Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Stoddard Online

Stoddard Online
Ever wonder just how much money six hundred billion dollars really is. Let us put it into perspective for a few moments. Let us pretend to remove all sixty thousand seats from a large arena facility such as BC Place Stadium in Vancouver. In the void created, we shall now proceed to store six hundred billion Canadian dollar coins. As we proceed to fill this void with coins, it becomes obvious that our storage facility will not be adequate to do the job. We will require an additional five arenas of the same capacity to house all the coins. Thats correct. . . it would require six BC Place Stadiums to store six hundred billion one dollar Canadian coins. By the way, this figure of six hundred billion dollars represents Canada's current national debt. Now the question that begs an answer, Have our politicians shown fiscal responsibility to allow such a debt to flourish? The term, born into debt, also takes on new meaning. Babies born in 2006 are already in debt to the tune of twenty two thousand dollars as their share of a debt they did not create.

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M and P said...

Greetings from South Africa. I love your website. My husband and I are from Montreal and on a teaching contract here in Cape Town. We came across your web page from a Google link. We particularly liked your comments regarding the Canadian national debt. We like your "say it as you see it, shoot from the hip" approach. Too bad our politicians cannot understand reality. Keep up the good work, you are a good editorialist.
Maxine and Paul Lavigne