Monday, December 15, 2008

You will recall a few days ago I made mention of the fact that I have many pieces of police correspondence from the Coffin case to display to you. I am pleased to say that I have more than first mentioned. I also mentioned to you that I had a picture of a "Jeep" that I wanted to show you. I have divided this posting into two parts, removing the necessity of having to talk about the Jeep and the police reports in one posting. It is the police reports that are important, not all the banter about Jeeps, as you will see a few postings down the road, because it is another type of vehicle that will become "very" prominent.

Anyway folks, here is the picture that I told you about. It is a Jeep that was assembled by someone else, perhaps by the CBC or by one of the newspapers. Lawyer Francois de Billy Gravel, who was one of Wilbert Coffin's lawyers touted it as a replica of the Jeep as described and seen by Wilbert Coffin in the forest. This Jeep was widely circulated in the province of Quebec and was put on display. Pictured inside the Jeep that I am showing you is, Francois de Billy Gravel, the lawyer.


The picture may very well be an exact replica. It was constructed based on the description of the Jeep that Wilbert Coffin described as having seen. It was displayed as a means of drawing attention to the vehicle and at the same time asking folks to come forward if they had seen it.

.I shall be back folks in two days to continue with all the police reports. I guarantee you will be looking at some strange affairs based on police interviews and what actually made it to the court.

.Lew Stoddard


Marlene Trepanier said...

I was surprized today to open up your page and see the vehicle picture that you have displayed.

I am formerly from the Gaspe area and I do remember the after affects that this case smeared on the area.

The picture that you display is a haunting reminder of that era. My Dad had that same picture tucked away with many reminders of that case. We never, and still do not till this day, felt that Wilbert Coffin was guilty of those murders. He may have not been a perfect speciman, but then again, who is, or was especially from the peninsula back in those days.

He may have drank quite a bit, but so did most everyone else living there. He may have shot some game meat out of season, but how many others resorted to the same thing to feed their families? He may have even taken a few things that did not belong to him, but does that automatically make him guilty of murder?

My question to those who would judge him guilty of murder because of his above weaknesses is simply this: How many of you would be shaking in your boots if a new law came into effect that said if you drink to excess or take something that doesn't belong to you, you are going to be found guilty of a first degree murder charge and be hung?

Marlene Trepanier
Saint John

George McKnight said...

I know there is a lot of long hard tedious work on this but I thank you and Lani for extending all your energies for a long time. I can also see a lot of progress. Merry Christmas to you both and your families.

George McKnight

Ken Downs said...

Did you know that on Fortins site someone is saying that people are judging this case on the strength of the writings of Jacques Hebert etc?

I do not believe that and as I replied, people are really judging it on the strength of evidence suppressed and distorted. I believe that based on the evidence that you present on this case right here on your site. You and your partner Lani have done fabulous work for a long time and I have followed it since someone from Gaspe pointed me to it nearly two years ago. Merry Christmas to all.

Ken Downs
Richmond Hill

T. Sabine said...

My compliments to you Sir on the presentation of a very orderly and businesslike web site. You write the story well and you present your facts as they should be, in a clear and concise manner, dwelling only on the important issues.

Allow me to wish you and Lani and your families a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for the opportunity to be heard.

T. Sabine

Joline Samuels said...

The Jeep pic that you present today makes a lot of sense going by the descriptions that have been extended. Not sure though that the Jeep makes a lot of differenec to the determination of the case. You have ststed this as well. It is good though to actually see what it may have looked like.

Joline Samuels
Yukon Territory

Joyce said...

To Lew Stoddard and Lani Mitchell

I am curious, exactly at what point are you willing to say I have done all I can do on all of this? How would you possibly know when it is all finished and comlete. It appears to me that you are quite determined. I have been reading this for about three years and you still appear to be digging up stuff.

Was it it really as bad as what you say? There was a time when I would have said it couldn't be that bad, then I hear about all those terrible things from Ontario with reference to murder cases, botched autopsy reports, police wrong doing etc. It is absolutely incredible.

My hat is off to you and Lani Mitchell. Keep exposing this stuff. Our citizens do not deserve this treatment from our judiciary or from any department of government.

Merry Christmas to you and Lani. You both deserve a break from all of this over the Christmas holidays.

Bristol, New Brunswick

S. Wheeler said...

Haven't corresponded with your site for sometime but I do follow it every week. I see you are still working hard at it. You are to be thanked in a very large way for your determination to bring this sad story to the minds of Canadians from coast to coast.

As has been said by many over the past couple of years, this is truly a black mark on our history, and the real bad part is that it is not an isolated case. The Stephen Truscott story, the David Marshall story, the David Millgard story, the Thomas Sopohnow story and I could go on and on. As someone said very recently, look at the reckless chain of events taking place in Ontario as I type this letter.

These things create a very bleak picture, and in all these scenarios the problems were created due to very sloppy handling by the officials.

I notice that some accuse you of blaming administrations for these things but in reality, the administrations did a fine job of blaming themselves by allowing things like this to happen.

Anyone who would try and place blame on yourself for exposing these tragedies, are doing nothing more than supporting a corrupt regime and making it easier for it to happen again.

My advice to you Sir is to keep pounding away on it. Very recently I personally had the opportunity to speak directly with a member of the Coffin family. They are behind you Sir one hundred percent.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, and again Thank You.

S. Wheeler
Toronto, Ontario

Rick Willett, Bill's Nephew said...

Dear Lew and Lani and families;
The effort and honesty that has been shown on this blog for the last two years and still continues, is a ray of hope for the Coffin family and Gaspe. Over fifty years of doubt and frustration have been with the family. We are blessed to have your support and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to all. May the New Year bring everyone peace and happiness. Let us not forget our soldiers who are in harms way and say a prayer for their safety.

Margo Roberts said...

Merry Christmas Lew and Lani. Thank you once again for not giving up on this. Things seem to be going so slow with the government it is hard at times to actually believe they will ever admit to any wrong doing in respect to Uncle Bill and our family. We appreciate you and all the kind comments from all across Canada. Thank you one and all.

Margo Roberts
Uncle Bill's niece
Kinosota, Manitoba