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Once again we have reached that special magical time that comes around each December. Yes, it is Christmas, and my most favourite time of the year. Sadly, Christmas can bring out both the best and the worst times in many of our lives.
This year could perhaps be particularly rough for many families when one considers the state of our economy. It is very rough on families where income has been wrenched away due to employment layoffs, and in other circumstances even though employment is still in place, the uncertainties created by instability in our everyday living plays very heavily on children and families.
Christmas is a special time of year to put aside the everyday pressures of life and reflect upon life in general. Though times may be tough for many of us, there are many within our borders who are worse off.
In the past few days I have had the opportunity to visit a childrens hospital with a charity group that I help at Christmas. I can tell you this. If you were not a sentimental person when you went there, I guarantee you that you would be when you left. Little boys and girls so seriously ill and yet they put a smile on their faces when they greeted you.
I had the opportunity to speak with many of these kids, and one in particular, though she was obviously very seriously ill, literally stopped me in my tracks. I had asked her to pick out a bear for herself from our assortment. She explained that she was selecting one, but not for her. I asked who it might be for. She calmly said she was selecting it for her Mom, and that she was worried and concerned about her Mom. You think about that for a moment, here you have a darling little girl, who has not had the opportunity to grow up or experience life and now faces what could be a terminal medical situation. Is she concerned and worried about herself? No she is not. She is worried about her Mom.
Suddenly after witnessing something like I just described, I have to tell you that one very quickly should realize that we have a lot to be thankful for. Unfortunately we have allowed greed and selfishness to occupy our minds in many cases. In my own case I was diagnosed two years ago with leukemia. Of course it was devastating news. I decided to fight it and meet it head on. Thank God the leukemia is now in remission. I have a biopsy coming up in the last week of the year. If all is still well, and I believe that it is, the medical team do not want to see me again for six months. It is as if I have been granted another lease on life. The bottom line is simply, no matter how bad off we appear to be, there is always someone who is worse off. That little girl at the hospital was a graphic example of that statement for me.
I encourage everyone during this holiday time to make a point of picking up the telephone, or sending someone an e-mail and let them know you are thinking of them. It only takes a moment. Over the next few days we are going to put the normal work on the site on hold. During this time I invite each and everyone of you to use the comments page to send a message to your friends or relatives. I just ask that you sign your comments as I do not publish anonymous submissions.
Before I close I want you to remember and reflect upon our members of our armed forces. As many of you are aware, there are many men and women from Canada deployed in Afghanistan and to date, in excess of one hundred have given their lives there. Without doubt, this is truly a sad time for their families and loved ones at home across Canada.
In closing I wish to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very "Merry Christmas."
Lew Stoddard
Photo credit: Judith Reeder, Gaspe', Quebec


Mr. and Mrs. Dave Taggert said...

Lew Stoddard,

Haven't corresponded for awhile Lew, but that doesn't mean that we have stopped reading your page. We keep up to date all the time.

Lew, Merry Christmas to you and yours. Good to hear the encouraging results from the leukemia. You are doing a great job with the case.

Remember Lew, We only live in Kamloops, just four hours from Vancouver. You are welcome to come and spend a day or two over the holiday if you can.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Taggert
Kamloops, B.C.

Hannelore Vanhoort said...

Merry Christmas Mr. Stoddard,

You may recall I have written to your site several times in the past two years. As I have told you Canada holds a special place in our hearts as we have worked and lived in Canada on several occasions with my husbands employment.

I also see that you have never given up on this case. You are much dedicated and with your determination it will happen for you.

We are coming to Canada again in April. For holiday this past year we took a motor trip through Germany and Austria and Italy and to south France. Very beautiful scenery and so much like the Gaspe part of Quebec province.

Marry Christmas to all who read your site around the world.

Hannelore Vanhoort
Scherbeek, Belgium

Wendall said...

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Everything is covered with a fresh blanket of snow as if hiding the past from our sight. No matter how much or how deep the past is hidden, the truth of it will always survive in some unsuspecting location.

Lew and Lani, you have been a godsend to us and words alone can not express the deep gratitude we have for your work in uncovering the secrets of this hidden past. Through your work you have enlightened more Canadians, than any others in the past, to the disregard of life and justice by Maurice Duplessis and his hand picked team of hitmen.

Wishing you and all the readers of your site,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Wendall Stanley
Gaspe Quebec

lani said...

I hope you will be able to hold all those you cherish close to your hearts this Christmas.Happy holidays to all!

J'espère que vous pourrez tenir tout ceux que vous chérissons près de vos coeurs ce Noël! Joyeux Noël à tous!


G. Burnham in Toronto said...

Merry Christmas Mr. Stoddard and also I wish to extend Christmas greetings to my brother Ken in Kentville, Nova Scotia. I know that he reads your site because it was he who pointed me to it about six months ago. I just never thought that I would be extending Christmas greetings to him on a private web site, a site that was completely foreign to me a short time ago.

I am impressed with your work and accomplishments on this case. I had heard about it but knew little of it prior to being introduced to your web page. I am enjoying reading the old police reports that you have dug up.

G. Burnham
Toronto, Ontario

Dean R. said...

This is a great site. Merry Christmas to all who read this site as it is very informative and it shows a bleak side of the history of our land. Good work sir.

Dean R.
Trenton, Ontario

Brad Korlinski said...

Merry Christmas Lew and Lani. Full speed ahead in 2009.

Brad Korlinski

P. Jackman said...

This past week I just reviewed all your writings on this case. You and Mrs. Mitchell have done far more on this case than anyone ever did while examining it right after the crime before trial.

That Brossard thing is a complete joke. Carried no importance as to the trial as it came along years after. Just one group of good old boys convincing another group of good old boys that lawyers and the judiciary could do no wrong. What a joke huh!

Anyway Merry Christmas to everyone.

P. Jackman
Moncton, New Bruns3wick

Carmen Wells said...

What a wonderful awe inspiring Christmas message in this posting. Even though you appear to be a bit crusty around the edges at times throughout the year, there is a down to earth person behind that keyboard. That message shows that. I simply cannot begin to comprehend what one would go through in the losing of a little child. God Bless you and Merry Christmas and of course I wish you well in your journey in the investigation of this case.

Carmen Wells
North bay, Ontario

Sandra and Robert Ayers said...

Merry Christmas to you, Lani, and all the Coffin family. Even though this event happened many years ago, the pain will never go away for them.

Sandra and Robert Ayers
Victoria, B. C.

Reg T said...

I found this site purely by accident about eight months ago while researching something totally unrelated. I took the time to read your site and study it from beginning to end, and have followed it very closely since that day. You have come a long way and you have done a great job in spite of your downfall with health issues.

Merry Christmas to all who read your website and I encourage everyone to point others who would be interested in this sort of happening in Canada to your site as well.

Reg T
Whitehorse, Yukon

B. Langford said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Interesting web page. Didn't know that things like this could ever happen in Canada, but from this page it got me to pay attention to all the other confirmed wrongful convictions that have taken place across Canada, not to mention what is happening right now in the province of Ontario. Hard to accept that lawyers and police officials could stoop so low. Those ones are a disgrace to their respective professions. I wonder how many of them got their law degrees and their various law enforcement certificates as a result of grants and student loans through the taxpayers of Canada. Sort of sets an example of thumbing their noses at the system, wouldn't you say? I wonder if any of them also defaulted on their loans.

B. Langford
Oshawa, Ontario

Bill Overton said...

Merry Christmas from Halifax to all the readers of your site across Canada. You are doing a great work on this case. If I ever need a "Good" lawyer I will call you.

Bill Overton

Bruce Cantor said...

Don't blame you for taking a break from all this for a few days. Anxious to read some more of the police reports. I am waiting for the autopsy reports.

Merry Christmas to all concerned, especially to you and Ms. Mitchell who have worked so hard on all this.

Bruce Cantor

Shorty the long haul driver said...

Lew what would be a Christmas season if you didn't hear from me out here on the cold prairies.

I just got back from a long haul to Texas and New Mexico. Weather was warmer down there but sure ran into some nasty stuff on the way there and on the way back home. Have shut down now for the Christmas season.
I want to read back up to date on your website over the next few days. I am amazed at the progress that you are making on the case.
Merry Christmas Lew to you and your family and hey you look after that health issue that you have. I want you back here mean and miserable as ever after the holidays.

Shorty the long haul driver out here in Alberta

Bent said...

Merry Christmas Lew and Lani...and good diggin' in 2009!

Ainsley said...

Thought I would take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from New Zealand, where we are enjoying summer.

Lew, good to see you are still working hard on this case. I still remember the day you told me about this case, you continue to amaze me with the information you have uncovered. I often check your site for new postings.

Anyway Lew, have a great Christmas and I hope to talk to you soon.

(PS, I will send you an email in addition to this comment, in the next day or so)


Rick Willett said...

A big Thank you to all the people, who have passed on information to Lew or AIDWYC, that has helped to get us where we are today (keep it coming).
It is frustrating that it takes such a long time to get action at the Government level but we will carry on and will not rest.
Lew, Lani, AIDWYC, the students that are doing research,and all the participants of this site, have a great holiday season with the love of your families.
Again to our troops in harms way and those at the ready, may this season and the new year bring peace and safety.
The comments, whether critical or supportive, are appreciated. It shows that people do care what is happening with our country and hopefully that we are mature enough. as a country, to admit errors and correct them.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

Robert Delong said...

Merry Christmas,

Glad to hear that your health has taken a big turn for the better, you should be in good shape to "hit 'em hard in 2009."

Robert Delong
Saint John

Margo Roberts said...

Merry Christmas to all who read this site. Thank you for your caring and kind comments.

Margo Roberts
Uncle Bill's niece
Kinosota, MB

Dave Holmes said...

I read your site all the time when working night shift up here in the cold north. That is an interesting undertaking that you have ongoing. I am completely amazed at the revelations that you uncover from over 50 years ago. Great stuff. Much better than any movie.
Merry Christmas to all from Yellowknife.

Dave Holmes

Elsie Willett said...

Lew & Lani
Holiday greetings to everyone following your web site. We really appreciate support via comments. It gives encouragement to you for the enormous amount of work you have and still are putting into the Coffin Affair but also to us his sisters. You have given our children and their children the opportunity to read actual confirmed facts, some new to me.
To your readers, keep posting comments but also send letters to your member of Patliament no matter what part of Canada you live in.
A message to the dissenters. You are entitled to voice your opinion but it's sad to recall that Wilbert was never allowed to give his.
Best of the holiday season Lew and Lani.
Wilbert's sister
Elsie Willett
Haileybury, Ontario

James Coffin said...

hi Lew good to hear you are feeling better and glad you are back to the grind stone on the case i have been reading your site but have decided to step back from the media just too much of a roller coaster ride yours is the only site i read i do believe there is another site out there doing just as they have always done to my dad's case spreading garbage and lie's they always come forward to try to sidetrack dad again but this time we have the Parliament with us back in Feb they voted 208 to 0 to push my dad's case forward we have Aidwyc and we have you and Lani on our side all we have to do is get the reports from the Quebec courts to release the police reports to Aidwyc so they can get on with the case as well so i would like to thank all the people who read this site all the time and wish them a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year take care Lew and keep up the great work

son of Wilbert Coffin

Joyce from Bristol, New Brunswick said...

Mr. Stoddard,

For certain it is Christmas across the world. I read your stirring message yesterday. I must say that it brought tears to my eyes.

So sad to see little children in distress, and so enlightening to read of someone of your calibre taking the time to reflect and to do those things at Christmas. These are the things Mr. Stoddard that encourage folks to sit up and pay attention when you speak.

I notice by the weather channel that you are enjoying an eastern Christmas in the west this year. I believe that you originate from the same part of Canada that I reside, so you will take all this snow in your stride. A few days ago I determined that you graduated from high school just a very very short distance from my home, and that you still have much family living in these parts.

Mr. Stoddard and everyone who reads this site, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Please carry on with the good work on this site with reference to Wilbert Coffin's execution. I remember very vividly when this event took place. Thinking back over the years I cannot recall one person who felt he was guilty. It is therefore a miracle that you would surface after fifty years and do the work that you have. Coming from my own local area, that makes you very special, and I look forward to meeting you one day.

Bristol, New Brunswick

Lorelei Reeder said...

Dear Lew and Lani,

I wish for you and your families a blessed Christmas and a wonderful 2009. Thanks for everything you have done – all the research and time spent on Uncle Bill’s case.

Merry Christmas to all the readers here as well – thanks for all your support!!!

I was wondering however, would anyone like some snow???? We seem to have too much here in Gaspe and Rimouski and would love to share with you!!!!! :-)

Thanks again, Merry Christmas et Joyeux Noel! *hug*
Lorelei Reeder
Uncle Bill’s great-niece
Rimouski, Quebec

Judy and Bill from "The Rock" said...

Lew Stoddard and Lani Mitchell,

My husband and I wrote to you a couple of years ago at Christrmas, and wish to extend our Christmas greetings to you from "The Rock."

You have taken this case to elevations beyond belief through your constant pounding for the truth and never faltering. Your website is always in good taste, that displays determination to never compromise your efforts to systematically get to the bottom of a very tangled web of deceit and corruption.

Judy and Bill
St. Johns, Newfoundland

Sandra Doucette said...

Hey Big Fella,

Not going to get away without your old work buddy snatching centre stage.

As usual you are still at it. I have said it many times, and I will say it again, you and Mrs. Mitchell have done a bang up job on this considering it is more than fifty years after the fact. Keep it up, you will win.

You know what, Santa was here about an hour ago, he put tons of presents under the tree, the kids will be noisy at daybreak. Hubby and I are sitting back enjoying a glass or "two" of bubbly and I decided to check my e-mail. I also clicked onto your site and thought, I better do it now, so Merry Christmas to you, Lani, and all the others who follow your site. I see you are reeling them in now from all over the world.

Lew drop into the newsroom next week. I have something for you, and Hey make sure you get that medical test taken care of.

Sandra Doucette
Mission, B. C.

Jay Cramer said...

Short and Sweet,

"Merry Christmas To Everyone"

Jay Cramer
Niagara Falls

Raymond D. said...

Was just thinking. There is a site that is put together with anonymous contributers. Can you imagine this one, An anonymous merry christmas to all my anonymous friends signed by you guessed it. . Anonymous

Just a bit of warped humour. we all need a chuckle but anyhow Merry Christmas to you all. Great site, have read it for a long time and learned a lot.

Raymond D.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

A. Hoffmann said...

Greetings to you from Germany. We are soon to sit down and enjoy our Christmas meal. I commented on your web page about a year and a half ago. You have made a lot of progress. I find the whole case to be a fascinating work.

My wife and I travel to Canada at least once a year, we are teachers and have travelled the Gaspe peninsula several times during our summer break.

A Happy Christmas to all the folks in Canada.

A. Hoffmann
Munich, Germany

Janine Colpitts said...

I think of Christmas and thoughts of peace and tranquility come to mind. I think of wrongful convictions and thoughts of anger and tears well up inside me. Such an ugly counter balance. We must get these things cleared up, and I shudder to think of how many other people swung at the end of a rope for crimes they did not commit. Keeping quiet about them only makes it easier for someone else to bet wrongly convicted.

God Bless you Lew Stoddard for taking this on. For anyone to criticize what you are doing, they are just as guilty as those who were responsible in the past. It is important to educate Canadians, and for that matter folks anywhere in the world.

If we in Canada are to be an example for the free world, then our hands should be clean.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Janine Colpitts

Earle Coffin said...

A Very Merry Christmas and Happy@ Prosperous New Year.

Earle Coffin

Anonymous said...

dear Lew , Lani, all canadians
Merry Christmas and thank you for your support, Kindness and prayers over the past year. May God bless each and every one of you now and forever

diane peter
Uncle Bill's niece

Anonymous said...

Hi Lew and season's greetings to you and all who read this site. I also extend these greetings to all our military men and women who are courageously trying to make this world a safer place for all. I pray God's speed in world peace that these service people will once again be with family and friends again. A big hello to all the Coffin family and may 2009 be the year that you receive GOOD NEWS from our government. Happy New Year All. Geri Cox,Ontario

G. Marchand said...

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all the Coffin family. Good luck to you all.

G. Marchand
St. Jean

Les and Barb Walker said...

The whole Wilbur Coffin story is a sad tale. Your kind words in your Christmas message I am sure have an influence on many. Those were touching words Mr. Stoddard.

You took time away from all the heavy hitting in your investigation and story to touch upon something that is very real especially when it involves the pain and suffering of little children.

The police reports that you have been displaying say it all with your case. Good luck in the next few weeks. Have a good New Year Mr. Stoddard.

Les and Barb Walker
Burlington, Ontario

Mrs. T. Wellman said...

I am troubled by your reference to God many times in your writings. Do we, the people not have freedom to make our own choices without you shoving it into our minds?

It is a free country I understand. Is it not my right to make my own choices?

You probably will not publish this but it is my thoughts in any case, and I find it upsetting.

Mrs. T. Wellman
London, Ontario

B. Savoie said...

A belated Merry Christmas to you Lew and Lani. You folks have done a great job on this case and it is easy to tell that you have a lot more up your sleeves.

It sure beats the prunes out of rehashing that junk from that Brussard thing where the police tell us they were always fair and truthful. What a laugh! Your old uncovered police reports sure exposed that junk in a hurry.

Keep it coming. The truth will eventually set it all free.

B. Savoie

Jim in Grand Falls said...

I couldnt agree more with commenter Savoie above as the truth is what will set this thing straight. If the legal people had got off their A_ _ _s in the 50s then this case would have been settled back then, happy new Year to all of you.

Jim in Grand Falls NB

Judith Reeder said...

Dear Lew and Lani,

A belated Merry Christmas to you both and to all the readers of your site!

I join my voice with the many others in thanking you for all of the time and effort that you have put into the research and writing about this case. I know that at times it has been difficult to continue and for your perseverance and dedication, I thank you.

You have a way of putting words together that makes every posting interesting reading. I am looking forward to reading more of your writings.

I appreciate you both and am very thankful for the attention that your work has brought to Uncle Bill’s case.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year filled with much love and joy! May 2009 be the year that finally brings forth all of the truth about what really happened and clears my uncle’s name.

Judith Reeder
Uncle Bill’s niece
Gaspe, Quebec

Diane Kearney said...

Mr. Stoddard
Wishing you a belated Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.

I am a faithful reader of your site and I enjoy it very much.

Diane Kearney
Saint John, NB

Marjorie Patterson said...

To Lew and Lani and all the readers of this site:

A belated Merry Christmas and my prayer for you is a happy and blessed New Year. Thank you for all your support this past year.

Marjorie Patterson,
Uncle Bill's niece,
Timmins, Ontario

Lew Stoddard said...

There was a message sent to me with the signature of John B. Trask affixed to it with reference to the Wilbert Coffin case.

There are a couple of reasons why I cannot publish your message as it stands.

Firstly, the comments page is for what it says. . comments. Your message would be more than a comment, it could be classed as evidence.

In keeping with maintaining the integrity of the web site, all should now be aware that I do not publish evidence submissions that cannot be buttressed by an interview/and or a sworn affadavit.

From the contents of your message, one of the first questions that any investigator would ask would be if you really have the precise information that you portray, then why would you have waited nearly fifty-three years to come forward when publicly this question was there for decades?

You have my e-mail address, so as you can see, I am easily reached. If you care to provide a number where I might reach you, and if you are willing to submit to swearing your evidence, then I am most interested in discussing the matter with you.

Every care and caution is taken to prevent further erroneous information seeping into society about this case. That is why this case is in such a mess, because anything and everything has been written that embellishes a good story.

I am told there is another site on the internet that is not nearly as strict as this one. I am not certain of the name of that site, but should you feel uncomfortable with providing a sworn deposition and an interview for inclusion into this one, then perhaps that site could better provide for your needs.

Thank you for your interest Sir.

Lew Stoddard
Host of "Stoddard Online"