Sunday, February 05, 2006

Stoddard Online

Stoddard Online:In the mid 1990's the Liberal government, under pressure from special interest groups decided to pass legislation which would see the registration of all non restricted firearms in Canada. It was a course of action they would not detract from in spite of heated opposition from across Canada, and as well, opposition within their own caucus ranks. The government gave us a projected figure of two million dollars to get the program up and running. This figure was based on the overall cost of the program minus the registration fees collected. Here we are now well into the year 2006. Guess what? The program is still not up and running, and that two million dollar figure has swelled to a staggering two billion dollars. Thats right folks, $2,000,000,000.00! You might ask, just how much money is that anyway? Read on.

Lets take the two billion dollars and go shopping. How about a new Mustang compact automobile, a nice little number, brand new, and classy looking. The suggested Canadian retail price on this car is approximately $25,000.00. With two billion bucks we can purchase a whopping 80,000 of these automobiles. Crunch the numbers one more time. Use the New Brunswick capital city of Fredericton as an example. The population of Fredericton is approximately 80,000, so simple arithmetic tells us that we can purchase one of these fine cars for every man, woman, and child who reside there.

An interesting aspect of this two billion dollar waste is that a large part of it comes from the millions of dollars that were squandered in the infamous sponsorship scandal, for which the Liberal government should, but will not be held accountable.

Mr. Harper is on record stating that he would scrap the gun registry. I say, he will not, in exactly the same way that the Liberals stated they would scrap the GST, but of course, never did, because the Canadian electorate has a history of short memories.

This is the time to put some pressure on your member of parliament, tell him or her that you are not prepared to put up with this, and you demand immediate change. That is providing that you took the time to register and vote in the federal election, and if you did not, then you have no right to complain, as by not casting a ballot, you voted for it.


Blair and Gwen said...

Hey, I am from Fredericton and I want to put in my order for a pair of twin Mustangs, I wnt a blue one and wife wants a red one. Those figures are incredible, what a great way to express the size of the waste and I guess that is only one example of waste in Ottawa.

we like your style, and by the way we both want a CD player in the new Mustangs.

Blair and Gwen
Fredericton, N B

Marilyn Webber said...

What a pathetic display of stupidity and to think that Anne Mclellan has the nerve to hint that she might be interested in the leadership of the Liberal party, afterall was she not the architect of a lot of this mess. Makes me want to go out and barf up my stomach contents. Here I am working a midnight shift to feed my family and paying income taxes for this mess. It gets worse as time marches on. Thank you for bringing it to the forefront sir.

Marilyn Webber
Thunder Bay, Ont

Ken Cameron said...

I don't know how much it costs to build a hospital but I am betting that four or five could be built for two billion dollars. Wouls also pay a lot of doctors and nurses, and would build a lot of seniors and low income housing. we never think of how much power two billion dollars has until we see it put in such a way as you have in your example with the cars.
Just recently become aware of your web page, thanks to our son. Enjoy it a lot.
Ken Cameron
North Battleford, Sask

Barbara Dobrinsky said...

have never responded to an open line media program or to an editorial website such as this, but this irked me so much I had to vent on someone. This figure is appalling and it represents only one item of government waste. I have a disabled daughter and receive very little assistance from the government and I read about this stuff. This is horrendous and yes I did vote but it sickens me.
Barbara Dobrinsky
Dauphin, Man

Just A College Kid said...

Now maybe you can understand why young people just say, why bother. We are not supposed to know anything by adult standards, but really, have adults set a good example in this article that you wrote on the cost of registry of firearms? Afterall they must have their heads screwed on the right way as only mature sane individuals can become government people. He he! Ya right.

Just A College Kid
Prince George, B. C.