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Stoddard Online The Defense Of Wilbert Coffin, That Should Have Been. . .

In defense of any criminal litigation, it is paramount that the case be assembled piece by piece. It is very wrong to simply put together some elements of defense, and state this the case for the defense. This would be a sure recipe for disaster. Any criminal lawyer would agree, in order for a case to have merit, it's construction must reflect planning, diligence, and chronology of events laid out in indestructible fashion. Otherwise, the case is going to flounder.

In the Wilbert Coffin case, it is important that we stop
periodically and update the known facts. In other words, build it strong and stalwart as the case progresses. This is what we have to offer at this stage in the defense planning, that is reflective of the actual crime scene. More importantly, this case is being constructed without reference to what has been written of the case over time. This case as it builds here, would have been the result of my investigation had I been the lead defense lawyer for Wilbert Coffin at the onset in 1953.

Firstly, we have the remains of three hunters who met their demise in the forests of Gaspe'. All three met their death in a particularly brutal and barbaric fashion, obviously at the hands of an outside force. The actual physical aspects of the crime scene presented an abhorrent picture. Skeletons were not intact and bones were spread over a considerable area of the forest floor, as a result of ravaging by forest creatures, namely black bears. Each of the three skeletons would represent a separate crime scene, due to the fact that they were not together in the same location of the forest.

In order to establish a central case, it is necessary to s
tudy each crime scene independently. What are the similiarities? What are the differences? Why are the crime scenes spaced apart from each other? A particularly important question to answer would be, were all three deaths attributable to one person or more than one?

This is the point where the investigation takes on depth, involving painstaking detective work.
Let us first deal with the death of Eugene Lindsey, who's remains were located furtherest from the others. His crime scene dictates that his death was violent in nature, however, it may have involved very little physical contact from the killer, and on the other hand, it is possible that Eugene Lindsey vigoursly defended himself. The telescoptic sight on his rifle bore physical evidence of what was reported to be bits of his hair and scalp. This would indicate that the rifle had been used as a club to bring him down. Did this kill Eugene Lindsey? The answer to that question is not known, as his head and torso were never recovered, thus masking the complete details of his death. The remaining sketetal evidence was somewhat intact, however, as with the others to be discovered later, his bones had been spread by the bears. There was no flesh remaining, again, the results of hungry bears foraging for food after a long winter of hibernation. Clothing, other than shreds was none existent. Bear droppings in the area depicted shreds of clothing, and buttons.

Two and a half miles down the road, on the same side of the River St. John, the crime scene of Richard Lindsey housed it's secrets. His skeleton, though nearly complete, would also be found to be spread over an area of the forest floor thanks to the bears. Now that we see a similiarity between Richard Lindsey's skeleton and that of his father, it is important here to note something different. In Richard Lindsey's case many items of clothing remained, indicating that perhaps the clothing had been removed by human intervention. For what reason? It can be concluded that the clothing was possibly removed as a means of speeding up the process with the bears to erode any possible physical evidence more quickly. It must be noted as well, some of the pockets on young Lindsey's jeans were turned inside out. There is a question here. Were the pockets turned out to suggest robbery as a motive? As well, the skeleton of Richard Lindsey was found some two hundred feet from his rifle. The rifle, a 30/06 calibre Winchester, was located on the ground with the safety still in the engaged position, indicating that he never had the opportunity to defend himself with it. The muzzle was plugged with mud and debris. Why was that? I will explain in a few moments.

On the opposite side of the River St. John, lay the disturbed skeleton of Fred Claar. Again, items of clothing were found intact, with the skeleton having fallen prey to the bears. Many of the smaller bones of the skeleton were missing. The position of the remains indcated trauma before death. The similiarities of the crime scenes of both Richard Lindsey, and Fred Claar indicated they had met their demise at the hands of the same person.
Doctor Marie Charles Roussell permormed autipsies on all three remains. Though Eugene Lindsey's cause of death was not established, the findings by Dr. Roussell officially declared that Richard Lindsey and Fred Claar died of gunshot wounds, possibly from the same weapon, or at least, the same calibre. Calibre of the firearm was not established, although the diameter of the circular perforations, indicating bullet holes, was consistent in both cases.

The diameters were 7/16 inch to 1/2 inch diameter.
It was these diameters that troubled me. These bullet holes were simply too large. I knew of no bullet that would come close to these diameters. During the past summer while convalescing from a medical condition, I had the opportunity to devote much time to this situation. I cannot begin to count the number of times that I sat at a picnic table on the banks of The Fraser River in British Columbia pondering the situation.

I decided to seek professional ballistics information. I contacted Mr. Harry Cottle, a former sales manager for CIL (Canadian Industries Ltd.) and Mr. Frank Moore, also a former national sales manager with Winchester Canada. Both these gentlemen ended up living in the same apartment building in the Vancouver region. I asked both these gentlemen the same question. The question was, could you please tell me what calibre of ammunition in Canada would have a diameter of 7/16 inch to 1/2 inch diameter. In both cases the answers were short and swift. There simply does not exist in Canada or the world, a sporting firearms type of ammunition that would have a bullet of that size. My suspicions were answered, however, the question still remained.

It was another one of these trips to the Fraser River with my pipe and a large thermos of black coffee on the afternoon of September, 2006 that the light finally came on. I was thinking, the crown is saying that these two young men were shot to death. The crown was suggesting a possible calibre of 38 Special, which I knew to be impossible. The crown was unable to produce a weapon. They were unable to produce bullets or bullet fragments, and as well, they could not produce spent cartridge cases. They searched, they dug, they used metal detectors, all to no avail. Then it hit me. They couldn't find any of these pieces of evidence for one reason, and one reason alone. The reason was simply that they did not exist.

These two boys did not die of gunshot wounds, they died by stabbing.
I instantly telephoned Lani Mitchell, and explained to her that I now had the answer. Lani was of course excited. I explained to her that there were a few details to work out. I had to identify a murder weapon. At this point most folks will be thinking, how can one reasonably accept that these individuals were stabbed when the holes in the clothing were circular. Stab wounds are generally straight line, and either vertical or horizontal. I needed to place a phone call, and I needed to do it at that moment.

It was by then 11:30 PM and I telephoned Mr. Dale Hayton at his home. Dale has been connected with the firearms and military surplus industry for in excess of forty years, and has gained the respect of law enforcement agencies for his knowledge.
I explained to Dale that I was working on a fifty year old murder case, and could he assist me in my attempts to identify a murder weapon with certain capabilities.

I explained that this murder weapon would probably be easily attainable, be capable of piercing clothing and leaving round holes, be very effective in achieving quick death, and be silent in operation. Dales answer was swift and sure. He said when you say fifty year old case, that puts it back to post Second World War era. I agreed, and Dale stated one of the most effective and most easily attainabe weapons of those capabilities would have been a spike bayonet. The spike bayonet could be used on the muzzle end of a rifle, or it could be used as a detached weapon for one on one war combat. The surplus stores were full of them, as they still are to this day. In the United States, this weapon sold in surplus stores for perhaps two dollars.

I asked Dale what the diameter of a bayonet of this nature would be. He said they were manufactured by a number of suppliers, and described them as being round, being approximately 17 inches in length, extending from a sharp point up and gradually increasing in diameter to approximately 7/16 to 1/2 inch. I rest my case. Here is a picture of a spike bayonet, although it is much smaller than it appears in this photo.

It is now easily explainable as to why Richard Lindsey's rifle muzzle was plugged with mud and debris. I have reason to believe, and I do believe that Richard was standing with his rifle resting on his forearm, which is a common stance for a hunter. He was stabbed from behind and falling forward, the muzzle of the rifle would have been driven into the ground. He did not die instantly and dropped the rifle and stumbled perhaps two hundred feet mortally wounded before death took over.

This weapon also would account for the fact that there were no broken bones in either person, other than fragments from one small bone which could have been caused by contact with the bayonet. In the case of Fred Claar, reportedly he had been violated four or five times. That would have been impossible to be shot that many times and exhibit no broken bones. It is possible with the bayonet however.

I made the decision to post this episode to my story today, chiefly because it needs to be investigated, and it needs to be investigated now. This posting would have otherwise been made available in a couple of weeks. I am of the opinion that it should be presented to government to support any application to study this case.

In the next posting, I shall be outlining my suspects in this case. You will note that I used the plural designation, as I am confident that I can now present my suspects to you.

Lew Stoddard

Posted to site October 29, 2006

The material contained in this story is the copyrighted material of Lew Stoddard. Reproduction in part or in whole for commercial means, is not permitted without the express permission of Lew Stoddard.


Claudio D said...

My compliments to you Lew for the excellent twist that you put on this event. You have done an incredible job of investigating this and putting it together into words.

I have to tell you that I believe that what you are saying here makes a lot of sense. It is not done just as a suggestion, but with reason.

When I saw the other day where you had magnified the importance of the diameters of holes in the victim's clothing, I knew that you were onto something. Keep at it, you are almost there now.

Claudio D
Vancouver, B C

Barry Denthe said...

A few monts back I assumed this would just be another guy writing the same old stuff. No way Man, you have her steaming toward port now. Get after those government so and so's, they will try to shut you down. Keep pitching Lew.

Barry Denthe

Sharon said...

I believe that the officials of the day were not capable of thinking this thing out like you are doing. It is astounding that it would be the government pathologists own report that would eventually do them in on this case.

Sharon Grieve
Squamish, B C

Ted C said...

Back in the fifties this case was badly handled by both the crown and defense, only difference was, the crown had duplessis at the controls. Good luck Coffin fa,mily on all of this.

Ted C
Winfield, B C

Bob and Cathy said...

Lew Stoddard, We have posted before but want to congratulate you. This is fantastic news

Bib and cathy
Prince Rupert, B C

Janine Mercier said...

Lew Stoddard,

I am a law student from Trois Rivieres, and I have written to you in the past. I enjoy your writings and the work that you are doing on this story. I think you have the makings of a grand criminal lawyer. Keep up the good work Sir.

Janine Mercier
Trois Rivieres

Hanna Schroeder said...

Great stuff in your last posting Mr. Stoddard. Very dilligently, you have pieced together many many threads to arrive at the conclusions that you state. If I was skeptical previously in this case changing directions, I am now optimistic that it not only should, but will.

Hanna Schroeder
Victoria, Canada

M Fletcher said...

An unexpected turn of events is happening in this story. Yopu Sir, are to be commended for sticking with it, and not giving up. I have always believed that Wilbert Coffin died as a result of the most tragic circumstances.

Keep looking up Coffin family, I know it is maybe hard to do, but all of the people af Canada are not like the bunch of extremists who robbed Wilbert Coffin of his life.

M Fletcher
Centerville, new Brunswick

Don M said...


We get up each day, do our daily activities with our families, eat dinner, go to bed, and tomorrow is another day.

Unfortunatey, because of the actions of a corrupt regime, Wilbert Coffin never got to fully realize his role in society. This is deplorable. Sign the petitions people, and force Prime Minister Harper and crew to set this thing straight. If it were his Dad or brother, what would hois reaction be?

Don M
Thunder Bay, Ontario

lloyd Thomas said...

You have a nose Sir for detail. You spell that out as I read your postings on this Coffin matter.

New doors are opening, that is so evident. Keep the pressure on.

Lloyd Thomas
Burlington, Ontario

M larochelle said...

I am so thankful that the type of regime that ruled Quebec in those days is not around today. At least I hope that it isn't.

I encourage all the Coffin family to continue to stand together in this ordeal. The truth will win out in the end.

M Larochelle
Quebec, Quebec

Nephew Rick said...

Hello everyone. Again the deceit of the regime at that time is shining through. It is very hard or nearly impossible to have the judicial system admit to errors. When you present evidence after the fact, the system is set up so that everything is alleged new evidence. The case you present must be over whelming for them to even consider a remedy, as they call it. Please continue to comr forward and talk to relatives who may contribute to this investigation. You can tell from other comments that this trial has affected many more families than just the Coffins. Lew has been the best supporter and worker on this case and with AIDWYC on board and putting their resources, to the effort, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This case may help many more people who have had their rights and freedom stomped on by the establishment. If we can save one more life or prevent one more family from going through this it will all be worthwhile. Keep it coming gang, we are on the upgrade of the mountain and need some more help to get to the top.
Sincerely - Rick

Norma W said...

Something always troubled me about this case. Many would suggest that my concern was small and insignificant, but I think not.

I don't know how many times that I have read over the years about this case. I have seen the reference many times to Junior Lindsey and the distance he was found from his hunting gun. I always wondered why the end of the barrel was plugged with mud etc. I always wondered if the poor boy went down fighting in a battle that he obviously lost.

Finally, your last posting to this story Mr. Stoddard answers my concerns without me ever asking the question on here.

I believe that you are correct 100% on the fact that he died from stab wounds. It makes so much sense now, the round holes in the clothing, and the holes consistent to the diameter as stated by the government pathologist.

I find it so difficult to understand why someone over the years would not have picked up on this fact. Were the investigators of the day just plain stupid? Were the reporters of this tale, including those who published books, so caught up the media frenzy with getting a quick story that they asked no questions or investigated nothing in reality?

This is sickening, especially when a government pathologist in the course of his investigation would not question the size of the so called bullet holes.

Mr. Stoddard, to date, none have come even close to your sensical approach to this that you have backed up with facts.

Norma W
Retired journalist speaking out from Toronto

Reg said...

This is in about rick's comment up above.

Rick, you talk about all the families that may have been hurt by all this don't let your sympathys get out of hand there boy sorry, I just had to dab my eyes again so I could see to type.

i think the families who got hurt were the families whos members had something to do with itand i know threr were severral you could start with one mr B baker.

i know all bout this case because i was from gaspe for many years and i heard all the talk that went on so the storry comes out that way So you can see i would have lerned about al the facts about it.

Reg in bath New Brunswick

Lloyd McWilliams said...

Bravo Norma,
You have spunk. A numver of years ago there was an editor of a small newspaper in BC. The newspaper was The Bridge River-Lillooet News. The editor was a lady who was affectionately known all the years as Ma. Murray. Politicians avoided her, she knew how to journalistically cut the tendons on the legs of some of the highest and mighiest.

You display that ame spunk, vim and vigor, in your comment whereby you are not afraid to criticize your own profession in the name of good journalism.

Take heed all you writers out there, good to see there are still a few left from the olden days.

Lew Stoddard, your last posting was most informative. We need more.

Lloyd Mc

Ryan B said...

I wish to point out to the readers of this site that Mr. Lew Stoddard is a master at control of so called free speech. Don't kid yourself, if he doesn't like what you post here he removes it and I can prove that. I know he will not let this remain but I am going to say it anyway.

I posted a comment on this page last evening and within 30 minutes it disappeared, so i think that tells you something. I have a right to state my opinion as much as he does. Lets see how long this one remains before he yanks it.

Ryan B
Kingston, Nova Scotia

Bernice Howard said...

Just a note of encouragement to you Sir for the work that you are doing on your report/story. Have of course known about this tale over the years but I have learned much about it here. There has been such a confliction of information over the years. I like how you are trying to take a new approach, that is enlightening. Your last posting I believe proves that.

Bernice Howard

Lew Stoddard said...

Message Concerning Ryan B, of Kingston, Nova Scotia

You are quite correct Ryan, I did "yank" your posting from this comment board last evening.

There are three basic rules that sets the criteria for the posting of comments to this board. Again Ryan, I shall remind you. They are as follows.

(1) No profanity
(2) No maligning of innocent people
(3) Adhering to the topic

In your posting of last night, you violated all three in many instances. This will not be tolerated.

You have plagued me with e-mails in the past few months. You tout yourself as a highly educated person, perhaps you are. It would appear though Ryan, that you may have been absent the day they taught basic common sense. It is also difficult for me to understand how it is possible for you to eat and talk from the same mouth.

So you see Ryan, I did not yank this posting. It appears that you are sick, and that you came here in search of therapy. If that is not the case, might I suggest Ryan, there are web sites on the internet that could serve your needs better than this one.

Lew Stoddard

Rhonda Bracken said...

Ryan, take a very long walk off a very very short pier.

Lew don't concern yourself with these idiots, sorry, I didn't mean to use the "idiot" word. I meant to say "screwballs"

Your story is progressing well. You are working hard on it, that is obvious. Keep it up!

Rhonda Bracken
Halifax, Nova Scotia

G Marlowe said...

So sad when the politics of the day have to dictate these sorts of happenings in our history books.

Stick with this Coffin family.

G Marlowe
Cornwall, Ontario

Nephew Rick said...

To Reg in Bath.
Thanks for your comments Reg. I really hope that people , like you, who may have some information,to please email Lew or AIDWYC and ask to talk to them on the phone for a few minutes. It is from this information that new leads are started and developed. I beg everyone to come forward.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Gordon Henshaw said...

Whoever you are Rick, that guy in Bath is pulling your leg and obviously you fell for it. This guy was being a smart ass, you should re-read his comment.

I like the course that this is starting to go, beginning to make a lot of sense now.

Gordon Henshaw
Brandon, manitoba

marlon said...

I was just looking back over that build the noose book and i can see now that this baker guy knew about this also the Outdoores Canda story on wilbert coffin talks about the noose book so it must be right what the guy says about baker from gaspe just figured you would want to know so you can read this books as will helps you lern some more aboutt it to.

Marlon in london ontario

Yvette Michaud said...

I am curious as to what response you are going to get if you present your latest findings on this case with the justice ministry. It shouild have a tremendous effect.

At the very least, it takes away much credibility with reference to the crown's original case against Wilbert Coffin. The case never had much credibility to start with so can ill afford to lose any.

Give it your best shot Lew, as far as I am concerned, you are the hero in all this for what you are accomplishing. You have shown Canada thus far many things that those who came before you didn't even come close to.

Yvette Michaud
Edmundston, New Brunswick

Bertha Petit said...

Your idea on a weapon in this case, so simple, so very effective, and makes so very much sense. It would have also been so silent.

It makes a very positive picture out of all this when you piece everything together up to date. I am looking forward to reading the next posting soon.(hint hint)

Bertha Petit

J tweedholme said...

It now appears with certainty that this case is another example of justice gone bad. It is much worse of course, ehrn one considers it went bad because of crooked tactics of the judiciary.

J Tweedholme
Niagara Falls

Brad Monks said...

I am still in bewilderment as to the overall role that Bill Baker had in this case. You have not explained it, as only thing thst we really know is from books like That Build a noose book, and I do not accept all the stuff in that book as it says too much without any documentation so would like to see the true picture and not necessairly someones opinion disguised a s the truth.

Brad Monks
Saskatoon, Sask

Blair said...

Mr. Stoddard,

I have asked before, and my question still remains. What involvement did Mr. B. Baker of Gaspe have in all of this? The written stories over the years certainly suggests involvement.

Why do you continually skirt this part of the story? Others have asked as well, and am sure will continue asking, until it is addressed.

Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Lew Stoddard said...

Message To All Concerned,

There has been a barrage of questions regarding the part that Bill Baker of Gaspe' may, or may not have played, in the Wilbert Coffin story.

I shall, tomorrow, November 03, 2006 post my complete research with regards to The Baker Family in this affair. I shall warn you here though, if you are looking for intrigue, suspense, and thrills with this posting, you may be deeply disappointed. I shall be publishing actual interviews with members of both Bill Baker's and his brother John Baker's families. These are interviews that I can verify as to validity. I say that because it was myself who conducted the interviews.

Hopefully, once and for all, this will clear up many misconceptions that have developed over the past half century.

Lew Stoddard

D Mclellan said...

I do not pretend to know why things can go so bad in the prosecution of a criminal case in this country as they sometimes, and all too frequently do.

Our list of wrongful convictictions is staggering. Could it be as a result of pressure to gain convictions at any cost, or is it simply an example of some police agencies trying to look good in the eyes of the public by arresting someone and trumping up a conviction against them?

It is interesting to note, that in all these cases that have thus far been uncovered, all the unjustly convicted fall into the category of poorer, less educated people, who neither have the knowledge or the financial resources to fight back.

D. McLellan
Burnaby, B C

Roger Racette said...

After reading the last comment I started to wonder if Wilbert Coffin would have had access to money within his family, would he have still been hanged? I think not!

Roger Racette
Trois Rivieres

Lauren C said...

Miscarriages of justice is just a nice choice of words for government's to say We screwed up.

Opposite to someone being unjustly convicted, I consider it also a miscarriage of justice when Corrections Canada and our justice system releases these so called "reformed offenders" back into society, which immediately paves the way for them to go out and commit the crime all over again. This happens all to often, and it continually happens. I am tired of it.

Lauren C
Moncton, New Brunswick

M. Beaulieu said...

Mr. Stoddard,

You are much too graphic and opinionated to be expressing your thoughts on a public forum channel such as this.

I have read many of your writings on your site back past where you commenced the Wilbert Coffin story. You have a "my way or the highway" approach and I for one, think that is a bit heavy handed.

Your writings dealing with Karla Holomoka express clearly what I am saying. I certainly am not in agreement with Ms. Holomoka's former antics either, but I think you step a bit beyond, in your personal opinion in public of this person.

M. Beaulieu
St. Hubert, Quebec

C Tait said...

A message to M. Beaulieu.

I was not aware of the postings of Mr. Stoddard with reference to Karla Holomoka, Olson, Bernardo and others.

He may be heavy handed in his thoughts on these people. I just now took the time to check back in this sites archives and I see to what you refer. Everything that he says is absolutely the truth.

If anyone could find fault with what he was saying, then in my opinion, that person also has a sick demented mind just like the ones he was writing about.

People like you M. Beaulieu annoy me greatly.

C Tait
London, Ontario

Patricia C said...

The government talks about wrongfully convicted people like they are just another number statistic. I am sorry Mr. Vic Toews but you are talking about very real Canadian citizens here.

Because of a botched legal system these citizens were allowed to rot away, warehoused in a box that was about 6' x 10', or were allowed to dangle at the end of a rope on a cold dark night on February 10, 1956 in Bordeaux Jail in Montreal.

Time to wake up in those chambers that you occupy there on the hill in Ottawa.

Time to speak out, take responsibility for the actions of those who came before you and simply say, we screwed up, we are sorry, and above all, tell the people that you represent, that you are going to prove that actions are stronger than words and fix the system, and do it now. Wilbert Coffin's family have waited long enough.

Patricia C
Richmond Hill, Ontario

G Gable said...

Hey Patricia C in Richmond Hill, you are my hero for putting it like that. You are dead centre on this issue.

G Gable
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Sandra Doucette said...

Special Message To The Readers Of "STODDARD ONLINE"

I am posting this message on behalf of the host of this site, Lew Stoddard.

As announced on this site sometime back, Lew was diagnosed with Leukemia. Since that time, Lew has been undergoing a rigorous chemotherapy treatment program. Many of you will be aware, chemotherapy is not pleasant, and produces many side effects.

As a result of those treatments, it was necessary to become hospitalized for a few days. Lew is now out of hospital and is convalescing at his home. As a result, it did become impossible to continue his work on this case for a few days, and because of that fact, has delayed his last posting.

I have been asked to let you know that he will have the next posting published to the site within the next couple of days or so.

Lew feels badly for this latest development. I can attest to the fact that he contributes untold hours in his drive to see the rightful conclusion of this case for all of Canada. Having worked with Lew a couple of times in media over the years, I am quick to say, he will see it through.

He asked me to point out that you are more than welcome to post your comments to the site regarding the case in his absence.

Thank you for reading this message.

Sandra Doucette
Mission, British Columbia

Dave said...

Hey Buddy,

I have known for some time about your illness. I know you will beat it though. It has been done before. I know that because I am still here after almost 15 years and still working out here in the old oil patch in Alberta.

Great news in that last posting about the autopsy reports as that really changes things around. Your idea about the murder weapon makes a lot of sense.

Look after yourself lew, and I'll crack the whip for you here while you are gone, to make sure we have law and order.

Dave in Fort. McMurray

The Taggert Family said...

People should have no complaints at all. You have done a fantastic job on this story right from the beginning and have taken it far beyond where anyone else ever did.

Get yourself well Lew.

The Taggert family
Kamloops, B C

Wendy mahoney said...

I am sorry Lew that you have leukemia. It is a tough pill to swallow for anyone. Stick to the treatments, no matter how hard they are right now. It will get easier. We are pulling and praying for you.

Also good luck to all the Coffin family. I have learned so much about this, a case that I had never ever heard of until I started following it on this web site.

Wendy Mahoney
Toronto, Ontario

Bonnie W said...

Our thoughts are with you up here in Yellowknife. Look after yourself first Sir. A few extra days on a case that is already over 50 years old will not hurt any. I am sure most will agree with that.

Bonnie W
Red Deer, Alberta

L and K said...

We have posted to your page in the past. You write a remarkable story about this case. You research goes far far beyond what I normally see as the normal in the writing of many events.

Look after that health Sir. Times are tough I am sure, but you will be the winner.

L and K
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Don Jewett said...

That is really exciting news about the size of the holes in the clothing. How could they be so blind or just plain stupid?

Look after yourself with this latest health concern. You will beat it with sheer determination.

Don Jewett
Burlington, Ont

D McKellor said...

Had the opportunity this past weekend of bringing myself up to date with this event.

Your last posting leaves me almost breathless. Those bullet perforations, so very real in the pathologists report. I took the opportunity to research bullet diameters in small arms ammunition from around the world. Mr. Stoddard, it is exactly as you state. There is not one calibre that comes even close to those diameters. It makes it very easy to concur with you completely, those two individuals did not die from gunshot wounds. It would have been impossible, and your theory as to the weapon, makes perfectly good sense. My hat is off to you Sir for the excellent detective work.

D McKellor
Ottawa, Ontario

Harvey N said...

This whole thing now smacks more and more of a set up for a fall guy. That fall guy in this case being one Wilbert Coffin.

I cannot believe that a doctor educated and schooled in the profession of medecine, with pathology as a major, could possibly have not noticed the diameter of the perforations in the clothing as being much too large for conventional fire arms.

This is a very horrible example of justice gone wild. Someone, whether it be an individual or a government ministry, needs to be held accountable for this deed.

The government of Canada must address this situation, and it must be done now without further delay.

Harvey N
Woodstock, New Brunswick

Bertha Maguire said...

Lew Stoddard,

I shall be quick. You have done a wonderously great job as both investigator and writer regarding this tale.

A final word though. I know that you are not up to par medically right now. Look after yourself, take a break if necessary, but do what the doctor says.

Bertha Maguire

Louise and Barry H said...

A note to all the Coffin family. After reading the last posting of this story this past weekend, I am confident that this whole affair will turn around for you. We must not let up though. Keep the pressure on the government.

Lew Stoddard, we are praying for a full recovery for your illness. You are in "Good Hands." Bless you!

Louise and Barry H
Tsawwassen, British Columbia

Jenny M said...

You mention that there is more to come on this story. Combined with what you have displayed already, I am most anxious to see it. Rip the old case open and nail the new one shut. Give it all you got as I know you are.

But hey Mr. Stoddard, you can't do all this alone, especially with what is facing you medically. Therefore I urge all to come forward if you haven't already. This is totally remarkable for a case that is over 50 years old.

Jenny M
Barrie, Ontario

Grace Adams said...

Lew Stoddard look after yourself. Get this thing behind you. Chemotherapy is rough, but can tell, you do not give up easily.

Grace Adams
CFB Trenton, Ontario

Susan Creighton said...

As someone told you a few weeks back, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Strike back with this thing head on Lew. You will overcome.

The story is looking great. What a great idea, to write this on the internet, and share with everyone as you go along. Truly unique, and I notice you throw into question what many others have written who came before you. You back yours up with facts, that creates a huge wedge from a lot of the junk that is so prevalent on this case.

Susan Creighton
Amherst, Nova scotia

Gordon H said...

Such a wide array of comments from viewers on this subject of Wilbert Coffin.

You are obviously deeply committed and dedicated to reach an outcome, and obviously an outcome that contrasts greatly from the version from the government of the 50's.

By the way Mr. Stoddard, I am a survivor of Leukemia. I managed to overcome it nearly 14 years ago. I am now sixty four and in good health. Hang in there Sir.

Gordon H
Saint John, new Brunswick

Shorty The Long Haul driver said...

Haven't commented for awhile Lew, figured it was my turn again. See, you keep me interested.

That last part to your story should shut a lot of people up. You know the ones who complained that you were nosing around for information and prying into personal lives. Well too bad I say. That last chapter is starting to say it all. I can't stand people who are all talk until it comes time to rise up and say something.

You carry on my friend, you have this train on the right track. You will crack this case.

And whats all this guff about this leukemia stuff? You can beat that, you are too stubborn to let that lick you. You need to come out here and travel with me on one of my long hauls. You are welcome to do that anytime my friend. Just let me know a week ahead.

Shorty, the long haul driver

B Cormier said...

I have posted here before, and yes I must admit I was skeptical of what you are trying to do. Your last posting has caused me to see the light. That pathology report on those two young guys says it all. You have good eyes. Keep it up, you have now brought me totally over to your side.

B Cormier
Sherbrooke, Quebec

C Gautier said...


I have as well written to you here. You have worked long and hard on this. The last episode to your writings tell me that it is paying off in a big way. Mr. Stoddard, keep swinging.

Meet that medical setback with desire, you will beat it.

C Gautier
Moncton, New Brunswick

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stoddard, Sir, I commend you for your persistence in working on this case. You give great encouragement to the families of Wilbert Coffin. Geri from Haileybury,Ontario ps, keep up the good work and a speedy recovery. God Bless

T F in Gaspe' said...

I am still anxious to learn more about the involvement of Bill Baker in this event. From everything that I have heard over the years, I am sure there are many answers there. I am hoping that you plan this as part of this story. I know that you have said that you are, but I am getting impatient.


allan j said...

I have to say that you annoy me a little bit Mr. Stoddard. You display an example of arrogance. You are always preaching that unless you can back it up with paper, or with an interview, it won't make it onto your web page.

i am not saying that all roomers are gospel truth but you have to look at the fact that some of them are probably based on true events not everything is idle gossip in life just because you cant proof it's existence. loose up a bit and maybe you would have a lot more readers to your site. i am thinking about starting to write a website bout this will learn then what people want to hear.
allan j
london ontario

G Mitchell said...

To allan j in London

I would love to hear your protestations if you were being found guilty for a crime based on "roomers".
IS that really the kind of justice system you want?

Gaspe was a small community when this particular event took place and naturally there were many stories flying around. Some of those were related to Wilbert Coffin and look where that got him. I happen to know the details of the death of Bill Baker but I will leave that up to Lew to relate to the readers.
Remember in a crime such as this, there needs to be motive. Consider that when you start your own website rather than just relate unsubstantiated stories that have been floating around for 50 years.
If you have factual information regarding Bill Baker's involvement I would love to hear it.

Gus Mitchell