Wednesday, July 25, 2007


In most things of life, there is a beginning and there is an ending. The Wilbert Coffin story is no different in many regards. Most folks who have followed the case would be of the opinion that the story had it's genesis on June 09, 1953. It did not.
On May 29, 1953, two elderly gentlemen named Burkett and Ford from the state of Pennsylvania would arrive in Gaspe' town to go bear hunting. Doctor Burkett, in conversation with his guide would state that Eugene Lindsey, also from Pennsylvania would be arriving in a couple of weeks to take part in the early summer bear hunt as he had been accustomed to doing for a number of years. Little did Doctor Burkett know, that statement was the launch of the Wilbert Coffin story, a story that would only show signs of conclusion some fifty-four years later in July of 2007.
As I have indicated, I do believe that we have solved this crime, and I am now ready to reveal the details. This is where a different cast of characters begin appearing into the story. I will not refer to them as a new cast of characters because they were always there.
We are awaiting the results of a couple of things pertaining to the mining claims of Wilbert Coffin. We are dealing with government agencies and the wheels are not known to turn fast.
I spoke at length last evening by phone with Jim Coffin and explained the situation to him. Jim understands the scope of the work that we are doing. I do promise you though, before the week-end is finished, the full Wilbert Coffin case and story will be published here on the web site. Thank you and God Bless.
Lew Stoddard


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading the final chapter(s), you have done a fantastic job on this story Lew.


Geoff McAllister said...

I certainly concur with anonymous above Mr. Stoddard. You have done a great job on this story. You refer often to Lani MItchell, my hat is off to her as well. I can see where a project such as this is a never ending process, especially when one is determined to see it through. Good luck from here on in.

Geoff McAllister
Parksville, British Columbia

Bob C said...

If this was a horse race, you are many lengths ahead in the home stretch.

Bob C
Fort St. John, B C

Armand C said...

I live in Saint John, was born and raised on the Gaspe coast area. Have heard about this case all my life, but never dreamed that it had these proportions. I am glad that you have taken this project on, it needed to be done.

Armand C
Saint John, N B

Shorty the long haul driver said...

Hey Lew,

have not forgotten about you. You are still a pitchin, good work old buddy. Hey Man get your butt out here and go for a trip with me in one of my trucks. I am serious about that. Good work on the story

Old Shorty
The long haul driver from the prairies