Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Stoddard Online

Stoddard Online
It is amazing the way that politicians learn the fine art of steaming off at the mouth without putting the brain into gear. In my view, Michael Bryant, the current Ontario Attorney General does a fine job of portraying that image with his recent revelations on handguns. He is quoted as proclaiming them as "weapons of human misery," and will do whatever it takes to ban them from Ontario. I say, Good Luck in your quest Michael!

Again, in my view, Mr. Bryant, it is time to look outside the box. You have been in Toronto for too long. The boundaries of the province of Ontario and of Canada extend far beyond the outskirts of Toronto. True, there is a problem in Toronto with crime, and true, handguns are used in a lot of Toronto crimes. The big question is, who is commiting these crimes? Look at the statistics Mr. Bryant. The largest percentage of crimes in Toronto are committed not by persons born in Canada, but by immigrants that we allow into the country. I am not against immigration, but I am against the open door policy that we adopted back in the early 90's whereby we let virtually anyone into the country. Barbara McDougall, from the Mulroney era is responsible for much of this open door policy. Many of them are merely carrying on here where they left off in their own country of birth, except they have more freedom here. As a result, your fair city of Toronto is blessed with the highest gangland style crime of anywhere in Canada.

As well, in my humble view, Mr. Bryant if you are quoted correctly earlier today, you stated that handguns should only be in the hands of the military, police, and olympic sharpshooters. Great statement Mr. Bryant, but do tell me, are people born olympic sharpshooters? I don't think they are. Did they not have to compete in many tournaments and trials to get there? Are you suggesting that all those who do not make it to the olympic level will do their training with sling shots.

It is not necessary that one have a law degree to recognize one of the chief problems. Please tell us Mr. Bryant when was the last time in Toronto that a criminal faced a maximum penalty for using a firearm in the commission of a crime? I will suggest to you that is has not happened for a long time. They serve a few months and then you turf them out to do it all over again. Why don't you throw the book at them, and as soon as they are released, put their unrepentant butts on the next plane back to where they came from. It is not fair that our taxpayers have to bear the burden of their guilt over and over.

It has also been reported that some new judges have been appointed recently by yourself in Ontario. In your province, the court system is centered around the Criminal Code Of Canada like everywhere else. Did you tell these new judges that you expect them to follow the directives as outlined in our Criminal Code for sentencing? My guess is that you did not, and if that is true, then you are showing more concern for the criminal than you are for the victim. Many might argue that this process is parallel to aiding and abetting the criminal, and if the Criminal Code is to be our directive, then to detract from that directive is nothing short of contempt of the legal process.


Jack M. said...

Your comments are so true with respect to immigration. I support the idea of immigration, we need it yes, but we also need to be cautious. I also agree that Mr. Bryant needs to grow a bit in the "smarts" department.

Everyone wants to reinvent the wheel.

Jack M.
Haliburton, Ontario

M. McLean said...

I do agree with you when you say if one in authority sways from our criminal code, which is provided for by our constitution, they are displaying contempt of our legal process. It should not be tolerated as a means of satisfying one's personal agenda. It is wrong, wrong, wrong.

M. McLean
Kingston, Ontario