Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Stoddard Online

Stoddard Online: In five short days Canadians are going to be asked to stand and be counted, as we go to the polls for the federal election.

It is sad and disgusting to know that in the past two federal elections, only 62 percent of eligible voters bothered to cast a ballot. The 38 percent who could not bother to vote represented approximately 8.4 million eligible voters. Let us put that figure into perspective. The total combined population of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba roughly parallels that figure. Crunch the numbers one step further. Granted, the total population of the western provinces are not eligible to vote, however, if one extracts the eligible voters from that figure, and adds the combined eligible voters from all the maritime provinces, Newfoundland, and the three northern territories, we arrive back at roughly the same figure of 62 percent to be made up from combined Quebec and Ontario voters.

Does this say something Canada? Perhaps we should rewrite the constitution and hold the federal elections only in Quebec and Ontario, giving them the power to control the rest of the country. But then again, have they not already been doing that for the past 50 years.


Bruce Wagner said...

You have an interesting method of crunching numbers, although I think you are fairly accurate in your final statement regarding Ontario and Quebec.Oh well Lew, I guess some things will never change, but keep swinging at them and maybe someday we will wake up as a nation and get on track.

B Wagner

Dan M said...

Listen here, dont like your comments about Quebec, it is not our fault if other provinces dont get their share. I did not invent the separatist movement, I believe in a unified Canada. I always vote, probably for more years than you so keep your damned comments in Vancouver where they belong

Dan Mazerolle
Cabano, PQ