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Stoddard Online Continued from part fifteen. . . .

In any research and investigative project, there is that point where one feels comfortable declaring a conclusion can be arrived at. In my view, I truly believe that I am now in a position to declare that I have reached that milepost with respect to the Wilbert Coffin affair.

I have to be fair and honest here. Indeed, I have learned volumes about this case. At the onset, I must admit that I had been caught up in a lot of the hype and rhetoric that had permeated the nation. I thank God here for having not allowed me to accept as fact everything that I had heard over the course of many years. To this end, I have avoided many of the published accounts that have created the fodder for wagging tongues. Upon conclusion of my own research and investigation, I now cringe at much of the rubbish and trash that has made it's way on to the book shelves of Canada. Without doubt, free speech and expression gone wild.

When I decided to investigate this affair, I made it my personal mandate to seek the truth. If a lead or tip could not be backed up with a document or a personal declaration, it simply would not form part of my report. Sensationalism and tabloid style journalism may have their place at the check out stand at the supermarket, but, I am not prepared to compromise my own integrity to assist putting it there. Newspapers and smut journalism tabloids buy their ink by the forty five gallon drum, and thus, many of the stories that we hear each day lend credence to that fact.

There have been a few allegations over the past few months that have suggested that perhaps I was working in concert with the Coffin family in the preparing of this story. Again, here is a very vivid example of wagging tongues. It is easy to make statements, but difficult to support them with facts when there is no evidence to support the allegation. I can honestly state that no member of the Coffin family ever attempted to influence my writings. If I had questions, they answered them as best they could, nothing more, nothing less. To reiterate, I have never personally met any member of the Coffin family, other than by electronic means. Now that my report on this matter is winding down, I look forward to meeting as many of the family as possible over the next few months.

In any undertaking such as this, there are high's and low's. My ultimate high of course is the confidence in believing in my own mind that I now know the true chain of events behind this story, and why Wilbert Coffin died. The fact that folks have come forward to me with absolutely astounding revelations with information and evidence that was suppressed prior to Wilbert Coffin's trial is beyond simple expression. One example is Mimi Wilson, whose evidence would have thrown the original trial into chaos, had the crown and police not hidden her contribution from scrutiny at the trial. Her evidence is paralleled completely by another gentleman who came forward. Both these people are now willing to swear affadavits, as they were back in 1954. These are a couple of examples of good folks willing to see justice done for a fellow human being and his family.

Another example that I consider an absolute time bomb will outline to you the real reason that Wilbert Coffin was allowed to hang. You will be made aware of the details of this fact here in the next very few days, at the conclusion of this posting that will conclude with the execution of Wilbert Coffin. I shall be posting actual documentation here on the web site. I will warn you now. It is a disgraceful happening. It is a chilling tale. This has never been reported on before. The knowledge of this event was made possible by those who set the trap. They did a good job with the setting of the snare, but did a terrible job of covering their tracks. I am embarassed to admit that it happened in my country.

At the conclusion of todays posting I suspect there will be many folks who will want to express their thoughts to the Coffin family. I urge you to do just that. It hurts me to post this final chapter of Wilbert Coffin's life, and I know it will not be easy for the family as well. They can use your support today. Please feel free to leave your comments. I just ask you to be as brief as possible as I am certain there will be many, and space is somewhat limited. I also ask that you consider signing a petition calling for a complete government review of the Wilbert Coffin case. You can do this at

At the conclusion of this posting you will see a poem that I wrote and published some time ago. There was no particular inspiration for the poem at the time, however, I thought it to be approproate to today's posting. As I still own the copyright to the poem, I wish to dedicate it to the Coffin family.

I am not going into the next part of the story in depth as it will be covered in the final chapters when I present my case to you after today. The complete trial and elements affecting staffing of the trial will be covered here at that time. Here is the continuation of the story in brief form. . .

At the conclusion of the preliminary hearing in Perce, the stage was set for Wilbert Coffin to stand trial. The crown was in no rush to go to trial, as very simply, they lacked the necessary ingredient for success. That ingredient being hard evidence. It would therefore be necessary to rig the proceeding to compensate for evidence shortfalls. This so called trial would be presided over by Judge Gerald LaCroix of the Quebec Superior Court.

At the conclusion of this trial of nineteen days, and a deliberation time of thirty minutes, the jury would find Wilbert Coffin guilty of first degree murder. The deliberation time equated to approximately one minute and twenty seconds for each day of trial.

Judge LaCroix's sentencing was swift and sure. It went like this, "Wilbert Douglas Coffin, you stand before the court today as a condemned man. You have been found guilty of a henious crime by a jury of your peers. I am now ready to place the mandatory sentence for your crime upon you. At the conclusion of this proceeding, you will be taken from this place, and delivered to the place of execution, whereby, you shall hang by the neck until you are dead. May God have mercy on your soul."

It was a cold day in Montreal on the ninth day of February, 1956. A few minutes before midnight Wilbert Coffin was on the final journey of his life. He was walking with guards and The Reverend Sam Pollard on his way to the gallows. The place was Bordeaux Jail. Wilbert Coffin would state that he had forgiven those who were responsible for him being there. He was also seen to be exhibiting a smile as his final words echoed through the execution place. Those words were "I commend My Soul Unto You." The story would end with the same words that it started with as a title.

At two minutes past midnight, the black flag of death was hoisted high over the walls of Bordeaux signifying that someone was about to die. Wilbert Coffin's time on earth was no more.

Weep not for me, all that remain
I've only gone to the great plain
God sent His angel, to beckon me home
I've joined Him now, around His throne
I've found forgiveness for those who erred
Though I'm called home, It's because He cared
I am the gentle breeze that blows
I am the bud that blooms in spring
I am the hurricane on the horizon
I am now mingling in God's grace
He has delivered me to a better place

Copyright Lew Stoddard


Lew Stoddard
Posted to site October 16, 2006


Elisa McEwen said...

I am sorry but this is just too much. This is horrendous, this man fought for our country, and look what we did. Shame Shame!

Elisa McEwen

Darlene said...

To the Coffin family, I know this is a bad day as you read this. God Bless you.

Amherst, N S

Don and Clara said...

It is just a bad bad scene. Government you must correct this thing now. Don't waffle anynore

Don and Clara
Lake Cowichan, B C

Barry W said...

I don't care where it happened or when, that doesn't not make it right. The government has to cpome clean

Barry W
Edmundston, new Brunswick

Sara C said...

Waiting around wont make it go away, Mr. harper. You have to act now. Show some leadership. That is what you were elected to do

Sara Clendenning
Saint John, New Brunswick

Bruce C said...

C'mon government, Canada is speaking to you now. Get with it. Do what is right here. Mr. stoddard has worked long and hard on this for Wilbert Coffin. It is at the point where he needs your help now. Don't let him and Canada down Mr. Harper.

Bruce Chalmers
North Bay, Ontario

Janice said...

Mrs Marie Stewart (Coffin) we love you and are thinking of you. I saw you on TV recently, you are so sincere.

Janice W
Thorold, Ontario

Tiffany V said...

To the Coffin family, we are thinking of you today. Keep up the spirit

Tiffany V
Orillia, Ontario

Karen J said...

To all the extended Coffin family Bless you today and every day.

Karen James
Nanaimo, B C

Bill M said...

My family extends to the Coffins best wishes as your journey continues to clear Wilbert's name. I am praying that you can do it. Thank you Mr. Stoddard for giving it your best shot.

Bill Mosely
Courtenay, B C

Anonymous said...

I have seen Coffin family members on this site from coast to coast. My thoughts are with all of you today. This must be hard, seeing this, but thank you for sharing. We are thinking of you.

Bertha D
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

S Moncrief said...

Just a quick note Mr. Stoddard and the Coffin family. I simply cannot help myself. I am crying when I see that picture. That uniform represents Canada and to think we hung him for no reason. That is appalling, it is bad beyond comprehension.

S. Moncrief
Digby, N S

Keith D said...

Merssage to the Coffin family,

From my house to your house, I am thinking of you in a special way as I read this today. I lknow there is something big going to break in this story very shortly, I can tell by Mr. Stoddards wording today. Go for them big time Lew. Make them drop to their knees on this.

Keith D
Whitehorse, Yukon

David G said...

There are no words which justify what was done here. If it is as you depict and I believe that it was then someone has to be accountable.

David Glover
Winnipeg, manitoba

D Winters said...

I dont know what it is that you know that everyone doesnt Mr. Stoddard about this case but I hope it smacks real hard. I know youy have worked long and hard on it.

D Winters
Toronto, Ontario

D M said...

Would be interesting to know what the final outcome of all this will be. I am thinking positive, so I guess that is good. Mrs. Coffin my hubby and I see you quite frequently on TV. You are a great spokesperson.

Yarmouth, N S

Nadine C said...

I do believe that Wilbert Coffin was a victim of the Duplessis reign of terror in Quebec. I did not understand all that 20 years ago but I sure do now. Than you Mr. Stoddard for your help in all this. To the Coffin family you have lots out there pulling for you. Good Luck to all.

Nadine C
Oxford, Nova Scotia

Anonymous said...

hello mr. stoddard, remember me my name is Cory from Brandon, you know that dumb teen ager who writes to you on here sometimes. am still flipping burgers at the big M and still in school i have been reading everthing that you writes about this mr coffine guy.

thank you for the book you sent me that was real nice Mom said to remember to mention it to you. that is the book that is about the history about manitoba.

thank you sir.

cory Baird

P Greer said...

To all the Coffin family and members of the Gaspe communities. I feel that this matter will be put to bed soon with the truth this time. It is long overdue. You have such a beautiful part of Canada there.

Mrs. P Greer
Woodstock, New Brunswick

Greta T said...

There is no excuse for this. I have commented on your site in the past, and want to say tht I am as impressed as ever with your writing style and the following that you have built up in a few short months. You are to be commended Sir.

I hope that people as they read todays posting will take a moment and reflect on the Coffin family. The picture the other day of his young son, now Wilbert Coffin in his uniform, you have touched the hearts of many thousands.

Greta T
Riviere du Loup

J Brady said...

Those two pictures that you posted in the past few days makes me want to cry. I cannot imagine what it would be like to experience things if that were in one's own family. To all the Coffin family, I am thinking of you in Kenora, Ontario.

J Brady
Kenora, Ontario

Nephew Rick said...

This could happen to someone in your family even today.By bringing this case out in the open once more, the Coffin family, gets to have their hearts raked across the coals again. With your help the system may be changed to help prevent more miscarriages. Print out a copy of Lew's report,(pages 1-4), and give it to a friend to read tomorrow.Well done Lew! Thank you.

M and T Hawthorne said...

Again Mr. Stoddard, you have done a real bang up job on the last posting. Stay with it Coffin family, justice must prevail here.

M and T Hawthorne
Kelowna, B C

Wendy McDougall said...

I wonder how many more people have been trampled by the system since 1953. I know there have been a lot of othrers by the wrongful convictions that have been found out. That is such an embarassment.

Wendy McDougall
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dan M said...

Message to the Coffin family. Today is a heavy day in your hearts I am sure, as you read this site. This certainly puts a human touch on this story. This is so sad. My heart is with all of you.

Dan M
Bristol, New Brunswick

Miriam B said...

Mr. Stoddard,

I feel honoured to write this message to you for the work you are doing here.

Your poem is very touching to me in more ways than you may realize. Sometime back I purchased a selection of All Occasion Cards. Guess what, I have three cards, all different, with that poem inscribed on them, with you listed as the author. The title of the poem I believe, even though you do not display it is "Heavens Call."

I've seen your name here on this site for months, however, when that poem appeared on your posting earlier today, suddenly the name rang a bell.

Sir, you are a wonderful inspirational writer, you are sensitive, yet direct. You write this story with much compassion, and yet you are able to tell it like it is.

Good luck to all the Coffin family, and you are a great champion for their cause.

Miriam B
Calgary, Alberta

The Bartletts said...

We are pulling for you in this thing. I know it is difficult times for your family reliving this thing day by day, but you have friends across canada.

The Bartletts
Prince George

Nancy Grieve said...

Message to the Copffin family.

Posted on here once before, but want to take this opportunity to tell you that my heart is with all of you, no matter where you live. My prayers are with you. Thank you Lew Stoddard for this opportunity, and good luck with solving all this mess.

Nancy Grieve
Salmon Arm, B C

Terry M said...

Another day, there have been a lot of them since 1953. The sun is going to finally shine again. I feel it.

Terry McEacheron
Whitehorse, Yukon

Dave and carol said...

I am glkad to see the family of Wilbert Coffin fighting this thing to the bitter end. If not today, then tomorrow. Eventually it will happen.

Dave and carol
Winfield, B C

Glen T said...

You write a stern and strong willed story mr. Stoddard. You have obviously researched this well. Keep it up.

Glen T
Kitimat, B C

mario said...

To allthe coffins we are thinkin bout you all in your familey.

mario C
prince Rupert

Anonymous said...

To the Coffin Family: You will soon see how your prayers will be answered.
Thank You for being so nice and outgoing to all of us who are rooting for you.

To Lew Stoddard: What job you have done on this case! You have proven that it is possible for an investigator/researcher to really have a heart. I am trying to model my own research after you, sir.

With sincere thanks,
Bent Romnes

C Carelle said...

Lew Stoddard,

Without any doubt, the two pictures that you have posted to this story in the past week can bring a nation to it's knees.

In picture number one, you have the Dad, and the son who is a small boy. The next picture is a grown youn man in the military who has since been executed for a crime that is obvious he did not commit, and now you have the son, who was that small boy fighting to help clear the Dad's name. This is a terrible story, and these pictures prove that these things happen to very real people.

I feel for this family. huis is tough stuff for any family to endure. Thank you Mr. Stoddard for spearheading this movement on the internet.

C. Carelle

B Olson said...

Dear Lew Stoddard,

Former President, the late Ronald Reagan once said and I quote, "In life, fellow man can get mad at you, and you will survive the heat, but if you get the Mothers of the nation mad at you, your days as a politician are numbered."

Canadian politicians take heed of the above message. I am a Mum and I am in tears this morning as I look at the two pictures published in this story.

There is something special between a Mum and her son, and when it is apparent that you separated a Mum and her Son by an execution that should not have taken place, then I will suggest to you, the heat will be on.

For God's sake, do the honourable thing and restore to this family the dignity, that every family should be able to take for granted as Canadian citizens.

This whole affair is a tragic mess, and it is you who can clean it up. It is your duty as our representatives to look after our affairs in this country.

B. Olson
Fredericton, New Brunswick k

Sandra M said...

Bravo Mrs. Olson in Fredericton. I too am a mother and I totally agree with you.

Message to the Coffin family. I am thinking of you today. I am sure this is a hard week when I read the story ending. You have lived with this for a lot of years.

Sandra J

G Simmons said...

I knew your story was concluding yesterday, but I am sorry but I was totally unprepared for an ending such as you displayed and wrote. It was a touching, moving moment that captures ones very heart and soul.

I am thinking of the Coffin family, and I encourage all to sign a petition to the government. I will be doing that later today.

G Simmons
North Bay, Ontario

cecile said...

hello to the coffin familie want to tell you goodluck and pray for you too.

cecile larochelle
St. Jerome

Gregory said...

Message to everyone, please get behind a petition to the government about this affair. help the Coffin family, and thanks lew for the opportunity to respond on your site.

Gregory K
Taber, Alberta

C R said...

This story is not about some far off land, It is here, right here in Canada. These people are our neighbors and friends. Give this family a hand if you agree with this story and sign a petition. It is important.

Churchill, Manitoba

Brad and Lucy said...

Each day is a new beginning. Never give up. Justice will prevail. Good luck Coffin's.

Brad and Lucy
Oshawa, Ontario

Darlene T said...

Lew Stoddard,

Sir, that poem was a very fitting, stirring conclusion associated with the death of Wilbert Coffin.

Can you tell me where I can obtain a published copy of your poem? Those are very beautiful words, so simply done, yet so profound. You are to be commended for your talents Mr. Stoddard.

I am certain that the Coffin family are very proud of the way that you concluded this touching, but heart breaking story of a family member.

Darlene T
Red Deer, Alberta

M and P Lavigne said...

Hello, I too want to convey my thoughts to the Coffin family during this ordeal. It is not easy for you, I know. I have posted here before, but this time, have to say, this story very touching indeed.

As with the previous commenter here, I would also like to know where I can obtain your poem. Can you post it here please?

M and P Lavigne

Reni Gautier said...

I believe that goodness always has a habit of prevailing through thick and thin. Be patient, it will happen, no matter how long this takes.

Thank you Mr. stoddard for a very excellent web site where folks are free to express their opinions without some editor chopping the true meaning out of it. Newspapers should take a lesson here.

Reni Gautier
Quebec, Quebec

Lew Stoddard for Senator Jacques Hebert said...


A few moments ago I spoke personally with former Canadian Senator Jacques Hebert with reference to the Wilbert Coffin affair.

Mr. Hebert wishes to convey his wishes of Good Luck to all the Coffin family in their quest to get this case overturned, and he is optimistic that things can happen even at this late date, providing the government can be convinced to work at it.

Mr. Hebert further states that it will be necessary for the government to recognize evidence that was suppressed or denied back in the fifties. In his own words he told me, "in those days the police and government did everything within their power to hide any evidence that would have helped Wilbert Coffin, or would have had the appearance of weakening the crown's case against him."

For those of you who may not be aware, Senator Jacques Hebert was thrown into jail and forced to pay a substantial fine in the sixties for daring to speak out against the government on the Coffin affair.

Had it not been for the emergence of an aspiring young lawyer coming forward by the name of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Mr. Heberts tenure in jail would have been somewhat longer.

Senator Hebert is experiencing some health concerns, however, I certainly convey my thanks to him in a big way for conveying through me, his show of support for the Coffin family in their efforts.

Lew Stoddard for Senator Jacques Hebert

Wilma said...

Mr. Stoddard,

It is good to hear comments from high profile people. Yes, I do know of, and have read about Senator Hebert and I know he is and was an honourable man. I also know that he is solely responsible for the salvaging of the Katimavik program for young people in Canada, which has straightened out many youngsters. He waged a one person hunger strike in the House Of Commons in Ottawa in the 80's and it forced the government to change their mind about chopping the program which still exists to this day.

I mention all this as a means to show all the people who read this, that voices, no matter how big or small, can have a positive effect on the inner workings in Ottawa. Do not let up on the pressure in the Wilbert Coffin case.

And Mr. Stoddard, you indicated that you have some embarassing government information that you are going to publish about this case. If they throw you in jail I will bake you a cake and put a hack saw blade inside it.

I love the way you are doing your report and story on this Sir. My thoughts are with the Coffins and if people such as Mr. Hebert can speak out, so can we collectively.

An old retired school teacher named Wilma from Toronto, Ontario

J McRae said...

Good to hear and see comments from and about people like Mr. Hebert. Lets get those petitions rolling to Ottawa. We need to show solidarity.

J McRae

G. Antworth said...

Message to Lew and all your readers

You might recall that I posted to your site awhile back from the Victoria district. I had mentioned that my wife and I were circulating a petition for Ottawa to be presented by our sitting member.

I had committed to get 500 signatures. I am forced to tell you, that we have not got the 500 signatures, but at present we now have 793. We have now revised our projected total to 1,000 signatures, and with the good people of southern Vancouver Island, we will pull it off.

Short story for the folks. On the weekend at one of the malls, a very elderly gentleman and his old dog slowly made their way toward me.

This old gentleman read pur poster and took out his handkerchief and actually wiped his eyes. Upon offering my hand this elderly gentleman told me his name was Louis Boudreau and that he lived out his younger years on the Gaspe coast where he worked for the pulp and paper company.

he then told me that he was one of several from his company to go to the forests of Gaspe to search for three missing hunters. He was there the day that two of his coherts came across the remains of the two young people. He was very touched by this whole affair.

this man continued by saying that in no way did he or any of his co-workers ever consider that Wilbert Coffin was capable of such a terrible thing. He is so glad to see a renewed interest to turn this thing around.

Mr. Boudreau told me that he met Wilbert Coffins Dad and brother as a result of this affair. He was happy to sign my petition and asks anyone interested to get involved.

Thanks Lew, just wanted to share this with your readers.

G. Antworth
Saanich, B C

Crystal T said...

That is a powerful little story, and after all those years and on the opposite side of the country. Lots of support I know in this, can see it now. Wake up Ottawa.

Crystal T

Beth said...

Committed to 1,000 names Wow that is a lot for one couple in such a short time. I am thinking of you all in the Coffin family.

I am typing this for my elderly Mom who knows about this case as she is originally from Rimouski, Quebec

Beth C

Janine Mercier said...

What a sad ending to this story. Of course I did know the eventual outcome, all of Canada did of course. It was touching to say the least, but very very tastefully done. That picture of Wilbert in his Army uniform, followed by your poem, makes it difficult to contain tears.

You are a very fine writer Mr. Stoddard. To bad we didn't have more like you in our media today. You prove that it is possible to tell a story, and yet maintain basic rules regarding taste, and sensitivity.

Your kind words speak volumes Sir in expressing your goals and promoting support across the nation for Wilbert Coffin's family.

Janine M

Marty said...

Lew Old Bud, you have pulled off another perfect score with this old long haul driver out here on the prairie.

You write it well you say what is on your mind. keep the chin up Coffin family.

Marty, the long haul driver on the prairies

M Foster said...

I have heard my dad speak of this event over the years many times. I was always interested in it. My Dad is elderly but he still remembers about it.

My friend called last evening to ask me to tell my father about the efforts to clear Mr. Coffin's name. We all hope you can. I want to read your whole story over the next few days. Looks interesting.

M Foster
Meductic, new Brunswick

Don E said...

Lies always have to be defended with other lies. Truth stands steadfast, and is need of being defended by nothing.

The truth shall prevail here and I believe Mr. Stoddard, you know what the truth is. I anxiously await your answers.

Don E
Antigonish, Nova scotia

rene st pierre said...


please to see this happenings i believe coffin he not gulity

rene st pierre
lachute quebec

Gl said...

Just brought myself up to date on your most recent posting for this story. What a stirring conclusion to the main part of the story. You indicate that you have lots more to bring forth. I am looking forward to that. I know the secrets about this case will come out after all these years. I think it is the secrets that will contain the truth.

Gloria C

Brian T said...

My concern is that the federal government will do again what they have done for so many years, try and stall this thing over and over again.

You seem determined, don't let that happen.

Brian T
Sussex, N B

Anne Blake said...

hello everyone this is marie coffin stewart's daughter leaving a comment. I want to thank everyone so much for all your support and caring it has meant so much to all the family. Today as you probably all know was the meeting at the house of commons and it went well. A lot of reporters were there so it will be in papers and on the news so keep you eyes open for this. My mom is on her way back to Gaspe as I write this because my dad is in the hospital for chemo. If anyone out there has the privilage to meet this woman you would be amazed she never stops and I don't know where she gets her energy from it must be pure will power. I just want to please ask one more favor from all of you out there to say a prayer for my dad and also for my mom because I think she keeps going from pulling on all of the support and strength that she gets from all of you. Thank you all so much and please keep sending in comments and signing petitions.

Thomas J said...

I find it disturbing when major media outlets across this country neglect the real issues surrounding a particular topic.

The Wilbert Coffin affair is a prime example. As a result of a renewed interest across the land, we now see the big front line media outlets coming to attention. Where the Hell have you been for the past fifty years?

The stories that we are reading and hearing today are the same ones that we have seen for half a century. None of the big outlets have gone out and dug. They simply rehash what has already been said a million times. Many of the articles that I have read and heard in the past few days still contain the same errors that have always been there.

I am tired of all this junk. There is so much that has gone on unreported with respect to this case and others for so many years. Do we not teach investigative journalism any longer in the country?

I have found out more on this small independent web site about this case over the course of the past few months, than in the past 30 years of main stream media. I have a collection of various press reports from various media outlets spanning three decades, and these reports support what I am saying. It is the same old stuff.

My compliments to you Mr. Stoddard, you have proven you have a nose for the story. I know as it concludes in the next phase, you are going to leave Canadians with a very much broader documented knowledge of this affair.

I just want to say in closing, if you can manage to pull this off with no resources, then all those big outlets have really been giving Canadians a real snow job with the power that they have behind them. Good Luck to you Sir.

Thomas J.
A retired teacher from Toronto

Garth M said...

Bravo to Thomas, the former teacher from Toronto. I agree with you completely on what you are saying regarding the poor media attention to events such as this over the years.

I have seen two examples of it myself since Sunday, October 15, 2006, and in both cases, it was national media with reference to this particular issue.

In both cases the reports said a lot, but in reality said nothing at all. A mixture of what we already knew, and the same errors that have been stated numerous times. It is upsetting.

As with Mr. Thomas and others, I enjoy what you are doing on this web site. I have to say that one positive thing that I did read in the Montreal Gazette some weeks back about this affair, was the address of this web page. I have been following it since.

Garth M
St. Stephen, N B

Ambrose M said...

Hello Lew,

I live in greater Montreal and I can relate to what others say about media coverage by big name media. It is true, it has, and still is a repeat of the same stuff over and over. No one ever digs for something new.

It is like they are telling us, there is nothing new if we haven't read or heard about it from their outlet.

It is particularly strange when one outlet reported crappy material years ago, and they are still reporting it years later, however, now you have other outlets reporting the same material. Obviously, they did not check their sources.

Good luck to the Coffin family, and Mr. Stoddard, carry on.

Ambrose M

simon comeau said...

i speak here before and the story it is good thatyou writte coffin he did not do this

simon Comeau
riviere du loup

Bill C said...

I too have commented in the past on your site. Obviously I believe and respect what you are doing here in regards to this story otherwise I would not still be reading it.

You keep it up Sir, because sooner or later it is accounts like you are preparing with a strong basis that are going to play a large role in the overturning of this case.

Do not bend to any criticism that may be hurled your way. Your dedication is proven by your desire to get to the truth. You stated your agenda well in your last posting leading to the execution of Mr. Coffin.

W E (Bill) Carruthers
Guelph, Ontario

Sara D said...

Yes, I read this site, but that doesn't mean that I accept everything that I see here. How do I know that you are not feathering your own nest for greatness down the road? A good book produces dividends, does it not?

Sara D
Hamilton, Ontario

Bob said...

I do believe you when you state there is another untold story on the Wilbert Coffin saga. There is however always that chance that you could be fabricating the story for eventual sensationalism?

I hope that the Coffin family sees that as well, and I want this to go well for them.

Armstrong, British Columbia

Barb said...

I am in full support of the Coffin family wanting to arrive at the truth in this matter. Should they not be leaving it up to the government authorities to determine the full story and the truth?

Barb M
Qualicum B C

D Daigle said...

Since we are on this topic, I do not wish to attack Mr. stoddard, I am sure he works reasonably hard on this, but in a couple of instances he has different versions of parts of this tale that we have known as fact for a lot of years. That may be disturbing to some, it is to me, hoiwever I wish him well he is really doing a good job I hope.

D Daigle

Brenda Carl said...

Hey, People like the last few commenters, namely, D Daigle, Barb, Bob, and Sara, and if I have missed anyone, I am sorry.

Why do not all of you stuff your hair brained ideas into a pillow and swallow it. Lew Stoddard may be working here with limited resources, but at least he is doing what should have been down years ago.

Just because you don't like the story, you have no right to shoot the messenger. Have the decency to let him conclude his version of events before you identify yours. You do have a version don't you people? You must have if you are indicating that he is wrong. Otherwise, buy some crazy glue for your mouths.

Brenda Carl
Vancouver, B C

Julie and Arthur said...

I just want the Coffin family to know that I support you entirely in your quest to see the right thing done regarding your family member. The fact that it happened years ago doesn't really matter when it comes to setting things straight.

I do support Mr. Stoddard in his efforts to see this thing through. I believe that he is sincere, I know of other things that he has worked for and fought for over the years. Do not be swayed by the negative comments. I am glkad that he has taken this thing on.

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family during these very trying times.

Julie and Arthur
Port Moody, B C

Lani Baker Mitchell said...

Bob, Barb and others
For whatever reason, the government authorities have often been ' unable ' to determine the truth in this case. As Lew has mentioned in past postings, I have worked long hours with him on the information he receives on this case.I see it and I know it to be fact, not fiction! So let me say LOUD AND CLEAR that Lew is a superb researcher and a decicated man with no motive other than to support the Coffin family in clearing Wilbert Coffin's name.His reward is the pleasure he gets from solving the case and the feed back he gets from everyone here.Ocassionally someone comes along who is very simply a good man!Lew is one of those!And when he tells you he will be revealing some rather shocking truths in further postings, I can tell you to Stay Tuned!It will be documented facts, not fabrication!

Ruth M said...

From my house to yours, I convey my thoughts to you and all your family Mrs Stewart (Coffin). I understand that your husband is not well. I hope and pray for you and him. This has to be most difficult for you. Fighting for what you know and believe in for your brother, and at the same time with your husband seriously ill.

God bless you, and I am thankful for this site whereby I could convery my thoughts to you.

Ruth M
Drummondville, Quebec

Corinne for Mrs. T. Volpe said...

I am amazed of the interest shown regarding this affair. I am sure the interest was always there, but it took some kindling to get the fire blazing. I am certain that you are responsible for that Lew Stoddard.

I have been aware, as was my late husband of this affair. We were both school teachers in the Maritime Provinces during this era. My husband also taught briefly before I met him in the province of Quebec. He was certainly aware of the "Duplessis Quebec."

I am getting my daughter to post this for me, but it represents my true thoughts.

We also became aware of this web site from the Gazette of Montreal.

Corinne for Mrs. T. Volpe
Regina, Saskatchewan

Lani Baker Mitchell said...

Simon Comeau
Lew m’a demandé de vous contacter. Je travaille avec lui sur ce cas. Si vous avez n’importe quelle information que vous voudriez partager avec Lew Stoddard, et voulez le dire en français, svp me fait une ‘ email ‘ et je fournirai à Lew l’information. Il est si important que chacun fasse ce qui elles peuvent à aider à résoudre ce cas tragique.
S’il y a d’autres qui souhaitent me contacter au subject de ce cas, svp me fait une ‘ email ‘ à
Veuillez excuser mes erreurs que j’écris en français.
The above message simply asks anyone who has information to share in this case to come forward. If you wish to contact me my email is the message is in french, I will translate it( as best I can) and give it to Lew.Please feel comfortable if you wish to wish to discuss any involvement you feel Bill Baker had in this case. I said from the beginning that we'd travel whichever road led to the truth.

Graydon H said...

Have been reading this site for a couple of months now, and as you mentioned in your recent post to feel free to send a message of support to the Coffin family.

I, now wish to do just that. I want all of you to know, that I feel this is a shocking tale, that has absolutely no place in the history, the culture, or for that matter, in our free society of a great Country.

We have known for many years this is a deplorable situation, and the very worst part is, and folks should ponder this for a moment, it was not the government coming forward and saying that it looks like a travesty of justice may have occured here. It took everyday citizens, not just the Coffin family, but writers like yourself Mr. stoddard, who was giving of your time to investigate and take it to another level.

Shame! Shame! on the federeal government. They are only making a very lame effort now to show they are a caring group, when in actuality, they could not really give a damn. It is nothing more than window dressing and posturing for an election.

Members of parliament do not speak out against a prime minister. That is, if they hope to survive politically in this country. Don't believe me? Just ask Garth Turner, the honourable member for Halton what happened to him yesterday, just because he speaks his mind.

The reality of all this is simply there may be a lot of the members of the government side who will agree with you on this, but it will be a frosty Friday before one of them opens his or her mouth in public.

Good luck to you, and I admire all the courage that you display.

Graydon H
Richmond Hill

Russell Meredith said...

You got that right Graydon from Richmond Hill.

Hammer away, fire at will, Mr. Stoiddard. This case needs you in a big way. To Hell with a spineless group of politicians who are the ones who really have a hidden agenda in this country. They have proven that for fifty years with their gutless approach to this whole mess, and they are the ones who created it in the first place for not having the intestinal fortitude to speak up.

I wish also to say that I wish all the Coffin family well in this and I shall be signing a petition.

Russell Meredith
Halifax, Nova scotia

Anonymous said...

To Graydon H

I unfortunately have to agree with you in what you are saying about members of parliament, they just don’t want to rock the boat in case they end up overboard.
I wrote my member of parliament the honourable Scott Bryson and asked him if he would look into this matter and bring this website to the attention of premier Harper.
I might just as well have put it on toilet paper, for the response as I received from Mr Bryson.

I would also like to say to cousin Marie may God be with you and your husband at this time and continue to give you the strength to carry on.

If he leads you to it he will bring you through it.

Gary C
Port Williams
Kings County
Nova Scotia

Karen T said...

I commented a few days ago when you displayed a picture of a small boy looking at his Dad through the window of a police car. Now, I see the picture that you display on your recent posting of that same Dad which depicts his execution.

This is such a sad tale. If I was saddened a few days ago, this latest posting makes it almost too much, especially when I think that he was not guilty.

A sad day indeed for all this family. Thank you for showing Canada and the world, actual faces behind stories of horror that we hear about.

Karen T
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Trudy Adams said...

You have a lively site here Sir. There is nothing that suggests boredom in your household.

I encourage you and all the Coffin family to trudge onward. It may be slow, and the road will get bumpy, but the bumpy road is the one that gets paved.

Trudy Adams
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Alf H said...

We do not drive looking in the rear view mirror, we drive by looking forward. You are doing a great job here Lew, and do not be discouraged by those few who are too blind to see the light.

Alf H
St. Johns, Nfld

Janice Gee said...

Those are powerful words from Gary C from Nova Scotia and I repeat them.

"If he leads you to it he will bring you through it." Being a spiritual person, I firmly believe what you say. That is great inspiration for the Coffin family.

The web site works wonders to get the message out. So much support. Shows that down deep, Canada's people make up a caring nation.

Janice Gee

R McLeod said...

It takes but a moment to print off a copy of the petition, or you can simply make your own. It is all proper as long as it has all the pertinent stuff. Don't ask that your member of parliament present your petition on your behalf. Tell him/her that you expect them to present it as your representative.

R McLeod
Perth Andover, New Brunswick

M. Williams said...

Mr. Stoddard,
I sent you a separate e-mail outlining my frustrations as to the signing of a petition process and/or the starting of a new one in my community. I am referring specifically to the directions that I get from your site.

I printed two copies and prior to soliciting names for the petition, I took it to the constituency office of my federal member of parliament.

I was asked by staff there as to why it displays the name of Visions Gaspe. I explained that I assumed that was where it originated, and was quickly informed that firstly it is not necessary to display any name there, however, if a name is displayed, it should be reflective of the area where the petition was solicited.

I want to do what I can to help, and I do have some time, so would like to get this straight. I mention this here as a comment, in the event that others are experiencing the same problems.

It was further explained that one or any number of people can, under our freedoms, petition government irrespective of any particular group.

I know there was an address provided on the petition site for enquiries but I wanted your advice on it as you are usually up to date. Sorry to take your space, but I felt it important Mr. stoddard.

M Williams
Vancouver, British Columbia

G mcCurdy said...

Hi, I am troubled by the display name at the bottom indicative of where the petition must be mailed to and to not give it to my member of parliament. My question is simply, Why?

I help elect a local memeber of parliament, why do I have to send a petition to the other side of the country. He is paid to look after my affairs locally. He is on the government side of the house, not the opposition and not the official opposition at that, as is the Bloc member for the Gaspe'.

Please clear this up. Time is wasting.

G McCurdy
Vancouver East

Adam M said...

Don't want to nit pick Lew, but this is frustrating, yes it is.

It looks like any petition regarding the Coffin case must go through this organization back east. That is not correct, I know, I checked it out. I realize you may not be the one responsible, but felt that I too would let you know as you are always adamant that you want information on your site top be factual.

You are doing a great job, and at same time, I know that you want it to be clear for everyone.

Adam M
Port Coquitlam, b C

Darren M said...

Good site. Lots of information that I think folks would not be familiar with on the Coffin story. I am familiar with it as I discussed it several times during debates on capital punishment over the years.

I learned about your site from an article in a major media outlet sometime back.

I wish the Coffin family well, and also I signed a petition that was being circulated at a mall in Victoria a few days ago.

Darren M
Sidney, B C

Jake and Mary said...

We have sent you a message on here once in the past. We would like to tell you that the ending to the main storyline to Wilbert Coffin's life was touching, stirring, and most professionally done.

You Sir are a wonderful poet I notice by the poem dedicated to the Coffin family. That speaks volumes for your sensitivity. We are mere simple country farmers out here but we stand united with the Coffin family on this affair. Always have. My Dad was from Rimouski, Quebec.

Jake and Mary

Anonymous from down the road in Gaspe said...

I just phoned my local MP's office. I was told the same stuff that others have said. Seems to be some conflict here, but I am certain that you will root out the problem.

Nice finish to a very disturbing story. Wish it was a fiction story, but we all know that it happened.

And to the Coffin family, I share your grief in this affair.

Down the road in Gaspe

Wendall M Stanley said...

I have seen your concerns posted here about the petition on my web-site. Thank you for making me aware of them.

I was told that the way I set it up was the proper way. However, by tomorrow evening I will have a solution to this and shall post it here after making the necessary changes to my web site.

Thanks Again
Wendall Stanley
Gaspé, Quebec

ps… Any other concerns dealing with my site please use the link I have provided for you to contact me with.

Lew Stoddard said...

Special Message Regarding Lani Baker:

To all the readers of this site, I wish to convey the following.

In our lives sometimes, when we are bogged down in the middle of the storms of life, a glimmer of sunshine is spotted on the horizon, that grows brighter as time goes on.

Specifically, I am referring to the fact that I commenced this investigation and story in early April of this year. Within two months of my beginning, I realized that I had a problem, or should I say, I had a number of them.

A good portion of my research resulted in hundreds of pages written in French, from personal notes between individuals, to professional police and government reports. My knowledge of written French on a scale of one to ten is approximately minus two.

In the third week of July, a special person contacted me through this web site. Not only was she able to convey some very pertinent and valuable information to aid my investigation, upon speaking with her by telephone I quickly learned that she was not only conversant in French, she was good at translation.

Lani freely made the offer to jump onboard to assist me. The rest is history. Since that time, Lani has translated many hundreds of pages of French documents, and conversations. In addition, having come from the Gaspe' region of Quebec, Lani was able to put me in touch with many many people.

I simply would never have been able to compile the exhaustive report that I have put together on my own, without a person of Lani's calibre doing so much behind the scenes. Simply, there are not words to adequately describe my thanks to her. When this story concludes now that I am commencing the investiative portion and the trial, you will agree with me.

Lani and her Hubby Gus are boarding a plane this afternoon from Vancouver, bound for Australia. As recently as five minutes ago, Lani was on the phone asking if there is anything she can do before leaving. She even sent me an e-mail with a list of reminders for me, and assured me she will be keeping in touch with the web site on the internet.

Lani, I wish you and Gus a great holiday down there in Aussie Land, and once again, Thanks in a big big way.

Lew Stoddard

Anonymous said...


Nephew Rick said...

Those of us, who were able, attended a meeting in Ottawa on Wednesday in support of Aunt Marie and cousin Jim.
We met with Kerry Scullion who is in care of the Criminal Conviction Review Group.
The Bloc Quebecois helped arrange this meeting and a news conference afterword.
As you can imagine, the work ahead, will be of the utmost importance to have Uncle Bill exonerated.
Again we must rely on the efforts of all Canadians and Americans to bring forth more information.
Please contact Elisabeth Widner at AIDWYC and copy to Lew Stoddard.
Thank you so much - Rick