Monday, February 13, 2006

Stoddard Online

Stoddard Online:
Garth Turner did not just fall off the turnip truck. He has been around political circles for a very long time. Many of the fortunes of the federal Conservative party of today can be traced to the hard work of Garth Turner of the Halton riding in Ontario. Garth Turner has held high profile positions, exhibiting credence of the respect that he has garnered from peers and Canadians alike.

During the past two years in opposition, Garth Turner was a stalwart proponent of proposed legislation within the Conservative party with respect to the traitorous cross floor walking of members of parliament for personal gain. Supposedly, Mr. Turner was in concert with his Conservative caucus. Apparently not. Many of the prominent caucus members, including the new prime minister are now ready to drop him like a hot rock, simply because he dared to speak out against the David Emerson affair. Floor walking was a topic for discussion last year some say, but is no longer a concern.

When one looks at the fact that the Conservatives could only muster eighteen percent of the vote in Vancouver Kingsway, and then through some secret dealings, be able to take control of the riding, it should be a concern, and a very big one at that. My hat is off to Garth Turner. I hope that others within his ranks will display the necessary intestinal fortitude to speak out against the antics of a bunch of spineless creatures, who are willing to sacrifice the constitution of Canada, to advance their own hidden agenda.

Garth Turner, through his dedication to the electorate is prepared to be the sacrificial lamb. He is not prepared to compromise. He knows his days as a member of the Conservative caucus under Mr. Harper are numbered. As Mr. Turner stated on the weekend, he expects to be assigned a new office in some renovated washroom in the basement of the parliament buildings.

It is a long arduous journey from the bottom to the top in life. Unfortunately, through the whims and desires of others bent on personal greed, a life time of dedication and hard work can translate very quickly into a plunge from the penthouse to the outhouse.


R. McKelvie said...

Great Article lew. It is hard hitting and I hope it falls squarely where it is intended for.

I feel badly for Garth Turner. Mr. Turner would always get one an answer on something whether you lived in his riding or not.

I call upon all the others from the Conservative ranks who last year were so brave in opposition to now rally for the cause and to not hang Garth Turner out to dry.

Ruth McKelvie
Centralia, Ontario

M. Lund said...

i agree totally with your article on Garth Turner he has been railroaded.

I also agree with Ms. Mckelvie that it is time for the group to rally behind mr. Turner and not destroy him

Mark Lund
Stellarton, N S

Bob Davidson said...

Here we go again as a political party gets elected to power, they very quickly turn to become like those who were there before.

it does not matter how honest and dedicatted one is when they get elected the power at the top demands that they follow the leaders otherwise they are banished. Not my idea of democracy.

Bob Davidson
Parry Sound, Ontario

N. Nicholson said...

Prior to the election in Canada I was of the opinion that you were nothing but pro Conservative.

I now respect the fact that you are willing to go after either side with your recent comments on the shortcomings of the Conservative party, in particular to the events of Vancouver Kingsway in Vancouver.

I teach communications, and make a point of reading a number of news sites on a daily basis, of which yours is one of them.

Your comments are sometimes satirical in nature, however, lots of meat in the main course. Good edotorial site, keep up the good work.

N. Nicholson
Saint John, N.B.

Fred McLean said...

The same old story shall eventually prevail in this matter with David Emerson and the Kingsway riding. It will eventually burn out and gradually Mr. Emerson will become and upstanding member of the government, even though he has no right to be.

This all comes from Canadians being so sympathetic and forgiving. To the point of it being a laugh. Always has been this way, and always will be. Until we toughen up as a nation, then we deserve what we get.

Fred McLean
Grand Falls, N B