Thursday, June 21, 2007



The combination of medical treatments and patiently waiting for answers to some pertinent questions that I have asked of several people has created a very hectic couple of weeks in my investigation of this case. I am pleased however to report, things are happening even though certain factors preclude making some of them public just yet.


In no way do we want to jeopardize the investigation, thus, it is necessary to exercise extreme caution and tread very carefully. I can assure you, updates will be posted as and when it becomes possible to do so, taking into consideration certain legalities made necessary by law.


You will recall that periodically on this site we ask for public assistance in the identification of particular people with reference to the case. It has reached that point when I must reach out again. The photo that I am going to show you has been posted previously. The photo contains the images of six adult males standing side by side.

When I posted the photo to the site, I already knew the identity of two of the gentlemen. Through the efforts of the supporters of my site, you were able to provide a name corresponding to three of the remaining ones. One person still remains unidentified. He is the gentleman on the far left side in the photo. I am asking that you take another good hard look at the picture, or if necessary, show it to your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

I am displaying two images of the same picture in todays posting. When I posted it the first time I cropped the bottom part of the photo away. I did this to remove the reference as to what this picture was displaying. I can tell you now that this picture was a particular group of searchers. The box that the police officers are holding in the photograph contains all that was found of the final remains of either Richard Lindsey or Frederick Claar.


A touching photo, yes it is. It is a horrible reminder of what took place in the Gaspe' woods in June of 1953. One has to ask themselves the following question. If that box contained the pitiful remains of your parents, your son, your daughter, your brother, or your sister, would you not want to know why and by whom was this deed carried out? I believe that you would want to know, even if it is fifty four years later. The Coffin family of Gaspe' want to learn the answer. South of the border in Pennsylvania, both the Lindsey family and the Claar family want to know as well.

It is important to note that we teach our children to always report anything suspicious, or anything that threatens their safety. To sit idly by and say nothing if you know any details or harbour information concerning this vicious crime goes directly against that which we teach our children. I stress the point, if you have information, or know of someone who has, then it is your duty to your fellow man to come forward.

With reference to the photo, I simply ask that you send me an e-mail rather than posting the name on the comment board. This way it gives us the opportunity to check out the information, prior to making it public. You can reach me at either of the following two e-mail addresses. or

Hopefully in the next few days, I shall be able to bring you up to date on a couple of things that we are awaiting information for. Once again, thank you for all your support. As I have said many times, it is your comments that displays the depth of the web site.
Lew Stoddard


Brenda Weston said...

i am not so sure that i was ready for such a graphic discription of the contents of that photo as you discribe.i believe that you are going beyond what is necessary and i do want to see you get to the bottom of all this stuff but you have to find another way.of cource people would want to know the answers as you say but this is not very nice the way you go about it.

Brenda Weston
Toronto Ontario

Linda Arcand said...

I agree with you if people know or are aware of certain things about this case they should come forward but you are being I think a bit too open. Perhaps the public is not quite ready to accept things like this. Could you not have simply said something like the officers are holding a box containing evidence in the photo? Would it not have the same effect on people? I think it would have.

I do wish you well and in spite of my disagreeing with your methods, I would still help you if I could.

Linda Arcand
Nanaimo, B C

Brad C said...

Lew, I am certain that many many aspects of the stuff that you have come across in this story have been anything but tasteful. The bleeding hearts out there should stop and think. "There is no such thing as good taste in murder."

Brad C
Burlington, Ontario

Anonymous said...

Reading some of the comments, it sounds like you posted a colour picture zooming at the content of the box. News papers show pictures like this one everyday on page 1!
Hope you get answers to your questions.

E. Walsh
River ohn NS

Bent said...

Lew,I think that you can disregard the "shock" that some people get from viewing these photos.

This is an old investigation, people. It is actually 54 years old.
Lew needs every little detail afforded him. If these are the remains of one of the victims,so be it. It is evidence of how nothing much was found. Due to what? Wild animals? Whatever it was, it is a small piece of evidence that needs to get out to the public. Some people's supposed shock at this photo can safely be ignored.

Continued good luck in your investigation, Lew. Your detailed sleuthing in this case, will certainly assist AIDWYC in their investigation, and the courts in making their decision.

I can only wish that I had your talents in MY investigation.
Good luck my friend

Anonymous said...

I do beleive there are a lot of the older people from Gaspe who are the ones who need to see those photos...I know a lot of them dont go on internet...If there were some way to get those photos out there for them to see, then this man could be recognized... I dont see many comments on from the Gaspe... i would sure like to know their thoughts on this....since this all took place when i was 3 years old i can not be of much help.... except to say there was a woods gate in douglastown, and where it was.......keep up the good work mr. stoddard... keep pressing for those answers....I know they are hidden in Gaspe...

Celene St. Pierre said...

I agree with the comment that there are a lot of secrets buried in Gaspe'.

That is somewhat disturbing when there is such an active movement to clear a black smear from the community.

It is particularly disturbing when this movement is forced to compete in a tug of war with a group of community elders content to go to their graves by keeping quiet and protecting of details that surround a charge of murder. Shame! Shame! on you all.

I was born on the Gaspe' coast. I have relatives on the Gaspe'coast, and certain things embarass me about the Gaspe' coast. This affair is at the top of the list.

Celene St. Pierre

Delores Marchand said...

I have no answers for you mr. Stoddard but if I could be of help I really would be. My best is to suggest to all those who harbour secrets that the time has come to come to the aid of all by showing some responsibility and closing a chapter that should have closed years ago.

Delores Marchand

Antonio Vega said...

I have the feeling that I am going to tune into your site one day soon, and there it will be, the actual guilty party of this crime.

That would be good to see that but again sadness for Wilbert Coffin. So people out there, loosen up if you know something about this event and provide some final closure for Mr. Coffin's family as well as the victim's families from the USA.

Antonio Vega

Clément Fortin said...

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