Monday, January 09, 2006

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Stoddard Online The second week of the year 2006 is upon us. Canadians are treated to a daily diet of the travelling road show of performers leading up to the big circus on January 23. The focus of course is placed on the trapeze acts of Mr. Martin and Mr. Harper. The haunting question, which of these gentlemen will take the big plunge from the high wire? Afterall, it is not the fall that hurts the most, it is the sudden stop.

There are some things that will take place in 2006 that our prominent politicians choose not to talk about during the campaign. They choose to not talk because it is a source of embarassment, and both major parties are guilty of sitting on their butts, and doing nothing to curb the situation. You may wonder, what is it that I am referring to? For starters, 2006 is the year that Clifford Robert Olson becomes eligible for full parole from prison. Canadians from coast to coast should never forget this individual. Afterall, he pleaded guilty 25 years ago to brutally murdering eleven innocent children from British Columbia.

True, he will not succeed in his application for release. He knows that. He does however, get a high from being in the public eye. During the past 25 years, our politicians could have enacted legislation that would have precluded him from ever being able to apply for release. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to personally meet with several of the parents of his victims. There is no process whereby they can apply to have the death of their children reversed, but yet, our government allows this individual to clog the judicial system with his crap with his application for release.

In 1996, I covered Olson's application for early release after 15 years. He was applying under the so called "Faint Hope Clause." He was denied of course, however, he relished at hearing his name and whenever possible, would turn and make gestures to the parents in the court. This person makes reference to himself as "The Beast Of British Columbia" and 25 years later, he still holds our system ransom. We want more, we expect more, so again, tell your local politician.

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B Taylor said...

Let us forget about Olson, governments would never release him, so why talk about him. he is under lock and key forever, as he should be. Dont stir the pot.

B. Taylor