Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It has been a very busy month. We are in the process of packaging our complete investigation and research of the Wilbert Coffin case for presentation to AIDWYC for the CCRG.
As I look it over on a daily basis, I am impressed with what we able to accomplish, thanks to a good healthy cross section of folks out there, determined as we were to get this case straight once and for all. It is particularly rewarding considering that we were able to pull it off with no budget, and no staff, just sheer determination on the part of Lani Mitchell and myself.
I am impressed further as I learn of the respect that national and international media is pointing in my direction with reference to this case. Obviously my investigation and research for the past three years has caused folks to sit up and take notice. Precisely, that was one of my objectives. Folks are tired of reading the same old rhetoric, sensationalised to the outer limits on this case.
There are possibly no less than fifty versions of the same story floating around out there. That was my reason for reading nothing about this case prior to commencement of my work. It was started fresh, and continued in that fashion, with each element properly documented. I couldn't care less what someone else had written or were planning to write in the future. Mine would always continue to be what it started out as, a clear factual portrayal of the elements of this case, not tied together with hearsay coupled with hypothetical theories. In simplistic terms, if it could not be backed up by a document or personal interview or a combination of both, then it did not get published on this site.
The above statements may sound like I am bragging. Perhaps I am. However, I stand by my work in this matter. The truth always finds a way to work it's way to the top. The only thing that defends truth, is truth itself. It was not difficult to understand that my investigation was making a mark. I say that because information was routinely stolen from my site and published elsewhere. That statement was easily proven because as you may know, I set up a sting operation and caught the perpetrator red handed.
Several media outlets across the country have expressed an interest in the Coffin affair as a result of my investigation and writing of this black mark on the history of Canada. I know this because of invitations extended to myself to appear as guest to talk about this event. I am presently co-ordinating several such invitations which will take place within the next few weeks.
In the earlier stages of my investigation I was given the opportunity to discuss at length my involvement with the Wilbert Coffin case. That particular interview was conducted by popular Canadian news talk show host, Tom Young.
In case you are not aware, Mr. Young has been a prominent news broadcaster for many years, and is aware and understands the stories and events that have shaped our horizons. Throughout the week Tom broadcasts to a large audience as his program from the studio in Saint John, New Brunswick is carried live on local FM radio at 88.9, and live on many areas by way of cable. Additionally, the program is available world wide on the internet.
At the conclusion of my prior interview, Tom requested that I keep in touch. I extend my thanks to Tom and his producer, Tyler McLean, for granting me the opportunity to come back on the show and bring everyone up to date. As I mentioned, media attention on this case is increasing. Considering the attention previously by Tom Young and his "Afternoon News," I thought it pertinent this time around to extend the opportunity firstly in this direction.
I invite you to listen to the upcoming broadcast which will take place this coming Friday, December o4, 2009. To determine the time in your local area of Canada, please check the appropriate time zone at the conclusion of this report. I am safe to say that it is available in your area no matter where you reside on planet Earth. Locally of course in the New Brunswick area it is available at 88.9 on your FM radio dial as well as well as being broadcast on the Rogers cable TV system. If neither of those options work for you simply click on the the internet address shown below and that will take you directly to the radio station. When the radio station page opens, simply click on the "Listen Live" tab at the top right of the radio station page and it will automatically take you live to the show. Here is the address,
As we are dealing with six time zones, the following represents the time of broadcast.
Atlantic Standard Time 2:30 PM.
Eastern Standard Time 1:30 PM.
NFLD Standard Time 3:00 PM.
Central Standard Time 12:30 PM.
Mountain STD Time 11:30 AM.
Pacific Std Time 10:30 AM.
Lew Stoddard


D. McLean said...

Hello Lew. I look forward to hearing the radio show. I was glad to hear about that. For sure this is what the case needs. It is important that the details reach as many people as possible.

D. McLean

George T. said...

Anxious to hear the radio broadcast as well. I took the opportunity to test the link to the station and it works well. I shall be tuned in with my morning coffee pot. I follow your writings on this case, and have written to you once in the past.

I am a retired teacher residing in the Moncton area, and I remember this case very well. I was never satisfied with the outcome of that case, and your investigation proves my thinking. Good work Sir, and anxious to hear the show.

George T.
Dorchester, N. B.

R. Hunter said...

Excellent choice to be part of Tom Youngs show. He is a bit gruff and a bit ragged around the edges but he sure has a knack for asking the right questions. I listen to his program on a daily basis.

I first heard about your investigation of the Coffin affair on Mr. Young's show when you were on there quite awhile back. I am aware of that case, and am glad to see that you battled this thing through. Since that first broadcast I have read all your previous postings and keep up to date with your site on this matter. I know that you have suffered ill health so you are to be commended for a job well done under very trying circumstances.

R. Hunter

G. Gagne said...

Count me in as a listener to the radio show. Already looking forward to it.

I saw it posted this morning on the GoGaspe web site from Gaspe'.

G. Gagne

W. McLean said...

Your previous posting dealing with the Canadian federal government and the American administration is beyond belief. I am glad to see you expose that kind of crap. I hope you keep the pressure on in regard to the information contained in that posting. I am anxious to hear your interview on the case.

W. McLean

B. Crabbe said...

Great stuff to discuss on any news talk show. I also saw it advertised on the Gogaspe web site this morning. My father was originally from Gaspe, Quebec and have heard him speak of this case numerous times over the years.

One quick suggestion, I would like to see you talk more about this event with the federal government when they decided to let Mr. Coffin hang.
B. Crabbe

R. Tarlier said...

I have commented on your site in the past, and speaking as a former resident of the province of Quebec I can assure everyone that it was by no means a unanamous feeling by the French speaking population that Wilbert Coffin was guilty. There were and are many French speaking people that feel Wilbert Coffin was an innocent man.

R. Tarlier

Lew Stoddard said...

Attention to all. This letter is a copy of a letter which I forwarded today to the web site of Clement Fortin.

I am publishing it on my web site as well because otherwise he will not post it to his site.

Without permission, Mr. Fortin posted a picture containing Mrs. Marie Coffin (Stewart)and her nephew, James Coffin to his web site. James requested that he remove it. Mr. Fortin neglected and/or refused to comply. James Coffin sought legal assistance, but because it was James who approached legal counsel, Mr. Fortin merely cropped James from the picture, leaving Mrs. Coffin. He did this after receiving correspondence from the lawyer representing James.

The feeling was mutual, and James has made a request on behalf of Mrs. Coffin for Mr. Fortin to remove her picture. The following represents my response to Clement Fortin on this matter.

Mr. Fortin, why act like an idiot? It is obvious that the Coffin family do not wish to be associated with your site. You do not display intelligence by your actions, but you do display the actions of an end of a horse, and I am not speaking of the end with the head.

They do not wish to have their pictures displayed on your site. They made that quite clear with the intervention of legal counsel. Why do you continue to harass an elderly gracious lady such as Mrs. Coffin?

If you are as dedicated as you say you are to this affair, then you have better things to do than to purposely upset this family.

I couldn't care less generally what you publish on that site, nor do I read it, but when something like this is brought to my attention, through compassion for Mrs. Coffin (Stewart) I am voluntarily responding on her behalf.

I shall publish this on my own site as well because I do not believe that you will publish it otherwise on your own.

Lew Stoddard
Host of "Stoddard Online"

S.Stevens said...

I am hopeful as well that you keep the pressure on about this government intervention where they pretend to do as asked in the Wilbert Coffin affair. I hope you talk about it in the radio interview.

CFB Greenwood,Nova Scotia

D. Reynolds said...

Great interview Lew. Enjoyed your comments as I am sure that most did as well. Keep up the good work.

D. Reynolds

Margo Roberts said...

Merry Christmas Lew and Lana. Once again thanks so much for your's and Lana's perseverance in the search for the truth concerning U. Bill. We appreciate what you have both done.

Margo Roberts
Kinosota, MB

C. Franklin said...

Hello Mr. Stoddard,

I am wondering about something. Don't mean to be rude but it concerns the site of Mr. Fortin. In his last posting he speaks of the planned marriage of Wilbert Coffin and Ms. Petrie and the reasons why Duplessis refused the necessary permission to marry.

Mr. Fortin kind of dances around on this subject and makes direct reference to Mr. John Beliveau, the writer, to provide an answer.

Why the sudden turn around on Mr. Beliveau, and secondly, is the answer given accurate? Mr. Fortin, I believe, has certainly been very critical of Mr. Beliveau's writing in a cruel fashion, now all of a sudden, why all the respect for his work?

I figured that you would be able to shed some light on this topic, given that you research your information well.

C. Franklin
Toronto, Canada

Lew Stoddard said...

Mr. Franklin,

As stated many times, I do not read the web site of Mr. Fortin. He is free to write anything that he chooses.

The only time that I take an active interest in his literary expression is when someone such as yourself points to something directly involving the major players in the story.

In this instance you are alluding to the proposed marriage of Mr. Coffin and Ms. Petrie. You asked me directly if the answer provided on Mr. Fortin's web site was accurate?

If you are questioning the accuracy of the answer given, I would suggest that you seek further clarification from Mr. Fortin and Mr. Price, as it would violate the rules of journalistic protocol for me to comment on the accuracy of a report on Mr. Fortin's site based on the writings of a journalist who has not been with us for some twenty-five years.

If you are unable to obtain satisfactory results, I make reference here to the last paragraph of your comment and I quote "I figured that you would be able to shed some light on this topic, given that you research your
information well."

Indeed we do research our information well. If we did not, then it only makes the smoldering heap of rubbish appear larger.

Lew Stoddard
Host of "Stoddard Online"