Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Stoddard Online

Stoddard Online:
I expect to take some ground fire for this article, however, free speech dictates that I am entitled to my point of view.

It burns my butt on a daily basis to hear the moans and groans of certain elements of society proclaiming this "politically correct" jibber jabber.

It would be next to impossible to breathe without offending someone, if we adhered to most of this junk. I am not one to purposely offend anyone, nor am I one to impede one's life style, providing, they fall within the parameters of law. So, you may ask, what is the big deal then?

Firstly, if we are so politically incorrect in this country, then how come we usually come out on top each year of the best place to live on the planet? Indeed, something draws the folks here. Not perfect here by any means, but take it from one who has snooped in a few places in this old world, and while perfection may not be our claim, on our worst day, we still come up looking better than most other regimes of the world on their best day.

This country was founded on Christian principles, and the constitution was drafted accordingly. In my view, it is wrong to expect constitutional change each time someone decides they don't like something. We have changed national icons, christianity expressions, educational standards, and language metaphors just to name a few.

It irked me yesterday to learn there is now a movement to force a name change of a certain nursery rhyme for children. The "questionable" nursery rhyme is none other than "Bah Bah Black Sheep." The new name proposed for this nursery rhyme is "Bah Bah Rainbow Sheep." Are you now convinced that some folk may have too much time on their hands?

Folks come to Canada because of our freedoms and ease of movement. As a matter of fact, our ease of movement is so user friendly, that should one not like our freedoms and customs, the plane that delivered them here today, probably makes the return part of the journey tomorrow.

Lew Stoddard


Debbie M said...

Change is what makes things better. Thw way you talk, we should stay in the dark ages. Thank God we dont all think like you do.

Debbie MacKenzie
Kentville, N. S.

Gabe said...

would feel offended if i were just locating in Canada and i heard your comments. Find you very upsetting and disrespectful.

Gabriel T
Vancouver, b.c.

A. Sutherland said...

Couldn't agree with you more Sir! I hate it when people are so self serving at the expense of others. If they can't accept our customs and standards in Canada, then get the hell out.

A. Sutherland
Timmins, Ontario

Mrs S Bjornsen said...

We should be prepared to make our new citizens feel at home. if we have guests in out house do we not make an effert to make sure they are comfortable. should be the same when people move here even if it does seem a bit upsetting.
You go to far in your comment

Mrs. svend Bjornsen
Vancouver, B. C.

A New Canadian said...

you are mean and not acting like a good host, and thankeful you are not the prime minister of this great country.

Alfreda Salvatore
Surrey, B. C.

Beth Hull said...

Have just arrived home in Aussie Land from a fabulous six months in Canada. You have a great land there, don't let them mess it up. We have been much too liberal in Australia, and just not the same anymore.

I teach school in Canberra which is our capital and can hardly wait to get back to my students to tell them of our great experiences in Canada and what a wonderful country you have. Truly, Canada is the envy of the world, keep it unique.

Beth Hull
Canberra, Australia

Murray C said...

I support what you say. You do not pussy foot the bottom line, and that is good. If one really cares about their new home, they would never expect the host to completely change in order to accomadate them.

I do not find your article offending in any way. It is hard hitting, but what is wrong wih that? Need more people speaking out publicly.

Murray Clendenning
Dawson Creek, B. C.

Sasha K said...

You are insulting to anyone who might want to come and look at our counrty for possible emigration. You do not encourage new people in any way. You are talking in a very selfish way.

How would you feel if you were considering a move to another country and you heard one of the citizens speaking like that?

I agree with Debbie MacKenzie in her comment.

Sasha Karlmakoff
Rimouski, P.Q.

Ed The Stock Broker said...

Lew Stoddard you are never at a loss for words. Glad I found your site on the internet, used to watch your talk show each week religiously. You had pretty much every high profile person across Canada on that show, and you knew the tough questions to make them wiggle. Good to see that you haven't lost your touch.

I agree with what you say in this editorial and any Canadian who says they do not. . . . well lets just say they don't have a real sense of what a true sovereign Canadian is all about.Keep hammering home the message Lew.

Ed McBurnie
Burnaby, B. C.

Dana M said...

Hi Mr. Stoddard
I shall be graduating from high school in June from Delta, B.C.

I posted you an e-mail this morning. I am seeking some information that my parents suggested that you would no doubt know about. It is information for a project that I am doing dealing with drugs and crime for a school paper.

I thank you for your time. My parents told me about some of your past involvement regarding coverage of the drug and crime scene in New Westminster. I took the liberty of looking at some of it on the internet.

If you can help me it is very much appreciated. As I told you in my e-mail, I am planning to go into Criminology upon graduation. Thank you for your time Sir.

Dana M
Delta, B.C.