Friday, March 24, 2006

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Stoddard Online
I am sorry to inform all my readers that due to some last minute changes in plans, there will be no formal editorial comment for today, March 24, 2006. This was necessary in order to accommodate a special two part posting which would originally have run over Friday and Saturday. Due to the complexity of the subject matter, it was not possible to correlate all the necessary material prior to the normal Friday posting time.

In this two part series, I will be taking a look at, and offering comment on the Steven Truscott story. Indeed, millions of Canadians, as well as thousands more around the world have been aware of this particular case for nearly fifty years from it's inception back in 1959. There are however, many younger people, who are not aware of Steven Truscott, and his uphill battle with Canada's justice system in an attempt to right a vicious wrong that was thrust upon him through no fault of his own.

Over the years I have personally had a deep rooted interest in this case, and have personally visited the site where it all began near Clinton, in the province of Ontario. I feel it important that Canadians be kept abreast of this situation. As unbelievable as this case appears, these happenings did take place in Canada, to a Canadian born cuitizen. Hopefully, it never happens again.

I personally invite you to take the time to read and reflect on this situation from Saturday and Sunday's posting. You are invited to post comments, and send e-mails, because, as all of you know, the success of this editorial site is the free exchange of opinion.

Thank you for the interest in my editorial site. I look forward to talking to each and every one of you on Saturday. If you have a friend, relative, or neighbor who might be interested in the upcoming topic, I encourage you to provide them with the link to my web page. Thank you one and all.

Lew Stoddard


Clara and Bob said...

Mr. Stoddard,
I am so glad that you have chosen to talk about Steven Truscott. I am younger but i do know about it. My parents talked about the case often when we were growing up. My best wishes go to Mr. Truscott and his family. Has been tough i am sure

Clara and George
St. Boniface, Manitoba

Carl said...

Hey good stuff Lew. Look forward to reading it. He got a very raw deal.


Martin said...

Mr. Stoddard,
was in air force back when this thing all took place. i knew steven truscotts dad from another base. good luck to you steve and family.

Martin D
Cranbrook BC

Carolyn B said...

Bless you steve, and bless your Mom. I am a Mom, this thing is so horrible, brings tears as I type this. Am a teacher as well, and can't imagine the impact of this. I have never doubted your innocence.

Carolyn B
Burnaby, B.C.

Bertha D said...

I hope Mr. truscott has the energy to stand strong. One day I know this thing will be corrected, even though he will have suffered many scars.

Bertha Davis

Kerry M said...

have followed this thing all my life and government has to get off their butt and do what is right. meanwhile the guilty party has gone free while Mr. Truscott has had to suffer so much.

Kerry McDougall
Bathurst, N. B.

Marion W said...

Mr Stoddard,
For many years I pondered the question, is Steven Truscott guilty? I was not sure, but you know in the past few years when I hear of everything that happened that previously we did not know about in public, there is no doubt. Steven Truscott is not guilty. Set the man free in society. He deserves it.

Marion Wilson
Fredericton, Canada

A Fletcher said...

Hang in there Steve. Thanks Mr. stoddard for choosing this as a topic

Abe Fletcher

Anonymous said...

Hey great to hear!! Steve and Marlene have waited a long time!! I can hardly wait to read it!! Hang in there Steve and Marlene!!

Margaret Carnegie
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Bent said...

Lew, thanks for posting your Truscott comments. This case has certainly gone out to the masses in the last few years but it needs even more publicty. This terrible injustice bestowed upon Mr Truscott, the Grandfather of wrongful convictions, must get out there so that nobody can say "I didn't hear about that".
Everybody, and most importantly our young people, needs to be made aware of the abhorrent treatment of Mr Truscott so that our new leaders won't repeat the mistakes their forefathers made.
I, like you, have taken a big interest in wrongful convictions in general, and in Truscott's in particular. My close proximity to the area lets me go there whenever I want.Every time I go and check on something it seems as if the truth still lingers around, wanting to get out and let itself be known. Because every time it seems as if one more small truth emerges.
Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to reading more from you, and comments from your readers.
I am open for emails from all over.

London, Ontario

Glenn said...

After reading the books,visiting the site and then finally meeting Steve, I seriously doubt he has even ever cheated on his income tax. Keep your heads up Steve & Marlene, your day IS coming! Glenn Cambridge,Ont.

D McLurg said...

Mr. Stoddard you said it very correctly in your introduction to the editorial that you are planning on Steven Truscott. You mentioned his uphill battle trying to right a very vicious wrong. The sad scenario here is that he did not create the wrong, and yet he is forced to endure the battle to personally correct it. Correcting it should come automatically from the government. This is a very horrible, disappointing, and embarassing black mark on our society.

Get out there everyone, get after your members of parliament, get after your provincial mla's, bombard them with questions, e-mails, phone calls. If you see them having dinner in a restaurant, go and introduce yourself and tell them about this. demand an answer.

D. McLurg
Barrie, Ontario

Kent Jorgensen said...

Prime Minister harper ran an election campaign on a promise of new, improved, ethical government. Mr. Prime Minister it is time to get ethical here by intervening and doing the right thing. Restore Steven Truscott to the society that he so richly deserves. If this had happened to a politicians son or daughter, it would have been over before it started.

Kent Jorgensen
Hamilton, Ontario

Bart Williams said...

Hey was phoned about this site a couple of hours ago. You are bold sir. I read a lot of your postings here. This is what we need, someone not afraid to get their feet wet. Glad to see you are going to write about Steven Truscott. This has to get fixed, and has to get fixed now.

Bart Williams
Kingston, Ontario

Richard said...

Mr Stoddard.

Best regards to you and thank you for supporting Steve and Marlene. I have been communicating with them for some time now and I am a devoted and dedicated supporter of their cause. I wish more people would join us in the fight for expeditious juSTice and exoneration for Steve.

God Bless you and yours

Richard Shuttleworth

Tom Hardy said...

Steve and Marlene have never met you personally. Proud of you though Sir. You have waged a battle, you will win too. hang in there old boy!

Tom Hardy
Winnipeg, manitoba

H Kelverseen said...

Hello Mr. Stoddard,

I write to you from Iceland sir. Even though I am here in this country I am familar with Steven Truscott, as I attended university some years ago in Toronto, Canada.

His situation was debated in one of our classes there. That was a lot of years ago and I am shocked to hear that his case has never been concluded. That is so terrible, and in such a beautiful country as Canada.

Hjeld Kelverseen
Reykjavik, Iceland

K Bertleson said...

Michael Bryant, the Ontario Attorney General, has waffled on this long enough. No one should be subjected to this type of treatment. Steven Truscott wants to clear his name, and I have no problem with that at all.

If Michael Bryant and Steven Truscott could reverse roles, would Michael bryant be pleased with the current situation? I think not. Do the right thing Mr. Bryant.

Kenneth Bertleson
Oshawa, Ontario

Pierre Touche said...

Steve and Marlene,

Hang in there. One more hill to climb. You will reach the top.

Pierre Touche
Drummondville, P.Q.

Ralph Best said...

Hard to believe Steve that these events could have their roots in a sleepy little community such as Clinton.

Ralph Best
Richmond Hill, Ontario

P Albright said...

I am anxious to read your piece on the Steven Truscott affair. What the Hell ios the government waiting for anyway?

Perry Albright
CFB Trenton

Mary M said...

I have always felt and I still do, Steven Truscott is not guilty.

Mary McLeigh
Moncton, N. B.

M Wells said...

Thank you sir for bringing this to the forefront for Steve Truscott

M. Wells
Cornwall, Ontario

Bernie Wright said...

As a former base brat as was Steven Truscott I have followed the case for most of my life.It's hard to comprehend the length of time that has gone by with no resolution.Every politician that has had a chance to do something and did nothing should hang his head in shame

Nancy Carnahan said...

There is another generation of Canadians fighting to help clear Steven Truscott's name. They are students from John Ross High School in Guelph. I followed them as they marched to Liz Sandals' office to present her with a petition and ask her to take it to Bryant. The meeting was scheduled for 12:00 noon, but lo and behold, when the students arrived there, Sandals' assistant came out to tell the students she had to give a speech at a luncheon for International Women's Day and was not available. Gee, I wonder why this wasn't noted when the appointment with the students was agreed to???? Great way to show tomorrow's voters how they can trust in the politicians. At any rate, these young people are to be comended for fighting for a worthy cause. As for Steven Truscott, you could not find a more gentle man. You can see the love he and his family have for each other. It's time for the government to stop treating scum like Karla Holmolka with TLC and giving Steven Truscott what should have been done years ago. He is, and always has been, INNOCENT!!

Nancy Carnahan
Guelph, Ontario

Gary Mullin said...

Lew Stoddard,

I just finished a long 8 hour shift. Remember well your "Talk Back" and "Money Matters" live TV shows from a few years ago. You always dig up lots of interesting stuff to talk about, and without doubt, Steven Truscotts case is a prime example.

This guy has been railroaded, I know that, you know that, the government knows that, so what in Hell are they doing by causing he and his family continual pain. Time we all banded together and put on some real heat. You got my support Steven all the way. Don't ever back down.

Gary Mullin
Regina, Saskatchewan

J Maxwell said...

Hey Steven, I suspect that you may be reading these comments. This whole thing is sick, sick, sick.

My wife and I are with you all the way on this, always have been, and Lew it is nice that you are helping get the message out.

If each person who reads these comments would phone only five people and they each in turn phone five people and so on and each one send an e-mail to attorney general Bryant in Ontario, I suggest that his computer system may beg for mercy, and you know what, he just may start to get the message that people are serious.

J. Maxwell
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stoddard
This whole case just makes me want to cry. I cry for what I know Steve and Marlene are going through and can see the toll that it is taking on them. I also cry for all the people that are fighting for them. It makes me be a proud Canadian to see the public sticking together like this and not giving up, too bad the government can't join us and get on our team as well. They are just showing us another way that they fail the puiblic. They both have had my love and support for many years now and will ALWAYS continue to for the rest of my life.

Vicky Veale
Guelph, Ontario

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