Thursday, February 09, 2006

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Stoddard Online
My question of the day. What is the difference between political campaign platforms and an outdoor toilet? The quick answer is, "The outdoor toilet smells better." If you don't believe that, just ask the majority of the electorate of the Vancouver Kingsway riding in British Columbia.

You will recall that Stephen Harper and his team told us they were going to bring back credibility, and instill a strong sense of integrity with respect to the workings of government. In order to accomplish this feat it would be necessary to lead by example. In other words, be one step above the sleazy aura left on the horizon by a former regime.

The good people of Vancouver Kingsway clearly spoke on election day. Their candidate of choice would represent the Liberal party. Afterall, since 1958 the riding has been represented by anything but the Conservative party. Other than short stints by the NDP, this riding has always had a Liberal as a sitting member in the House Of Commons.

David Emerson presents a strong and valid resume' of his successes within the private sector, and as well, during his tenure during non elected positions within the framework of the government of the province of British Columbia under the present Campbell Liberal government.

True, Paul Martin recognized Mr. Emerson's potential and capabilities and encouraged him to run as a Liberal, which he did, and got elected in 2004, and was there to heed the call again for the Liberals in the 2006 election, and emerged the victor. This riding was considered a safe riding for the Liberals based on it's past status. Prior to the last election, Mr. Emerson did his share of mud slinging in the direction of Mr. Harper. His plan was to become the public enemy of the Conservatives and Mr. Harper. Two weeks subsequent to the federal election, Mr. Harper added Mr. Emerson's name of those to be sworn in, not only as a member of parliament, but as a member of the inner cabinet as Trade Minister. Canadians have been told that the Mr. Harper and the Conservatives wooed Mr. Emerson into the party, and he made the decision to walk across the floor and thumb his nose at those who had elected him as a Liberal.

Democracy is about the decisions of the majority, not satisfying the personal whims and desires of an individual. Mr. Harper and Mr. Emerson's decision does not reflect that. In my view it is reflective of nothing short of a modern day Benedict Arnold.

Mr Emerson is now upset that his kids are taking heat at school regarding his decision. I can't believe that he as a parent, would not have thought of that prior to making his move. Afterall, is it not incumbent upon those of us who are parents to set good examples for our children?

The Liberal riding association in Vancouver Kingsway are demanding Mr. Emerson repay the campaign money that he used to get elected as a Liberal. I am of the opinion they are making a fair request. I am also of the opinion that Mr. Harper should ask Mr. Emerson to step down, resign his office as member of parliament, and force a by-election in the riding. I will suggest to you that Mr. Harper will not ask Mr. Emerson to do this. He won't do this as he knows very well that his newest trade minister would very quickly become trading material himself. That unfortunately, is the consequence when a party substitutes personal agenda for democracy.

The Conservative caucus is divided on these events. A few short monts ago, more than forty Conservative members in the House voted in favor of legislation prohibiting floor walking by members. The people of Canada deserve better. This is rude. This is ugly, and it serves to thwart the very fundamentals of our constitution.


Bill Thomas said...

Good opening shot Lew. Couldnt agree with you more. Too bad you cant flush an outdoor toilet, then we could just click the handle and flush them all.

Bill Thomas
Vancouver Kingsway

Donald Mackie said...

No doubt about it this campaign from Van Kingsway smells that is for sure. All of Canada can smell it now, time to wake up Prime Minister Harper and smell the outdoor toilet, i mean the roses. he he

Donald Mackie
Red Deer, Alta

A Used to be said...

You are a good comedian but I do agree with you. In my books Mr. harper has led us down the garden path. The argument that Belinda Stronach did it to the Tories just doesn't cut it. It made Harper mad at that time, he said he would bring integrity back, now he has proven he is just like the rest of them. he has to ask Emerson to step down as MP and call a by-election, otherwise this will get worse.

A Used to be Harper admirer
Somewhere in alberta

Mad As Hell Tory said...

David Emerson has to go, he has to go now, Time to show some leadership Mr. Harper.

A Mad As Hell Tory
Delta, B. C.

Anonymous said...

Lew, the more things change the more they stay the same. We should have seen this coming given the shutout in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. Oh well, time moves on.

Allan Thrasher
Vancouver BC

Embarassed FORMER Tory said...

No question about it Lew, you hit the nail right on the head. You have to wonder about these people who make these assinine decisions like the Emerson affair, and I am referring to our new Prime Minister.

They are the same ones who will make the decisions to send our young people to far off Afganistan and Iraq to take part in something that we didn't start. Do they exhibit the mentality to make a qualified decision such as this? I don't think so.

Embarassed FORMER Tory
Nanaimo, B. C.

A Toronto D J said...

Emerson has to go in Vancouver Kingsway in British Columbia. I work for a media outlet in Toronto.

The listeners views reflect a perception of foul play on the part of the Conservatives.

The time has come to do the honourable thing.

A Toronto DJ
Toronto, Ontario

Disgusted In Vancouver Kingsway said...

Now, perhaps you can see why many young people across Canada don't bother voting or take an interest in the way our country is run.

This is a classic example of the complete vote of a riding having no meaning. Mr. Emerson was not elected as a Conservative, yet he was installed as a senior member of the cabinet. In my opinion,this action is tantamount to democratic dictatorship on the part of Mr. Harper. Mr Emerson was elected democratically as a Liberal, and Mr. Harper appointed him to cabinet as a Conservative.

This was the first election that I have been old enough to cast a ballot. I went into it feeling proud, and came out of it feeling disgusted. The smell of the outhouse prevails in Vancouver Kingsway.

Thank you Mr. Stoddard for providing a very excellent site where I can express my views.

Judith McKay
Vancouver Kingsway

Andre St. Pierre said...

Mr. Harper, do the honourable thing and uphold the standards of your office.

Just quietly ask Mr. Emerson to step down, and call the by-election, and "Good Bye Mr. Emerson, and when you leave, please turn out the lights."

Andre St. Pierre
Montreal, PQ

Barry said...

Mr. Harper is displaying a complete disregard fot the residents of Vancouver Kingsway, and for all of Canada for that matter if he doesn't undo the situation in that riding.

Mr. Harper allowed this situation to develop, and he is the only one who can fix it, other than David Emerson stepping down on his own and i dont think that will happen as he is obviously a opportunist.

The smell is pretty bad Mr. Harper, time to clean the outhouse.

Barry in burnaby

Ron McKay said...

Good web site here.Enjoy your view points. Much better than editorial page in a newspaper as I have written several letters to the editor in papers and they never publish my letters. At least one gets heard here and you publish it as viewers write it without changing their words like papers do.

Ron McKay
Amherst, N S

Bill and Wilma K said...

You are a great writer and you write news stuff and put a lot of meaning and understanding into it. I look at your site daily now and am impressed with your knowledge.

Keep the pressure on these brutes and we need more people speaking out the way that you do.

I notice that you are from British Columbia but your last name is quite common in Nova Scotia as well.

Bill and Wilma K.
Antigonish, N S

jane ledwon said...


jane ledwon
surrey, bc