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.As soon as the federal government became involved in the Wilbert Coffin affair, it ceased being a case of probable unfair and unjust principles that were levelled against a defendant. It would fast become a political football between the province of Quebec, and the federal government of Canada, with the United States of America standing by ready to gobble up the spoils of what remained. This statement can now be easily proven. Documented proof still exists to this day that substantiates that claim.


It is no longer a secret that premier Maurice Duplessis of Quebec hated The Right Honourable Louis St. Laurent, the prime minister of Canada. It is also no secret that St. Laurent carried a hatred just as large for Duplessis. The American administration in Washington DC knew this, and they would use these facts behind the scenes to foster their own agenda with reference to Canada. They would do it smoothly, they would do it diligently, all the while making it appear that it was Ottawa who had smoothed out the edges. If the boys in Ottawa could be manipulated into a situation where they looked good to themselves, the electorate in Canada would hopefully look favourable at them again as election time was looming.


Prime Minister St. Laurent, and his band of loyals known as the federal cabinet must at all costs appear unified. It was paramount, affairs must be carried out accordingly. It was imperative. If the liberal government under St. Laurent was to have a chance of another term in Ottawa, the electors in Quebec must be kept onside, with or without the personal support of Duplessis.


One must consider here, this period of Canadian history and the way that it was put together would stand out as the very catalyst in the drafting of an accord affecting the two largest trading partners on the planet. The United States Of America was not about to sit with their engines in idle. Let's face it. They had the most to lose.


Canada had what the USA needed most, that was resources. This was post Second War, and the half way point of the century. There was an even bigger fish to fry. In 1954, Canada and The United States had embarked upon a joint venture known as The St. Lawrence Seaway. This would open both countries to vast untold fortunes in both importing and exporting. As is hoped with any vast venture such as this project, both partners would hopefully emerge as winners, except it was Canada who gave up the most to achieve the goal. This was another reason that the USA would tread carefully in her quest to control. Canadian authorities must feel that the American administration was bowing to them.


You may be wondering what all of this has to do with the Wilbert Coffin affair. That is a fair question. From this point forward, you are going to be introduced to a new cast of characters with reference to the Wilbert Coffin affair. You will see how the above ties in directly with Regina Vs Coffin. It will appear to be a tangled web of deceit, manipulation, and corruption. Trust me, it is all of those. I also caution you. There will be parts of this that will require an indepth reading and discovery by yourselves, but if you take the time, you will see the true picture emerge. If you are not prepared to do this, then you may be wasting your time. You must remember, this was not put together fifty plus years ago in such a way that generations down the road could easily figure it out. Clearly, it was meant to deceive.


Here is my documented report, although a nastier more cynical person than myself might have titled the proceeding "The United States Of America and Regina Vs Coffin" instead of simply Regina Vs Coffin. It is now necessary that we go back into time and work forward.


Having failed to gain a new trial for Wilbert Coffin, his defense lawyers, Francois Gravel, and Arthur Maloney had made the decision to petition the federal cabinet to review the case and render a decision based on that review. The date was September, 1955. Other than a motion to approve a pay raise for themselves, politicians are not known to be expedient. The Coffin affair would be no exception. They did not know a lot about it, and anyway, it was something that had taken place down in eastern Quebec in Duplessis country. True, they wanted to look good to the people, but no matter which way they leaned, there would be a force against them. They would avoid the wrath of Duplessis if at all possible, as otherwise, they would be in a double jeopardy situation, and not a nice position to be in.


This is where it begins to get a bit complicated. Up until now most Canadians familiar with the Wilbert Coffin case had heard of the displeasure expressed by the United States of America for three of its citizens being murdered in Quebec. True, they were upset, and of course had good reason to be. The United States Ambassador to Canada, the Honourable John Foster Dulles had touted the theory to Duplessis and to St. Laurent that the affair would have grave consequences on the tourist business, especially, from the Federation of American Sportsmen. It would have that effect to be certain, however, it went much deeper. It went much deeper with St. Laurent and the cabinet, however, Duplessis would not be made aware of the hidden implications. He was left right where all wanted him to be, thinking that the Americans were putting pressure on him with reference to the tourist trade.


The following is the first thread of the web. It involves legal wranglings between Canada and the United States over the extradition of two individuals, W. H. Link and H. M. Green to face charges in the United States on securities fraud. The problem stemmed from December 1954 when Chief Justice W. B. Scott of the Quebec Superior Court refused to extradite these individuals to face justice in the USA. The United States administration replied by making application to the Supreme Court Of Canada to appeal this decision. The Supreme Court refused the appeal on the grounds that it had no jurisdiction in extradiction matters. The following exerpts from a confidential memo are self explanatory in this matter.


The following is a memorandum from Under-Secretary of State for External Affairs to Secretary of State for External Affairs.

.Ottawa, October 24th, 1955
.1. Scope of Memorandum
.The Minister of Justice is presenting to the Cabinet, at this week's Cabinet meeting, a draft submission to the Governor in Council, recommending that two questions be referred to the Supreme Court of Canada for hearing and consideration in regard to the Scott Judgment in the Link and Green extradition case. The Minister of Justice's draft submission to the Governor in Council will explain the legal position. The purpose of this memorandum is to set out the political reasons that make this action necessary.
In December, 1954 Associate Chief Justice W.B. Scott of the Superior Court of Quebec, Montreal District, refused the application of the United States Government for the extradition of W.H. Link and H.M. Green on charges involving fraudulent dealings with securities under the Extradition Act, pursuant to the 1951 Supplementary Extradition Convention. The United States Government applied to the Supreme Court of Canada for leave to appeal the decision. The Supreme Court refused the application. The Court did not pass on the substance of the judgment, as it considered that it did not have jurisdiction to hear appeals in extradition cases.
Views of the Minister of Justice
The Minister of Justice is of the opinion that it is important to the administration of the Extradition Treaty between Canada and the United States that this reference should be made to the Supreme Court of Canada.
.Conclusions:By making this reference to the Supreme Court of Canada, the Canadian Government will be taking the measures open to it to meet the problem of fraudulent securities offerings across the border. Should the Canadian Government, on the other hand, decide not to make this reference to the Supreme Court of Canada, an awkward situation would be likely to develop. The United States Government would be frustrated in its efforts to solve the fraudulent securities problem and it would be in a position to place the blame on the Canadian Government. Such a situation clearly must be avoided if at all possible.
.For these reasons the Department of External Affairs supports the recommendation of the Minister of Justice that the Scott Judgment be referred to the Supreme Court of Canada.
It was necessary to show you this because it will form the basis of subsequent parts which will involve Regina Vs Coffin. The name above, J. Leger, refers to the under secretary of the Minister Of State for External Affairs. The Minister of External Affairs during this period was Lester B Pearson, who of course is no stranger to Canadian politics. He would go on to win a Nobel Peace prize, and become Prime Minister of Canada.
As you can see, the Americans were mad at Ottawa. Justice Scott had muddied the waters when as a Quebec Superior Justice, he refused to extradite two fugitives whom Washington wanted, and then Ottawa snubbed the US Administration when the Supreme Court Of Canada refused to grant their appeal. The bottom line here of course is that Washington couldn't have cared less about Duplessis in Quebec, nor,about the Canadian federal government in Ottawa. It was a situation that needed to be straightened out, and it would require calm heads to do it. This is where the plot begins to thicken. . .
From here it is necessary that we make a quick stop in Washington D C. The U S Attorney General of the United States, Mr. Brownell, is planning a trip to Canada. He is not going to Ottawa. He is going to Toronto to address The Canadian Club. He has been advised to maximize this trip to include business other than his speech to The Canadian Club. The following "Confidential" memo from the Canadian Ambassador to the United States, Mr. A. D. P. Heeney sums up the content of business to be conducted on the trip.
Memorandum by Ambassador in United States

.[Washington], November 8th, 1955
.It had been arranged through the Embassy that advantage should be taken of the presence of the United States Attorney General in Toronto on November 7th, for a private and informal discussion of this subject with the Minister of Justice, who was to be there for Mr. Brownell's speech to the Canadian Club. It had also been agreed that the United States Ambassador and I should be present. This had first been suggested at the meeting on September [26th], in Ottawa, of the Canada-United States Committee on Economic Affairs, when the Secretary of State had referred to the United States Government's concern.137 .


The conversation took place in Mr. Brownell's suite at the Royal York Hotel on the afternoon of November 7th. It was agreed by all present that it would be entirely informal and private - a frank exchange of information and views.


The Minister, after referring to the suggestion that a "reference" be made to the Supreme Court of Canada on the points of law arising out of the judgement of Associate Chief Justice Scott of the Quebec Superior Court and describing briefly the law and procedure which govern such references, went on to explain to the Attorney General the position of a current reference to the Supreme Court in Regina v. Coffin.


This (Coffin) reference raised difficult and delicate issues for the Federal Government in regard to the administration of justice in the Province of Quebec, since the Supreme Court would appear to be reviewing the verdict of a Quebec Court after the unanimous refusal of an appeal by the Provincial appellate court. The Government, nevertheless, had felt bound to proceed with this reference (for reasons which Mr. Garson had explained) and the hearing would take place in December.


For the Government, the Minister went on, to make now a second reference to the Supreme Court which would reflect on the Quebec Courts (since it would at least indirectly impugn the finding of Chief Justice Scott in the Link and Green case) would exacerbate an already complicated and delicate situation. In the opinion of the Federal authorities the Scott judgement was bad law and had the effect of frustrating the purposes of the Extradition Treaty of 1952 between Canada and the United States. The Canadian authorities, like those of the United States, were anxious to rectify the position and restore the régime which the Treaty had intended. .


In due course, Mr. Garson felt, it should be possible for a reference to be made which would achieve this purpose. The Government would wish to have this done just as soon as possible.


The Minister said that Canadian authorities had read with interest a proposal put forward by the General Counsel for the United States Securities Exchange Commission that the Extradition Treaty should be amended to provide for an appellate procedure. The Canadian Department of Justice would be interested in exploring this possibility (which from the Government's point of view would provide, at least prima facie, a politically easier course than a reference to the Supreme Court), but before doing so wished to know whether the United States Department of Justice had considered fully the implications of such an innovation in extradition procedures. Having regard to the fact that it would seem to be politically impossible to provide an appeal for the state without similar provision for the accused, Mr. Garson was inclined to think that the delays in litigation caused by such appeals might make them unworkable.


The Attorney General said that Mr. Timbers' proposal had not been examined fully by his Department and was not now being put forward as a suggestion to the Canadian Government. He personally was inclined to think that it would be a doubtful expedient; as Mr. Garson had observed, the delays involved would probably be intolerable.


If, Mr. Brownell continued, the situation could be restored to the pre-Link and Green position by a reference to the Supreme Court of Canada, this would be preferable from the United States point of view, provided that the lapse of time before a judgement were obtained were not too great. United States authorities were already subject to very considerable pressures and these would build up seriously when Congress got under way in January. What length of time did the Minister foresee before the Canadian Government would be willing to refer the question to the Supreme Court?


Mr. Garson replied that unfortunately it was not possible to be precise on the timing of a reference. If his colleagues agreed to a reference (and he was awaiting the return of the Secretary of State for External Affairs before taking the matter up in Cabinet) the timing would be affected by the course of the Coffin reference and hearing. The Canadian authorities were also anxious to clear up the present unsatisfactory situation with regard to extradition for security frauds, but had obviously to take account of the considerations which he had set forth.


I suggested, in attempting to sum up, that the two Governments had the same objective, namely to establish as promptly as possible the régime contemplated when the Treaty was negotiated. The baleful effect of the Scott judgement should be got rid of as soon as could be. The problem was one of method and timing - not objective. To this all present agreed.


The Canadian position, I continued, had been frankly explained to the Attorney General but he would be unable to make this explanation to those in Washington who were pressing him for action. It seemed to me important, before any statement were made by the United States authorities, that agreement should be reached on the form of such statement. To this, too, there was agreement.


Mr. Brownell expressed his appreciation of the full and candid explanation which Mr. Garson had made and it was agreed that the Minister and the Attorney General would keep in close touch with one another, through me.


It was agreed that, in the circumstances, no purpose would be served by further suggestions from Canadian Counsel for the United States Department of Justice or others, with regard to any references that might be made to the Supreme Court or other procedures in this matter.


On the following day, returning to Washington, I mentioned to Mr. Brownell the importance, if any reference was to be made to the Supreme Court, of avoiding any impression that this procedure was being taken under pressure from United States authorities. He readily understood this and agreed to caution his officials. When the time came that something had to be said, the two Governments would agree on the form of statement.


Here is a note at the bottom of the Ambassador's letter. I find this troubling in a democratic society.
"The version of the memorandum reprinted here was amended in late November to take into account Garson's comments on Heeney's original draft which was removed from the files and destroyed."
Just to make things clear, the name Garson refers to Canadian Minister Of Justice, The Honourable Stuart Sinclair Garson. I find it very troubling to see a federal Minister Of Justice having files removed and destroyed.
As you read this, you can perhaps see how Canada had dug a hole for herself in her relations with the United States. This all stemmed from the court decision in Quebec Superior Court by Chief Justice Scott in his refusal to order extradition proceedings against Link and Green. Equally stupid though was the refusal of The Supreme Court of Canada to hear an appeal of the process. Throughout it all, Wilbert Coffin was being used as a pawn. He was the sacrificial lamb in all these proceedings.
In their quest to crawl back into the fold with the United States, the federal cabinet in Ottawa pulled out all the stops. There was more butt kissing at the diplomatic level in Ottawa in the final three months of 1955 than there had been in the decade since the war concluded. It is prudent to show you an example of that fact before we move on. Here is an exerpt from a memo sent by The Honourable Lester Pearson to the American Ambassador, John Foster Dulles, at a joint meeting between the two countries. You will note that the minutes of this meeting are designated as "Secret."
Summary Record of Meeting of Joint Canada-United States Committee
Ottawa, September 26, 1955
Mr. Pearson as Chairman expressed the sympathy of the Canadian side with President Eisenhower in his illness.127 It was to be hoped that he would soon be restored to his full health and vigour. Not only the Canadian members but all of Canada appreciated the President's attitude towards trade matters and the efforts which he was making to improve international relations generally. As the leader of the Allied Forces during the war and during the early period of NATO's history, President Eisenhower had come to belong to Canada and the other North Atlantic countries as well as to the United States.
As you can see, The United States could do no wrong. You will note the highest praise extended to then President Eisenhower. One would think that he single handedly won the war, even though the war in Europe was practically concluded when the United States decided to enter it. Pearson obviously forgot about the thousands of Canadians who paid the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefields by his praise of the American president. The bottom line here is simply that the federal government was willing to go to the outer limits to make the United States happy during this period.
Here are some exerpts from a letter written by Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Heeney. It is written to The Honourable Lester Pearson. If you really digest the contents of this letter, it says it all.
Ambassador in United States to Secretary of State for External Affairs

Dear Mr. Pearson,
.On November 9th I wrote you a personal letter? reporting upon the conversation in Toronto between your colleague, the Minister of Justice, and the United States Attorney General concerning extradition in relation to security frauds.
In speaking to me yesterday, Mr. Garson said that he would expect you to bring up this subject in Cabinet shortly. When you did so he would be willing to agree to a reference to the Supreme Court of Canada which would rectify the present unsatisfactory situation. In this connection he mentioned again the desirability of having the question put to the Supreme Court in such a way as to avoid explicit reference to the judgement of Associate Chief Justice Scott, whence our difficulties arise. On the timing of the reference to the Court, Mr. Garson would be guided largely by the views of your Quebec colleagues, but he himself would have no objection to the reference being made reasonably soon.
In raising the matter in Cabinet as one involving our relations with the United States, you would certainly be justified in saying to your colleagues that the present situation is one which has caused, and continues to cause, difficulties between us. Furthermore, the pressure upon the Administration to take action of some kind within the competence of the United States executive and legislature may be expected to increase sharply once Congress reassembles after Christmas.
As you will note from my memorandum of November 8th, Mr. Brownell has agreed to consult us when he feels it necessary to make some public statement on this subject. I would hope that by that time we will be in a position to announce the reference to the Supreme Court along the lines now favoured by your colleague, the Minister of Justice.
One final consideration - from the point of view of External Affairs, the sooner the reference is made and announced the better; from the point of view of the Government in Ottawa too I should think it is highly desirable that the reference should be made before the clamour in this country increases and the Government are put in the position of acting in response to public pressure from the United States.
Yours sincerely,
.As the wheels turn, the federal government is becoming mired deeper and deeper. They are faced with straightening out some bad law from Quebec. If they don't fix the decision by Chief Justice Scott from the Quebec Superior Court, the Americans will be all over them for evermore. Canada could also become a haven for criminals from the American side of the border, as the court decision did not force them to be extradited. Maurice Duplessis will be furious.
On the other hand the federal cabinet has been asked to review the Wilbert Coffin affair. The appeal had been rejected by the Supreme Court of Canada, so any meddling on this case would again upset Duplessis. The decision now necessary for cabinet to decide was, did they really want to review The Coffin affair and get the government of Duplessis mad again? Wilbert Coffin through his lawyers was asking for a full review and an order for a new trial, based on the fact that he did not receive a fair trial and process from the beginning.
In a following memo to the Attorney General of the United States through Ambassador Heeney, Canadian Minister of Justice, the Honourable Stuart Garson would announce that a solution had been found that should bring the matter to conclusion. As a result, the decision by Chief Justice Scott would be reversed. As well, the federal government would be free and clear of a ruling on the Regina Vs Coffin affair. Ottawa would come out not looking like they had bent to pressure from the American administration. The following extract designated "Top Secret" is from cabinet conclusions pertaining to the decision affecting the Coffin affair.
Extract from Cabinet Conclusions
"Top Secret"
Circumstances had made it appear desirable to make a rather unusual reference to the Supreme Court in the recent Coffin murder case.135r It would seem undesirable to take unorthodox action with regard to this extradition difficulty so soon after the Coffin incident. It might, perhaps, be preferable to wait until such time as another judgment similar to the Scott judgment of December 17th, 1954, was rendered before taking any such action
On the other hand, unless some action were taken, the government of Canada would likely be blamed for doing nothing to prevent the fraudulent use of the mails by unscrupulous brokers
The Cabinet noted the report of the Minister of Justice and deferred decision on a proposed reference to the Supreme Court with regard to difficulties which had recently been encountered in the administration of the Extradition Treaty between Canada and the United States, pending further consideration at a subsequent meeting when the Secretary of State for External Affairs could be present
On October 14, 1955 Cabinet asked the Supreme Court of Canada to review the conviction in Quebec courts of Wilbert Coffin for the 1953 murder of Richard Lindsay after suggestions were made that Coffin had not received a fair trial. Cabinet asked the court to answer the following question: "If the application made by Wilbert Coffin for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada had been granted on any of the grounds alleged on the said application, what disposition of the appeal would now be made by the court?"
It is the last paragraph above that tossed Wilbert Coffin into the wind. His lawyers had asked the federal cabinet to review the case. This would have taken it from day one. It would have reviewed the inquest jury process, it would have reviewed the jury selection process, it would have reviewed suppressed evidence, and it would have reviewed the judges charge to the jury. None of this was ever done of course. The cabinet simply sent the case back to the Supreme Court with the above question. In reality the cabinet knew what the decision of the Supreme Court would be. They were the ones who had made the decision in the first place. In a round about way the government was asking the Supreme Court to re-rule and make a decision on their original ruling. One does not have to be smart to figure that a Supreme Court of Canada Justice is not about to rule against his own ruling.
Unfortunately the government of Canada was willing to throw out and sacrifice one man's last chance for justice in this country. It could have easily been avoided. It required nothing more than an order in council to further delay the hanging of Wilbert Coffin until such time that a full and proper conclusion be reached with respect to the capital punishment being carried out.
Fifty-one years later the federal government is once again being asked to investigate this case as a miscarriage of justice. It is a miscarriage of justice because the government allowed it to be that way.
I am firmly of the opinion that a complete review of this case should take place. Simply asking that a review be done based on the same criteria that was done over fifty years ago is not enough. A complete review must include the admission of new evidence, meaning both evidence that was suppressed and omitted, and evidence that has surfaced since the original proceeding. There are witnesses still alive who gave statements prior to the original trial. It is imperative that these people be heard because it was their intention to give evidence. There was evidence concerning Jeeps and vehicles that was never brought forward. Again, this evidence must be presented, because originally it was intended to be part of the process.
It is important to note that I have raised very serious concerns with reference to autopsy reports on the crime victims. A murder weapon was never found, no spent cartridges cases or bullets, no broken bones and yet the victims were declared to have died of gunshot wounds. Perforations in clothing clearly indicate they are much too large for any calibre of bullet available. There were marks on one bone, and the medical examiner stated in court the marks could have been made by a forest animal.
In order that a full and impartial review be made of this case, it is necessary that all these things must be looked at and considered. Several of these elements made up the scope of what the federal government was being asked to do in 1955. Sadly, they chose to not do that. If they had done what was asked of them, Wilbert Coffin would not have hanged on February 10, 1956. By displaying themselves as a spineless bunch of creatures, they were able to uphold themselves as weak and inept and afraid of Duplessis, and at the same time, display their loyalty to the United States Of America as puppets on a string.
.Lew Stoddard
The above report is protected by copyright. Any reproduction, in whole or in part, by whatever means and for whatever reason is not permitted without the express written permission of Lew Stoddard.


J. Sullivan said...

Lew Stoddard, this spreads the icing on the cake. I just read through your newest posting dealing with the federal government. That is a fantastic piece of journalistic investigation.

Anyone who does not show you much deserved respect for the work that you have done on this case is several bricks short of a half load.

Keep up the good work my friend. I can see why they would not have wanted this material displayed from that Brossard Inquiry. No wonder they hid certain things for a hundred years.

J. Sullivan
Niagara Falls

J. McCready said...

I hope this Fortin dude learns something from your last posting Lew. He sure as hell never came across anything like that from this Brossard thing. I can see why they stashed it.

These guys, why do they not get off their asses and get out there like you have done and dig for the truth.

Look at the crap that is happeneing in Ontario right now as a result of a medical examiner who was responsible for ruining many lives with wrongful convictions backed up by a government that obviously could not be trusted by the people to look after their interests.

C'mon Mr. Fortin, I know you read this site on a regular basis. At least show the decency of sending Lew a comment and congratulating him and his work.

J. McCready

Dale Desmaris said...

Excellent detective work Mr. Stoddard. Citizens across this country would have no idea of that kind of stuff going on behind the scenes. I can sure see why it would be hidden from viewing for a hundred years. Don't know how you managed to get hold of it but I am glad that you did.

I am not sure if you read this other site by this guy Fortin or not. Someone mentioned it to me a few days ago. I looked at it very briefly. I can see that they lack facts there.

Dale Desmaris
North Bay

R. Peters said...

To Dale Desmaris above,

They don't just lack facts there, they lack the thinking process that normally accompanies understanding facts.

R. Peters

W. and L. Boone said...

My husband and I are glad to see you back. We know you have not been in good health, and we tremendously admire your stamina.

We have followed your web site for more than two years. You have never stopped digging. I admire you a lot for that. I am truly amazed at the facts of this case that have surfaced as a result of your work.

My husband's Mom and Dad were originally from the Gaspe' coast and we moved from there to British Columbia when I was about 10 years old.

Our Dad is now deceased but he would have been so happy to know of your work. That case occupied discussions dozens and dozens of times in our house over the years. Our parents were always convinced that Wilbert Coffin did not commit these crimes. They did stress that he was a happy go lucky but that does not and should not indicate that one is a murderer.

Keep up the good work Mr. Stoddard, but look after your health as well.

W. and L. Boone
Victoria, B. C.

T Beaulieu said...

Thank-you Sir for documenting this last posting in such a profound professional manner. I must admit that I would have been very skeptical about believing it had you not supplied actual documentation from the various government ministries and senior elected officials from both sides of the border.

It is shameful to all Canadians to see our Canadian government act in this fashion. You are to be congratulated Sir for taking the time and resources to accomplish all that you have done to expose this case to the public in the past three years.

It is unfortunate that you were not around in the 1950's in Gaspe' Quebec. If you had been I am certain that this case would have reached a proper conclusion.

T Beaulieu

R. Masse said...

Just when I think that everything has been written about this wilbert Coffin case i read your last report.Wilbert Coffin was not looked after very good on the part of the goverment.I am glad that you are able to find this stuff after all these years.My wife and I we always read your web site and have for over two years. We grew up in Matapedia area near New Brunswick. I hope you can get this case turned over.
R. Masse
Miramichi, N. B

James in Brandon said...

You are getting this case into high gear now. Your stuff makes this brossard inquiry thing that they harp about on another site look like a kids comic book.

James in Brandon

B. Franklin said...

Why do we suddenly hear from Alton Price? I thought his thinking on this case was different than the site that he is now part of. When did he change his views, he surprizes me. I guess we never really know people.

By the way Lew I do enjoy your writings and your investigation on this case. You are dedicated to seeing this through to a conclusion other than what was delivered.

B. Franklin

Dave Sanderson said...

I am curious as to why none of this stuff ever got out to the public. All we have ever read is the fact that the federal government told us that they played a very active roll by sending it back to the Supreme Court, when in fact, they never studied the case at all. Am I correct? If I am correct does that not go against an avenue that an accused supposedly has to prove their innocence of a crime?

This is a terrible situation. It is beyond comprehension.

Dave Sanderson

Geof B. said...

This is perhaps one of the more damning pieces of proof that I have seen that points to the federal government with respect to not being willing to take a serious look at Wilbert Coffin's case.

This report is all the more reason why the government of today must look at this case and include the actions of governments of past years.

It also proves without doubt that the federal government did no study of the case, and even at this late date they should be obliged to complete what was asked of them, and they will see that if the suppressed evidence and many other things were included that Wilbert Coffin should not have hanged.

Someone suggested to me the other day that I look in at this web site hosted by Clement Fortin. From looking the site over and by doing comparisons very little about the Coffin case is known on that site. It seems that they worry more about what you are doing than making sense out of their own stuff.

It makes one wonder in the past few weeks just what motivated Alton Price to do the turn around that he apparently has done. Wheels turn very strangely sometimes.

Great posting Mr. Stoddard and I hope you have lots more surprises. I am sure that this last one has stopped many in their tracks.

Geof B.
North bay, Ontario

R. Willoughby said...

How do you come across all this info on this case after all these years? That is a major score.

R. Willoughby
Moncton, N. B.

Barry Mullins said...

It makes one suspect when we see so many comments signed Anonymous on this other site, don't you think?

Barry Mullins

Kevin McNaulty said...

I am glad that you do not post anonymous comments. I cannot get serious about something when I look at goings on like that. Displays a lack of professional approach.

Geof B. is quite correct in his comment. It does display the fact that they worry more about what you are doing than presenting a business forum of their own on Mr. Fortin's site. It is also obvious that many of the comments are written by the same person.

Kevin McNaulty

Lew Stoddard said...

Message to all from Lew Stoddard

Just a reminder to all. It is not my place to criticize anyone's web site. I simply couldn't care less what is being written on Mr. Fortin's site or any other site for that matter.

I am interested in one thing and one thing alone, that being to fully investigate the WEilbert Coffin case from beginning to end, independent of all junk that has been pieced together over the years.

I have made many in-roads in this investigation and it has come as a result of a lot of dedication and hard work, coupled with the help of many folks who have come forward to me with information and leads.

I have published much of my findings, but I will tell you this, there is some stuff that will not be made public until such time that it has been all presented to the CCRG through AIDWYC. The last posting was no exception to that statement.

I am certain that after you read that last posting that you can see why the Brossard Commission would want to keep that under wraps. It would be quite embarassing for the government of the day.

The "Stoddard Online" web site is not put together with hearsay or "He said this" and "No she said that" type of information. That will never happen. I would never compromise three years of investigative and journalistic work by cluttering it with garbage.

I get a lot of great responses from folks for what they read on my pages. That is encouragement in a big way. That tells me that folks have come to understand that what they read on this site will be a well researched and documented segment of the total package.

In closing, I wish to tell you that if you are enjoying what you are reading about the case on this site, I encourage you to stay tuned because you may find that the best is yet to come.

Lew Stoddard
Host of "Stoddard Online"

Lew Stoddard said...

Message to all from Lew Stoddard

Just a reminder to all. It is not my place to criticize anyone's web site. I simply couldn't care less what is being written on Mr. Fortin's site or any other site for that matter.

I am interested in one thing and one thing alone, that being to fully investigate the WEilbert Coffin case from beginning to end, independent of all junk that has been pieced together over the years.

I have made many in-roads in this investigation and it has come as a result of a lot of dedication and hard work, coupled with the help of many folks who have come forward to me with information and leads.

I have published much of my findings, but I will tell you this, there is some stuff that will not be made public until such time that it has been all presented to the CCRG through AIDWYC. The last posting was no exception to that statement.

I am certain that after you read that last posting that you can see why the Brossard Commission would want to keep that under wraps. It would be quite embarassing for the government of the day.

The "Stoddard Online" web site is not put together with hearsay or "He said this" and "No she said that" type of information. That will never happen. I would never compromise three years of investigative and journalistic work by cluttering it with garbage.

I get a lot of great responses from folks for what they read on my pages. That is encouragement in a big way. That tells me that folks have come to understand that what they read on this site will be a well researched and documented segment of the total package.

In closing, I wish to tell you that if you are enjoying what you are reading about the case on this site, I encourage you to stay tuned because you may find that the best is yet to come.

Lew Stoddard
Host of "Stoddard Online"

E. Edwards said...

I am not sure if you can or will answer the following question, but if possible I am curious where you got the information from for your last post. That is not the type of material that you would just find lying around on a shelf. At that level those doccuments are pretty important looking specially containing security labels and from both countries.

If you choose to not say how you got this information I do understand but I am impressed with information from that level. It gives your site a whole new level of respect. Keep up the good work.

E. Edwards
Burlington, Ontario

Joyce said...

Mr. Stoddard,

It has been awhile since I have written to your site. I understand that you have once again experienced a bit of a health issue. I want you to know that it is good to see you back here doing a great job as usual.

To start with, I very much concur with the last commenter. Information from the level expressed in that particular posting certainly magnifies your desire to offer the best possible to your readers.

I know that you have much more information to follow, and from the calibre of quality that you display, I have no doubt that if it is possible to overturn this case, your work will be instrumental in making the decision.

Bristol, New Brunswick

G. Ryan said...

Do you know what Mr. Alton Price's plans are? I notice that he has surfaced on a particular web site and his views appear to have changed. Is this true?

G. Ryan
Truro, Nova Scotia

Lew Stoddard said...

Reply to G. Ryan,

I have no idea what Alton Price's plans may or may not be. I respect the fact that he has the freedom to pursue any path that he chooses.

My advice to you Sir, simply contact Alton Price and ask him what his plans are. This site occupies too much of my time for me to be worrying about what everyone is doing with their lives.

Lew Stoddard
Host of "Stoddard Online"

Claude Cormier said...

Message for E. Edwards from Burlington, Ontario

You are question how it was possible for Lew Stoddard to obtain the information contained in his last posting. It is a good question but I believe that the same question could be asked about a lot of things that he has exposed on this site.It is impressive when you compare to all the crap that has floated around for years. I look forward reading his posts. I dont really care how or where he got it from and I know it is real because he has original papers.

Claude Cormier

J. Johnson said...

Hi Mr. Stoddard,

Very thoughtful message from you yesterday on Remembrance Day. Things like that really stir the soul. It was good to see a message from Jim Coffin as well. I am sure that a day such as yesterday would be difficult for Jim with his Dad being a military member during the war.

I am totally impressed with this posting which details the Government involvement in the Coffin affair. Those documents are definite proof that Mr. Coffin's execution could very definitely have been posponed until such time that a proper case study had been done of this affair. You are to be commended for publishing this information. This is information that the Canadian public would never have known about otherwise.

I encourage you to provide any further information that you may have of this nature. Personlly the more documentation that I see of this calibre convinces me all the more that Wilbert Coffin was as you have said many times railroaded.

J. Johnson
Edmonton, Alberta

Jeff W. said...

I managed the time yesterday to thoroughly consume this particular posting. I am glad you came back to it.

The information in this posting is absolutely astounding. If I hadn't been exposed to the actual documents I would have been skeptical in accepting it as the truth.

Every Canadian should read this information. It is detailed but is a definite source of encouragement for a teacher of modern history such as myself to always dig deeper.

Jeff W.
Toronto, Canada

J. Kean said...

I must say that I enjoyed your posting yesterday on Remembrance Day. The antics that you speak about in Fredericton, very definitely set an example of some of the sick minds out there.

It pleases me a lot to learn that Mr. Frank McKenna is heading up a group committed to restoring the monument and have pledged funds to help achieve that goal.

I brought myself up to date with your site yesterday. This particular posting sure makes one aware very quickly of how the system failed Wilbert Coffin. In the final days he nevr had a chance with the government coniving behind the scenes and doing it in a deceitful and manipulative way.

Good to see you expose this crap. Just unfortunate that perhaps someone had to die back in 1956 in order to make a piece of legislation smoother to aid the United States Of America.

J. Kean

Allan Jeffries said...

Haven't written to your site for some time. This is a great posting. I guess it really tells us to not rely on the government to stand by us during a tough time.

Keep up the good work Lew. You have made a lot of progress.

Allan Jeffries

B. Rennie said...

Just finished reading your site from start to finish, including all of your archives. I am impressed. You have really worked this Coffin case to the outer limits. It is very impressive when one considers the way in which you did it, doing an extensive investigation and writing the Coffin story at the same time. It is further impressive when one considers that it is not copied from already produced media stories, but as you say, totally as a result of your own findings.

I wish to add my name to the list of those who offer you encouragement and congratulations for a job well done. I wish you much success in whatever still needs to be done to bring this matter to conclusion.

B. Rennie
Halifax (formerly from Gaspe Peninsula)

Ward McLelland said...

Just finished going over this case from front to back on your web site Sir. Even a layman such as myself can spot several instances that leave very big question marks. I cannot believe that a verdict of guilt for first degree murder could have been delivered on what was presented, and for certain, had the evidence been presented that you have displayed that was held back, there is no way that Wilbert Coffin would have been found guilty.

I also want to take the opportunity to convey my compliments to you for working steadily on this case for so long. You have never given up and it shows. I think when it is presented in complete form it will definitely form the basis of proving another wrongful conviction in Canada.

Ward McLelland
Oakville, Ontario

S. Walker said...

I notice on the web site by this Fortin gentleman that the vast majority of his commenters are signed by an anonymous person. I know that you state that you do not publish anonymous comments, but I am curious if you actually receive any. I guess I am also asking why you do not allow some anonymous comments? Do these people not have the right to free speech like anyone else?

Do not get me wrong, I am not complaining about the quality of your site. I think it is great... I am just curious why certain decisions are made.

S. Walker
Shediac, N. B.

George S. said...

I read in one of your postings about a man finding a hand gun close-by where these murders were committed. You mentioned that you had corresponded with this person. It seems to me that this stuff should be important. Is that instance still part of this investigation and if it is, can you say how?

George S.
Barrie, Ontario

R. Drew said...

I notice on this Fortin web site that there has never been a mention of any of the items contained in your last posting dealing with the government. Would he not have found that stuff in this Brossard report? He always talked as though that report provided all the answers to this case.

R. Drew

Peter Dodds said...

Can you explain why this material that you posted a few days ago referring to the federal government was not brought forth in the Brossard Inquiry? I can see where it would be a big impact so it should have been brought forward should it not?

Peter Dodds

J. LePage from Windsor, Ontario said...

No doubt about it your last posting really proves that all levels of government have to share some responsibility for another wrongful conviction in Canada.

J. LePage
Windsor, Ontario

S. Becker said...

I have said it before and I will say it again, Don't let these idiots grind you down. They have offered nothing on this case, you have brought forward everything new that exists.

S. Becker
Fredericton, N. B.

Lloyd B. said...

I was just looking at this other web site. The one hosted by Clement Fortin. Very few of the comments on that site pertain to the topic itself. Most of them seem more concerned what you are doung on your web site. I guess it really says that they know very little about the Coffin case in reality.

I took the time to go over your reports on the autopsy reports again. You are quite correct especially in what you say about ballistics.

Lloyd B.
Grand Falls, New Brunswick

D. Savoie said...

It is approximately one year ago that I commented on your site. By comparison of now to one year ago much has gone forward on this case.

That last posting was startling. The government is caught red handed in that affair. Too bad that a lot of those good old boys were not still alive so that you could put a little old fashioned heat on them.

Imagine a prominent federal politician standing on the podium accepting a Nobel Peace Prize, then becoming prime minister, and now years later we learn of his knowledge and involvement in a deed such as this. Absolutely incredible.

D. Savoie

Fred Mitchell said...

Anxious still to read that stuff that you are holding back on the autopsy reports.

Fred Mitchell
Moncton, New Brunswick

Evan Crandall said...

I hope that Harper and the boys in Ottawa are reading your site. They are going to have to make some decisions.

Evan Crandall

Kerry N. said...

Just looked over that site of Fortin's. Hope he is learning something about the case from your site as well. His site needs major help!

Kerry N.
North Bay, Ontario

D. Brooks said...

Not sure if this is a proper question or not, but am curious when you present the findings of your long investigation to the federal government for a review and also how long will it all take?

D. Brooks

B. Hovey said...

Mr. Stoddard,

I am a student studying law. It is my ambition to one day go into criminal law somewhere across canada.

Approximately one year ago I embarked upon a project, normally a mocked up case. In such an undertaking a case is created with evidence, reports, statements etc. Based on the elements provided including a suspect, the student is required to create the case.

I wish to inform you that you have been my inspiration in this project. Rather that take on a mocked up case, I decided to create the Wilbert Coffin case, presenting it with the evidence provided by the crown and the defense, except this time around the trial will include the evidence that you have proven existed but not put forth at trial. I hope you do not mind that I am using your material for my school project.

B. Hovey

Wm. McMinn said...

Do you know for sure that Eugene Lindsey and the two others were all killed on the same day?

Wm. McMinn
Calgary, Alberta

F. Wayne said...

After this long passage of time, would it still be possible to have a new trial? I am not saying that it would not be deserving, just would it be possible?

F. Wayne

Barb Marish said...

After reading your last posting to this case investigation, I am not sure that I would ever trust the government to look out for my best interests in any matter.

Barb Marish

S. Moore said...

Lew Stoddard,

Though I have never commented on your site in the past, I felt that today would be an appropriate time. It was with interest that we read your message yesterday on the GoGaspe' area website.

I have followed your writings and investigation of this case for some time. It was after reading your message yesterday that I really had the time to reflect. It is utterly amazing the work that you and Mrs. Mitchell have put into this affair.

The subject matter contained in your last posting is a story of intrigue all in itself, and the best part is, you have officially documented the complete chain of events. That story is a sad example of manipulation at its finest on the part of government.

It is very easy to understand why the government ministers on both sides of the border would not want it to be public knowledge.

You have indicated that you have some more to lay on us about this case that was not all public knowledge. I am anxious to see that stuff exposed, based on original documentation the way that you present it in your writings.

S. Moore

Shorty the long haul driver said...

I couldn't agree more. You last commenter explains my thoughts exactly. Give them old Hell Lew.

Shorty the long haul driver
Out here on the prairies