Thursday, March 09, 2006


It came as no surprise that I would come under attack as a result of my editorial of yesterday. I accept that. That is what free expression is all about.

As well as comments posted on the main page, I received several dozen e-mails with reference to the editorial. It is impossible for me to personally reply to each and every e-mail. This, I might add, is something that I would not be prepared to do in any case. A public forum ceases to be, when behind the scenes dialogue, is allowed to circumvent the process of democracy.

I will address collectively several of the e-mails that I received in this posting. The folks who authored these dispatches were quite vocal in their comments. In these particular instances, I was accused of being a racist, and a pedlar of selfish views. I am indeed honoured to present my views further on the matter.

Firstly, I was born a Canadian, I am a Canadian today, and I shall be a Canadian tomorrow. I am proud of that. Being born a Canadian did not come without cost. In two great wars in Europe, my ancestors and many others spilled their blood on the battlefields to preserve the freedoms and ideals that we as Canadians enjoy. I do not take this lightly. This is serious business. Any deviation from the memories of the sacrifices by these people would be nothing short of thumbing our noses at those who died.

I am not against immigration. We need it. I support it all the way. As I have said previously, I am against an open door policy whereby we admit people to this country to create a haven to further their own personal agenda. I believe this is wrong. It is also wrong I believe, for new citizens to expect us to change our constitution each time someone has a new religious belief or a cultural difference. We have the vehicle in motion in Canada in the form of our constitution, to allow for expression of personal beliefs, whether it be religious or cultural. I take a dim view when I have to alter my beliefs and morals, to accommodate those that think they can just change the constitution to reflect their beliefs at will.

Over the years I have acquired many friends and acquaintances of diverse ethnic backgrounds. It matters not to me if a person is red, yellow, green, black, or white. My personal views and opinions on what I think makes for a strong and unified Canada has absolutely nothing to do with one's ethnic background.

As I stated, I am tired of the moaning and groaning of the special interest groups, who really care nothing about our country, other than using it as a stepping stone for their own hidden agenda.

Pure and simple, in my view, "Canada is not for sale." Only a blundering idiot would consider compromising the greatest country on the planet.

Lew Stoddard


Smiling Bill said...

Now you are talking. Couldn't agree with you more. Shut the nit wits up. Some people thrive on the I want it my way routine. Guess what people, still a few of us out here that love this old country of canada, and Lew you couldn't say it better. you make me smile.

Bill Cleary
Sarnia, Ontario

C Geddes said...

Thank you Lew for a most meaningful article.
My Dad is one of those folks that you talked about who fought in Europe. He and two brothers went over there in the Second World War. Sadly, one of them never got to come home. My Dad came back missing his right leg, and yet he was able to acquire property and make a farm and raise our family in central Saskatchewan.

My dad is now 86 and confined to a nursing home. I read him your article this morning. With tears in his eyes he said he wished he could thank you. I said you can. He does not type of course so I am writing it for him. He agrees with every thing you say in the editorial.

As well my hubby and I both read your articles, you are obviously one with morals. I teach school and it saddens me to see the way we are evolving.
Carolyn Geddes
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Brandon said...

A job well done Sir

Summerside, PEI

Don said...

Well said. Let the nay sayers out there put that in their pipe and smoke it.
If there is someone out there who thinks this country just happened by accident, guess what, their ass is a star.

Dorchester, N.B.

A Student from Paris said...

Mr. Stoddard, you are obviously very dedicated to your homeland and that is good I guess but give us a break, your "My way or the highway " approach is a little heavy handed.

Georgette Larochelle
Quebec, PQ

Karol W said...

Hey man, love your stuff but i am not really up to date on all this modern typing stuff but as best i can i make my point. l love canada and all her people and you are right it is not for anyone to tak avantage of no matter who we are.i am just a hard working brick layer who came here from poland 20 years ago and hey man you got it all here. look after it people, was not too nice where i come fromm and ths is a dream come true

Karol W
calgary alberta

Ben said...

Our federal politicians should take an example of what you have to say. Maybe the country wouldn't be as messed up today if they did.

Ever consider a career change to politics lew? You got my vote.

Ben in Vancouver

Janine H said...

Canada is as much my country as it is yours and I think we should be prepared to open our hearts and our country to new arrivals.

Am a university student and I see so much unfairness in the system. And yes, if there is a free grant to be had I will be first in line for it, that is just the way society is, yopu just have to go with it.

Janine Holmes
Student of Philosophy, Vancouver

Janine H said...

Canada is as much my country as it is yours and I think we should be prepared to open our hearts and our country to new arrivals.

Am a university student and I see so much unfairness in the system. And yes, if there is a free grant to be had I will be first in line for it, that is just the way society is, you just have to go with it.

Janine Holmes
Student of Philosophy, Vancouver

North Van Journalist said...

Some things never change, and other things change all the time, for the worse that is.

People are getting more selfish and agressive every day. Time to smarten up Canada.

A North vancouver Journalist
North Vancouver, B. C.

Marcia D said...

I think the government should be prepared to take a stronger stand. The government allows so many people into the country who are really undesirables, by that I mean people who are running from somrthing in their own countries.

So often we hear of someone who is here legally by the government and then we hear that same person took flight because of crime at home. Not fair to us!

Marcia Daniluk
Fredericton, N. B.

Bennie said...

You are so right on the money, on this article. You stir up lots of interest and i like that alot.

Bennie from Drummondville, P.Q.

Gloria T said...

You come down a little heavy handed on innocent people who come to Canada with virtually nothing. Why shouldn't we give them what they want after they are established.

Wellfare rates should immeiately be raised to aid new Canadians as they have a monster mountain to climb to get established.

Gloria Tenholm
Sherbrooke, P.Q.

Tom M said...

Quick and easy solution here, do your homework. You are welcome to come, but if you don't like how it sounds, save your airfare.

Whitehorse, Yukon

old and knarled up said...

We need a few outspoken people like you in the government, give it a go!

Some may appear to be hurt by what you say but I am willing to bet that most of them are bgaining from the system.

A Knarled up old Geezer of 44
ledeuc Alberta

Shorty said...

Hey Bud,
congratulations my friend your last sentence says it all in your article.My Dad died fighting for our land so know exactly what you are driving at.

get off their asses and get the hell out to work, pay yopur way in society and dont destroy what others have made possible.

Long haul driver named Shorty
Brandon manitoba

Wayne M said...

hey lew,
how is this for being polittically correct. I'm want to tell them all to shut up and get off their sorry asses and do something for society instead of complaine.

Wayne M
Dawson City, yukon

Saskatchewan Farmer said...

your parting shot in your closing sentence is a hard knock out punch. That puts them all down for the count if we could depend on government to be more strict.

is terrible when the greatest threat to a constitution of a country is the government itself. this computer device sure gives guys like me a chance to express my ideas so thank you sir for the oppertunity

a Saskatchewan Farmer
near Estevan, Saskatchewan

Hannelore VanHoort said...

Greetings Sir from Belgium. Have been to your lovely country on two occasions as my husband's work takes him abroad.

You have so much to offer. Your posting yesterday was most touching. We hold high admiration for Canadians, and we shall never forget the unselfish acts of your military to liberate Belgium and free it's citizens during the Second War. Your article said it all. Preserve, your heritage and cling to the memories of those who made it possible.

I was pointed to your sight a couple of weeks ago by my nephew who lives in Toronto. You make a lot of sense.

Hannelore VanHoort
Schaerbeek, Belgium

Jaspal said...

if someone starve in canada it their own fault. where i came from sometime you fight for a crust of bread. not like that here is beautiful country. you work hard and pay your dues and opportunity is here. no time for cry babys.
Jaspal Johal from victoria, B C

Jaspal said...

if someone starve in canada it their own fault. where i came from sometime you fight for a crust of bread. not like that here is beautiful country. you work hard and pay your dues and opportunity is here. no time for cry babys.
Jaspal Johal from victoria, B C

A Victoria Broadcaster said...

It appears to me, our country's identity is becoming less and less important to a growing number of Canadians.

On a daily basis we see an increased amount of infringement of our laws and rules from the world stage.

Are we being recognized as a weak system, easy to manipulate, and a smash and grab society. This is scary. We have to stand united as a sovereign nation. We have to forget the special interest groups. We have to have one law for all, with equal access, otherwise we flounder.

Impressed with your topics in your editorials. Need you back as a talk show host Lew.

A Victoria Broadcaster

An old time Quebecois said...

You say Canada is not for sale. That might be good. Too bad your mouth wasn't for sale though, then maybe someone would buy it for what it is worth and staple it shut.

Danielle Porrier
Jonquiere, PQ

Bill M said...

Lew Stoddard be proud of Canada as I know that you are. You speak fondly and at ease of your country. You write with determination and zeal. Truly these are the elements that make for a strong foundation.

In spite of what many of your locals might say, your country is admired by millions around the world. People who complain constantly should somehow spend their energies comparing to many other parts of the world. They will soon discover, they have it quite good in Canada.

I live and work in Chicago, have travelled extensively and I simply know of no other nation on this earth that I could want for a neighbor more than Canada.

Look after your land and it's makeup. It is precious and fragile, because if it were to break it is gone forever.

Bill M
News Reporter, Chicago area

John From NFLD said...

In 1949 the people of Newfoundland took a vote to see who they wished to join as a country with, Canada or The United States of America.

Even though sometimes Newfoundlanders feel they don't always get fair treatment and representation, down deep, we know we made the right choice in joining with Canada.

Canada accepted our small country with our economy virtually in starvation mode in Newfoundland.

My point is this, for all those who complain and moan about the system in present day Canada, gather up your belongings and start anew on some small speck of uninhabited land out there in the middle of the ocean, and come back in five years and tell me how you are doing.

Retired School Principal
St. John's, Newfoundland

Jeff in Ottawa said...

Hey Man this is alright, nice to be able vent my feelings. i tend to party quite a bit, you know how it is work a bit go to school a bit.i am young right, well dont mean to make it sound like youre old, but hey you seem like a good guy. you know what mate,i like canada a lot, nobody bugs me much.

working today on a socials project for school and was peeking at the net and found this site and hey man, i read a lot of it. people that bitch are a bunch of losers. I am goin to talk to you again, and thanks.

Jeff in Ottawa

Camile Boudreau said...

Good article Sir and I totally agree with you, especially concerning special interest groups. I think that special interest groups are just feathering their own agendas with no thought for society in general.

Camile Boudreau
Doaktown, New Brunswick

Albert Hanwell said...

You are sincere, in agreement here all the way

Albert Hanwell
Summerside, PEI

Beth M said...

To an extent you are correct, but think you quite heavy to new immigrants or would be immigrants.

Beth McLaughlin
Toronto, Ont

T Young said...

Hey take it easy, we are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants other than Native Canadians in this country. Never forget that fact Sir.

Terrance Young
Sudbury, Ontario

M Olson said...

You seem to portray yourself as a bit better than lots of other people. Well I have news for you, you are not!

Your ramblings cause me to want to become ill. What is your hidden agenda anyway?

M Olson
Kamloops, British Columbia

Katherine A said...

I may complain when I have a problem, but don't like being labelled as a moaner. You should choose your words more wisely.

Katherine Atkinson
Churchill, Manitoba

Patty D said...

I do support what you are saying. Yes there are a lot of people who moan about our system, usually trivial things. There are much bigger issues facing us than those usually at the fore front. Lets take health care and education for starters. People argue about the small change but dish out the big stuff and say nothing.

Patty Doherty
North Bay, Ontario

Just Another Journalism Major said...

You were saying that some branded you a racist for expressing your views, I see nothing racist in any of your comments. Time for people to move on from all this prejudice stuff and concentrate on the real issues.

I do agree that special interest groups have had a bit of a free ride here in Canada and it is time to stop and instill a bit of common sense, and work toward harmony.

Probably a dream, but it is my thoughts on the matter. You express yourself well. I am studying journalism and I like your style of writing.

Cathy Emblem
Ottawa, Ontario

Barbara W said...

Why is it that everytime that we say or do something, someone always has to be offended. I am tired of all this bull crap.

Barbara Wilms
St. Boniface, Manitoba

Terri B said...

You appear sensitive, but i am not sure you are genuine, but you know what Mr. Stoddard, i like your commentaries just the same. obviously you are not one to let someone walk over you, that is good.

Terri Bradshaw
Campbell River, B.C.

Dennis T said...

You are too rough around the edges Sir, you are not in the real world as people are people and prone to wanting from any society. Don't put the folks down for that please.

Dennis Tremblay
Windsor, Ontario

Jay, Wpg said...

I must say you are doing an awesome job , so far, I am in agreement the Mr Coffin was innocent and the grave injustice MUST BE corrected. To the COFFIN family; Keep your chin up the TRUTH will prevail.