I exercise control.

If there is one more personal outburst from any of you toward each other, then each and everyone of you will be banished to the corner to stare at the walls. I simply will not allow the integrity of this web site to be the referee in verbal attacks. That is not the mandate of the site.

I also wish to make something perfectly clear. I received an e-mail this afternoon that suggested that I was working in partnership with Alton Price with this web site. That simply is miles from the truth. True I do speak often with Alton. He does not however, have any influence as to the content makeup of this site.

Again, I ask calm to prevail. We must pull and push in the same direction if we are to succeed, so please ladies and gentlemen, be adults and act accordingly.

I am working here to try and solve a murder case, not create another one.

Lew Stoddard

A Neice from Gaspes' Homeland said...

Hi Everyone,

To: Christine Aspinall

I know the 'AIDWYC'is not the government, however, the actual final investigation will have to come from the government, as you stated, " This is where The buck stops" and the final decision to clear Mr. Coffin will be controlled by the Government.

Again my point was that we need to find the proof, solve the case, we can not sit back and put it in the Governments hands to finish the deed. Time is of essence.

To: Kim, Niece

I am not a relative of The Coffins, My mother was born in Gaspe, I have 8 Aunts & uncles whom I passed every moment of every holiday with in Gaspe. My heart & soul belong to Gaspe and still does, although my being is in Montreal. I have always known about this case, and have always believed in the innocence of Mr. Coffin.


Anne Blake said...

Thank you Lew for stepping in it was turning into something we did not want to see. If everyone worked together this will come to an end and the truth will come out evenually we just have to believe and be patient. There has been many people working on this and hopefully the pain will end. Our whole family does not want to cause or see any more pain. Thank you Anne

Kerry said...

Hey Lew,

Bravo, I was just thinking. The United Nations may be able to use a guy with your peace making skills.

I do agree with you yesterday, was getting carried away. If we are to carry any credence whatsoever, then we must conduct ourselves accordingly.

I am following your site, have never commented before, but I do like the approach that you are taking, writing the story of what actually took olace, and at the samre time putting together the results of your own investigation. I look forward Sir to the results, whatever, and whenever they are ready for publication.

Before I go Sir, look after your health.

Arnprior, Ontario