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Stoddard Online Continued from part thirteen. . . .

The Wilbert Coffin story had it's beginning fifty three years ago in Gaspe' Quebec. I am certain there are some of you who would prematurely be of the opinion that the facts surrounding it could never happen in 2006. If you are one of these individuals, don't get caught up in that assumption.

If you are one who pays attention to what is happening on a daily basis in our country, you will be familiar with what I am about to allude to. If you are not one who pays attention, the time has arrived to wake up and smell the daisies. Anyone of us could very easily find ourselves in the predicament that Wilbert Coffin was in. You might quickly say, "well, at least we wouldn't have to worry about a death penalty today." Don't be too sure. I invite you to read on. . .

For the past three days in Canada the antics of our national police force, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been under scrutiny by the public. Front line media, both print and broadcast outlets, have focused on Ottawa, and more specifically, the Commons Public Safety Committee.

Canada watched as the teary eyed commissioner of The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli, offered his explanation , and his public apology for the destruction of a Canadian citizen and his family by the national police force. That citizen was Mr. Maher Arar, a Syrian born Canadian.

In haste to appear cooperative with our neighbor, The United States Of America, our administration chose to build a case against one of our citizens and sacrifice them in the name of making our government look good. Familiar tones here? Read on.

The simple facts of this case were that The RCMP created a false file on Mr. Arar. They in turn shared this false file with United States authorities who in turn arrested Mr. Arar and deported him to Syria, where he was thrown in jail as an extremist. He was never charged in Syria, simply because, he had done nothing wrong. For a year though, he was subjected to torture and threats. He then returned to Canada, as he had a right to do, as he is a Canadian citizen. This was the point where the federal government got in the act. They had to cover their butt, and as usual, did a lousy job in their endeavors. When it became apparent that Mr. Arar was going to make noises, Ottawa officials simply tried to cover by leaking false and misleading information about Mr. Arar to the media. The age old rule applies here, you can never smooth out the edges by covering one pack of lies with another pack of lies. Finally it bacame abundantly clear, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, acting as official agents of the Canadian government, had committed an international crime for which no one will ever be held accountable if the authorities and the government have their way.

Commissioner Zaccardelli, to an unsuspecting Canadian, perhaps came across as an innocent head of a large crown agency. Personally, I do not accept that for a moment. In my view, though appearing to be contrite, I believe he is not telling the truth. My reason for this conclusion is simple. He is the head of the RCMP, who are charged with the responsibility of security and the overall policing in this country, and thus, he would be aware of what is going on. If he is not, then that tells me that he is in a job that he is not capable of administering. Either way, he has to go. Canadians deserve more from their top cop.

The government is going to be forced to make a decision in an attempt to save face before this is over. They are either going to have to tell some more lies in an attempt to patch things up with the voters, or they are going to have to fire Zaccardelli. Canadians are too smart now I believe to accept more untruths, so that leaves the second option. That option comes with attached baggage. If they sack Zaccardelli, he is most likely to sing like a canary. He will not I believe, go down without a fight.

The Honourable Stockwell Day, who is the federal Public Safety Minister did not ask for Commissioner Zaccardelli's resignation, instead stating that he has full confidence in Commissioner Zaccardelli to lead the RCMP. Obviously the government and the RCMP actively participated in wrongdoing, however, Mr. day offered no apology on the part of the federal government.

The Privy Council Office, being the office that directs the affairs of the federal cabinet, was apparently bombarded with false information from the RCMP. In the pomp and splendor of this inner sanctum, the true decisions of cabinet are formulated. The members of this hierarchy are selected members of the government side of the The House Of Commons, and trust me, when a decision is announced on the floor of the House Of Commons, the Privy Council is aware. The bottom line here, Commissioner Zaccardelli is in a position to name names. In my view, that is why there will be reluctance to fire him, even though that is the only logical solution.

Back in 1956, though the Privy Council members were different, the office still directed the affairs of the federal cabinet. It has to be that way. That is the structure of our democratic government. The Privy Council of that time could very easily have directed the cabinet to commute the death sentence of Wilbert Coffin. They had cause to do that. They knew that at the time as well. The question to ask here would be, why then, if they had reason to commute Mr. Coffin's sentence, then how come it was not done? The answer is a tangled web of deceit, gross mismanagement, and a perceived requirement to satisfy the whims and desires of the American administration. There was speculation at the time that it had to do with the tourism industry, and as well an extradition treaty process. True, it did deal with these things, however, it went much much deeper. In my next posting, I shall be dealing with these things at length. You will see where Wilbert Coffin never stood a chance. The federal cabinet were nothing short of grandstanding when they led Canadians to believe that a review of the process was and had taken place. It was nothing more than cosmetic window dressing. They needed a scapegoat, and they had their man, Wilbert Coffin. I am confident that after you take a look at a couple of documents that I have, you will be convinced that I am right. It will also be a stern reminder to some of those privy council and cabinet members of the late 1950's who are still alive that you didn't escape undetected.

Mr. Day, please understand that very shortly your office is going to be involved in the straightening out of another case of wrong doing. It involves provincial government. It involves provincial supreme court, the Supreme Court Of Canada, and it involves the federal government. It involves a former Canadian citizen. I say former Canadian citizen simply because the federal government allowed him to be hanged for a crime that cannot be proven against him. It can't be proven against him Mr. Day, simply because he did not commit the crime. Mr. Day, this mans name was Wilbert Coffin. Wilbert was born and raised in Gaspe', Quebec. Mr. Day, I want you to remember also that Wilbert Coffin contributed much and asked for nothing in return. You see Mr. Day, Wilbert Coffin very unselfishly gave up his life for nearly five years and volunteered on the battlegrounds of Europe, to help preserve the freedoms that we enjoy in this land called Canada. It was through the efforts of good men and women like Wilbert Coffin that you have that nice job on the Hill representing Canadians in parliament. Let us never forget that fact. Wilbert Coffin and his family deserve a more fitting thank you than what Canada has thus far extended.

Mr. Day, the Coffin family has been forced to endure a half century of grief. That is not right. You have acted quickly and surely to correct the recent RCMP scandal. Your government has recently resolved the situation with the head tax of Chinese Canadians, and the federal government has corrected the wrongful convictions of several Canadians. Mr. Day, I am talking to you. I am not going to go away. It is now time to correct the Wilbert Coffin affair, not with so called studies, not with reviewing the original trial, not by asking the Supreme Court for a review, but, with a full government review of the case, and the introduction of evidence that was denied and suppressed, and acknowledging the deceit and deception that was so prevalent in the original proceedings. When the review is undertaken, you will easily note that Wilbert Coffin's rights to a fair trial were denied. This has already been established by the Supreme Court.

I am sending you the internet address to this web site, and as well, I am e-mailing you a copy of this posting. Additionally, I am sending the Justice Minister, The Honourable Vic Toews , and The Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Stephen Harper copies as well. It is my intention to forward you in a few days, the readers comments left on this site pertaining to todays posting relating to this case.

In closing, I am inviting all the readers of this site to please write a brief comment and post it on the comments page for this posting. Let us show the Minister that we are dedicated to this cause. I want to hear from family members, and I want to hear from folks far and wide if you have an interest in ths case. I just ask that you leave your name or initials if you prefer, and also the name of your city or town. This tells Ottawa the scope of the interest in the case. As well, I ask that you do not leave several comments under assumed names. I want this to be a truthful, and factual representation, just the same way that I am requesting a truthful representation of the facts of this case to be presented in a government review.

Lew Stoddard
Posted to site October 01, 2006


Bret Tomlinson said...

Lew Stoddard,

Count me in out here in Nanaimo. Set this straight federal government. I will bang off a note as well to my member for nanaimo.

Bret Tomlinson
Nanaimo, B C

Gloria A said...

Mr. Day,

Lots of Okanagan folks here know about Wilbert Coffin. You live in the Okanagan Mr. Day. Fix this thing now.

Gloria A
Penticton, B C

Dean, Ruth and Jessica said...

Hey Lew Great idea to do this. You got three people in this house who would like to see this thing corrected for the Coffin family. C'mon federal government. Mr. day help make it happen.

Dean, Ruth, and Jessica
Sarnia, Ontario

Marty Albright said...

Lew Stoddard,

Good survey. Proud of you. You work hard on this. Hey folks help Lew Stoddard with this. Voice your opinion and phone a friend and tune them in to the site and get their names on here in support.

Marty Albright
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Jim R said...

lew Stoiddard,

We are on the side of the Coffin family up here in yellowknife. Get with it Feds.

Jim R
Yellowknife, NWT

Bob Franks said...

No question about it here in Halifax, count me in. Need a review complete for this case. The coffins need some closure on this mess.

Bob Franks
Halifax, N S

Cecile said...

lew stoddard,

both quebec and ottawa have to fix thing this not right and bad for everone

Cecile m

Fred J said...

Full steam ahead and as they say, give em Hell. Federal Government WAKE UP!

Fred j

Belinda M said...

Great survey lew,

Hey federal government listen to the people. Wilbert Coffin deserves to be exonerated, so does his family. Mr. Harper, what would you want if it was your family. Just do the same thing in this case.

Belinda M
London, Ontario

Lani Baker Mitchell said...

To Mr. Day from a Vancouver voter.
Sir, I am intimately familiar with the Wilbert Coffin case, know that he was not guilty, know that there was government involvement leading to his hanging,know that people across Canada are watching with interest to see what government will do about this case, and KNOW THAT MY VOTE IN THE NEXT ELECTION will be strongly influenced by a government that truly hears the Canadian call for justice for Wilbert Coffin and his family.

Connie said...

Mr. Harper,

You promised to clean up government, so why don't yopu start by clearing this black mark from the past. It needs to be done now.

St. Stephen, N B

Barry H said...

This is to prime minister harper and all your merry men and women down there in the big house. dont get too comforytable as election day is coming maybe sooner than you wish. clear this stuff up

Barry H
Fredericton, New Brunswick

Marilyn K said...

Hi Lew,

Great stuff these days on your site. I support this survey and what you are doing 100% Good luck to the Coffin family.

Lew, I worry about your health situation. Look after yourself please.

Marilyn K
North Vancouver, B C

E M T said...

Good stuff lew. Proud of you here on the gaspe. You work hard and long on this. Sure hope it all comes out. I have lived here for years.


G Carter said...

Each time I check in here and read your site, this is getting better and looks stronger all the time. I am also e-mailing my M P that represents us here in Melfort.

G Carter

N Comeau said...

Bonjour Lew

i am from cabano not far from this stuff happened and know wilbert he did not do this. terrible stuff they do to to wilbert mrs coffin we love you over here in cabano

N comeau

Gordie D said...

You work tirelessly on this day after day. If you did not believe in it you would not do it. Therefore folks, get behind Mr. Stoddard and help him out with this. This is about Canadians rallying with Canadians and in this case Wilbert Coffin's family. They deserve better that what they have received for the past 50 years.

Gordie D
Campbell River, B C

Bill McPhee said...

Hey friends it is time to give the house of commons some new wall paper. Let the paper trail on this start flowing to Ottawa, we will get their attention.

Bill McPhee

Harold B said...

A pack lof lies sent Mr. Coffin to the gallows, but I feel that the truth is going to set the Coffin family free.
Get that review underway now Ottawa.

Harold B
Sherbrooke, Quebec

Gabe and Wanda said...

Hey Coffin family,

I think you are on the right track this time. I am glad to see you on board here Lew. Anyone who does not know this guy I can tell you he may appear to be a lambchops but he is a Pitbull.

We are pulling for you.

Gabe and Wanda
Hope, B C

Janice Mullins said...

Lew Stoddard,

Glad to see you are writing the Coffin story and in doing so you are helping mend and put a family back together after fifty years of Hell. Your posting today has inspired me to get a petition going for the government. We need to exert pressure.

Janice Mullins
Cornwall, Ontario

Darryl McQuarrie said...

This case has had all the markings of a setup from day one. Don't let them get away with it. I am happy to sign a petition and going to get my daughter to draw up a petition for her office as well.

Darryl McQuarrie
Saint John, N B

Ken A said...

Lew Stoddard,

Good survey. Your site has impact. Politicians listen up. My wife and I support this all the way. You must review it and it must be done now.

Ken A
Port Alberni. B C

Dave and Maxine said...

We sure support a review of this case over here in Newfoundland. you are our neighbors in the Gaspe. We also know that Wilbert Coffin did not do this crime. We enjoy Lew Stoddards research and writings on this affair.

Dave and Maxine
St. Johns, Nfld

Anonymous said...

You cannot afford to let a calm take place in this matter. The ball must be kept moving, has to be resolved. Federal government the people are not going to let up this time. I feel it. May be an election issue.

Sandra H
Toronto, Ontario

S. Mitchell, Victoria BC said...

To our Prime Minister and his government - hear this - your day has come, you hold in your hands the power to set things straight. Instead of hiding behind your ivory towers, instead of censoring the media - do something with the power that WE elected you to have. It's time to clear Mr. Coffin's name and give his family and supporters some peace. Your future votes count on this.

Cynthia Ashton said...

Mr. Stoddard you are so articulate and so well organized in this campaign. I wish you were my member of parliament here in Toronto. If anyone can get this Coffin thing sorted out, you are the guy who can pull it off.

Cynthia Ashton
Toronto, Canada

D Granger said...

I used to live on the Gaspe coast. My dad knew Wilbert and Donnie Coffin and their Dad as well. My dad always said, No Way! Wilbert Coffin did not do that. Keep at it Sir.

D Granger
Summerside, PEI

Anna Bains said...

Congratulations thus far for a job well done. You are sensitive, yet informative without stepping out of bounds. You are honest and sincere. Others have said it on here before, if you had been around back then Wilbert Coffin would never have been hanged. I believe that as well with all my heart.

Anna Bains
CFB Greenwood, NS

Louisa M said...

Mrs. Stewart (Coffin),

We think of you often and all your hard work to clear your brothers name. We met you this past summer in Gaspe town.

Louisa M
from Ontario

Cliff Auget said...

Why would the Federal Government ever think that they should get away with this. Sure it may have been Duplessis' gang that did it, it was still the federal Government that finally allowed it to happen. Time to come right on this.

Cliff Auget
Montreal, Quebec

Julian Meadows said...

I support you all the way as many others do. Count me in. Have alreday just finished doing a letter to my MP with a copy to many more including mr. harper.

Julian Meadows
Kingston, Ontario

Barry Marsh said...

This is truly a great idea. As you say Lew the pen is mightier than the sword. Get with it Ottawa, show us that you care. You track record is this far not good.

Barry Marsh
Victoria, B C

C H T said...

Count me in up here in Churchill, our vote up here counts on election day as well. Get this Coffin thing fixed now, no more stalling.

Churchill, Manitoba

Robert Atkins said...

Time does not automatically make a bad situation go away. It takes honesty on the part of the politicians to make it happen. Prove that you really care Ottawa. Set this straight for the Coffin family.

Robert Atkins
Niagara Falls, Ontario

B Sanford said...

I really enjoyed your style in this latest posting. You are hard hitting in it, but that is what it is going to take. You note how quickly the government responds when they want to correct something, but you know what, I am betting thet will make Commissioner Zaccardelli the scape goat before this is all over. Mind you, I think in this case he has it coming. Keep pounding the Coffin case. You will win.

B. Sanford
Taber, Alberta

Rita M said...

Good posting today Sir on the Wilbert Coffin story. Daylight is approaching. You are an excellent writer Sir. You put one in the picture, no doubt that you say what is on your mind. A good quality. Good Luck to the Coffin family.

Rita M
Timmins, Ontario

Dave Hart said...

I am enjoying the material that you bring forth specifically all the original letters and documents from the Coffin case from the 50's. Not sure where you got all this stuff, but sure adds a new dimension to everything.

Dave Hart
Winnipeg, manitoba

Sam Archibald said...

Politicians sit back with a smug look on their faces. They create the mess then walk away. hey federal cabinet, take out your garbaqge, it is beginning to smell.

Sam Archibald
Toronto, Ontario

Leanne H said...

If Wilbert Coffin or his family would have had money this would never have happened. This is so sad, always easy to make targets out of the weak and opressed, in other words, those that can't fight back. Thank you lew stoddard for taking this project on to clear Wilbert Coffin.

Leanne H
Haliburton, Ontario

D Kendricks said...

Hey Coffin family, I see you on here sometimes. I want to wish you all the best. Lew Stoddard is doing a great job to create awareness for this. He will rattle the governments chains. Have known of him for a few years.

D Kendricks
Ladysmith, B C

S Crawchuck said...

Mr. stoddard,

You haven't lost your touch in securing an audience. I love your vocabulary, you work it well.

S Crawchuck
Chilliwack, B C

Brenda D said...

Just finished reading your posting for your story and investigation, great tie in with the Wilbert Coffin story to what is happening in Ottawa. They simply must fix this Coffin thing, otherwise everything that the government does has no credibility. Good luck to you Coffin family in all of this.

Brenda D
Bathurst, new Brunswick

Don Wheeler said...

I am impressed to see that many have come forward in your requests for information for this case. I know if it can be done Sir, you are the one to opull it off. I think Canada is totally behind you and the Coffin family on this now.

Don Wheeler
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Mary and John Pickford said...

The stuff that you have been presenting the past couple of postings have been great. Puts a different slant on things. More and more we come to the realization that Wilbert Coffin was more of a scape goat than what is portrayed.

Mary and John Pickford
Windsor, Ontario

Paulette Roy said...

No matter as to how you arrive at a conclusion in this case, the conclusion ia always the same, Wilbert Coffin was executed even though there was no evidence.

Paulette Roy
Trois Rivieres

Nancay Jewett said...

It is easy to see now after seeing those original documents that this Captain Matte set up Wilbert Coffin for the big fall. That is so cruel and then this Matte goes merrily on his way.

Nancy Jewett
Truro, Nova scotia

Dave Creery said...

I can think of no bigger indignity to be placed on a family than that facing the Coffin family over the years.

Dave Creery
Delta, B C

Nephew Rick said...

Good stuff Lew. It has been getting quite cold up here in Northern Ontario, but I think some politicians, old and new, plus a few others, just felt a very nasty chill. Thanks Lew. - Rick

J hartswell said...

Good luck to all the Coffin family, I want you to win this so much. I am sure that I am speaking for many Canadians.

J Hartswell
Leamington, Ontario

Betty M said...

The comments posted on your page Sir are so interesting. This is wonderful to see what others across this land are thinking. This is much better than a newspaper, you publish all the comment, don't edit it, that is good.

I wish the Coffin's well and I will be supporting them all the way with a petition.

Betty M
North Bay, Ontario

B Eustache said...

The cause is really picking up steam the past few weeks. Watch out politicians you may get bowled over come election day if you don't get your rear's into gear on the Coffin case. 50 years is too long.

B Eustache
St, Jerome, Quebec

Margo Roberts said...

Hello, my name is Margo Roberts, daughter of Rhoda Coffin, sister of Wilbert Coffin. Although I have emailed and talked to Mr. Stoddard on the phone until now I have not posted a comment on this site. However, I have read with extreme interest and gratitude each posting and the comments after each one. HOPE is being rekindled in our hearts. I grew up believing that nobody cared about this injustice that had happened to my family. Thank you to each one who has posted a comment, came forward with information, signed a petition, or have helped in any way. You have showed me that there are many, many people who care.
Mr. Harper, Mr. Toews, and Mr. Day:
I am not sure of the correct legal terminology but I am asking you to please do whatever is necessary to clear my uncle's name. I am praying that you will have the wisdom, strength of character,and determination to make this happen.

Margo Roberts
Kinosota, Manitoa

Wendall M Stanley said... is now up and running

I invite you and every one else reading this posting to come to my web site and print out the petition, sign and return it to the address provided at the bottom of the petition for it to be presented to the House of Commons.
Please gather as many signatures as you can, family, friends and co-workers
If you follow the link for the sample letters you will find the address of you Mp there as well as there e-mail address.

My personal thank you to all Canadians here and now for your support

Mary Eggerton said...

I am overjoyed by the swell of support for this case after all these years. This is astounding, and Lew I give tons of credit to you for doing this. This is not a simple task, and this should serve as a reminder that we have to drive home the message to Ottawa. Get off your duffs and sign a petition to the government, make this thing happen. Lew you really touched me the other day when you used the words. . "This will be our last chance" People get with it.

Mary Eggerton
Abboitsford, B C

Sandie and Al said...

Great site, great comments, and most of all, a great writer with the abilities to get things going and moving forward. Lew, you are one of a kind. Good luck Coffin family, we are, and always have been behind you.

Sandie and Al
Trail, B C

Chris C said...

The facts as they come out in this case are beyond comprehension. Never in my wildest thoughts would I ever have thought that a provincial judiciary could resort to this type of schnanigans. This is Canada, not some far off third world regime. Fix this now. I helped vote you in, you are working for me, you are not doing an adequate job. In the real world, to borrow a line from Donald Trump "You're Fired"

Chris C
Williams Lake, B C

Martha Edwards said...

Lew Stoddard,

You write it boldly, you write it well. You spare no punches. Someone above called you a Pitt Bull. I see why, and that is what is needed. No more pussy footing around. Clear Wilbert Coffin's name!

Martha Edwards

R T said...

As I work the night shift, I always browse this site. Am very impressed in the past few days. You are agressive, and that is what it will take. There is no second best in this. Wilbert Coffin needs to be cleared of this mess. You can't bring him back, but you can acknowledge that he was a victim of a very grave miscarriage of Justice, through no fault of his own or his family.

Prince George

Josephine W said...

This was a shameful act. Current politicians, if you do not acknowledge it and apply safeguards, why should we believe anything that you tell us. You promised responsible cleaned up government, so where is it, when is it going to start?

Josephine W
Surrey, B C

Beth M said...

There is no place for dirty tricks and smear campaigns in any democratic society. Why then did all this happen? As well, why did this thing with the RCMP head office happen? Are we in some sort of a police state? I do not like this. Mr. Harper, fix it. You are the prime minister of Canada.

Beth M
Kamloops, B C

K.I.T. said...

Oops posted the quoted marked comment on wrong date Sunday Sept 24. and added further thoughts below it.

"I am brave enough to suggest that our current PM, Stephen Harper, can and should appoint a former PM, Brian Mulroney who practices law in Montreal to head a judical review of this case of wrongful conviction! The judical mandate should be left wide open to determine the results and the laying of any possible charges for surviving participants."

Of course that includes the laying of murder charges for the two which nobody including Wilbert were charged plus charging or making known who is responisble for the third murder. Considering the supporting evidence exposed here in these writings a withdrawal of Wilbert Coffin's conviction.

Edmontonian with links to Gaspe area since 1950's.

Dave Taggert said...

It is interesting to note the cross section of comments on here regarding this case. I think the federal government should take that as a cross section of voter displeasure across the country, as most of Canada from coast to coast is represented here.

Are you listening down there in Ottawa, deep within the pillars of that Hallowed place on the hill. The people put you there and the people will send you on your way. In other words, listen up. Get this thing settled now.

If you think you can put it off and then just before the next election announce a review that will never happen, it won't work this time Mr. Harper!

Dave Taggert
Kamloops, B C

w wALFORD said...

Thank you for doing your part and exposing the crap. Dirty job, and am glad you decided to do it. Good luck, and am in full support for a complete government review of the case.

W Walford
Cardston, Alberta

J McRae said...

Now is the time folks if you are interested in the final outcome of this case to get onboard and do your part to help.

J McRae
Grande Prairie, Alberta

Marjorie Patterson said...

Hello, my name is Marjorie Patterson. My mother was Rhoda Coffin, sister of Wilbert Coffin.
I would like to remind Mr. Harper and all members of parliament that on the Peace Tower of the Parliament buildings our forefathers had these words inscribed, "He shall have dominion from sea to sea." I do not need to remind you that these words are taken from the Holy Bible in Psalm 72:8 and is talking about the Lord God Almighty.
A terrible injustice has been done by the government. If this nation is ever to go forward in the future past wrongs must be made right and one of these past wrongs is the Wilbert Coffin case. Again I urge you all to do what is right and honorable not only in this case but in all your government dealings for the good of our great nation.

Marjorie Patterson
Matheson, Ontario

Lew Miller said...

Lew Stoddard,

It is long past time to right this terrible wrong and I thank you for spearheading the effort.

In 1953 I was a resident in the Gaspe and I remember well the case of Wilbert Coffin. I was a young teen-ager at the time, and so was not involved in any substantive way in the case. I have nonetheless always believed that an innocent man was hanged by our less than just justice system.

Keep up the good work.

Lew Miller,
Edson, Alberta

Becky said...

A challenge to the Okanagan Similkameen Constituency:

Call Stockwell Day's office, 770-4480, and leave a message that you are a constituent who wants to see Wilbert Coffin's name cleared. Living in Penticton I have heard Stockwell Day speak on a more than a few occasions. I distinctly remember Mr. Day saying that the thing that gets his attention more than petitions and letters is a phone call from the people in his constituency to his office. So let's grab his attention!

Mr. Day is aware of the case and the facts. Together we can make it important to him.

Becky Roberts, Wilbert Coffin's great-niece, Penticton, BC

Anne Blake said...

This is to all the readers of this site. Thank-you from all of the family. A special thank-you to Lew for all his hard work and dedication to this.Thoughout the years we have stuggled with this injustice, wondering how our uncle,father,and brother was so wrongly treated and convicted of something he didn't do. Finally our family is seeing a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to all the support out there. This has haunted our family for 50 years, and for many of us we never got to see Uncle Bill we were born after, but the pain of it never went away when we saw our parents crying or looking off in the distance and thinking never saying what about but we knew. So I say to all out there please put a comment on and sign a petition. The government knows that this time we will not back down we will keep fighting to clear his name and remember the generations keep coming. Thank you and God Bless

KH said...

I agree that this needs to be addressed. This has been going on too long, and the Coffin family needs to have this wrong righted.

Isa 59:14 Injustice is everywhere; justice seems far away. Truth is chased out of court; honesty is shoved aside.

Make Canada the land of the Just once more!

Anonymous said...

Mr Stoddard,
Well said this has to be set right for the Wilbert Coffin and his Family.
Hope you feel better soon sir.

sue broomfield said...

Sir, first i would like to i wish u well and secondly its time the goverments does what is right and Set things right!!

Bill and Norma Ross said...

I always knew there was support for this case, now when I read all these comments from all across the country, I can see it is a lot stronger than I thought at first. I have always believed that Wilbert Coffin was innocent and was a victim of a very selfish and cruel act on the part of the government and the police of the day. This has to be recognized and made right.

Bill and Norma Ross
Truro, Nova Scotia

J H said...

I am a nurse working the night shift in Halifax. I am on my break. If I can take a few minutes of my break to make time to voice my opinion on this, so can you out there.

This needs to be corrected. This poor man fought in a great war for freedom for all, and asked for nothing.

Our thanks to him was three years of torture followed by a rope around his neck. This is deplorable, Canadian government show some leadership and do what is right here.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Joanne Watson said...

The government wastes millions every year on a lot of crap that goes no where. Why not put a few dollars to good use and clean up the justice ministry. It is a complete sham and if people have to go in the process, then sweep it clean and start over.

Joanne Watson
Charlottetown, PEI

B Breckin said...

You are doing a good job of presenting the facts of this case Mr. Stoddard. I had no idea that so much dirty work had gone on. Is this really canada that we are talking about here?

B. Breckin
Yellowknife, NWT

Marty said...

Hey lew Stoddard,

This Marty, you know that old oil patch worker from Alberta that reads your site faithfully. Good stuff old boy, like your writings and you know if you come to Fort mcMurray on a few days holiday, there is a place to stay at our house.

Keep hammering away Lew, they will loosen their grip on things. You will win.

Regards lew,
Marty from the oil patch in Alberta

reni said...

Bonjour Louis Stoddard,

Merci for a job well done. this story is close to home for me. the coffins are Anglais i am Francais but we are brothers and sisters in this part of la belle province. This is no good and it has to be repair

Reni in Matapedia quebec

Lucy Gautier said...

Fifty three years sounds like a quite a long time but when you write it Sir it seems like it is happening today. I am impressed.

I encourage the Coffin family to stand strong, and be patient for a bit, this will happen for you.

Lucy Gautier
Abbotsford, B C

S samuelson said...

Why can't governments just clean up theit messes without the people havin to get up in arms? That tells me that they haven't changed a bit.

If they don't get caught, they leave it, and they prefer it this way. That is a sad state of affairs.

I support the Coffin family, and thank you to you as well Lew Stoddard.

S Samuelson
Calgary, Alberta

Anonymous said...

I am with you Lew.
Mr.Day, Mr. Toews, Mr. Harper. You have heard the call from Mr Stoddard to clean up in this mess. You have just seen the tip of the ice berg as far as justice minded Canadians go. Look at the numbers writing you about Mr. Coffin. Remember those numbers come election time.

Bent Romnes
London Ontario

Lew Stoddard said...

Message to Bent Romnes in London, Ont

Bent, normally I do not identify folks who comment on here when I recognize their names, however, in this case I am sure you won't mind because I know that both you and I share personal interest in this type of affair.

I am so pleased to have you come aboard here Bent. You see folks, Bent has been a staunch supporter of cases of wrongly accused persons. Bent spent many years studying, investigating the circumstances, and supporting the Stephen Truscott case in southern Ontario. Bent has become a close friend of Steve and Marlene Truscott, and has been there since day one of their long ordeal. That was where Bent and I crossed paths, as I did a fair amount of writing on the Steven Truscott story. Though I have never personally met up with Bent, other than through electronic means, we have shared a common goal, to straighten out these messes where we can, and ease the pain of wronged folks and their families.

Bent is fully aware of the upward battle that we are facing. Bent attended the final court process for the Steve Truscott hearing. As well, Bent is quite familiar with the good work that the AIDWYC group does, in view of their greatly appreciated work with the Truscott family and others.

Again Bent, thanks a lot for your support, and being an inspiration for others to help. I look forward to your contributions at any time Bent.

Lew Stoddard

Cam C said...

Mr. Romnes I totally agree with you that politicians should sit up straight and take notice of the numbers. I look at the representation of support on this case, and I see all of Canada is watching, reading, and listening to what is going on.

It is a logical issue for all Canadians to become involved with. Look at it this way, Canada is only as good as we leave it for our youngsters, and we are in a position to do our part, so now is our chance. This Coffin affair must be made right. It must be recognized as a travesty by the government and dealt with. Not more years from now, but RIGHT NOW.

Cam C
Kenora, Ontario

J and T West said...

Hey Politicians, don't just expect my vote. I want you to give me reasons why I should be voting for you. You could start right here by throwing your support behind this case and bringing it to sensible conclusion for the Coffin family.

J and T West
Thunder Bay, Ontario

danny said...

Hey Man you got a great followin on this. I don't know a lot about it, but you have encouraged me to check out what it is all about and my granddad he actually knows about this. thanks for listening and good luck sir and all the people on here

Danny in Brooks alberta

Brad C said...

Why should it have to be an uphill battle to get a government to clean up their mess? Are they trying to tell us they are perfect and don't make mistakes? If they are, they had better hope that the voters don't realize that they are the ones who made the mistake, by voting in some of these clowns in the first place.

Brad C
Edmundston, New Brunswick

S Hoffmann said...

Hi everyone,

This whole effort is about people helping people... I think it shows that one person is no better than the next person, but that we have to stand united no matter who or where we are...

I am writing from Germany, and have been to Canada a number of times... I studied at the University Of New Brunswick in Fredericton, Canada... Even I, from the other side of the Atlantic know of the Wilbert Coffin case, not a lot mind you, but the case was discussed while I was in university there...
I found this site while searching for something through Google and saw the Coffin case mentioned so I took a look... Good luck to everyone there in Canada fighting for justice in this affair... Your dedication is evident...

S Hoffmann
Hamburg, Germany

Carol W said...

If there is any sort of an upside to a tragedy such as this it might be that it draws us together as Canadians, a terrible event to do that I know, but I was just trying to find something good, however small, in something like this.

I cannot begin to even think of my reaction if this was my family.

Carol W
Bristol, New Brunswick, Canada

Bernice W said...

The support here for this case is truly amazing. I hope you are able to direct this to where it has to go for success.

Bernice W

Dave and Monica said...

Don't give up, I know you won't. You have come a long way. Am on your side Coffin family. Good luck from Duncan, BC

Dave and Monica
Duncan, B C

dave said...

i was directed to this report a few days ago by a neighbor and friend as we are both from near the region wher this takes place
i was born in 1955 so of course i dont recall it from my mind but i have heard all about it from my dad and mother as we all lived at dalhousie in new brunswick so was not far away. they had friends in gaspe region and people did not think coffin was guilty and that part in your report where the officer said all the area thought him guilty waas lies as my mother always said there were people crieing in the streets over this for w. coffin.
put the police and political people on trial they are the murderers of this man when they hung him when he was not guilty

in Drummondville

Malinda Roberts said...

Thank you to everyone for the outpouring of support. It's so lovely and exciting to read thoughts from so many good people! Goodness is so easy to forget in this world.

Rhoda (Coffin) Stanley was my grandmother and Bill Coffin's sister.

I would like to add my voice and echo everyone in the demand to overturn the trial and conviction of Bill Coffin and to declare him innocent of this crime.

Politicians listen to the people who make the most noise...

Malinda Roberts said...

Oops...I forgot--I live in Winnipeg MB.

Anonymous said...

Please add my name to your list of followers and supporters. Have followed this for some time and agree with you.

Beth Carmiachel
Black Creek, B C

T Beers said...

Hey Hey, I have my ticket, and I want on the train of support heading for Ottawa on this thing as well. Good work Mr. Stoddard, you rally the troops well.

T Beers
Winnipeg, Manitoba

T Cramer said...

Mrs. Stewart (Coffin) the people really believe in what you are doing. I read about you a few days ago. I have seen you on here in the past. We support you here in our community as well.

T Cramer
Cold Lake, Alberta

M and P said...

Hello from the north. I believe that what you are doing is good Sir, and you are doing a great job on the storyline as well. Hint Hint? when will we see the next actual chapter?

M and P
Beaverlodge, Alberta

Bob T said...

When I review the list of confirmed wrongful convictions in Canada it is absolutely sickening. How can any trust ever be put into a justice system with a record such as what is before us.

The whole system needs a complete overhaul. It is also interesting to note that most, if not all of the wrongful convictions were thrust upon families where there was not sufficient funds to fight back. Does that not tell us something?

Bob T
Victoria, B C

Anonymous said...

There is a saying within lawyer circles. It says and I quote, "It is far better for one thousand guilty to go free than it is for one innocent man to go to the gallows."

Try selling that idea to the Coffin family mr. Justice Minister Toews!

Willy M
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Marcia McFayden said...

If the Coffin case was used as an example to abolish Capital Punishment in Canada, is that not like saying that the politicians were sure they had hanged an innocent man? This is very disturbing.

Marcia McFayden
Regina, Saskatchewan

Kevin W said...

If our justice ministry is so messed up in this country, then why should we assume that the politicians are doing any better job in other ministries of government. Maybe time to get rid of the old parties and open the door to some new blood.

Kevin W
Langley, B C

Perry K said...

Hey Prime Minister Harper, "Please do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

A note to Stockwell Day. I see in a comment posting a bit back that you are aware of the case. Being aware is not good enough, Do something about it. Actions are always much more stronger and meaningful than words.

Perry K
Summerland, B C

G. Antworth said...

Lew Stoddard, My congratulations to you for a fine job in getting interest stirred up in this affair. That is astounding considering this took place over 50 years ago.

I know this means a lot to you, and I know your heart is in this as you fully believe in your cause. That is very evident. If sincerety and dedication will do it, then you have no problem pulling this off in a way that it should be done.

Lew, I am not afraid to admit it, you helped me wade through a ton of red tape a few years ago that made it possible for us to adopt our little daughter.

For that, a big public thank you, and in consideration for that, I have started circulating a petition here in the Victoria district for a full review of the Wilbert Coffin case, and when it is finished, I shall contact you. Just to let you know, I am personally committing to 500 names for my efforts. So far, since Sunday, I have 93 names. I challenge each and every one to meet or beat my 500.

G. Antworth
Saanich, B C

Marie Coffin, Wilbert Coffin's sister said...

Hello everyone. It is simply great to read your comments on Lew's website. Maybe,just maybe, the Gov't will take notice of this public outcry, and do something to clear my brother Wilbert Coffin's name. This is our last chance. After this I don't know what could be done. So please, everyone across our great country, demand that this terrible injustice be resolved. My brother was denied everything- a fair trial, a chance to marry his common law wife, who was the love of his life, and a chance to speak to his first lawyer, who was hired by the family. Was this justice? We, the people of Canada, put this government in power. Now, we have the right to demand that they act NOW to correct this terrible crime. For a crime it was because both the Provincial and Federal governments knew my brother was innocent. They chose to close their eyes. Well now is the time for them to open their eyes wide and take care of this NOW. God Bless you all for your support. Marie

Lisa said...

James Coffin is my father (step-father) but don't get me wrong he treats me and raised me like I'm his own the best he could despite being able to live his childhood with his own father. For that he is owed (at the very least) the right to see this set right once and for all! 50 years is 50 years too many! Wilbert could've still been here with us now and not only would my dad still have his father, I would have a grand-father. Although Mr. Harper wasn't around when this happened it is his duty now to show Canada that what happened was wrong and prove to us all that the Justice System may not be completely useless!

Lisa Fredericks
Vancouver, BC

Lorelei said...

My name is Lorelei – my grandmother was Rhoda Coffin – Wilbert Coffin’s sister. I would like to thank everyone from the east coast to the west coast to the north coast for their support, thoughts, and words of encouragement.

I would like to say a few words for the francophones following this site:

J’aimerais remercier toute le monde pour leur mots d’encouragement, les signatures sur les pétitions, et aussi les petites histoires que vous avez partager avec ma famille quand on était en train de ramasser les signatures pour les pétitions. Merci et que le Seigneur vous bénisse!

Rimouski, Quebec

Lorelei said...

Here is the english translation of what I just posted in french:

I would like to thank everyone for their words of encouragement, their signatures on the petitions and also the stories that were shared with my family about Uncle Bill when we were gathering signatures.

Thank you and may God bless you!

Rimouski, Quebec

Wendall M Stanley said...

Mr. Prime Minister….. I invite you to go to and take a good hard look at Wilbert Coffin’s head stone and the inscription on it, then go to the next page and take a good hard look at the man that was executed for someone else’s crime.

Not once, until February of this year has any politician ever freely come forward to lend help of any kind. Now there is one who is willing to take a stand for what is right and just- you might know him, he already has presented over two thousand names on petitions to the House of Commons.

Lois McMaster Bujold said:

“The dead cannot cry out for justice; it is a duty of the living to do so for them.”

Can you hear Canadians crying out for justice?

We, the family members of Wilbert Coffin have been crying out for justice for over 50 years.

Now we are not alone. Now we are one voice from sea to sea. If you pay attention you will hear the cries from Cape Spear, Newfoundland in the east, to Mt. St. Elias, Yukon Territory in the west, from Cape Columbia on Ellesmere Island in the north, to Middle Island, Ontario in the south.

Listen carefully to what they are crying for, and remember that we all have ONE VOTE come Election Day.

Respectfully yours,

Wendall M Stanley
Gaspé, Quebec

B Cretien said...

Mr. Stoddard,

You think that you are riding on an all time high here but I dont think so. It appear that you have a lot of support here but ovious it is coming from those who dont know the details and if they did then you would see a big diference. I think you misleed people. my opinion anyway.

B Cretien
Rimouski, Quebec

Helga T said...

So difficult that such a tale as this could ever be written about the beautiful Gaspe coast of Canada. It is such a black mark on one of the most beautiful of all areas of Canada. Have been there three times and more rewarding each time. Make this go away soon Prime Minister Harper.

Helga T
High Prairie

Lise Lebeau said...

It is little wonder that no one ever wants to discuss the Duplessis era of Quebec. It can be compared to a white shirt that fell into the grime of a used oil pit.

Lise Lebeau
Rouyn Noranda, Quebec

R Theberge said...

I wish to offer my support to this endeavor, and will sign a petition, as well as circulate one. It is the least that we can do to help in this embarassing mess.

R Theberge
Thetford Mines, Quebec

Maria said...

Vancouver may be a long way from Gaspe but we are all Canadians no matter where we are and I support this effort all the way Mr. Stoddard. Am happy to circulate a petition downtown Vancouver.

Maria B
Vancouver, B C

Bertha Petit said...

I relearned about this case last evening. My Dad used to talk about it when we were kids living in Newfoundland. Newfoundlanders have always been convinced of Wilbert Coffin's innocence. I am too. Good luck to you all and will be reading this web site on an ongoing basis now.

Bertha Petit
CFB Comox, Vancouver Island

Carolyn Reese said...

My sister works in a hospital on the Gaspe coast. It was she who pointed me to this web site. This is an amazing tale. Unbelievable, quite frankly. It needs to be brought to justice in a proper fashion.

Carolyn Reese
Yarmouth, Nova Scotiail

Gus Mitchell, Vancouver said...

On Oct 4, 2006
B Cretien,Rimouski, Quebec said
"It appear that you have a lot of support here but ovious it is coming from those who dont know the details and if they did then you would see a big diference. I think you misleed people. my opinion anyway."

What is the basis for your doubt?
If you have any evidence that would refute what Lew has posted up to this point, I am sure that we would all love to see it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lew,
I was totally awestruck and honored to have you write me such a nice message, Lew. I had not realized that you had kept tabs on me in such a detailed manner.
Stuff like this is what I count as my reward for involving myself in Truscott's case. No gift could possibly have meant more to me than what a man of your stature wrote about me. THANKS LEW!
My paltry attempts at trying to identify Lynne Harper's killer hardly measures up to the work you have done and will be doing on Wilbert Coffin's case. But you and I are of the same mindset: We see an awful injustice being done to a human being and we just have to get in there and do something about it. I can only wish that I had your talents of information gathering. The work you have done on Mr Coffin's case so far is absolutely superb. With your help and with the help from AIDWYC and not the least, the 1000's of supporters you have gathered, the Coffin family and friends will see final justice as much as we are able to give it to them. It is just so sad that there is nothing we can do for Wilbert. Well, I shouldn't say nothing. When we get him exonerated, the exoneration will stand as a testimonial to a man who was innocent all along. Now the fat cats in government will have to stand up and declare him innocent.

This is somewhat the same kind of justice..the only justice..we are able to give Lynne Harper. Steven Truscott is in good hands in this final round I do believe. When he is exonerated, we will have served justice on Steve as best we can.
The only one left crying out for justice is Lynne. SHE is the one who needs us now. That is why I am telling everybody this: I am not looking for evidence to find Steve innocent any more. My mind is made up: He IS innocent. Why struggle and waste any more time on that? My struggles are concentrated on finding out who killed Lynne. People tell me: Why bother? He is dead. They say how can you possibly dream of finding the killer in a 47 year old case? Well, here Lew and I are of the same mindset: We sure as heck won't solve anything if we don't try. And I am sure Lew agrees with me on this point: Truth is s funny thing. It always seems to want to make itself be known. It is just up to us how deep we are willing to dig for Truth, and it will come to us eventually. This has proven itself to be I dig ever so lightly, a small iota of the truth as to what happened to Lynne presents itself. And I am sure it is the same in your work, Lew.

Thanks again for your kind words. Also, thanks for allowing me to do this little plug for Lynne and Steve and Truth.

All you writers on this post seem like fine people and I do not hesitate to give you my email address, just in case you have something you would like to tell me about Lynne or the Truscott case in general. I am always open to new ideas and thinking. Or if you just
want to say HI!

Bob Crandall said...

Just had a chance to look back in at this site after doing a rotation of afternoon shifts. This case is picking up steam, and I think if it were a train, before it is over, it bis going to be a long train heading to Ottawa.

You know that is not a bad idea actually. I bet we could muster quite a few to do a little get to know you walk up the long driveway to the parliament buildings in Ottawa. I wonder if they would come out and welcome us all???

Keep up the pounding Lew. Thanks for answering my e-mail. I know that you have a couple of Aces up your sleeve. Thanks for the insight, and folks I can assure you, you have lots of interesting things coming up here soon.

I can tell you that I used to work with this old fossil named Lew Stoddard. He is nosy, and he knows how to make a nuisance of himself. You can get mad at him too, but you can't stay mad at him, because you quickly learn that when he is on the trail of something, he usually sniffs something out. There are a few politicians here in British Columbia that have found that out the hard way over the years.

What I am really saying here is, folks if you know of something that might aid Lew in putting this all together, he is waiting for your call.

Bob Crandall
Calgary, Alberta

D. Marchand said...

I am amazed that in Quebec during the Duplessis reign, that he was able to have such a hold on the province. It was a choke hold. He appointed himself to all the top offices of government. You are right. He was a dictator. Can you imagine if someone like that headed up the whole country. No no no, I am not saying that! This is Canada.

Federal government, For God's sake do your part and set this straight.

D. Marchand
Bathirst, new Brunswick

Rachel Wilson said...

It is truly amazing that this case would not have been solved over the course of so many years.

More amazing that so many records still exist when you actually dig for them. Must be a painstaking process. My hat is off to you Sir. You are very driven by what you are doing. That is what it takes.

Rachel Wilson
Enderby, B C

Bill J said...

Just want to let you know that my support is behind your efforts here in Moose Jaw. Know a bit about this case. Used to live in Northern New Brunswick as a youngster.

Bill J
Portage La Prairie, Manitoba

dianepeter said...

i remember seeing an oprah show where oprah redid a house for a celebrity couple and they were trying to thank her. The husband said you thank someone for getting you towels as a housewarming gift, what do you say if they get you a house. That is what i feel like as I read Lew Stoddard's site and all the kind comments from people across this land and around the world. How do you say thank you when that word falls so short of what you feel in your heart. How do you make people know how grateful you are that they dont want you dead before this is cleared up like we heard though a friend that an MP told him. How do you explain that joy you feel as you reach out and take the hands of your fellow countrymen and women who reach out and tell you I'm here I'm your family I'm going to fight with you to make this right . I'm going to collect names with you till the gov't gets the message. The tears are running down my cheeks as i write this because there are not enough words to express what I and my family feel right now. Thank you for giving us hope again when it had almost faded into nothing. Thank you for your love. Thank you even though that is not enough
diane peter
Uncle Bill's niece

Lew Stoddard said...


I want to take this opportunity to personally thank each and everyone of you for being so faithful, and dedicated in my quest to finally see justice in the Wilbert Coffin affair.

It is through that dedication, that has resulted in so much information being brought forward to myself to achieve this goal. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, "I simply could not do it without you."

I will honestly tell you now, very, very shortly, you are going to read on this site some very startling and revealing information that led to the actual execution of Wilbert Coffin. I am now able to put together the reasons why it was allowed to happen by the governments involved.

Is this a bold assertion on my part? Yes it is, however, I would not be making this declaration if I could not support it with facts. This is what seven solid months of research and begging for information has produced. I am also of the opinion that this will possibly be the thread that will force the government's hand to order a full review of this case. When that is done, I am confident that Wilbert Coffin's name will be cleared.

Before I close, I have to say a very very special thanks to Lani Mitchell. As I have told you, Lani's help and dedication in this matter has been beyond expression by simple words. Since July 11, Lani has donated hundreds and hundreds of hours from her time to see this matter through. Not only is Lani a fine translator, she is a super great researcher as well, and has brought many ideas and leads to the table.

I purposely selected this moment to tell you these things, as it is that time of year to reflect, show appreciation and respect, and most of all, Thank God for everything.


Lew Stoddard

KIT said...

Lew, I know you are a professional researcher from the transscripts posted here. I have to ask a question. Have you ever used the freedom of information system to obtain the USA FBI files on the three murdered US citizens or any information the FBI may have communicated thru foreign affairs of both governments? I mean it's 50 years plus shouldn't these records now be unsealed for anyone to review? There is no national security issues involved in this case. It should be without black out sections. reason I mention this angle is the recent story in newspapers about "Rene L" plot on his New York City visit.

niece debbie said...

Thank you God, Lew, and readers of this site,for bringing the light of hope into my Mom's and family's eyes...hope, where a tortured look has so long been. To the Gov't officials reading these comments, I thank you for taking the time,and making the effort to look into the matter of my Uncle Bill's (Wilbert Coffin's) wrongful conviction and subsequent wrongful death. It is hard to imagine anything that could rip a family's hearts more than having a relative go to the gallows, and hang there. To have an innocent relative be hung, knowing full well he was innocent,and that the Gov't officials responsible for his death knew he was innocent, I find not only hard to understand, but impossible to understand. What is more valuable than life? Tourism?? Trying to restore favor with the American gov't?? Not having to take time to deal with horrendous murders and find out the real story behind the dead American hunters gruesome deaths??? Growing up with the pain of the injustice of the governnment's murder of my Uncle Bill, seared in my family's hearts, trying to deal with my grandparents,Mom's,aunts and uncles pain, and the knowledge that my cousin, Uncle Bill's son Jim, had no father, knowing what he went through due to that, knowing his Mom,my Aunt Pete,had the burden of being a single parent thrust upon her,coping with the looks of pity,or questioning,or school debates/essays over whether my uncle was guilty or not, and why it happened,wondering HOW and WHY my country,my Canada would choose to do such a heinous thing to my uncle,to my family, to my country.When such a crime as the murder of my uncle was, is done, all of our great nation suffers the consequences of it. For we are only as strong as the weakest link,and the harm that deceit, manipulation, lies,and cruel injustice does to a goverenments integrity is long-lasting. There is hope now,and a strong desire on the hearts of not just my famiy, but of many across this nation,to see a complete governmental review of my Uncle Bill's case, and to have Uncle Bill declared innocent- officially- by the Federal Government of Canada. Your assistance in making this happen is greatly appreciated! May you find it in your hearts to make haste toward this end. Fifty long years is a long time to wait for justice. Surely your moms taught you that when an apology is due, when a wrong needs to be corrected, to do it immediately. That is the way of real men and women. May God soften your hearts. Canadians still believe in the Golden Rule. niece, Debbie

Stef1973 said...

I hope that Justice with a capital J will finally be done for the Coffin family once and for all.

Appologies are long overdue from the Feds, the Supremes, the Sureté du Québec police force and the Qc provincial govt.

Stephanie M
Montréal, Qc