Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stoddard Online

Stoddard Online
A few days ago I visited a particular pharmaceutical outlet to pick up a prescription. Upon arriving at the pharmacy counter, I joined the queue to do my business with the pharmacist.

The pharmacist was engaged in conversation with a gentleman who was picking up a particular asthma preparation. The gentleman was asking the pharmacist for some specifics of asthma. The pharmacist was explaining that in most cases asthma is triggered by offending agents, either from the atmosphere, or by our own actions, such as smoking. He went on to say that smoking, not only caused much suffering from asthma, but increased the risk dramatically of dying from heart disease and lung cancer. Wow, I thought here is a health care professional who is willing to go the extra mile, and explain the evils of smoking, related to personal health care. He was definitely more thorough than the family physician.

As I was conducting my affairs with the pharmacist, I casually mentioned to him that I found his approach professional and interesting with regard to the asthma preparation customer. He went on to say, "Yes, smoking is a real killer, and if people could just see what it does to their respiratory tract and arteries, common sense would dictate that they quit in a flash."

On my way out of the store I passed the main front sales counter. The items in this department, stacked from ceiling to floor, were none other than tobacco products.

It burns my butt to hear a pharmacist describe in detail the number one killer, and from his perch, be able to see thousands of dollars each day cross his counter from sales of this very same product. This is hypocrisy at it's finest. I am not advocating that people smoke, however, if smoking is so vile, why are they selling the product? Could it I wonder, have anything to do with money?


Anonymous Pharmacist said...

It also burns my butt for you to have the right to unload the blame on the pharmacists working in the drug store.

We are only following the rules as set out in front of us. I just finished a long shift behind a pharmacy counter in a large store. True they sell tobacco products but I can do nothing about that. I can and do preach the evils of smoking to my clients. if there is blame to be laid then it should be with the chain owners. I work for an hourly wage. Obviously, I have to remain anonymous, i need the job.

An Anonymous pharmacist
Vancouver, B. C.

Bill W said...

Same old storey here. goes on all the time. Same as with liquor as tobbaco, ok for government, they make lots in taxes so will always be there. interesting life is it not?

Bill Waring in Squamish BC