Monday, January 30, 2006

Stoddard Online

Stoddard Online: The cycle of life is a complex maze of twists and turns that cannot be rewarded with immortality as a climax. One person dies, another is born, one door closes, and another is opened. Such is the reality of politicians and political parties as well.

It would appear now that Paul Martin is about to take his leave from parliament hill. Love him or hate him, can you really blame him? Much easier to leave now before the barrage of hammering starts from the new government. He will politely close the door as party leader, and allow the new door to open with the new party leader.

It is time to put a new coat of paint on the Liberal party. Time to sand down the surface, and smooth out the rough edges. It is time to look outside the box. If the Liberal party has aspirations of once again gaining the respect of the majority of voters across Canada, the opportunity now exists to put the wheels in motion. They are leaving office with a respectable amount of seats as opposition in the house. It is not as if they have nothing to build upon. They are badly in need of new blood, and thus, a transfusion is paramount. If the Liberals do their homework, and listen to the people, that new door will open and a new leader will walk through who will be capable of leading the party back to the promise land.

The Liberals need someone who is educated, articulate, and above all else, squeaky clean. Ideally, this person would have a demonstrated political background, with the ability to converse with foreign powers without compromise. This person would also possess a thorough knowledge of Canadian industry encompassing both small and big business, consistent with the diverse economic climate across the nation.

If the hierarchy of the Liberal party in Canada is serious, and willing to cast away some of the deadwood that they have harbored for too many years, they can make the right choice for a new leader. When the new door opens, reflective of available material to choose from, the red carpet will be rolled out for none other than Frank McKenna.


Bill Toft said...

I do agree that the liberal party needs a make over but not sure mr. McKenna would be the route to go. Is he still not Old Guard liberal. I say time to flush the toilet, let it clean right round the bend, get em all out, bring in fresh troops who relate to the world today. Good stuff to talk about though Lew.

Bill Toft,
Fredericton, NB

Eric Whitten said...

Frank McKenna floundered on The Meech Lake Accord, though not sure that should hang him out to dry as afterall, they were trying to clean Mulroney's soiled laundry.

If he does decide to give it a go, I think he will put his heart and soul into the job. He still has lots of friends here in the east, and across Canada as well.

Like your comments Lew, keep the heat on. Never let them grind you down!

Eric Whitten
Summerside, PEI

Sandra Balcour said...

Politics is a dirty game and full of mystery. I tend to agree with you on this. McKenna says no, but I think he really means yes he will be there when the smoke clears.Time will tell. Cheers. .

Sandra Balcour
Drummondville, PQ

Donna Bradshaw said...

As far as I am concerned neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives deserve any respect with their present rogues gallery. Unfortunately the NDP is a full of nothing party as well, so what does that leave? I think that the Green party has to take a bolder approach, work on key ridings, build it a block at a time and at least elect a couple of MP's in the house. Now ois a good time to build on that, not at last minute. Last minute campaigns never get anywhere. My thoughts anyway, for waht they are worth. Thank you for the opportunity of expressing my opinion.

Donna Bradshaw
Pettawawa, Ontario

Monica Bryson said...

Mr. Stoddard,

Unfortunately for Canadians both the House of Commons and The Senate have become nothing short of a Good Old Boys club at the expense of the taxpayer. I could care less what you call the party as a name, if I could only feel that I can trust them to look after the best interests of us all without selling us out.

Plunging us deeper and deeper into debt each year is not my idea of good stewards of the public purse. I firmly believe that the smell is so bad right now that no credible person wishes an attempt at cleanup.

Monica Bryson
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Donovan Albright said...

I get the distinct feeling that we here in Canada are viewed by our neighbors south of the border as being puppets. That is why I think it important that we stand tall as an undivided sovereign nation, because as the old saying goes, United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

I think that Frank McKenna could be just the leader who could lead us in that path. He knows the obstacles, and he knows the parallels.

I just hope he is marking time until a party leadership convention is held.

Donovan Albright
Sarnia, Ontario

Anonymous said...

Hey Lew

Mckenna did not run for the leadership in part because he was still seen as an old style Liberal. With McKenna, Rock, Tobin and Manley out of race, the Liberals will have to decide whether they want a second-tier candidate ie.(Denis Coderre or Martin Cochon) or if they want to go way off the board Belinda Stronach, Scott Brison or Bob Rae.
Good article Lew

Allan Thrasher
Vancouver, B. C.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are correct in your assumptions, would never want to see Belinda Stronach or Bill Graham become leader.