Sunday, June 03, 2007

I am begging your forgiveness for the length of time that has elapsed since my last posting to the story and investigation of the Wilbert Coffin affair. I can assure you, it was not planned this way.
Without doubt, the flood gates of information pertaining to this affair have finally opened to the extent of yielding a whole new perspective to the case, and at the same time, enabling Lani and myself to be able to thread this case together in a chronological manner. This has taken time. The work has been non-stop for the past three weeks.
It would be impossible to sit at this keyboard for a couple of hours and explain all this to my readers in an understanding way. It is a tangled maze of facts that when put together fully explains the murders in the Gaspe' woods and those responsible.
Though the posting explaining the details of the latest findings will not be ready for a few days, I want to take this opportunity to briefly touch upon what we are looking at, and what has dramatically emerged.
In the posting you will note that the bear hunters trip from Pennsylvania leading up to their death in the forest is much more pronounced. I have touched on some of this in the past, however, there is now evidence which gives new meaning.
You will learn about people in the forest of Gaspe' during that fateful week of 1953. You will learn about vehicles not previously identified or talked about that were at the murder site during that time. We now have as well, conclusive proof that a Jeep had travelled between Camp 24, and Camp 26 as claimed by Wilbert Coffin in his statement to police and in his deposition while in Bordeaux Jail. I can also produce a statement by Wilbert Coffin's lawyer, whereby, Wilbert stated that the Jeep that was at the scene of Eugene Lindsey's broken down truck when he returned young Richard Lindsey bore "Pennsylvania" licence plates. In the posting, you will learn why that fact is so significant.
You will also learn more about a hand gun that I reported to you some months ago that was found discarded in the area near the crime scene. The hand gun discovery was confirmed by the man who found it when I was able to track him down. This person stated at the time that he had taken it home and that someone from Gaspe' had come to his house and taken it away. He further stated to me that from that point on, he knew nothing further about the gun. I shall be outlining to you some details of the past few weeks. I have received information from two sources who do not know each other, that this handgun may have been tossed into a "certain farm water well" in the Gaspe' region. I shall be outlining to you the steps currently being taken with the justice ministry with respect to possible recovery.
You will now be able to understand why it has always been my contention that the murders of Richard Lindsey and Frederick Claar were not carried out with a firearm. There is now ample evidence supporting the theory that I have been touting from the beginning.
I shall be detailing to you why it is apparent that a police officer was most probably fearing for the lives of his family and himself. You will learn that this officer would be in a position to identify the probable killers of at least two of the American hunters. His life was in turmoil in all directions. He came face to face with the murderers, and his superiors would not allow him to talk. He knew what had happened to another Gaspe' police officer for speaking out. You will recall Sgt. Henri Doyon was fired and tossed into an insane asylum because he would not toe the line of his superiors and that of Maurice Duplessis.
You will also learn of evidence that lawyer Francois Fravel received with respect to the case. This was evidence that had been suppressed and never made it to trial. Gravel was confident that this evidence would weigh heavily in the direction of turning the case around against Wilbert Coffin. Unfortunately, the federal government did not review the evidence.
When all this is put together, you will see who the murderers of the American hunters were, why they did it, and how they were able to carry it out. You will also learn as to how they were able to move around in the forest relatively undetected.
You will also see how and why it was able to go undetected for over a half century.
This posting will be published here on the site in approximately two days. I am confident that after reading, you will be convinced that Wilbert Coffin was not the guilty party.
It is important to note, I will not have based this future posting on supposition or hypothesis. The information contained in this posting will be the result of turning over one rock at a time, exposing the contents, and putting the case together.
I encourage you to ask anyone who may be interested to take a look at the posting in a few days. Of course as usual, I am most anxious to hear or read your comments.
Lew Stoddard


Uncle Bill's Nephew said...

The tenacity you have shown from the beginning is really starting to shine Lew. The dedication of you and Lani has been relentless, and through this, you have managed to pull from the past and the present the most information that this case has ever had.
The numerous reports that the Coffin family has had to deal with for the past 50 some years has been hard to handle, to the point that some of our relatives no longer even want to discuss it. I hope that most of the readers on this site can understand the pain of getting their hopes up time after time, only to have despair at the end.
Lew, you have kindled a great interest and hope for the Coffin family along with other families across the nation and beyond.
Keep up the good work.
Much respect.

Henri Marcotte said...

I have felt all along that Mr. Stoddard will end up solving this case.

He makes the most sense on it all. Does not get excited when someone does not agree.

I am anxious to read the new posting. It is a lot of hard gruelling work

Henri Marcotte

Anonymous said...

Dear Lew and Lani:

Thank you for your tireless work on Uncle Bill's case. You are much appreciated. Thank you also to everyone who has come forward with information and those who have shown us support.

I am anxiously awaiting your next posting.

I cannot speak for the rest of my family but I, for one, do not have any confidence in our justice system. I pray that this time they will not cover up evidence.

May God continue to bless you in everything.

Niece, Margo Roberts
Kinosota, MB

Carol Stevens said...

I realize that one has to be tenacious and it appears that you excel in this department. If there is that much information still available on a fifty plus year old case, how come some of it never surfaced in the past? Why do some talk to you when obviously they did not talk to others? In any case keep up the good work.

Carol Stevens
London, Ontario

Mario Beaulieu said...

Lew give it Hell and take the time you need. You are obviously making some headway. i am learning stuff all the time about this case right here on your web page. there are many i am sure who would have felt they knew a lot about it in the past only to learn we didn't know very much at all. good luck to you and the coffin family.

Mario Beaulieu

Marie, Wilbert's sister said...

It is incredible how much information Lew and Lani have obtained. Words cannot express my thanks to them, and to all the people who have come forward with information. I think so often of my brother with such sadness. He did not deserve to die in such a horrible way for a crime he did not commit. When I think of him walking to the gallows I want to weep.
So many kind,caring people have phoned me, written to me,and sent me donations to help with the case. Again, I can't thank these people enough. I've tried to think of ways to have a fundraiser for AIDWYC and I've decided to do a Walk-a-Thon, around the river where I live,which will be a walk of about 13 miles. I do hope I'll have some sponsors.
This past winter I've also knit a blanket. I hope to sell tickets on this. I'm so grateful to AIDWYC for taking on the case for my brother,that I want to do as many fundraisers as I can.
I also want to thank everyone for their kind comments on Lew Stoddard's website. I don't have a computer,but my niece prints copies or everything for me, from the site. You all keep my hope alive. God bless you all.
Wilbert Coffin's sister,

Lise Burgoine said...

Message to Marie,

It is good to see you post a message on the web page like this. I admire your efforts so much, you give the effort such a lot of meaning. Bless you as well for all the work that you do on your brother's case.

Lise Burgoine
Moncton, N B

Bertha McDougall said...

Hi again Marie, we still think about you and praise your actions. You are truly an inspiration to all. Wish you and the family the best.

Bertha McDougall
Saint John

Kim, niece said...

Thanks to Lew and Lani for their tireless campaign to find out exactly what happened years ago that ended with an innocent man being sentenced to his death, the family appreciates your effort and undending support more than words can say. Thanks to all the people getting in touch with Lew, for finally speaking out, even the smallest detail....any information is helpful..we appreciate the support everyone has shown

Anonymous said...

That's such an interesting and historically important case. I really wish I knew more about it. Reading this blog is very interesting. I have talked to Marie (Coffin) Stewart as a kid, and I remember my mother telling me what had happened to her brother. Her opinion was that she didnt know much about it, but that she thought the politicians at the time wanted a coupable "now", without caring to know if he was actually guilty. So let the truth be unveiled.

Jérôme Grand'Maison

Clément Fortin said...

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